I'm Brad Jacobs. This story begins just before my nineteenth birthday when I was a freshman in college.

Growing up, we were not wealthy. We got by, but money for college was a dream. I wanted to go to college desperately ad knew that the only way was to get a scholarship. I studied hard, got perfect grades and got a full all expense paid academic scholarship to the state university. I began delivering pizzas two nights a week to get me by for the week and Friday night to have money for Saturday night fun.

In high school, I was on the wrestling team and was pretty well built. I had been told I had nice pecs and abs by numerous guys I met. Not to sound conceited, but I, too, thought I had a nice hot body, and the guys I dated thought so also. Yes, I'm gay.

Here's my story............

After classes started my freshman year, I found the job with a local popular pizza parlor, delivering pizzas at night. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights.

Things began normally and I had my spending money for the week and weekend. I had been told by some of the other drivers to expect anything when the door opened. Asking what they meant, they laughed and said that they had both men and women answer the door nude or call out to come in and when they did, there would be a couple fucking on the floor and the money for the pizza on a table.

During my third week, it happened. I had a delivery to an apartment nearby. After I knocked, a man in his thirties and overweight answered the door nude. He apologized saying that he was more comfortable that way and lived nude. I simply said, 'It's your home. You have a right to live the way you want.'

He thanked me and asked my name and when I worked. I told him and he said he'd ask for me when he ordered. I knew from the order slip that his first name was Jim. I got a nice tip from him.

Over the next few months, he ordered almost weekly and we became friendly, but not friends. I also had a few couples call out for me to come in and hen I did they were engaged in sex, either orally or the usual fucking. I always got nice tips.

Then, I had a delivery to a nice home in a nearby subdivision. The man who answered the door appeared to be in his late twenties, good looking, muscular and well built. He was shirtless and had a beautiful muscular hairy chest. His name was Mark.

I delivered to Mark a few times when he finally asked my name and when I worked. I told him and, like Jim, he began ordering and asking for me to make the delivery. He was always friendly and had a soda waiting for me when I arrived. Had he ever invited me to come over after I got off, I'd probably have accepted his offer.

Then when my second semester began, my class schedule was lighter so I joined a local gym and began going twice a week.

Then, during my second week while I was working out, I saw a familiar face enter the gym. My heart began to race with the hopes of seeing him nude. It was Mark, and I decided to stay until he finished his workout and head for the locker room.

He went in and changed and half way through his workout he spotted me.

'Hey, Brad. I didn't know you were a member here.'

'Hi, Mark. I just joined last week,' I replied.

'Great, maybe we can start working out as partners.'

'I'd like that.'

We returned to our exercising and later he said he had to shower and leave for an appointment. We headed for the locker room and as he undressed, I asked what type work he did.

'I'm a lawyer,' he replied.

'Nice,' I said. 'May I asked what kind?'

'Sure. I'm a county prosecutor.'

'Fuck! I bet that gets interesting.'

'It does at times. I come here after court to unwind. You don't get any exercise sitting on your ass at a table in a court room.'

'I'd love to sit in and listen in on a case sometimes.'

'No problem. I have a robbery case starting Monday. If your free, come on down and sit in the gallery. Just be there before nine. This judge doesn't like people coming and going during testimony.'

'I understand.'

By now we were down to our jocks. He looked over and scanned my body then said, 'I'd like to visit more, but I have an appointment with a witness to go over her testimony.'

'Hey, I understand,' I said as we both removed our jocks. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his cock. It was at least seven inches long soft and thick. He saw me looking and smiled slightly and then I saw him look down at mine. Mine was almost as long but not as thick.

'Brad, you have a beautiful build,' he said softly.

'Thanks, so do you.'

We went in and showered, both stealing glances a the other. As we dressed, he said that he'd be back on Saturday evening if I cared to join him. I said I would and asked what time.

'I like to come kind of late when it's not very busy. How about about eight if you don't have other plans for that night.'

'Eight is fine with me,' I replied.

'Fine, then we can go get a bite to eat afterward.'


I slipped on my shorts and tee shirt and watched as he dressed in his shirt tie and suit.

As we walked out he said, 'See you Saturday.'

'Definitely,' I answered.

Saturday arrived and we met at eight. After a vigorous workout we went to the locker room and stripped and with just towels around us we went to the steam room.

When we entered, there were two other older guys there on the lower benches. Mark headed up to the top bench where the steam was thicker. I joined him and after a few minutes, the other two guys left.

After a minute or so, Mark stood and removed his towel then sat back down, using the towel to wipe his face. He then lay the towel to his side and remained totally nude. I decided to do the same.

We talked casually and he asked what my major in college was.

'I haven't declared a major yet. Right now I'm just taking all my general courses, but I'm considering business management.'

'You ever thought about a law degree?'

'Not yet,' I replied with a smile.

'I have my degree in corporate law, but this opportunity came up ad I took it, at least for a while. I'd like to find another guy in corporate law and go into practice together.'

'I guess it would be nice to be your own boss, more or less.'

He looked at me and smiled. It was then that I noticed that his cock had began to stiffen slightly. My own began to react the same way.

He noticed and a short time later he asked if I was ready for dinner. I said yes and we went to the showers both slightly erect and showered then he followed me to my dorm where I dropped off my car.

We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner and afterwards, he drove me back to my dorm. As we pulled up he said how much he enjoyed spending time with me. I told him that I felt the same way.

On Tuesday, I didn't have any classes so I went to the courthouse to watch him in action. I slipped in and took a seat in the back just before the judge entered. The jury had been selected on Monday and they were brought in.

Opening arguments were presented quickly and as he finished his and headed back to his seat, he spotted me, smiled slightly and winked.

Testimony began and I personally thought he was doing great. Then during a recess, he came to me and said he was glad to see me and asked what I thought.

'I find it fascinating and so far I think he's guilty.'

We returned to court and he continued. At days end, he rested his side and the defense was to begin on Wednesday.

Mark caught me in the hall before I could leave and said, I'll see you tonight when you deliver.'

'Sure thing.'

We had exchanged numbers on Saturday night and on Thursday he called and asked if I wanted to meet at the gym again Saturday. I said of course and suggested we make it a regular thing. He quickly agreed.

On Saturday, I was waiting in the parking lot for him to arrive. We repeated our routine from the previous Saturday. Again in the steam room, our towels were removed and both our cocks rose slightly.

When we started to leave, he said, 'Do you like Chinese?'

'Yea, I love it.'

'Well, tonight, why don't we go back to my place and order in and relax there.'

'Sure,' I replied, trying not to sound as excited as I was.

I followed him to his house and it was nice. It sat on a cul-de-sac with a huge private back yard.

There were three bedrooms, formal living room and dining room, den, and game room, with theater system, pool table, and a game system connected to a separate large screen TV. On the patio, was a large hot tub.

'Make yourself a home,' he said as he dialed the number to order our dinner. After he hung up he asked, 'How old are you anyway?'

'I'll be nineteen on the fifth of next month.'

'Well, you're underage but if you want a beer or two, you're welcome to it but you'll have to stay the night here. I won't have you driving back to the dorm with beer on your breath.'

'Thanks. Are you sure it won't be a problem for me to stay?'

'Hell no. I've got two extra bedrooms.'

'Okay, then, I'll have a beer.'

He got two beers from the fridge, and handed me one. We sat in the den talking and a few minutes later our dinner was delivered. We ate on the patio, and afterward he asked if I'd like to hit the hot tub.

'I would but I don't have a suite to wear.'

'Well, considering how we've been nude together at the gym, you can do it nude here. I always do.'

'Hell, that's fine with me. I'm not bashful.'

'Yea, I know,' he said with a laugh as he stood and began removing his clothes. I did the same and soon we were in the hot tub sitting close together, both nude.

'Feels good,' I said as the jets of water swirled around me.

'I really enjoy it,' he said and I felt his hand touch my leg under water. I made no attempt to move my leg, although my cock began to stiffen.

As I glanced over, I could see the head of his completely hard cock just under the surface of the water.

His hand began to slide back and forth on the seat as he rubbed it against my leg. Very casually, I moved my hand over and placed it over his, grasping it slightly. He looked at me as I lifted it, and as I lay it on my hard cock, I said, 'If you want to feel it, I don't mind at all.'

He smiled ad gently grasped my cock as he moved right next to me, our hips touching.

'Umm, nice,' he said.

'Yea, that feels great.'

We looked into each others face and our eyes locked and our faces began moving closer to each other. Our lips met, and seconds later we were kissing passionately, gropping each other.

When the kiss ended he said softly, 'Sit up pn the side for me.'

I did and he looked at my hard cock and said, 'Fucking beautiful,' as he slowly stroked it. Then without saying a word, he leaned forward and swallowed it, sucking slowly and lovingly. I lay back and let him do his thing. Then before I neared my climax, I sat back up and pushed him off my cock. He looked at me questioningly, and I said, 'Now you sit up here.'

As he sat up on the edge, I slipped back into the water and between his legs. I hungrily swallowed his cock and began sucking him. He moaned audibly.

After a few minutes, he stopped me and said, 'Come with me.'

We got out leaving our clothes on the patio and wet to his bedroom. After laying on the bed we began kissing and fonding each other for several minutes. Then he flipped around and we began a hot sixty-nine. We climaxed seconds apart and both eagerly swallowed. he lay back up next to me afterward and after another kiss, he said, 'I've wanted to do that since that first time you delivered to me.'

'Really?' I asked.

'Oh yea, but I wasn't sure how to approach you or if you'd accept or reject it.'

'I've wanted you also.'

'Well, in my position, I have to be very careful and discreet. I'm sure you understand.'

'Oh, I do. Completely.'

Then after another kiss he asked how long I'd been gay.

'I knew I was gay back in middle school but didn't do anything until my sophomore year in high school. I started with my best friend, firs jerking together then jerking each other. He confessed that he wondered what it would be like to suck on one and I said I was curious also. We started sucking each other and did it daily. Then about a month later we started fucking each other.'

'Fucking hot. My roommate in college got me started. We'd been out drinking and I was wasted. When we got back to the room he undressed me for bed. Once he had me naked he sucked me off, thinking I was too drunk to remember. The next evening, I shocked the hell out of him when I said that I enjoyed what he did the night before and would like him to do it regularly. He sucked me again and after a couple days I started sucking him. We had sex daily through out college, both sucking and fucking. He's now a police sergeant in Denver.'

'What was wild with me was I went over to my buds one day thinking he was home and his dad at work. We always just went into each others home without knocking. I heard someone in the den and went back there and it was his dad watching a gay video. I ended up joining him and after awhile, we were jerking together then before I knew it, we were in a sixty-nine. He didn't know his son and I were having sex and I never told Curt about his dad. I had sex with both for over two years before Curt caught us in a sixty-nine. We then began having three ways and Curt and his dad began sex daily.'

'Holy shit!' Mark said. 'How old were you?'

'We were both seventeen then. It was at the end of our junior year.'

'Unreal. Are they sill having sex?'

'Oh yes. Daily from what I'm told.'

We got up and went for another beer and when he handed it to me he said, 'I assume you know that when you stay tonight, you'll be sharing my bed with me.'

'I figured I would be.'

I began to question Mark about getting a law degree. He explained the courses I'd need to take and the process involved in getting your law license.

Smiling. I asked, 'Would you consider me for a law partner?'

'Hell yea. I'd love it.'

I smiled and kissed him.

That night, we sucked and fucked each other most of the night. I returned to the dorm late Sunday evening.

After that, on Tuesdays after I got off work I'd go to Mark's for a 'quickie' then on Fridays I'd go back and stay until Sunday evenings.

I majored in corporate law and got my degree. Mark continued in his job and after I passed the bar, he resigned from the prosecutors office and we opened our own law firm.

We got several clients and after wining our first case, I was in Mark's office sharing a glass of champagne hen he said, 'The only thing that can top this is if you were my life partner as well as my law partner.'

'Oh really' I asked. 'If that was meant as a proposal, I gladly accept. I love you with all my heart.'

'Not as much as I love you,' he replied before kissing me. I immediately moved into his house with him, easily adjusting to being his life partner.

Our business has grown and our clients know our relationship. We are happier than ever and have even bought another home together.

I now love pizza!

The End



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