When I came out from between two rows of sportswear onto the main corridor of a warehouse-like sporting goods store heading for checkout, I saw a handsome young man up ahead at the end of a slow-moving single line leading to two checkout cashiers. As you reached the head of the line, you went to whichever cashier got free first. The sight of the young man struck me right in the gut. He was very sexy, wearing a loose, oversized T-shirt, an equally oversized pair of gym shorts, and a pair of open sandals. His well-formed body was noticeably muscular, which the oversized clothes simply could not disguise. He was bouncing a 4- or 5-inch clear plastic ball.

As I moved towards him, he put the ball back into an open bin surrounded in netting to hold a large number of balls, then took another ball out and bounced it. That ball's sound was completely different than the first ball.

"Those balls look the same," I said quietly, directly to him as I approached, "but they have a very different sound when you bounce them." I smiled at him.

He gave me a very sexy bright smile and said, "Yeah, they do look alike, but this one has a liquid in it that you don't notice, and it makes the bounce sound different." He bounced it again, put it in the bin, took out the first ball and bounced it to demonstrate the different sound qualities. I thought that was very nice of him.

"You like playing with balls, don't you," I couldn't stop myself from asking with a smirk.

He looked at me with a start and then grinned. The grin told me that he was aware of the double meaning of my comment and liked it.

Quietly, I asked him, "Are you old enough to play with balls!"

He laughed out loud and I joined in the laughter.

"I'm eighteen," he insisted. "Anyway, how old are YOU?" he added in a pleasant tone of voice.

"I'm forty-five." I exaggerated with a straight face.

He gave me an open, sexy smile and said, "You look good for your age."

I paused, smiled and softly said, "So do you!"

He looked startled for a moment but then we both started to laugh quietly together. It was very funny and we both knew it. He was eighteen, so OF COURSE he looked good for his age, and he knew it too! That laughter seemed to forge a friendly connection between us, and I knew he was aware of the sexual overtones in what I said and how I said it.

"Do you play tennis," he asked out of curiosity, and, I hoped, an interest in keeping the conversation going, as he noticed the plastic-wrapped container of tennis balls I was carrying in my left hand down by my knee.

"No," I answered quietly with a grin, "I just like playing with balls, too!"

We both laughed aloud.

Just then, he had reached the front of the line and the left cashier was free. He went over to pay for an inexpensive item. The woman checking out at the right cashier was fumbling with coins and taking an annoying amount of time.

The young man left the cashier, looked back, smiled at me, and went out of the store. I could have strangled that lady for taking so much time. But I went to the open cashier he had used and quickly paid for the tennis balls. Even so, I figured the young man would be gone by the time I got outside.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found him loitering outside the exit, almost like he was waiting for me.

"Do you live far from here," he asked in a friendly voice.

"No, very nearby," I answered, adding, "Why? Would you like to come over and go for a swim?"

He looked very pleased and asked with a bright expression, "Oh! You've got a pool?"

"Well, it's more like a large bathtub, but we could PRETEND we're swimming!" I told him outrageously.

He laughed. I joined in. Then looked at me and when he said, "Okay!" and we both stopped laughing.

"Wow!" I sighed, "this is great. Do you want to leave your car here? I'll bring you back after we, uh, swim!"

"Great!" he said enthusiastically. "If someone would see my car over at your place, I'd probably have to answer questions. Let's go!"

I could not have been more delighted. It had been a while since I had last picked up a young man in a public place and taken him home. My juices were really flowing at the thought of getting him alone and in private. And he seemed just as eager and turned on.

We walked over to my car and, as he got in, he said, "Nice wheels, Dude."

On the way, I told him my name and he said he was "Daniel."

As we entered the house, he took my hand and said, "Cool house, man!"

His touch sent waves of lust into my balls. As we rose up the stairs to the second floor holding hands, my cock rose, too. It got stiffly erect in my pants. We went into my large bedroom.

"Hey! Great room! Let's see the 'swimming pool,' Jack. I'm real curious about it," he said enthusiastically, with a sexy emphasis on the word swimming. He sort of tugged me towards the open door to the adjoining bathroom. "Wow, big bathroom, and, Ooh, you've got a bidet! Hey, wadda ya say, let's go swimming!" He pulled off his T-shirt and grinned at me.

My breath was stopped. He had superb upper-body development - a thick neck, strong shoulders and muscular arms, heavy pectoral muscle plates with erect nipples confirming he was turned on, and a narrow waist with six-pack abs. He was stunning! I was stunned!

"Well... er... I'd... um..." I sputtered.

"What is it?" he asked, sounding anxious.

I grinned and haltingly told him, "I'd like to get us undressed in the bedroom, first. See what comes up. Get to know each other a bit before we go swimming. Know what I mean?"

"I think you mean you'd like to be together dry before we get wet. Isn't that it? Maybe 'taste' each other before we wash off all the flavors. Right?" His emphasis on the word "taste" was exceptionally erotic!

"Wow! You really understand me. Frankly, I don't like dirty cocks, but I do like fresh tastes like lube and sweat," I said feeling rather shy, but wanting to be clear about what I like. "And you look like a guy who produces lots of lube."

"I'm leaking as we speak, and from the bulge in your pants, I'll bet you're leaking, too!" he sighed with an expression of lust on his face. "We're after the same thing, man, and just being with you is getting me hot all over," he added. "Com'on," he demanded. He grabbed my hand and fairly dragged me back into the bedroom. I was not reluctant to go with him. In fact, I was delighted.

He kicked off his sandals and shouted, "Let's get naked!" Then he grabbed the hem of my polo shirt and pulled it off over my head as I raised my arms.

"Dude!" he sighed, "you've got a terrific build." His sounded very sincere, but I knew I was in great shape and proud of it.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. We faced each other, grinning. We were having fun!

"I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours," he teased with a laugh.

I laughed, reached out, and pulled him into a full body embrace. He melted into my arms and returned the embrace excitedly. We could feel our boners pressing against one another. It gave me a rush of carnal pleasure to hold him.

He looked up into my eyes, slowly closed his eyes and softly pressed his lips against mine. We kissed! I loved it!

As we enjoyed the kiss I realized that I had pegged him as a probable hustler, which was unfair and unkind. Now, as the kiss continued with neither of us wanting to end it, I knew that he was just what he presented himself to be - A horny teenager! I liked him all the more, now, because he reminded me that that's exactly what I was at his age. Horny and letting guys pick me up as often as possible.

Suddenly, his hands were unbuckling my belt and opening my pants. I just let them fall to the floor. I was naked and we were still kissing.

I reached for his waistband to undo his pants but he beat me to it and his pants dropped to the floor as my fingers touched his firm, hot flesh. Just that light touch was enough to give me a flush of erotic heat throughout my entire body.

His head pulled back gently, breaking the kiss, and sighed, "Um, you like touching my body. I felt your body heat rise when you felt my hot flesh!"

"Your flesh is on fire!" I told him. Then I said, "Let's separate. I want to look at your body and whatever you're poking at me. It feels like a telephone pole!"

He chuckled as we separated, but stopped when he saw my erection.

"Oh! Man!" he exclaimed as he looked down, "What a cock! What a big cock! It's beautiful, Dude!"

His cock was so stunning that I paid no attention to his compliment. My mouth started to water. I really wanted that cock in my mouth.

"Ooh, you want this, don't you," he sighed huskily, wagging his stiff cock at me, offering it to me. "You look like you're drooling over it. Com'on, don't be bashful, not now, go for it!" and he humped his lower body up at me for easy access. I loved his open attitude and his lewd but friendly expressions.

I simply bent down, slid my mouth over the head of his big cock, then sucked it in, delighted with the rich flavors and hot juices. I surprised him with my well-developed cocksucking skills! He surprised me with his energetically playful responses. He began humping cock into me, pulling back, jarring me hard, then grabbing the back of my head with both hands and thrusting home until he had that long, hard meat nestled in me right down to his big balls as they pressed against my chin. I was ecstatic! I took his balls in my fist and thought, now this is the way I like to play with balls!

"Man! You know how to suck cock!" he sighed loudly, sounding delighted, and with that we fell into a perfect union of cock and throat, enjoying ourselves completely. He grunted, slowed down, sped up, pulled back, rammed home and made it an exceptionally erotic coupling. This wasn't lovemaking it was carnal fun! It was two men together enjoying themselves openly and freely, while becoming friends in the process.

I really loved his scrotal sac; it was among the very best that I had ever seen! It was larger than a tennis ball and as round. In arousal, it was tight and smooth, with very fine, light hair. As I toyed with it, it seemed to reflect his pleasure by somehow squirming and moving in the very sensual way it responded to my touch.

I popped off his cock and sighed, "Man, you've got the greatest balls! I love 'em! I wanna lick 'em!"

"Ooh, yeah! Go for it! I love a tongue on my balls!" He thrust his groin up at my face and looked very happy. Then he added, "Wow! You're really enjoying this. Look at how much your cock is leaking."

"Yeah, I'm really hot for you." I told him bluntly.

"Lemme clean it up a bit..." he sighed. He bent over and slurped my cockhead into his mouth and sucked the lube right out of the tube. It was thrilling! He was so eager, talented, and alive, that it was fun to be with him. If he hadn't stopped just then, I would have reached climax.

But he wanted me to wash those big balls with my tongue! I wanted to play with those big balls with my tongue! I pulled back. He straightened and, again, thrust his groin up at me offering his big sac and heavy balls for my pleasure. A wave of euphoria spread through my body as my tongue lapped at his scrotum! I loved the taste of his sweat and the lube that had dribbled down onto his balls as I licked excitedly. My tongue got deeply into the crevices between his sac and his legs. I half-licked and half-sucked those perfect orbs! It gave me such a thrill that I knew I would reach orgasm quickly.

"I'm gonna cum," I sighed excitedly as I rose up. Immediately, he leaned over and slurped my cockhead into his hot mouth. I exploded into orgasm and fired off volley after volley of semen into him as he swallowed feverishly to keep up with the heavy flow, drinking down all of my thick, hot semen! His energetic sucking captured every bit of my cum. It was breathtaking!

"Wow!" he cried as he came off my cock, wiped his lips with the back of his hand and smiled at me. "What a big load you served up! I loved it!" He was very excited.

"You are great!" I sighed with feeling.

"Yeah," he grinned, "and you've got me so hot I need to cum, too. How would you like it?"

"Huh?" was my clever response.

"Hey, you suck so good, you might want it in your mouth. But, damn, man, this ass of yours is so inviting!" And with that he reached around and grabbed a cheek of my ass with a knowing and massaging grip, sending a spasm of lust through me.

"Whoa, look at your dick perk up at the touch of my hand on your hot ass, man. You want this cock in your ass! I can tell." He waggled the big, leaking cock in front of my eyes.

"Ooh, yes," I hissed in eager submission, turning my ass towards him. "I want it!"

Standing there behind me, he simply slipped the big cockhead between my cheeks and knocked at my backdoor. I felt his hot lube moistening my small portal. I relaxed and opened up to his assault. He humped carefully, and before long with my experience and his eagerness, he had me plugged to the hilt in no time.

"So hot! So tight!" he sighed with pleasure, beginning a series of ever increasingly stronger pumps into my ass. Together we brought this powerful conjoining to the extreme, humping and bumping and really pounding out such an energetic fuck that his orgasm was wrenched from him so strongly it left him whimpering like a spent athlete at the end of a marathon.

It left me huffing and puffing, too, but my prostate had been massaged so effectively that my cock was again oozing heavy lines of precum down the stiff shaft. We both could see that I was up and ready to shoot another load.

"Look at that! You're all hot and dripping lube again. I want it, man!" Daniel sighed.

"How?" I asked with a smile.

He looked startled, thought about it and asked in surprise, "You wanna fuck me in the ass?!"

"It's a great looking ass, man," I admitted softly. I didn't want to say anything harshly and seem demanding. I liked the idea, but he had to make up his own mind. This wasn't rape. It was casual sex between two men who liked each other. No demands, just fun!

"It's an exciting idea, I'll admit," he sighed as we both looked at his re-hardening strong cock.

I smiled.

"Can we do it in front of the mirrors in the bathroom," he whispered, suddenly seeming shy. "I'd like to see what it looks like when you plug me."

"Is it your first time?" I asked, feeling triumphant yet cautious, not wanting him to feel trapped. We held hands again and moved together slowly towards the bathroom. It made me smile that he wasn't pulling me eagerly like before. But I didn't pull him either. I wanted this to be his decision.

"Not exactly," he told me, adding, "I've tried it a couple of times without real success and a friend gave me a very small dildo and urged me to try loosening everything up, but..." his voice trailed off, but I understood that he was willing to give it a try.

When we looked at ourselves in the mirrors, we grinned. Both of us had huge boners showing no signs of weakening, and both leaking lube excessively.

He kept an eye on the mirrors but turned his back to me, offering me the exciting opportunity to fuck his rather virginal ass. I moved slowly, not wanting to cause concern, and carefully slid my leaking, wet cockhead between his cheeks. He hummed with pleasure. That was a good sign. Then I slowly inched inward until the tip of was cock was pressed against his tight little hole. I waited. And waited!

"Um, whacha doin'," he asked softly.

"I'm letting my precum lube you up, warm your hole, and get your tissues prepared for easy penetration," I explained.

"Oh, that's nice. Before, all they wanted to do was shove it in real hard. It hurt, but this feels good. I like the feel of your cock pressed in like this," he declared.

"I'm going to wait while you relax and try to draw me into you as you feel yourself opening up to me," I said, adding, "you're in control. You can open yourself like when you take a crap. All the effort will be your own. I'm just going to stand here for you."

"Wow! It's so sexy to hear you talk so easily about it. My concern for being hurt is gone. I'm really going to try to make it good for you!" he told me. I was delighted! HE was going to try to make it good for ME. The idea of it was so stimulating that I felt my cockhead swell and, unconsciously, my body pressed forward slightly.

"That feels good," he sighed, smiling at me through the mirrors.

I pressed forward slightly more firmly. I felt him opening to me.

"UH," he grunted loudly as both of us felt my entire cockhead pop into his ass! Success! And he wasn't crying out in pain.

"Man, you are so tight! Um, you are so hot! Perfect!" I claimed.

"Oh my God!" this feels amazing. It feels good. It feels sexy and it's making my dick get even harder. With just the head of your cock in me, I finally understand why guys like to fuck! This is wonderful!"

"Wait'll you feel..." I didn't continue.

"What?" he wanted to know. "What'll I feel?" he asked.

"You're going to draw more and more of my cock into you, and it's going to rub against your prostate causing amazing currents of erotic pleasures to surge through your body. I'll know when it happens because you will writhe with lustful feeling very close to an orgasm's feeling. All you have to do is let me get more of my cock into you. Okay?" I held my breath.

"I want it, man. Give it to me!" he demanded and pushed his ass back at my cock. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Relax," I sighed almost right into his ear, while sliding my hand sensuously around to his strong abs and rubbing affectionately. I could feel tensions leaving him. And then it happened.

"Umm," he hummed, "damn this feels good! Oh God! I feel it! I feel your cock sliding against my prostate. The swirls of pleasure..." he paused, unable to speak, shifting his hips and obviously enjoying the massage of his prostate so much for this first time, that I knew he would want this degree of pleasure for the rest of his life!

He started grunting and fucking his ass back at me, really getting into the excitement of a great fuck, oblivious to any discomfort, simply wanting the swirling, intensive, pre-orgasmic enjoyment to continue.

I worked with him, keeping him at a high level for as long as possible. Taking him down from the top when I felt he'd cum, but really holding him at that wonderful point just short of orgasm for the longest time. It was spectacular!

Well, as we all know it couldn't last indefinitely. For one thing, fucking his ass was so exciting for me that I was no longer able to withhold MY orgasm.

"Your ass is sucking the cum right of my me, man," I whispered huskily at the point of no return. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yeah! Do it! I'm gonna cum, too! Uh! Here it cums!" A huge spurt of white cum sailed out and painted the mirror, immediately followed by seven equally energetic spurts, coating the mirror in a sexy sheen.

Simultaneously, my own orgasm was jetting hot cum like a machinegun into his ass. It was spectacular! Memorable!

It took a long time to wind down from such a terrific high! I stayed hard in his ass and his cock stayed hard in my hand, until his normal breathing finally returned and he was able to speak.

"Fuck! I don't know what I was expecting, Jack, but this..." he couldn't go on.

"I know," I agreed, and then shifted the subject. "Hey, let's go swimming. I'll start filling the pool while we take a shower and clean up. Then we can swim, okay?"

"Great," he agreed enthusisastically, as he very slowly pulled himself off of my hard cock.

We showered in warm water and jumped into the "pool" of cool water.

We wound down from the effects of such a thrillingly great sexual event as we relaxed together in cool water in the bathtub. Out of idle curiosity I asked what he bought at the store.

"I buy the cheapest item I can find," he admitted, sounding proud of it.

"What for?" I wondered.

"I'm in that store often. Right away, I found that they don't like it if you hang around without buying something. So I get something cheap and they stay off my case."

"But what's so fascinating about that store?" I asked, rather confused.

"You are," He said quietly, with a sexy smirk.

I was dumbfounded and only looked at him in puzzlement.

"Or, rather, men like you." He added.

"Men?" I asked dumbly.

"Easily ninety percent of the customers and employees there are men. Many of them are like you." He tried to explain.

"Like me?" I was full of questions.

"Sure. Masculine, sports enthusiasts, and gay! Like you," he said with a friendly smile.

"Gay," I repeated wondering what he meant.

"Sure! I go there to pick them up. Didn't you realize that?"

"YOU picked ME up?!" I was absolutely astonished. He felt he had picked me up?

"Com'on, Jack. It's summer. I've got nothing to do. You know now that I love having lots of sex, almost urgently needing frequent climaxes. So I discovered that picking up guys who like having sex with me solved my problems quite nicely. Very pleasantly and often excitingly, too, like today, with you. You're a wonderful lover who also likes lots of sex, and who also happens to be a nice guy. I like being with you and I like your humor - which is what drew me to you in the first place. I knew you were on the make after the first few words out of your mouth. Think about it. We were attracted to each other from the moment we met. Unlike most of the men I have gone with, I'd like to come over and go 'swimming' with you as often as possible, if you'd like that."

"Wow!" I sighed softly. "You are a young adult male who really knows who he is and what he wants. That's amazing. I'm impressed and surprised. You picked me up! Amazing."

He started to say something, but I cut him off.

"Of course you can come over and go 'swimming' with me whenever you want. Fuck, you can even move in for the summer if you want to. Or for the rest of your life! All afternoon I was picking up these signals from you that convinced me that you are a great guy and a loving individual. Of course it helps that you've got a giant cock and know exactly how to put it to good use. And I don't know how long it's been since I swallowed so much jizz in one afternoon, or had so many orgasms myself!" I smiled.

He laughed and said, "Damn, you're a sexy guy! How old are you, really? I'm sure you're not forty-five."

"I just turned thirty," I admitted with a shy smile.

"I knew it!" he exclaimed, sounding triumphant. "But why the deception? Weren't you afraid that the age gap might work against you?"

"Well, what about you? What about your deception?" I asked.

"My deception?" he looked puzzled.

"Well, it's a mild deception, I'll grant you that, but look at your build. Your face may say you're eighteen, Daniel, but your fine, mature physique tells me you're about twenty-two or -three."

He blushed, and said, "Yeah, I'm twenty-four, but I learned that men want to believe they're making out with an inexperienced teenager, so I tell 'em I'm eighteen. Old enough to be legal, but young enough to attract."

"That's great! That's using your head. I'm impressed, but, for me, age isn't an issue. You are what I hope to find - a handsome, smiling, friendly over-sexed guy who seems to like me even if I tell you I'm older than guys you usually make out with," I explained.

"Okay, that's cool, but just how does that work for you?"

"I've found that men, usually older men, who are looking for a specific age, usually are not much fun to be with. If I say I'm forty-five and that turns them off, I figure I've saved myself a hassle. Very rarely have I found a young man turned off by older age. Like you, they're looking for some fun and older men represent a certain level of sexual experience that can mean a good time."

"Well, you sure are a good time!" he sighed with sexy tones, sounding sincere and turned on.

"Swim over here," I said softly. We were facing each other at opposite ends of the large tub, our feet rubbing thighs and, very carefully, playing with balls, keeping each of us aware of the strong sexual attraction we both felt.

He "swam" over to me and we embraced, suddenly realizing that the day's excitement wasn't over as our cocks started to nudge each other.


Jack Sofelot


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