You know what they say 'a rich man's child is also rich ', Hyzel was a Britsh white blonde, ethletic and very cute. Being the only millionares son meant a lot to him. He had all money can give(fancy clothes, car's, body guards, personal trainer etc). But Hyzel had only one problem which he never managed to sought out with money (True love and a hot sex partner to satisfy his emotions). Lets allow him to tell us his story. HYZEL BEGINS: Me and my father have been having training with him every morning but I have never looked at him properly to know how hot he was.

His name is James, black and very hot, he has been our trainer ever since he gradueted from college. This guy was very cute and very sexy, since I gave up on dating I never noticed not until one day when my father went out of town on a bussines trip. It was 6 'clock ' in the morning when I heard a knock on my bedrom door and a voice followed saying I shoud go for trainig, it was james. I Jumped out of bed brushed my teeth, then went to the gym room. I found James standing firmly waiting for me. When I said hI to him, he responded with joy and the next thing he said was 'shall we? 'then I was like sure. From the start of the training I was over joyed just to have him all by self so that I can see him sweat in those sports wear he in was in. Gush!

I enjoyd each and evry sec of it and felt bad after he said to me 'that all, for today Hyzel 'then I was like one more time please! 'but he declined seeing that I was tired. After wards I left him in the gym room and proceeded to the main house to refresh up and look out for the day. When I got into my room all I could think about was James, I took of my clothes and remained naked as a ren into the shower. I opened the water and allowed it to flow on my body, but after about ten minutes, I heard a voice caling my name on my bed room door, the voice sounded like my ex's, but I was sure my ex couldnt have even come to my house after I gave him a serious warning not to ever come near me. But to be sure, I jumped out of shower and rapd myself with a bath tower half way and opened the door, 'Oh my pees!!!

'it was James. I was terefied but not surprise coz he came to knock on my door most of the times when he was about to leave. But this morning it was very different from all, he asked me if he could come in. I wanted to ask him if there was any thing he wanted, but my heart resisted and my mind just said 'you might just loose out something which you've been wishing for, all these dayz. Then I just let him in and closed the door. I was like 'so what has brought you to my room?' he stood quitely for about 2sec before he answered. Gues what was the answer? . . . . . . . . Can I take shower in your bathroom? I was suprise that I had to ask him to repeat himself, to my surprise he gave me the same response. Oh, my heart was now beating so bad, but atleast I managed to say ' yes, why not? '

My Father nor James knew that I was gay, so I was afraid of what James would have thoult seeing me aroused when he takes off his clothes. Just there and then he took off his shirt and pant's, and before he went into the shower he was like 'you look good naked!then he went into the shower leaving me speechless and mouth watery. As I sat down, I just heard him caling me to join him, I declined but after he insisted, I un rapd my bathing tower and entered in the shower. Upoun my entrance, he turned and looked at me and he was like 'can I have a soup bar please 'as I was pointing were the soup was, my eyes was on that choclet sexy body, hands, albs and his thick 9 inches long black snog, oh this was something that made my blood boil. When I entered in the shower I felt like have just entered in dreamland and wishes to never come out. We started showering together and as it went on and on, I couldnt take it any more, my 8 inches dick was up, I tried to hide but, there was no were to hide, James had already seen it. I thoult his going to give a foolish comment and lagh, insted he smiled gently and said 'come over here, it seems that thing needs a treat. I pretended as if have not heard him as I watched him approach me with his hot hands. when he tourched me my body glowed with coldnes. We started kissing while water was flowing on our restles bodies. After. . . . . . . . watch out for the second part and see what happens behind closed doors.



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