I was working for a general contractor more or less as his assistant, making decent money. Then, the economy went bust and he had to close his business. When he did, he assured me that I'd be the first one he called if and when he started back up.

With the severance he gave me along with my savings, I was able to get by for a while. I looked for work unsuccessfully and as the funds began to get ower and lower, I decided I wouldn't be picky ane would accept any job that was offered. At least somethng was better that nothing.

I began checking the help wanted ads daily, and one day one ad caught my eye. It was for a position in a family owned hardware store. The duties included sales, receiving, stocking, and cashiering. I decided to apply.

I showed up at Davis Hardware and met with Mr. Dave Davis. He was a man in his early forties, ruggedly handsome, well built, nice smile, sparkling eyes and very personable.

I went in and when asked if I needed assistance I replied, 'I'm Mark Rivers. I'm here about the ad you ran in the paper.'

'Damn,' he said with a smile, 'that ad just came out this morning. I'm Dave Davis, the owner.'

He began the interview by telling me that currently the business employed he, his wife, a full time employee and two part time school kids on Saturday.

As we sat at his desk, he said, 'Mark, with the economy in the shape it's in, more and more people are attempying to do home maintenance themselves. I need someone I can train to make sure the customer gets what he needs, and it is the right material and advice on how to do the job.'

'Mr. Davis,' I began when he stopped me saying, 'Please, call me Dave.'

'Sure. Dave, I'm your man and I'm not trying to sound smart. For the past several years, I've been working with a general conractor and I'm familiar with all phases of construction, from plumbing, to electrical, and even decks.'

'If I may ask, why are you looking for work here?'

'his business fell off and he had o close up. I'll be glad to give you his name and number if you want him for a referrence.'

'I'd like that.'

I gave him the name and number and he old me to take a look around while he made the call. After a few minutes he came back to me and said, 'You ready for a small quiz?'

'Sure,' I replied. He presented me with several situations and asked What I would recommend to the customer. I answered each question quickly and exremely accurate. After I answered the last question he looked at me, smiled, and said, 'Mark, you're hired. Your former boss spoke highly of you and you gave perect answeres to all my situations.'

'When do I start?'

'How about right now?'

'Great,' I replied.

'Today, spend your time looking around and finding ou where everything is located.'

I did and within less that a week, I could tell you which aisle an item was on.

After two months, Dave came to me and said, 'Mark, you are outdoing me.'

'What do you mean?'

Laughing, he said, 'It's getting to where the customers are coming in and asking for you more than they are for me.'

'Sorry,' I replied.

'Fuck man, don't be. I'm thrilled and word is geting out about you in the neighborhoods and our business is picking up mre and more.'

'I'm glad I'm part of it,' I said.

'Part of it hell. You're the reason for it. Effective immediately you get a raise.'

'Thanks,' was all I could say.

The business continued to grow and soon we began laying out plans for a new larger store on the property next door. Before we knew it the new store was completed and we moved in.

After our Grand Opening, Dave took me to dinner as a 'thank you.' His wife excused herself, saying that it should be a man's night. It was a Saturday, and since we were closed on Sundays, we didn't have to get up early.

During an expensive dinner, Dave had quite a few drinks and as we left, I suggested that I drive. As I pulled out of the parking lot, he insisted tha we go to a local club for more drinks.

After leaving the club a couple of hours later, the conversation changed. As I drove, he started telling me what a 'goodlooking stud' I was and how sexy I was. I didn't know how to respond.

Then, unexpecedly, he placed his left hand on my right thigh as he continued he conversation. as he talked, he rubbed his hand up and down my thigh. I couldn't help but react and my cock stiffened completely.

Then, he said , 'Mark, I want you,' as he reached over and grasped my hard cock, squeezing it. 'Drive to the store.'

I did and he unlocked he door and turned off the alarm. After relocking the door he led me to his office in the back.

Once there he again grasped my cock. As he massaged it through my slacks, he squatted down and unbuckled my belt and unipped my pants.

'Fuck, Dave, what ae you doing?' I asked.

'I'm going to do something I've wanted to do since I hired you.'

He let my pants fall to the floor then pulled down my briefs. Grasping my hard cock,he looked at it and said,'Fucking beautiful, just like you.'

Then, he leaned forward and swallowed my cock. I moaned softly, knowing it wasn't his first time sucking cock.

He sucked me slowly for seveal minutes then stopped and asked 'That feel okay?'

'Fuck, man, what do you think? You started it so don't stop now.'

He returned to sucking me and before long he rought me to a roaring climax. As I filled his mouth with volley after volley of my thick cum, he eagerly swallowed.

Once he had me drained, he stood and said, 'Damn, hat was a hundred times better than I ever dreamed it would be.'

'Well, I certainly enjoyed it,' I replied.

'My advances won't cause you to quit the job will it?'

'Fuck no,' I replied.

'Was that your first time having a guy do you?'

'Nope,' I replied as I reached over and grasped his hard cock. As I began unbuckeling his belt and unzipping his pants his eyes grew large in surprise. After leting them fall to the floor, I squatted down and pulled down his boxers and swallowed his hard cock.

'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed. 'I never expected this.'

I sucked him to his climax and swallowed as eagerly as he had. After draining his cock I stood and we kissed.

After the kiss, I looked at him and said, 'Why would I quit a job with this kind of benefits?'

'You would be crazy if you did, and I assume that I don't have to worry about you saying anything to Sue?'

'About what?' I asked coyly.

Before we left he gave me a key to the store and the alarm code so that I could lock up if needed.

Over the next few months he had Sue teach me the bookkeeping process and she soon sayed home and took care of the house. That opened things up for Dave and I to have sex more often, including fucking each other on his desk.

The two part time boys he had working there were both in college and worked some evenings and on Saturdays. They had grown up together since they wereten and were the best of friends.

It came time for inventory for tax purposes and Dave told them that we would be working late Saturday night and all day Sunday.

We closed a couple hours early on Saturday and began our inventory. About six, Sue came by with burgers and fries and Dave opened the soda machine for us. After we all ate and Sue left, we returned to our counting. About nine, Dave suggested that we take a break. We headed for the breakroom and cold sodas. As Dave, Greg, Tom, and I sat around taking, I noticed Dave start rubbing Greg's leg. I could tell Greg was nervous. Dave looked at them and said, 'Greg, Tom, it's cool. Mark is one of us.'

I looked at him questioningly and he began to explain. It seems that not long before I started, Dave had them working in the stockroom in the old store and went back unexpectedly to find them in a sixy-nine. He said he old them that they weren't in trouble and wouldn't ge fired bu to please not do anything at work where Sue might happen to walk in. He said that evening, Sue left and once the three of them were alone, Dave confessed to them that he did the same. He said that the three of them have been having sex ever since.

Needless to say, moments later we all had our pants off and Dave was sucking Greg as I sucked Tom. Once we had taken their loads they sucked us. Befre stopping for the night, we traded partners and had another round of oral play.

However Suday was different.after we had lunch and were alone, Greg and Tom stripped and lay side by side on their backs on the table in the breakroom, asking us to fuck them. We did gladly.

A few months later, Dave decided to hire another sales clerk and ran another ad in the paper.

It was late on Monday and Dave had to leave early for an event with Sue. He asked me to lock up.

Everyone was gone and as I was about ready to lock up and head out, a man about twenty-four came running up to the door. Upon seeing me, he asked if I was the boss and that he had come about the ad in the paper.

Something came over me and I told him yes I was the boss and let him in, locking the door behind him.

I led him to the office and sat at Dave's desk just as if it was mine. I began the interview and found out his name was Luke Watts, he was indeed twenty-four, single, good looking and needed a job bad. I had us on a first name basis as we talked.

'Mark, man, I'll do anything to get this job. I need it bad.'

'Anyhing?' I asked.

'Oh yea. Just name it. I'll do anything.'

As he talked, I waked around the desk and leaned back against it, rubbing my crotch. I saw him watching me as my cock quickly siffened.

'There may be some strange request made of you,' I said.

'What ever it is, I'll do it. I have no limits,' he said stareing at he large bulge made by my hard cock.

As he stared, I slowly unzipped my jeans, watching his reaction. He slowly slid out of his chair and onto he floor directly in front of me, reaching for my belt buckle.

Seconds later my jeans fell to the floor. I was commando and he began licking he head of my cock before swallowing it completely. I et him suck me for several minutes before pulling him up and kissing him. Then I dropped his pants and began sucking him.

After a few minutes, we paused and stripped completely, before getting into a sixty-nine. Several minues later we stopped and he began fucking me. Then we switched and I began fucking him. As I did, he moaned continualy, stroking his cock. Soon, he climaxed sending a huge load out onto his face and chest. I pulled out and began stroking my cock, intending to add my load to his. As my climax neared, he slid down so that the head of my cock was in his face, his mouth open. I soon climaxed, some going into his mouh but most of it on his face.

He began scraping cum into his mouth, eagerly swallowing it. After we dressed, I showed him to the restroom to wipe up.

As we came out of the restroom, he asked if he had the job. When I told him I'd have to think it over, he smiled and said, 'You're not the boss, are you?'

'Nope, but I will put in a good word for you, if you want to fill out the application.'

'Sure I ill, if we can do this after work ocassionally.'

'I don't see any reason why not,' I replied.

After filling out the application, he left and I locked up and set the alarm, then went home.

The next morning I told Dave that I had received an aplication for he job and asked how his evening had gone.

'Let's discuss the applicaion first,' he replied. 'Did you talk to him any at all?'

'Yea, I did. He'll need some training but he will fit in with us just fine.'

'There is something about the way you say that that makes me suspicious. Fill me in.'

I told Dave everything that happened in complete detail.

'You slut,' he said laughing. 'He sounds like a real cum pig.'

'That's he impession I got also.'

'Call him and have him come in to talk to me.'

'Will do. Now what about your evening?'

'Mark, I'm sure Sue is seeing another man.'

'What makes you say that?'

'During the event, I had to go to the restroom. It was around the corner down the hall. As I returned, when I got to the corner I heard Sue's voice saying 'When can we meet again?' The guy she was talking to replied with 'My wife will be out of town all next week, so any time during the day is fine with me. You an come over to my place.' I couldn't believe it when she said she'd meet him Tuesday about ten.'

'Holy shit. Do you know who the guy was?'

'Yea. It was her old boyfriend from high school.'

'What are you going to do?'

'If you willlet me, I'd like to borrow your car Tuesday and follow her. I'm hoping they don't lock the door and I can get in and catch them in the act.'

'You know you can use my car.'

'Meet me here at seven and you can open up while I go park and wait for her to leave.

Luke came in for his interview and Dave had me sit in. AsDave leaned against his desk, Luke and I occupied he wo chairs. Dave questioned Luke about his experience and then asked how bad he wanted the job. Luke looked a me and I shurgged my shoulders slightly like I didn;t know what he meant. Luke said he'd do anything and dave said for him to get on his knees. Luke did and sucked us boh off before Dave sucked him off.

Tuesday arrived and we met and I gave him my keys.

I opened the store and waited for him to return and fil me in. It was just before eleven when he came in, obviously upset.

As soon as we had a chance to talk, I asked what happened.

'As I had hoped, they didn't lock the door. I gave them some time then I eased in and heard them in the bedroom. When I wentin and started snapping pictures, he was riding her and she was bucking like a wild horse. When they saw me and he got off I could see why she was bucking. It was a least ten inches or more if it was an inch.'

'What did you do?'

'I told him if he wanted her she was his and gave her until I got home to get her personal things from the house. She has no claim to the store because I had it before we married.'

Sue moved out and Dave got on with his life. I frequently visited him after work and not just for sex. He needed companionship.

Luke began work and for taining, Dave had him start in the warehouse pricing items and learning what each was and what it was for. A couple of times a week the three of us would stay late and have sex in Dave's office or in the breakroom. If we stayed on Saturday, we'd invite Greg and Tom to stay and join in.

The divorce was final and Dave closed that chapter of his life.

Then, on Saturday a few weeks later, dave invited us all to his home for dinner and sex. As we ate dinner, greg and Tom announced that they had become lovers. We all congratulated them and as hings settled down Greg said that Dave needed to find that certain someone.

'I have but he doesn't know it yet. I'm not sure how he feels about me.'

As he said it, I noticed that he looked at me.

I spoke up and said, 'Well just knowing you I can say that he loves you as much as you love him.'

'I sure hope so because I want him to share the rest of my life with me.'

'I'm sure he wants that also,' I replied.

'Damn it,' Luke said, 'will you two just come out and say you love each other and want to be lovers.'

I got up and walked over to Dave and kissed him. when we seperated he asked, 'Will you?'

'You know I will,' I replied.

Luke later found his soul mate and coninued to work for Dave and I. Yes, I said Dave and I. As a gift to me, he made me an equal partner in the business. I, of course, moved in ith him immediately. For two weeks every fall, we turn the business over to Greg, Tom, and Luke and take a vacation, spending quiet romantic time together.

We'renow planning to open a second store across town and let Greg and Tom run it. Luke manages the main store for us. The customers know we're gay and lovers and accept it totally.

Life is great when you find the right person and where you fit in.




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