I was eighteen when we first met. His name was Kilo, he was about 6ft tall, very thin, but also muscular, he had beautiful full lips and perfectly straight teeth. He was like my dream man. He had just started working at the corner store down the street from my house when we met.

We quickly became friends and he started opening up to me about his sexual encounters. Unfortunately for me, they were all with women. He would tell me how he loved women to suck on his cock and loved to eat womens pussies, and all i could think about was how much i wanted to suck his cock and how I want him to eat my ass.

One day when we were hanging out in the back of the store, i asked to borrow his phone to make a call. He handed it to me and walked away, so i used the opportunity to look through his pictures to see if i could find any naked pictures of him. Sure enough, i found a picture of a big, beautiful, thick and hard cock on his phone.I thought fast because i knew he would be back any minute. So i quickly texted the picture to my cell phone so i would have this picture, even though i figured i would never have him.

A couple days later he called me and asked why there was a sent message of his cock to my cell number. He had caught me, so i told him the truth and to my amazement he said,' If you want my cock so bad, i could come over and give you the real thing.' I acted like i was thinking about it, but of course i wanted his cock right now! I told him yes and he came over about ten minutes later.

We sat on the couch in silence for a few minutes, then he started rubbing his crotch, and i noticed there was a big bulge in his jeans.' You want some help with that?' i asked,' That's why I'm here, isn't it?' So i got off the couch and knelt between his legs, i began unbuckling his belt and then unbuttoning his jeans. I took his jeans off and there he was, the man i had been fantasizing about, sitting on my couch half naked. I could not believe i was about to have what I'd been waiting for.

I began rubbing his hard cock through his briefs, then i started licking to outside of his briefs, they were a little salty from the sweat and smelled so good. When i couldn't take it anymore and had to have his cock in my mouth, i yanked his briefs down to his knees. His dick bounced up and down after being released from the very constricting briefs. His cock was so amazing, the picture did not do him justice. It must have been about ten inches long and so thick i could barely wrap my hands around it.

I began licking just the very tip and he moaned as a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip. Then i went for it. I began bobbing up and down on his monstrous cock, and surprisingly, i was able to deepthroat it, which make him shudder from head to toe every time i swallowed it. He began thrusting his hips and i knew he was close to climax, so i abruptly stopped and told him,' I want you inside of me.'

He picked me up, carried me to my room and threw me on the bed. I loved how rough he was being. He yanked my pants off and threw them aside, then he spit onto his rock hard cock, lifted my butt up to meet his cock, and thrust his huge cock into my virgin asshole.

The pain was horrible, the worst pain i have ever felt. He didn't even notice the pain i was in, or he didn't care. He began thrusting the entire length of his cock into my tight hole. After a few minutes, the pain went away and was replaced with immense pleasure. It was the most amazing feeling i ever felt. He began pounding me harder and harder, which made the pleasure more and more intense. ' I'm gonna cum,' i moaned, with that i shot my load. The first stream of hot cum landed right on my chin, followed by a second and third stream that landed on my chest. It was pure ecstasy, i had no ides an orgasm could be so powerful!

Before i was even done cumming, he moaned,' I'm gonna cum, where do you want it?' ' In my mouth, baby,' I replied. He pulled out of me and i got on my knees in front of him. Just as my knees touched the floor, he moaned, and a thick, hot sticky stream of cum shot out of his huge cock and with perfect aim, landed right in my tongue. He had obviously had practice shooting his load into mouths. His cum was sweet and salty at the same time, it was so warm and delicious i couldn't get enough of it. He shot four more streams of cum into my mouth and i was about to swallow it when he said,' Aren't you gonna share with me?'

He laid flat on his back on my bed, i went over to his mouth, gathered all his cum in my mouth and spit it into his open, waiting mouth. He moaned as it hit his tongue, then he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me with his mouth full of his own cum. It tasted even better when we shared it. His tongue explored my mouth while coating it in cum. When the kiss was over, we both swallowed his delicious load.

We haven't hooked up since then, but he does have a lot of family, and his brother is pretty hot too!



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