I slowly trudged down the street to the

bus stop. It was only noon on a perfectly good Saturday, but I

was broke and Fayetteville didn't cater to broke, half-drunk

soldiers. Fayetteville was a city designed to milk the soldiers

of Fort Bragg of every penny they earned, and they did, either

through the hundreds of bars, or the hundreds of massage parlors.

Ok, there really weren't hundreds, but there were a lot and I

knew every bar and massage parlor in town.

After being out in the field for 20 days

I wanted action of some kind. But I was destined to return to

the barracks and watch tv, with dozens of other guys in my

situation. I noticed that the bus stop was empty when I

approached, that could only mean one thing, the bus had just

left. I kicked back, put one hand on each side of the bench,

waiting in a sullen stupor. I had just enough buzz to feel

miserable, what I called an instant hangover.

I watched two black hookers approach,

whisper between themselves, then walk by with an exaggerated

swing of their hips. They weren't fools, they new why I was

there. I watched the one with a cute, shapely ass and long legs

until they were almost out of site. I felt my cock getting hard.

The woman turned and smiled at me, waving over her shoulder. She

knew I'd been watching her ass.

'This sucks,' I said to myself, feeling

even more miserable. I didn't like jacking off, it was like

inhaling the vapors off a block of ice to quench your thirst. It

was better than nothing, but it just wasn't good enough.

Besides, nearly everyone in the Army masturbated, but they

treated anyone who got caught miserably, and they never forgot.

I wasn't about to be caught doing something that was only a half-

assed solution. Maybe I could borrow some money and come back to

pick up that whore, or hit a massage parlor. You seldom found

sex in a massage parlor, usually you got a half-assed massage and

a beautiful girl asked you if you wanted manual relief and jacked

you off. I had gotten lucky and found a girl that would put out

for a hundred bucks, in the hotel massage parlor. The fucked up

thing was that there were always a dozen guys waiting for her.

On a Saturday she was up to her elbows in dicks and she never

gave credit.

The whore had looked

good. I had picked up a black whore when I first hit town. She

was a good fuck but I worried about diseases for a month

afterwards. I really didn't want to go through that again. I

needed a steady girlfriend bad, one with a car so I didn't have

to take this damned bus.

I suddenly realized that a car had

stopped in front of me. A good looking guy with a flattop

haircut was staring at me with a smile on his face.

'Broke and only half drunk?' he asked


'Yeah. How did you


'I used to be in the Army. I got out two

years ago. You have no idea how many times I sat on that bench

right where you're setting. I'll tell you what, if you want to

come home with me I can offer you a drink and point out all the

lose girls in my trailer park. I've fucked most of them. Half

are army wives with men out in the field and the other half are

single women on welfare. They all jump at the chance for a good


'No shit?' I asked, thinking

there really was a Santa Claus.


real. Jump in,' he said with another smile. It was decision

time, this was a very muscular guy. His shoulders were bigger

than mine, even though he was shorter. If he turned axe

murderer, I would have a hell of a time with this guy. On the

other hand he seemed to be friendly. The alternative was to lay

around the barracks.

'Sure,' I said, rounding the car and

getting in. He gave me an even bigger smile and pulled out on

Main Street. I watched the buildings pass, trying to memorize

the route so I could walk back later.

'How long have you been in?' he


'Just over a year.'

'Ugh, you're barely getting paid then.

No wonder you're waiting to go back to the fort, you were broke

before you started.'

'Yeah, 300 bucks doesn't go far in this


'Tell me about it. If you want you can

crash at my place any time, the liquor cabinet is always full and

I've got a hundred dirty movies.'

'I've never seen a dirty movie, I grew up on the


'Shit, you're probably a

virgin then.'

'No, I've been having sex since I was

fifteen,' I said, starting to feel uncomfortable. I didn't know

what this guy wanted, but he was starting to ask some strange


'That's good. A man can't really be a

man without regular sex.'

'Yeah, I

guess,' I said, watching him from the corner of my eye. He spent

a lot of time rubbing his chin and looking in the rearview

mirror, but I had a feeling he was checking me out, not his chin. I had about decided to turn around and go home, when he suddenly

pulled into a trailer park. He bumped over a speed bump, drove a

few yards and pulled in beside a small but new looking trailer.

I wasn't big on trailers, but the trailers in the park were new

and the park was well-maintained. If I had to live in a park, I

would choose this one.

'What do you usually drink?' he asked,

slamming the car door.

'Uh, anything

sweet,' I couldn't remember any drink names. I remembered later

that I liked rum and coke, but at the moment I was a little

nervous. I paused at the front door and looked around the park,

hoping to see the loose women he had spoken of. I didn't see


'Come in and close the door.

My name is Tom.'

'I'm Mark, I said, closing the door to

the darkened trailer. I walked inside and noticed that it was

nearly dark because there were curtains covering every


'I work nights and like to sleep on the

couch,' he said, gesturing at the windows with an empty glass.

'Sit over there on the couch, I'll be there in a second. I can

crank up some of my movies. Any preferences?' he asked, filling

the glasses.

'No,' I said, not knowing which

preferences he was talking about.

'Here, try this,' he handed me a red drink. I sipped it and

smiled. 'Fantastic! What is it?' I asked.

'Tequila sunrise.'

'That's good,' I said, sipping again and

watching him open a cabinet. I looked inside and found a small

projector and dozens of movies. He opened a drawer beneath it

and I saw that he wasn't exaggerating, he had more than a hundred

movies. I picked up a few and read them. There were labels such

as 'Lesb bdsm' and a few others that were equally confusing. He

took the one in my hand, looked at it and nodded, adding it to

the stack he was already building.

'I've got a little bit of everything here

so you can see what you like,' he said, threading a movie into

the projector. I sat back on the couch feeling warm and happy.

The drink had gotten rid of my instant hangover and I was buzzing


'Ok, see if you like this one,' he said,

starting a movie with a goofy looking guy in a World War I flying

helmet. The guy was soon joined by two beautiful girls who

proceeded to strip each other, then him. The movie didn't make a

damned bit of sense, because there was no sound. But the girls

were beautiful and naked, so I didn't complain. Soon one girl

started giving the guy a blowjob while the other girl kissed him.

As soon as the girl's lips touched his cock, mine sprang to

attention. I was horny so fast my head was spinning. I tried to

hid my hard-on behind the hand holding my glass. I only took a

drink when he was looking the other way. It didn't work for

long, his eyes soon spotted my hard-


'Do you like this one?' he


'Sure, it's ok.'

'Has a girl ever done that to you?'


'I could find a girl to do it to you if

you want.'

'Hell yes,' I said enthusiastically.

'Would you like to see how it feels?'

'Sure,' I said, really excited now. I

couldn't believe this guy was offering to get me a girl to do

this. What a pal.

'Here, let me take your drink,' he came

over and held out his hand. I used the other hand to conceal my

hard-on, while I handed him my drink with my left hand. He took

it and set it on the projector cabinet, then sank to his knees by

my leg. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but if this

was required to get that girl, I could wait. His hands were

suddenly fumbling at my belt and even I, a stupid farmboy, knew

what was happening. This guy was going to suck my dick!

I had heard of such things, but didn't

know it was so popular that I would ever see it. But here he

was, a guy on his knees by my leg, pulling my pants down.

'Raise up,' he said simply as he pulled

my pants and underwear down with one jerk. My hard throbbing

cock was glistening with pre-cum. Even as I looked down in

horror, I saw a huge drop swelling up at the tip of my cock and

forming a little transparent dome.

'You are really wet,' he said needlessly

as he neared my cock. I was embarrassed, looking around for

something to wipe myself off with. He took a firm hold on my

cock and began licking the sticky fluid off my


'Um, that's good,' he said in a

gentle voice. I had never thought of my cock juice as good

before, it was just something that lubricated whatever I fucked.

This was a whole new way of thinking. Kind of like a vampire.

He had tasted me and said I tasted good. I realized that I was


Then he really began to suck and lick my

cock and I groaned and wilted on the couch. This was really

good, even better than fucking a whore, or getting a hand-job in

a massage parlor. This was incredibly pleasurable. There was

something about looking down and seeing a guy sucking my dick

that made me really excited. I had never even thought of this

happening before, and here it was happening right between my


Tom started bobbing up and down on my

cock. I leaned back and watched the movie for a moment, then

closed my eyes. The movie was making me too horny, I wanted this

to last for a while. The guy was really good, I could feel the

wonderful feelings going from my prick to my ass. My entire

crotch was burning with passion. Occasionally I could feel more

precum sneaking down my long fleshy tube, but Tom didn't seem to

care, or notice. He just continued bobbing up and down.

Suddenly he stopped, put one hand on my nut sack, and began

sucking and nibbling on the head. The feeling was so intense

that I began to feel my cock shrinking. He hastily put his mouth

over the head of my cock and sucked like it was a straw. It was

all I could take. My balls started burning with a liquid heat,

my ass muscles clenched, then I shot load after load into his

eager sucking lips. He drank my offering greedily, making happy

moaning noises as he did. When I was done, and his mouth still,

he sat up and wiped his face with a huge


'Wow, what a meal,' he said

happily. 'I really enjoyed that. What about you?'

'Oh hell yes,' I said dreamily as my eyes

went back to the movie, still playing on the wall. It suddenly

flickered and turned white. He turned off the projector and sat

on the couch beside me.

'The bathroom is down there if you want

to get cleaned up,' he pointed down the hallway. 'I'll put in a

new movie and make us some more drinks.'

I washed quickly and rinsed out my

underwear. At a loss, I hung them over the shower rod, not

knowing if I would be around when they dried. I came out to see

Tom washing his face and drying it on a handful of paper


'Your cum was really sweet,' he said

matter-of-factly. 'You haven't had sex for a while.

I was amazed that he could tell that from

the taste of my cum, but he was the expert. I noticed that such

talk was getting me hard again. That was probably why he talked

that way, to get me hard. He was right, I have never had sex on

a regular basis. I just got lucky a few


'Have you ever seen lesbians?'

he asked, handing me my drink.


don't think so,' I didn't want to admit that I didn't know what a

lesbian was.

'Here, let's try this one. It's a little

gross, so if it turns your stomach, just turn away.'

I was excited now, I was going to see a

gross dirty movie. I nodded wisely and drank half of my drink.

Two girls came on the screen, his wall, met at a doorway and

kissed. I felt my dick throb instantly. I have never seen two

girls kiss, this was incredible. They went inside and began

stripping each other. I was starting to wonder if lesbians meant

two women having sex with each other, but decided I couldn't be

that lucky. I was wrong, they fell on the couch, kissed naked

for a while, then one girl began kissing the other's tits. I was

mesmerized. I don't know how long Tom had been playing with my

dick through my pants before I noticed. An amazing idea struck

me. Maybe I could grab Tom's dick and hold it in my hand. After

all, after what he'd done to me, I was sure he wouldn't


The first girl leaned back and opened her

legs. I had an excellent shot of her pussy. The second girl got

down on her knees turned her head sideways and put her mouth on

the first girl's cunt. I couldn't believe it, it was just too

much stimulation for a country boy just off the farm.

My right hand gently reached out and

touched Tom's leg. He didn't yell so I slid my hand back and

found his throbbing cock. Shit, it was much bigger than mine.

It was huge. I felt his cock through the material of his pants.

In a moment he leaned back and began unbuckling his jeans. He

slid them down and sat in his boxer shorts with a drink in one

hand, and my dick in the other. I couldn't believe we were

sitting on the couch, watching two women eating pussy, and

feeling each other's dicks. What could be better?

'Why don't we go into the bedroom?' he

asked quietly. 'We can do a lot more there.'

I didn't know what a lot more was, but I

was willing to find out. If it was anything like the blowjob, I

was all for it. I stood instantly and followed him down the

hallway. I found a massage table, something I was very familiar

with, in the middle of his bedroom. That was the only bed there.

No wonder he slept on the couch.

'I... I'd like to try you,' I said in the

most nervous voice I had ever heard. I couldn't believe it was

my voice.

'Great. Have you ever heard of a


'No,' I admitted with some shame.

'I will lay on my back,' he said,

climbing up on the table, 'and you get on your hands and knees

with your dick over my mouth.'


pictured it in my mind from several different angles, before I

realized what he wanted and climbed on the table above him. I

found myself facing an 8 inch uncircumcised cock. Before I knew

what was happening, he pulled me down so I was laying on top of

him and my dick was down his throat.

The intense pleasure sent fire through my

body. The intense pleasure also made me much braver. Taking the

huge dick in my hand I rubbed it gently, then bent down so my

mouth was a fraction of an inch above it. I could smell a manly

smell coming from his dick and balls. It wasn't bad, but not

exactly good either. It was just different. I placed the tip of

his dick in my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. I

wasn't as good as he was, even though I tried to remember what he

had done to me. He was doing something completely different now,

kind of mouthing and swallowing my dick, both at the same time.

The feeling was not so intense, but it was building to a terrific

fire in my loins. At that point I would have done anything. He

suddenly grabbed the cheeks of my ass in both hands and began

pulling me onto his mouth, then lifting my ass away in a grip of


The pleasure was just too much to take.

I tried to keep bobbing up and down on his soft, warm dick, but I

couldn't concentrate. Before I knew it I was filling his mouth

with my warm, sticky cum again and he was drinking it down like a

rich cream. All too quickly I was finished, and I suddenly

didn't want to suck his dick any more, it felt disgusting in my


Either he sensed my dilemma or wanted

something better. Either way he urged me up and slid out from

under me, allowing me to lay face down on the table.

'This will feel incredible,' he said

enthusiastically. 'First I have to grease you up. Get ready,

it's a little cold,' he said with a chuckle. I didn't know what

the hell he was talking about, but I suddenly felt something cold

on my asshole. I gasped and hunched up. I heard him laugh

behind me.

'That's the icky part, now comes to good

part,' he said, climbing up on the table.

'You're going to fuck me?' I asked in

sudden interest. I was sure I would like it.

'I sure am. If I hurt you just tell me.

Sometimes it takes a while to open up all the way.'

I didn't say anything. I felt his dick

at the entrance to my asshole and I laid my face on my hands and

closed my eyes, waiting. It pressed hard and suddenly slid

inside my ass. I gasped and my head sprang up so I could look

behind me. It was the kinkiest thing I had ever seen.

It did feel good, but a little

strange. I felt like I had to take a shit, but I also felt hot

in a way I had never felt before. His huge cock began a slow,

relentless slide into my ass. I love every hot inch of his cock

and could feel it all the way to my stomach. My dick was again

having a raging hard-on. His dick suddenly hurt as it seemed to

come up against something hard. I didn't need to say anything,

he stopped on his own and began slowing pumping in and out of my

ass. What heat! What feeling! I was getting intense pleasure

from places I had never felt before. This felt really good.

As he pumped harder and faster, now

putting the full length of his dick up my ass, I felt the fire

growing hotter and deeper. I wondered if I could come like a

woman. I asked him between panting breaths and he assured me

that I could. I waited, feeling the satisfying slap of his hips

against my ass. His dick in my ass was wonderful. I waited

expectantly for my orgasm, but to my intense disappointment I

heard him gasping, stiffening on my back and his cock was

suddenly shooting a hot liquid into my quivering ass.

As he mashed his cock into my ass, my own

cock was being mashed into the sheet and leather of the massage

table. I desperately needed relief for a record third time in

less than two hours. He gasped and wilted on my back. I was

wondering if I could fuck his ass to get relief, but when I asked

he gave me a tired smile and handed me a rubber. I took it,

looked up at him in confusion, and he told me to put it on,

rubbers gave a terrific hand-job. When I didn't move fast enough

he tore the package, rolled the rubber down my dick, and began

stroking my dick in his strong hand. I leaned back against the

table with my eyes closed. It took only a moment for my balls to

begin churning, my ass muscles clenched and my cock shot cum into

the rubber in Tom's hand. He milked it until my cock stopped

spurting, then pulled off the rubber and tossed it into the


'There, now if you would like

to get cleaned up, I'll drop you off at your barracks, if you


Stunned at the suddenness of his

proposition, I realized that I didn't want to be seen with him by

my buddies, and I sure didn't want him to know where I lived. I

could just imagine him showing up at the front door and asking me


'Uh, if you could take me back to the bus

stop, I'd rather do that. I'm supposed to meet my buddies

there,' I lied. He smiled knowingly and waited for me to take a

shit, clean up and redress. I found my underwear still wet. He

saw my dilemma and offered me a paper bag, which I took

gratefully and bundled up my shorts. I wasn't about to throw

them away, we didn't have many clothes on the farm and everything

we did have was precious to us.

He ran me back to the bus stop and to my

horror I saw several of my buddies standing there as we pulled

up. I climbed out and waved, then turned to face the music.

'Who's that?' Clark asked curiously.

'Drug dealer,' I whispered. 'He's got

some good shit but I'm broke. I'll see him later in the


Clark nodded and that ended one of the

most amazing days of my life. I never saw Tom again, although I

wouldn't have minded once in a while when I was really hard up.

I guess he was just out looking for


Thanks Tom, wherever you are now. As they say, 'I needed



Michael Shuler

[email protected]


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