These are a mini collection of stories that are entirely fictional but appear in my fantasies so I hope you enjoy these as much as I have

The Dungeon Master

I love the smell of leather. It started when I was a teenager and I started experimenting with an older male who introduced me to several fetishes such as a sexual admiration of feet. I also began to have a sexual appetite of tying submissive men up and using them for my own sexual pleasure.

Anyways one day I was just walking down the street when a sudden stench of leather filled my nostrils and I took a step back when I noticed I nearly passed a leather shop.

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to walk into the shop.

The first thing I notice when entering is the cute shop assistant behind the counter who is wearing a leather collar. He only looks like a 20 year old twink but those are easy to dominate.

I walk up to the counter pretending to be interested about the porn behind the counter.

"So what time does your shift end?" I politely ask Aaron according to his name badge

"Well my shift ends now what you got planned?" He asks curiously

"Well I think we should hang out at my place" I reply

"Sure" he replies in pure enthusiasm

Little did he know what was going to happen. I took him back to my place and blindfolded and tied his hands behind his back.

"I'm going to own you" I whisper in his ear as I push him into my dungeon.

I rip my clothes off and stroke my cock as I watch him trying to struggle. It turns me on when they struggle.

I push my cock inside his mouth and ignore him gagging as I forcefully push it in and out of his mouth.

I take my cock out as it's nice and wet and I whip him across the chest several times which makes him jump.

"You're ass is mine" I growl and rip his clothes off.

With him still struggling I manage to push my cock all the way in his hungry ass.

He screams loudly so I have to put a gag on him before the neighbours call the police as I fuck him mercilessly.

The screams turn to moans as I slap his balls repeatedly.

Surprisingly this form of torture makes him cum all over himself as I take my cock out and spray my cum all over his face.

That's one of my many conquests.

The End

Webcam Thrills

Hi my name is Antonio and as you can tell i have Italian heritage but your more interested about my body right? Well I work out constantly in the gym and this has given me a muscular body that matches my 11 inch dick with bubble butt ass.

I have another side of me that my parents have yet to figure out. Yes I am gay but I flaunt my body on a webcam live show full of horny men and this really turns me on.

I head into my bedroom for my latest show and wait for the messages to come in.

One message does finally manage to appear asking me to remove my shirt which I do in a stripper like fashion

Then I squeeze my nipples playfully as I moan out loud into the mic.

Reading another message I turn my back on the camera and remove my pants and jockstrap as I spread my ass cheeks for the audience.

Finally another message appears asking me to fuck myself using a dildo which I grab from the sideboard and insert it into my ass.

I fuck myself on the dildo moaning louder and louder and start cumming over the camera lens.

So you could say that was a show to remember.

The End

Sleeping with the Groom

Hi my name is Andrew I'm an 18 year old muscular teen and I have my eyes on my friend's husband. I don't feel guilty about it because I want his lips on mine.

I attended the stag night and hoped to get into his pants

The night was in full swing and after finishing our shots of whiskey I decided to go to the toilet.

As I pissed into the urinal I noticed the from in the next urinal next to mine which brought my cock to attention.

"Need that sorting out mate?" Richard (the groom) asked.

"Sure let's head to my room" I reply.

So I sneak the groom into my room and undress us and immediately get down straight to rough man fucking.

The bed creaks as I start pounding Richard's ass mercilessly and cum inside of his ass

I lay on top of him as we snog and he promises to stay by my side even after marriage

The End

Ps. I hope you enjoy these three trial stories. Excuse my poor writing I have a disability which affects my writing.




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