"Cadet, I am sending you to planet Alia. A small ship has crashed and I need you to see if there are any survivors still alive." General Sanders says. I nod my head and head over to the dispatch bay where my Scorpion X-Fighter awaits, shiny brightly under the light. I hop in and start all my launch controls. "You are clear for takeoff cadet" The flight commander said. Once I was out of range from our space station, I put the X-Fighter on the GPS and hit the Hyper Drive.

(10 Minutes Later)

When the Hyper Drive stops, planet Alia sits right in front of me. Alia is a sister planet of Earth, but in another galaxy. I finally get through the planet's atmosphere and put in the codes to find the crashed ship. I finally get the location and quickly head over there. I then land my X-Fighter in a open area close to the ship crash and grab my laser gun. I hop down and start walking towards the coordinates. I'm walking through the forest. I finally see the ship but before I even reach it, I'm knocked out.

(Sometime Later)

I wake up and I'm chained down. I try to break free but I can't. I hear a slushing sound. I look at my surroundings and the other corner of the room is dark. I look at myself and my tights suit still on, showing my bulging muscles and soft dick since I don't put on underwear. The next thing I know tentacles come from the dark corner and unchain me, but then grab hold of me.

Before I can scream a tentacle plunges into my mouth. The taste of the sliminess is vile, but becomes sweeter. The monster finally appears and I start to panic. But then another tentacle moves to my neck, and a needle-like object injects a fluid into my body. I become hornier and my body feels like it's burning up. My suit is slowly ripped to pieces and my whole body becomes naked and exposed.

The blob then releases a large tentacle that starts prodding at my ass. It shoves in and I scream in pain and pleasure. It changes its size and texture at different points and it makes me go over the edge. But I don't cum. I look down at my dick and there are tentacles probing into the slit of my dick, massaging it and expanding the slit, making it hurt. Then 3 large suckers go to my nipples and my dick, sucking hard.

Soon enough the tentacle in my ass has filled my intestines and the outline of it is clearly visible. The tentacle in my ass then starts moving faster and I moan louder and louder. The tentacle in my mouth then spurts down sweet cum and then moves out of my mouth, making my moans more clear to hear. The tentacle from my mouth forces its way into my ass and I scream. The tentacles rub against my ass faster and faster, and then the stop and I feel the spurting of cum fill me. It's so much it starts cumming out of my mouth. I'm so turned on I finally cum ropes and ropes of cum into the sucker on my dick, and it disappears into the translucent red tentacle blob monster.

Then all the tentacles grab me and chain me back up, and recede back into the blob monster. The tentacle monster comes closer to me and looks approaches my ass. It prods is and forces itself in my ass. I scream as pain fills my body as the tentacle blob monster makes my body its home, pushing itself into my body. My stomach gets bigger and bigger and I can't stop. I scream "STOP PLEASE!", but it doesn't. Soon enough it's inside me and my stomach feels like there are 300 pounds of smooth rocks in my bowels, my body burning hot. The chains release me automatically and I fall down. I try to squish the monster out of me but it won't come out.

Then my body is moving on its own and I start to stroke my dick. I'm moving faster and faster and it hurts. The monster inside me changes its shape and I and sloshes around my insides, and hitting my prostate. I scream in pleasure and I am going to cum. Then part of the monster comes out of my ass and starts sucking on my cock. I am sent way over the edge and I cum, and keep cumming. Soon after I'm done, the monster slowly and gently moves out of my ass and leaves me on the floor to pass out. Then it says, "This isn't the end." My body grows extremely tired and I pass out.




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