Jason wiped sweat from his cheek with a grimy forearm and continued running. His sneakers thudded heavily against the grass; his legs ached. Summer conditioning workouts were brutal to begin with, and the oppressive heat of the late-afternoon sun made each lap around the field seem longer than the last. It was Friday, though, and the rest of State's baseball team was in great spirits: in a few minutes they would be free for the weekend and consuming the first of many frosty beers on porches across campus. Jason alone felt a twinge of uncertainty for the end of practice. The things he had heard couldn't be true, but if they were...

He tried to push the possibility out of his mind and focused on Tony's lean form jogging a few feet ahead of him. Tall and confident, with closely-cropped black hair, Tony was one senior who had at least been a little sympathetic to Jason throughout his class's first year on the team. State had been successful on the field, and each victory had been punctuated by aggressive drinking games and a variety of hazing rituals led by the seniors. As a result, the freshmen were always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And Jason was technically still a freshman until the end of the summer, a fact he tried to forget as Tony's firm ass bounced up and down before him.

They rounded the end of the final lap, and Jason caught up to Tony as they slowed to join the loose huddle of thirty or so players. The group stood panting and grimy as their coach delivered a few words of general approval mixed with caution. Jason zoned out for a moment, transfixed by the distinct outline of Tony's package against his red lycra shorts. Tony leaned to the side, arms crossed, breathing heavily and seemingly unaware of his own thickness. Why wasn't anyone else noticing this? Jason furtively moved his eyes over every inch of Tony's bulge. The faded red fabric glistened with sweat; Tony's whole body seemed to shimmer in the heat.

Presently, coach wished them a good weekend, and they heaved their gear into the locker room. Jason was rifling through his bag for shampoo when he heard the low voice of Andre, the team's senior captain, in his ear.

"It's Friday, Jason. Last test."

He turned. Andre was smiling horribly at him. Jason frowned.


"Just stick around after the others leave."

Without waiting for a response, he pivoted to walk toward the showers. Presently, Jason grabbed a towel and followed him.

Shrouded in steam, the rest of the team was cracking jokes and noisily discussing weekend plans while they soaped down. A row of gleaming spigots lined the walls, and Jason idled under one, absently washing his shoulder. What was the last test? The freshmen's previous hazing rituals had all been phrased as tests of character, all aimed toward turning them into real men. They had to prove they were "worthy" to become real members of the team - what did that even mean?

Jason glanced at Andre for some sort of clue as to what would happen, but he was involved in a muted discussion with Tony and some of the other seniors. Jason looked Andre up and down. He was lean and powerful, with dark chocolate skin, thick pecs, taut arms and thighs, and a permanent leer on his face. Andre gestured at Tony, trying to make a point, and his long cock swayed gently back and forth between his thighs. Jason was hypnotized. Tony, listening silently to Andre, appeared to waver for a moment before finally nodding in assent.

Jason quickly looked away as their attention returned to the rest of the room. He pretended to shampoo his hair for a third time, waiting for the rest of the team to rinse off and file back out into the locker room. Only Andre and Tony remained, and the latter shot Jason a sympathetic look that he couldn't decipher. Obviously something was happening.

A few more minutes passed, and the outer door of the locker room banged shut behind the last few guys. The echo of their voices faded down the hall, and Jason found himself alone with the two seniors. He tried not to worry. What could they possibly do to him: Fight Club? Andre turned off his shower and slowly patted at his body with a towel. Seeming to pick up the signal, Tony turned off his shower as well. The muscles in his back rippled as he lazily rubbed his body dry.

"Yo! Turn that off and come here," Andre barked. Jason squeaked his shower down to a drip and looked back at the captain. Andre had hung his towel on the rack behind him and stood with hands on his hips. His mouth was authoritative and stern, but his eyes glinted mischievously. Jason dried his hair and slowly approached. Andre grinned at him. "For your final test, you have to learn how to take the spitter."

This meant nothing to Jason. If they were going to start spitting on him, he would be pissed. He looked at Andre quizzically and began to wrap his towel around his waist, when Tony grabbed it and yanked it away.

"Hey! What the fu - "

"No!" Andre barked. "That's not how this works. Now, kneel down." He leaned back against the wall and stuck his hips out in an exaggerated thrust. His dick swung forward heavily.

Jason hesitated and took a few steps until he was directly in front of Andre. He couldn't believe what was happening. This was the spitter? He was totally unprepared. He felt Tony's dark stare burning into the back of his head; thick saliva pooled in his mouth. He swallowed heavily. There was no choice but to comply.

Jason slowly kneeled on the gleaming wet tile. Andre's meaty black cock hung in front of him. It began to swell as Andre grabbed it by the base and waved it back and forth a few times. Jason looked at Tony out of the corner of his eye. He seemed totally unsurprised. Had they he also sucked off the captain when he was a freshmen?

Head spinning, Jason reached out and wrapped his fingers lightly around Andre's stiffening dick. It throbbed noticeably in his hand, and Andre jutted his hips out further.

"That's right, you get it. Show the spitter some love."

Jason's brow furrowed as he gingerly stroked Andre's dick with one hand. It had dangled innocently before, but now it was thickening into a nice long tool under Jason's encouragement. Jason shifted his knees wider on the tile and began massaging it in earnest. He looked up at Andre for some note of approval.

The captain laughed a little.

"And...? You are waiting for like an introduction?"

He grabbed Jason's hair and guided the freshman's mouth down toward his stiffening cock. Half-heartedly resisting, Jason buried his face in the nest of short, curly hairs around Andre's dick. He kissed the ebony shaft a few times and stuck out his tongue for a tentative lick.

Andre sighed audibly and ground his hips at Jason's face. Jason lightly gripped the shaft of the big dick and began slurping with gusto. Stroking gingerly with his right hand, he worked his tongue all over the dark brown head until it glistened in the light. It was definitely a huge cock - now fully swollen and sticking out angrily - and it throbbed thick and heavy in his grip. His forearm tensed rhythmically.

Andre allowed a bit of a smile and closed his eyes. "Nice, that's nice." Jason took the opportunity to break his focus for a moment and look sideways at Tony. The stern Italian was leaning sideways against the wall, steadily stroking his slippery thick dick.

Jason could feel himself getting hard as he worked over Andre's tool with a curling tongue. The girth of the big black dick in his hand plus Tony's wet stroking sounds were making his pulse race feverishly. Jason bobbed his head up and down, trying to ignore his rapidly stiffening cock, but it was too late. Andre was looking back down at him now, and the lengthening rod between Jason's legs was an unmistakable sign he was enjoying sucking down the spitter.

"Ohhh shit. He loves it!" Andre chuckled. "Loves that dick."

"Mmmmppphhhhhhh," Jason disagreed thickly. He had swallowed most of Andre's cock and continued to tease the heavy balls with his fingertips.

"I don't think the spitter is going to be enough, Tony."

The other senior just grunted briefly in response.

"I think he needs to get the slider too. The fucking slider."

"Hell yeah." Tony disappeared from view behind Jason.

"Get up, and bend over," came Tony's firm baritone. Jason pulled Andre's wet cock out of his mouth and got to his feet, then bent forward. Christ, it was a final test.. of getting fucked in the team's shower. For a brief instant he opened his mouth to protest, but thought better of it and wordlessly descended again on Andre's thick meat. While he slurped and massaged Andre's dick, Jason could feel Tony pulling his hips backward, positioning him just right.

"If you liked the spitter, you're going to fucking love the slider." Tony gripped Jason's muscular asscheeks and spread them wide.

His mouth full of thrusting black cock, Jason reflexively clenched his hole tight. He was rock hard at the thought of Tony sliding up inside him. Many times already he had stroked his aching dick - late at night, in the semi-privacy of his dorm bunk - while imagining Tony pounding his hole over and over. Now it was actually going to happen. His dick quivered and twitched, leaking a drop of pre-cum.

Jason felt Tony's thick cockhead brush up against his puckered hole. The senior squeezed Jason's hairy asscheeks with strong hands, pulling them wider, and pressed the tip of his thick tool harder against his hole. Jason tried to tell himself to relax, to just take it. With excruciating slowness, Tony slid the fat head of his dick inside him.

"Unghhhhh fuck," Jason moaned a little. He could feel the throbbing pressure of Tony's thick dick stretching his hole. He braced himself against Andre and slid his legs a little wider. Andre grabbed Jason's hair, pulling him, bending him further forward to slurp eagerly on his long black tool.

Jason struggled to think coherently: this big black cock thrusting in and out of his mouth plus the throbbing Italian invader sliding inexorably up his ass made it impossible to object, or even to process what was happening. He had never been so eager to cum - to spray jizz everywhere while getting railed from both ends.

"Yeah boy, you like that spitter, don't you?" Andre crooned. His swollen black balls swung heavily back and forth as he fucked Jason's face. Jason brought his left hand up to cradle them gently, tugging a little, while slurping and sucking on the captain's thick tool. He did like the spitter, rock-hard and commanding as it thrust deep down his throat.

"Yeah, he likes that slider too. You like that fuckin' slider up your ass, freshman?" Tony grabbed Jason's hips for leverage and pressed his long cock further in. Jason could feel the fat Italian dick rubbing deep up inside him, filling his tight ass. The senior began to grind rhythmically in and out, and Jason's hole spasmed and clenched harder. Tony's cock felt impossibly huge, stretching Jason more with each stroke - he did like the slider.

Jason moaned gutturally, unable to control how turned on he was by this pounding from both ends. He panted heavily through his nose as Andre's stiff brown cock plunged in and out of his mouth. Jason reached down with his right hand and gingerly gripped his rigid dick. He was insanely hard, and leaking a good deal of pre-cum. Each forceful slam of Tony's long stallion cock up in him made his dick tingle and start. Jason rubbed just under its head with two fingers, steadily massaging it in time with Tony's thick strokes from behind.

"Oh I think he likes both. You want that spitter to shoot down your throat, freshman?" Andre's ab muscles clenched with each driving thrust into Jason's mouth. Andre's eyes were narrowed, his head tilted back, mouth in a sideways grin as he coaxed Jason on. "Yeah, he likes both. Look how fuckin' hard he is; he's jacking himself off."

Jason grunted thickly in the affirmative; his hand slipped steadily over his glistening shaft. He did want the captain's fat black cock to squirt down his throat. The spitter throbbed and twitched between his lips.

"Hell yeah he likes both," Tony's deep voice came from behind. He gripped Jason's hips with strong hands. "He loves suckin' that spitter." Tony slammed into his ass, rubbing him deep with each stroke. "You like that slider up your ass too, boy? You want that slider cumming inside you?"

Jason moaned wordlessly, his mouth full of dick, and pressed his muscled ass back into Tony's huge cock. It slid back and forth up inside him, rubbing its thick shaft against his prostate with each stroke. He was unable to think clearly: Tony's rhythmic grinding kept hitting it over and over.

Andre began to breathe more heavily with each thrust into Jason's mouth. Jason could tell he was getting close.

"Yeah freshman: suck that spitter down. You like suckin' that big dick, good. Gonna shoot down your throat, boy. Yeah, suck all that down." He gripped the back of Jason's head with both hands and fucked his mouth ever faster. Andre's torso shone with sweat; his abs clenched with effort as he thrust his hips. "Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!" Gripping the back of Jason's hair, the captain let out a loud grunt and shot spurt after spurt of jizz into the freshman's mouth. Jason gulped hurriedly; Andre's cock pulsed and twitched against his tongue as it unloaded.

Panting, Andre gripped his dick at the base and stroked it, massaging out the last few pumps of cum into Jason's mouth. The freshman slurped wetly, using his lips and tongue to polish Andre's cock clean. Andre leaned back against the tile wall, satisfied.

Behind him, Tony was ramming into Jason with long, regular strokes. His massive Italian rod kept rubbing the same spot with each thrust, and it was going to send Jason over the edge. He gingerly stroked his aching cock with two fingers; pre-cum leaked out in a steady stream. Jason braced himself with one hand against the shower floor.

For his part, Tony was becoming more vocal as he got closer to cumming. "Aw fuck, tight freshman ass. Take that slider real deep. Reeeeeeeal deep, fucker. Get that up inside you." He gripped Jason's hips roughly, driving his thick cock all the way in. "Yeah, this slider gonna cum in you deep, freshman. Take that shit." The slapping of his hairy balls against Jason's ass echoed in the steamy room.

Jason couldn't take it much longer: he furiously stroked his dick, moaning with each deep thrust of the slider. His ass clenched and spasmed, gripping the Italian's cock tighter as it rubbed inside him. While Andre watched approvingly and gave verbal encouragement, Jason arched his back and stroked the slippery head of his dick with his right hand. The stiff fat cock up in him felt so fucking good, pounding him so fucking hard... Jason moaned loudly as his ass came and twitched, throbbing with pleasure against Tony's long rod. He panted, seeing stars, stroking himself off rapidly, and unleashed a gigantic squirt of cum onto the tile floor. Then a second huge squirt, and a third, and he felt like his ass and dick and entire body were cumming at the same time. He kept jerking himself off, spurt after gooey spurt, and heard Tony getting louder behind him.

Tony's pulsing long dick drove harder into Jason, and with a growling yell, the senior creamed his load deep in the freshman's ass. Jason grunted in pleasure, feeling the fat cock squirting jizz inside him and still stroking his own soaked tool. Tony kept slamming his hips forward until the last shot of cum drained out, then collapsed onto Jason. They lay heaving for a minute, Tony's back shining with sweat, his dick still sliding inside Jason's stretched hole.

Presently, Jason looked up and saw Andre squinting downward at him. "Not bad taking it, freshman." It was the closest he could get to a vote of confidence. Jason tried not to smile.

As the team got ready for conditioning the next day, Jason spied Andre and Tony in a huddle with the rest of the seniors, arguing about who would be next to receive the final test. Tony caught Jason's eye and wordlessly brought a finger to his lips, cautioning silence. Jason nodded. The spitter and the slider... who would believe him anyway?


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