Upon our return from the weekend of skiing and our engagement, Petey moved into my apartment. About a week later on Saturday, we spent the day shopping for wedding rings, a cater for the upcoming wedding, reserved the wedding date at a beautiful old mansion, picked out the tuxedos and other attire, selected a famous Faith leader to perform the wedding and took care of a number of other details.

We got home around 7 PM, took a shower and spent about an hour going over the budget for the wedding. Around 8:30 PM Petey said: "Eric I am hungry. Should we order a pizza?"

"Yes, Babe. Call in a large veggie pizza and have it delivered."

At 9 PM the door bell rang. "Eric, can you get the door? It'll be the pizza deliveryman. I have my hands full making the dinner salad."

I opened the door and there stood a gorgeous young man with the pizza. Oh hell, he stood about 6-feet, weighed around 190 pounds, no more than 19-years-of-age, buffed and ripped muscles all over his body, jetted big chest, large arms with bulging biceps, tight pants showing off a huge manhood in his crotch, curly blond hair, light blue eyes and a killer smile.

I was speechless for a moment. He said: "Sir, here is the pizza you ordered. It is $15." I nervously reached in my wallet and gave him a $20 bill and told him to keep the change. Then a remarkable thing happened.

"Sir, my name is Devon. I'm a college freshman on the wrestling team. My cell phone's battery is dead. Could I come in and call my coach to find out what time our match is on Monday?"

"Oh hi, Devon. My name is Eric and please come in. Our pone is on the table next to the TV. Please feel free to use it to call your coach."

Oh shit, I forgot that we had an adult gay DVD playing featuring a hot scene with Brent Corrigan and Kaden Saylor getting it on.

Devon stopped in his tracks and glared at the steamy sex.

"Oh Devon, I'm so sorry. I'll turn it off," I said.

"No Man, I love watching gay porn and Carrington and Saylor or some of my favorites. They are super hot and I have not seen this particular scene before," replied Devon.

I looked down at Devon's crotch and noticed that he had a monstrous bulge in his tight pants. Shit, he had begun rubbing his swollen cock through his pants. At that moment, Petey entered the room and observed the action and Devon's big bulge.

"WOW, Eric, where did you find this horny gorgeous pizza boy?"

"Devon, this is my partner Petey."

Devon and Petey greeted each other and shook hands. In all the excitement, Devon had forgotten to call his coach. "Hey, Devon, why don't you all your coach and then stay and have pizza and the salad that Petey has just made?" I suggested.

Devon made his call and then told us his shift had just ended. Petey served the dinner. As we talked, we learned that Devon was 19-years-of-age, on the college wrestling team and that he was gay with a fuck buddy on the wrestling team. We shared with him our history and upcoming wedding.

We were so horny and almost mesmerized by Devon's movie star qualities. The air was filled with the smell of raging hormones. I lost control and bravely reached over and began unzipping Devon's pants and took out his huge blood filled cock as he was seated between Petey and me at the dinning room table. Petey saw my move. Petey unzipped his own pants and took out his steel hard rod. He reached over, grabbed Devon's hand, moved it over to his cock and said: "Devon, jack me off. I'm horny as hell."

I held Devon's big cock at the base, lowered my head onto his crotch and began licking up and down the hard vein pulsating cock shaft. As I sucked his big cock harder and harder, Devon spoke and said: "Oh my god, this is so hot. Suck my 10-inch cock; take it down your hot throat. Deep throat my tool. Yea man, that is it. Petey, your cock is big and so smooth. Man, I feel your precum leaking on my hand. I love to eat cum. I want you two to fuck my ass. Let me be your bitch tonight. I am a bottom. I have had big cocks up my ass. I love the feel of a man's boner deep in my ass."

I continued to suck his big cock while I unzipped my pants, took my cock out and began to masturbate. Soon I too was oozing lots of precum that covered my fingers. Devon moved my hand away and started using his other hand to jack me off. He had one hand on Petey's cock and one hand on my cock jerking us off while I sucked his cock. After some 15 minutes of his jacking us both off and I giving him a hot blowjob, we got up and went into the living room.

We all undressed until we were butt naked. We started the DVD gay movie back at the beginning for extra arousal. We had Devon get down on our big bear rug on his back. Oh man, his wrestling hard body and huge cock were amazingly like a Rembrandt painting or a Greek statue. His cock was straight as a flag pole.

Although Petey and I had agreed as a married couple we were going to be monogamous, we could not resist this sex idol for a one time fuck. We had to have him for this night's carnal pleasure.

I put a pillow under his sexy head and a second pillow under his bubble ass. Petey got on Devon's right side and I laid down on his left side; as we began to kiss, lick suck and massage his sweet smooth body from head to toe. We used our mouths and tongues to explore his earlobes, wide neck, armpits, biceps, erect nipples, chest, stomach, abs, thighs, legs feet and every single toe before we took on his asshole, balls and throbbing boner.

We took turns thrusting our tongues into the entrance to his asshole. I took one of his big balls in my mouth while Petey sucked the other ball into his wet mouth. Then we each took a finger at the same time and finger fucked his beautiful pink ass. For at least 10 minutes, we rotated playing with his ass and sucking on his balls. After all this attention on his ass and balls, we began to lick up and down each side of his cock shaft. Finally, we took turns taking his leaking cock deep into our throats. While one of us swallowed his cock, the other guy sucked on his nuts. Devon was on fire. He grunted and moaned as he thrust his hips up to meet our mouths.

"Oh my god, Oh hell, suck my cock, eat my ass and suck on my balls. Oh fuck, this is the best sex ever."

Now it was time for the big event. Petey and I lubed his bubble pink ass, lubed our steel hard cocks and drove lots more of the lube deep into Devon's man pussy. Petey went first. As I lifted Devon's big wrestling legs up and held them there, Petey began to drive his big cock all the way into our new friend's ass. I watched as Petey began to drive his slick leaking cock in and out of this beautiful man pussy. They both moaned and grunted as they thrashed around the bear rug. Devon got fucked faster and faster by my future husband. Petey fucked this hot athlete for at least 15 minutes when I saw Petey's face become flushed, his breathing increased, and he drove his cock deep one more time into Devon's ass chute. He released a river of hot cum deep into the hunk's ass. As He pulled out, I saw cum still oozing out of his piss slit as well as a stream of cum draining from the beautiful ass.

It was now my turn. Petey took over holding the sexy legs. I took my over heating cock and began driving all the way into the man pussy. My big cock slid in so easy due to the lube and Petey's cum in the experienced ass. The wet feeling of Petey's cum in Devon's ass had me mad with pleasure. I only managed about ten thrusts before I felt my balls spasming as they pumped my seed upwards and out my cock head. The mixture of our two big loads of sperm over flowed as I pulled my softening cock out.

Devon had managed not to come but he was on the edge. We lowered his legs. Petey and I went down on his red hot rod and took turns sucking his blood filled cock for no more than 2 minutes when he unloaded a barrage of cum all over our faces.

We engaged in a three way kissing session as we shared the three very different types and variety of tastes of the cum juices.

We showered, dressed and thanked Devon for a hell of a fuck session. Since his pizza shift had ended with our delivery, he went back to his dorm room to tell his fuck buddy about his incredible night of steamy sex.

The next time you hear from Petey and me, it'll be our bachelor's party and wedding.



Naughty Eric


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