Play Time for Master (Part 1)

The boy arrives at the airport he knows his master will be along to meet him. As the boy walks towards the baggage area he sees his master walking towards him and is amazed at what he is wearing. The boy stares at master and sees he is wearing leather jacket, leather boots, and leather gloves. Boy knows that soon his master will be putting him through his paces as the bitch that he is.

Boy stands in front of his master and waits for the baggage to arrive he knows soon that will be headed to the car and then onto master's house. The boy is never sure of what might happen during the drive from the airport to master's home. As the boy stands waiting master reaches under his jeans and grabs his balls the boy winces, he knows no one has seen this and he knows soon he will be standing in front of his master with his legs spread. As he stands there with his legs spread he knows that master will reach under and grab his ball sack. It seems like a long time but soon the baggage arrives, and they head towards the vehicle.

As they walked towards the parking lot the boy realizes that master may have brought the tall cargo van, in the cargo van there is bondage gear and boy has always liked riding around this way. You walk along way across the parking lot but as you approach the cargo van you notice that master has changed the make of the van he used to have, this model has no windows, two doors in the back and the sliding door on the side and a tall roof. As you approach the van master opens the side door, you step inside and master steps in behind you he closes the door, it is completely black you cannot see a thing.

Now that master has you alone in the van he reaches under your shirt and begins to work your boy nipples. The minute master starts working your nipples your cock begins to get erect. Master is aware that you are a bit of a nipple pig, so he begins to squeeze and twist your boy nipples. Master stops working your nips and asks you a question he wants to know if you are wearing a cock ring or not. You know that master enjoys it when his boy wears both a cock ring and a nice set of ball weights. You know that master loves to stretch your boy balls with a nice set of weights and you love it when those balls are tugged by the weight of the stretcher.

You tell your master you have on both ball weights and ball stretchers, as you were getting off the plane you went to the washroom tugged on your balls got the cock ring on and then put the ball stretchers on. Master reaches around the front of your jeans and unzips the fly he reaches into your pants moves your underwear side and checks to make sure that you have not laid. Master can feel the ball weights and checks for the cock ring which is correctly in place just like master told his boy to do. Master reaches in front of your jeans unbuckles the buckle and pulls your jeans down past your knees. Master pulls the jeans off of your boots and you stand there master reaches up checks in your wearing the correct jockstrap a light is turned on and you can see the inside of the van you can see the sling you can see the toys and you just know your ass is in for a hard ride. Master turned your around and pushes you back into the sling, like a good boy you lift your legs out and put them into the straps so you are completely suspended.

As the sling is all the way to the back of the van there is plenty of room for master to work on his boy's ass. You see that there is a chair bolted to the floor the van about one and a half a feet in front of the sling. Master reaches into his leather vest and pulls out a cigarette case; he opens a sliver cigarette case and pulls out a perfectly rolled joint. Master lights up the joint and then hands the joint to you, he instructs you to take a few tokes and learn to relax because this may be an ass opening experience for you.

You take a few tokes, you hand the joint back to your master, and master takes a toke from the joint. You can feel the effect of the drug; you are starting to relax which means as you relax you can feel the ball stretcher pulling on your nut sack. You can feel the metal cock ring around your cock getting tight as your boy penis begins to get erect. Master reaches over and gives your balls a squeeze, you can feel the shaft of your cock getting hard and you know that soon master will be working on your anus. Master tells you that a friend of his will be joining you. Just as he tells you this the side door of the van opens and in steps Masters Friend Brian. Brian is boyish looking but older than you he is in his 30s he's wearing jeans and cowboy boots, leather jacket.

Master introduces Brian to you and tells you that he will be the driver for this evening's activities. Brian unbuckles his jeans and pulls them down to show master that he too is wearing a big cock ring and a heavy set of ball stretchers. You see that Brian is wearing a red jockstrap, you see him put his hands down and pull the material to the side, completely exposing his cock and balls. When Brian moves the jockstrap aside you can see that he is completely smooth he has probably been shaved from the neck all the way down. You just know that this is one of Masters Boys, the reason you know this is because master loves to shave. You know that master has a fetish for keeping his boys as smooth as he can. You can tell that Brian is not a friend you know that Brian is Masters Boy.

Master tells Brian to turn around, once Brian is facing away from you, master instructs him to bend over you can see that he is completely smooth up to and including his anus. You can tell the Brian enjoys showing off because he is completely smooth and quite boyish looking and you can tell that he has taken Masters Cock up his ass more than once. Brian then straightens up, puts his cock and balls back inside his jockstrap pulls up his jeans, buttons up the fly and tells master that he's going to sit in the front of the van. Brian opens the sliding door and you can see that he has a giant hard on. You can hear the driver's door open Brian gets in and starts up the van. Master tells you that Brian can see the action that is happening in the back of the van as he is driving; you know that this will make Brian very hard as he is watching a boy get worked over.

Master turns on another switch and all of a sudden in a monitor behind his head you can see Brian in the driver seat of the van. Master lets you know that Brian is aware that he is being watched and that all Brian needs to do is drive and try to stay hard. As Brian puts the van into gear and starts to move I look you straight in the face, I ask you if you're ready for the ride to have your mind and your asshole expanded and you say go ahead master drill me sir.

I'm now seated in the chair just in front of the sling you know that you are getting ready to get worked time. You can see on the shelf of the van there are many butt plugs; these plugs go from small to large to what looks like impossible perhaps the copy of a horses cock. You feel master's finger pushing against your hole and you relax, you allow master's finger to slide past your sphincter into your ass. Master slides his finger into your ass just as if he were fucking and you feel yourself relax, you feel your ass begins open up and you know that you are ready for the first plug of the night.

You watch as I pick out the first butt plug of the evening you are not sure whether it will be small or larger. I reach over onto the shelf and pull out a nice sized butt plug, you always enjoy being opened up with a nice plug. You watch as I grease up the plug, you can see the grease dripping off the head of the butt plug and you know soon that head will be stretching your man-cunt nice and wide. You feel the tip of the butt plug being pushing up against your ass; it is quite thick. You relax then master pushes hard against; your ass opens up and the first butt plug of the evening slides inside you, you feel it stretching your sphincter apart you feel the butt plug pushing up against your anus. Master asked Brian if he can see the action, Brian tells you that he is seeing all of the action and that his cock is quite hard as you can see from the camera this pointed directly at Brian's crotch and his cock is quite erect.

It looks like you are really putting on a show for Brian; you know that he can see your ass being worked by the butt plug. The more that master works the butt plug in and out of your ass the looser your sphincter muscle becomes. You know that master wants to expand your ass as much as he can; wide ass is a plus for master he likes to see that whole open up nice and wide. Your ass is getting use to the butt plug that is been deep inside of it for a while, you know that it is time for master to change the butt plug. As a submissive you know that you like to get your ass expanded, you love it when master explores and pumps your ass with a nice toy. Master relaxes for a moment and watches as you are you struggle with the toy, your ass is getting so open that the toy is about to fall out. Master continues to relax and watch as the butt plug he knows that at one point it will fall out of your ass, your ass keeps sucking the butt plug in and out helping to stretch open your sphincter.

Brian continues to drive but is having a hard time because he can see the close-up shot of the tool that is rammed up your ass. You can see from the camera pointed at Brian's crotch that his cock is quite hard and it is pushing against his jeans, he is also wearing a cock ring and ball weights. You wonder how much longer Brian can concentrate with that big cock ring pushing up against his jeans; you can imagine the pain that Brian is in as you know the ball weights must be tugging hard. All of a sudden master instructs Brian to pullover it's time for a change. Brian pulls the Van over gets out and opens the side door, steps inside and stands before master. Master reaches over unbuckles his jeans, unbuttons the fly opens it up and there is a nice hard erect cock in a black jockstrap. Master removes Brian's jeans; he reaches into a box and pulls out a black leather kilt.

Master puts the kilt on Brian, he then tells Brian to stand up and spread his legs and like a good boy Brian always follows his master's instructions. He is standing with his arms against the side of the Van and master is reaching up under his kilt checking out his jockstrap, ball weights, cock ring, all of this hardware is making him erect. Brian's ball weights are being pulled by Masters Hands; master is squeezing Brian's balls working his nut sack making sure that his boy is worked over. Brian knows that soon his ass will also fall to the same fate as the slaves; Brian has always loved having his boy ass worked over by an older mature daddy.




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