It’s Saturday night and my friend D and I are taking some party tricks for fun. We both sitting in the lounge chatting and messing around on our laptops.

I always thought he is the hottest guy ever, but we have not played in years and although I tried a few times, he never seemed to respond.

I am also chatting to a FD and we are exchanging some naughty pics just for fun.

The guy sending me pics has really got some great ones and they are hot to look at.

His last message said I want to send u some pics and I want u to take the same pics of u. Although I loved the idea, I couldn’t see how this would work with my phone camera and on my own.

While I was thinking about it and looking at the pics he wants me to take, D says who is texting u all the time. The moment he said this I had an instant crazy idea…. I said it’s a friend of mine who  wants me to send him naughty pics of me  and  he sent through images that he wants. I don’t know what to say to him, because I cant take these pics with my ph camera. I guess he will have to wait until I meet with a friend who is good with a camera….. D said what kind of pics does he want? His question alone got me aroused. I didn’t want to show though, so I said to him I can show u, but don’t make fun of me…, but its ok to show u… Im cool with it… in meantime I was exploding inside with excitement.

D came over and sat next to me. He just wore a blue bathrobe and I guess maybe nothing underneath.

I opened the folder and moved my laptop to him, so that he could scroll through the pics.

All of them were solo pics with just a few showing two guys. They were in no order, so I didn’t know which order they were in…. The first ones were basically just pics from different angles and positions showing guys sitting naked or lying on a couch.

D didn’t say anything until he opened a pic with a twink sitting on chair, his legs raised up and shooting water from his hole.

I forgot to take this pic out and I thought WTF, this is too crazy for him… D said he wants u to take a pic like this? I don’t have to take all of them, just the ones Im ok with… D said I know u too well, Im sure u like this one? I said nothing and hoped the next pic wld be back to normal...

The next one was a guy sucking another guys toes… and D looked at me and said my toes are much nicer than these. Sure, I said, you  always had the sexiest feet…. But I didn’t know what else to say

Then D clicked and the next pic came up. I was sure I moved it, as I thought this would be too much… it was a hot twink sitting on a chair, with his legs up and to the side.... his hands were tied behind him to the left and right leg of the chair. He was blindfolded and another guys hand was holding a large thick carrot in from of his hole, just about to push it in.

D left it open for a while and asked me if I liked that pic. I was abit high, so I could tell the truth and I said yeah, I think its very hot…

D looked at some more pics and while he did that my friend sent another text msg…. D said what is he saying and I read him the msg… it said ‘ u should ask ur friend to take pics now… just ask him’. I paused for a second but before I could say more D said he wants me to take the pics…? Does he know me…? I said no he doesn’t know u, but he knows we are friends forever… D said oh, ok… well, I am good with the camera….. and he left it at that…. U mean u would actually do this? I asked. He said, Well, im just taking the pics, u will have to do everything…. I couldn’t believe what he was saying…. but it got me super excited….  Well, how would u start I asked D and he said we take each pic and create the same look. I will direct everything and choose which pics to take. And you cant say no to something im asking, that’s the deal, then I do it, D said. I looked at him and said, ok, I would be ok with that….

D still sat next to me and showed me the first pic… he said lets start with this one and he opened the one with the twink boy tied on the chair and the carrot in front of his ass… D said, put on sneakers and socks and a cap and come back here… I will get the camera….

When I changed in my bedroom, my mind started racing with excitement. I was also feeling a bit odd, as we never done anything like this before. I got naked and put on white socks and my red high sneakers that I like for piss games. They do smell of piss, but not too bad and I did want to wear them. I then put on a baseball cap and walked back to the lounge with a hard on.

D was sitting on the chair facing the room and he was setting the camera and sorting the pics on my laptop.

D looked at me and said lets start with another pic…. And he showed me the one with the guy sucking another guys toe.

He stood up and went behind the chair, were we have a gym bench. He sat on the end of the bench, his bathrobe opening to the left and side and showing his legs, just covering maybe 10 cm below his crotch. Both his feet were spread to the sides and he said knee down in front of me and start sucking and licking my toes and feet…  I will take pics while u do it and we can then choose one. I kneeled down and lifted his right foot towards my face. I kept his foot in front of my face, a few cm from my nose and waited…. I then heard the first camera click and started with one long lick, moving my tongue from his heel all the way to the toes… he tasted amazing and when I got to his toes, I started sucking his little toe and moved to the next toe ever few seconds. I hear him take pics, but I was too busy enjoying his toes. His big toe filled my mouth and I sucked it up and down. D said look at me now and I looked at his face and the camera and sucked and licked his big toe. I could have done this for hours. His feet are so sexy they alone can make me cum. Many many years ago when we were together and had sex, I was too shy to do this but I always remember that once I sat on his big toe and felt him in my hole. But now licking his feet felt so great. I rubbed his feet against my face and licked every cm.  We must have done this for about 10 to 15 min when he pulled his feet down and put them on the floor. He said knee down, ur ass in the air and lick my feet like that. It turned me on to sit with my ass in the air and lick his feet and I think he really liked it, as we were definitely not taking any more pics. While I was licking his feet and facing the floor, I could hear him wank his dick. D said stay down and don’t look up. I would have stayed down for hrs if he wanted me too….

After maybe half an hour of licking every mm of his toes and feet he stood up and showed me this pic.

He said lie down on the couch on ur stomach and your legs open. I really liked showing off and being told by him what to do. He asked me to put one foot on floor and keep other one bent on couch, so that my bum checks were open and my hole facing his direction.

He took  some pics with some slight changes to my position until I kneed on the couch in doggie style, facing the wall with my face and my left and right foot and sneakers just hanging over the end of the couch. He sat on the coffee table right behind my legs, kind off in the middle and said your shoes smell like piss… u piss in them?…. I now felt a little embarrassed that I put them on. He asked me to turn around, lie on my back and put my left foot and right foot next to him on the edge of the coffee table.  He lifted my left leg and smelled the shoe. Next thing I could feel him take off the sneaker. D said stay like this and close your eyes…. I didn’t know what he was doing, until I heard a familiar sound. It was definitely a pissing sound and I think he was pissing on my sneakers. WOW, I cant believe this… I could cum right now just thinking about it…. I also heard the camera a few times until after a few min he stopped pissing and said sit up and sit on the coffee table. He was standing right in front of me, my legs to his left and right and my head was about the height of his stomach. He kept the shoe behind him and then said look up at my face. When I looked up I could see the shoe in his hand and he tilted it forward until his piss started running out. First it dripped on my forehead, a few seconds later the first drizzles ran into my mouth and I loved the taste. D said open ur mouth and while I looked in his eyes, I could see him tilting the shoe more and I now felt his warm piss falling into my mouth. I want u to swallow it… drink… he didn’t have to say, but I liked that he was so dominant…. He poured slowly into my mouth and I waited until it filled my mouth and then swallowed it in one go. Some ran out on the side of my lips and I could feel his warm piss running down my neck and chest. D now lifted the shoe and poured his piss over my head, then my chest and then a bit more into my mouth. He must have pissed a lot, because I was completely wet, there was piss on the table and it ran onto the floor. I loved the smell and feel and was hoping that he is not going to ask me to shower now. But D sat back on the couch and took some pictures of me pisswet. I loved the way he was playing this and would have never thought he would go this far. D said I want u to knee on the floor now, push the table back and sit facing me. The floor was covered in his piss and I kneed right on it. It smelled intense and sweet. Go down with ur face he said and push ur ass up again. I want ur face a few cm from the floor. The smell got more intense the further I went down with my face. I could see him move both his feet into his piss and using the one foot to rub against his other to make them both wet underneath and on top. He then put his one foot on my head and pushed it against his other wet foot. D said lick them clean….. u like this…. It tastes great hey….

I loved every moment and was wondering what else we would do…. Definitely not much photoshooting I thought , but that was fine with me. I loved playing like this and with D it was even better than I ever thought.

I loved the feeling of his wet toes against my head, pressing my face against the floor and his foot.

I licked slowly and enjoyed every drip and every inch of skin I could taste.

He lifted his one foot slightly from the floor and said lick it dry, then lick the other one dry and then stay with ur face down.

He pulled his feet one closer to the edge of the couch and then stood up moving behind me. I could hear him moving the coffeetable and when I looked back I could see that he was sitting on the table, maybe 50cm behind my ass. D said I want u to pull ur ass open with ur hands, show me ur hole…

I put my hands on either side of my ass checks and pulled them aside. I could hear him taking some pics.

I loved that he now  looked at my hole and I felt his one hand pulling back my hard dick. I could feel both of his feet resting on my calfs and the touch of his naked feet on my skin was amazing. I felt like I need to cum, or I will explode. I could hear him take more pics. I could see a little of his left feet and legs and saw that he sat back further on the couchtable and that he lifted his left foot. I then felt his toes on my ass and I could feel his big toe rubbing against my hole and softly pushing the hole every now and then. I also heard the camera and I saw that he lifted his bathrobe open. I couldn’t see any higher, but I imagined him wanking himself while pushing his toes into my ass and watching it. I remember that he always has a nice thick uncut cock, but when he recently showed me a pic of his cock hard, it was much thicker and bigger and he said that he injected growth hormones some years back, which made it so much bigger. I could hear his wanking sound and I imagined his thick hard cock just behind me. He now pushed his big toe into my hole and moved the toe inside in circles, touching the inside ass with his toe tip and stretching the hole left and right.

I loved the feeling and I moved one hand to his foot and pushed it a little more. I loved touching his foot with my hand and pushing it forward and backward. D said  yes, thats good, fuck ur hole with my foot…. U like this hey….. I loved it….. after a while he pulled back his foot and told me to turn around and sit on the floor, my back leaning against the couch and my feet on the left and right side of D resting on the table top and D sitting between my legs. He pushed his bathrobe back to just underneath his groin area and he had is one hand underneath playing with his cock. He looked at me and lifted his leg that he was fucking me with and pushed the big toe into my mouth. Lick it clean, im sure u like the taste of us ass. While he said this, he moved his other leg in front of my ass, that was slightly raised, as my feet were resting higher on the edge of the coffee table top and he pushed my legs wider apart, so that my ass lifted a bit more. I could feel his toe pushing against my hole again and I loved the feeling of sucking his one toe while feeling his other one by my hole.

I think he also really liked this, as his face looked amazingly beautiful and I could see he was enjoying this. I also looked towards his groin and I could see him wanking but the bathrope was still covering. But the bathrope lifted a bit higher on the side of the foot that I was licking with my mouth and I could see a little bit of his balls. All smooth and shaved. This really turned me on even more and I pushed my ass against his other foot, so that I slid down more on the floor and see a bit more under the bathrobe.

Me pushing forward moved his big toe and the toe next to it deeper and I think I now had three of his toes in me. He wiggled all three and it was so sensitive that it made me feel like I need to piss. The same moment D said this is going to make u piss. I am touching ur male g spot with my big toe…. One more touch and u piss for me…. I looked at his eyes and felt his big toe pushing deeper and touching me in a way that I could not hold any longer. I started pissing over my stomach with my hard on.

I grabbed my hard cock and pushed it up, so that I was now pissing into the air over my groin area and the piss fell down onto my groin and balls and onto his foot that was by my ass. D pushed my ass higher with his foot in my ass and this pushed my cock towards me and my piss hit my face and chest and his other foot that I was still sucking. He clearly liked this, as I could see him moving his robe back and watching and wanking. His dick was rock hard, all shaved and much bigger then a few years ago. It was maybe 20cm long and very thick. It looked so hot…. He has a slight bend in his cock that makes it look even better and his foreskin moved back and forth over his big head…. I always loved his cock, but this was 10 x better than I ever thought it would be. He could see me watching his cock and he bend it in different ways, showing off. He clearly loved showing off his cock and being in control.

I now stopped pissing and he moved his right foot from my face to my chest and rubbed my piss with his sole over my body, while he pushed his left foot deeper into my hole. I don’t know how many toes he had in, but it felt very stretched. The feeling of his feet rubbing against my pisswet chest and at the same time seeing his other foot by my ass and feeling him push deeper and deeper was a crazy feeling.

He fucked me a little longer with his right foot, but he didn’t go too deep and at one stage had all his 5 toes in and let me feel it with my one hand…. Feeling his naked feet in me and on me and seeing his hard cock and gorgeous made me so horny that I thought Im gonna cum without touching my cock.

D then stood up, with his feet just in front of my groin on the floor. Wank urself he said to me and watched me. After a minute or so, he started pissing with his hard cock. Because he was standing, his piss could reach my head, face and chest and stomach. He also sometimes pushed his dick down and pissed over my cock and balls while I was wanking and pushed his cock further back to piss on my hole.

All of this was so hot, that I couldn’t not stop my orgasm. Just before I was close I said can I please cum and D nodded while he looked at my eyes and pissed in my mouth. Within a few seconds I was shooting like crazy over my stomach and up to my face. D was still pissing and the feeling of his piss and my cum was amazing.

He was still pissing a little longer and I loved watching the piss come out of his hard cock.

When he stopped he stayed in the same position and wanked over me. This looked so hot, I could have easily cum again. He wanked slowly, pushing his cock back and forth with his right hand. Then sitting back again on the table and rubbing his right foot and toes through my com on my stomach.

My cum mixed with my piss and his piss and when he lifted his foot of my skin, I could see his toes dripping with piss and cum.

He moved his wet foot to my mouth and watched me lick his toes slowly clean.

He then stood up and put his bathrobe on again.

He was now by the laptop and he showed me the screen. This is the next pic we r taking he said pointing at the pic with the twink tied on the chair and the carrot in front of his hole.

Lets go to your room and we use ur chair by the side of your bed he said.

I felt more relaxed now and asked him if he would put on his cowboy boots and wear them with his bathrobe. I always thought that would look ueberhot. He said, get them from my room and meet me in ur room.

When I walked into my bedroom, D sat on the chair next to my bed with his legs wide spread and on the floor. He sat with his bathrobe open and his hard cock was lying on his side and he just stroked it gently.

He said I want u to put on the cowboy boots. Come here, and turn around, so that ur ass faces me and u have my legs between ur legs. U then lean forward and put on each boot slowly, while showing me ur ass.

I loved this and did everything exactly as he said. I stood in front of the chair, with his legs inbetween me. I leaned a bit forward and pulled his one leg onto the side of the bed. I was leaning forward so that his foot was now in front of my face. He said suck my toes before u put on the shoes. I licked and kissed his toes and touched his sole, while I could feel his tongue rubbing against  my hole. The thought of his tongue and lips by my ass, was insane and he rimmed really well. I could hear his licking and sucking and he was eating and licking hard and soft, sometimes blowing….

He said I love rimming while I can feel u sucking my toes……..  tell me something secret while I rim ur ass. I said do u remember when we lived in the big house and u worked a few min from the house. Nearly every morning after u left, I took ur socks that u wore the day before. I used to get naked and smell the socks and imagine how ur feet were in there just a few hrs ago. I smelled one sock and put it in my mouth and I pulled the other one over my hard cock and wanked. I used to love this and often thought how it would be if u come back unexpectedly and see me…. This made me so horny, that I never took long to shoot…. I imagined ur cum in the sock and sometimes wore them for a few hrs.

I think he liked this, as he was rimming me really great and intense. Then a few seconds later he said put the boots on my foot now and start sucking my other foot. And tell me another story, something u haven’t done.

I like being dominated during sex I said. One of my fantasies is that I have a master and slave relationship. Part of that is that you can tell me any time something u want. Like u send me a msg in the morning when u wake up saying I should come to ur room and suck u off under the blanket. Or on the way home, u tell me to get naked when we arrive home. U then let me take off ur shoes and ur socks and u ask me for a long foot massage… or u make breakfast, and u cum on my food before I eat it…. Or u tell me to come to ur toilet and sit on ur toilet seat while u piss on me….

Basically anything u want to do u can do whenever u want.

He said that sounds like a good deal, but Im not sure if u can manage….. but so far u have been good… so let’s see….

I put on the second cowboy boot and turned around. He sat on the chair, his cock in his hand and his feet spread apart resting on the floor. The boots looked so hot on him I loved it. He then wanted me to knee between his legs and kiss his upper legs, moving slowly higher. I kissed his inner tighs, the inside of his knee and moved slowly higher until I was just below his groin and shaved smooth balls. I started licking his balls and took each one into my mouth and chewed them slightly. I then licked slowly up his hard shaft up to his big head.  I started sucking his head only and tastes his sweet pre cum. His head was really thick and soft. He moaned and instructed me to suck more and go deeper.

He put his hands on my head and pushed me down on his hard cock. It is so thoch and long though, that I battle and a little over half way I start gagging. But he pushes more and I feel his cock in my throat taking away my breath. Its very big but somehow I still got it in all the way. He loved it started mouthfucking me. I know that I give great blowjobs and I know that he loves getting bJ. He enjoyed my sucking and licking and deepthroating and stopped me a few times with his hands, when he got to close. He clearly wanted it longer.

He said I love the way u suck my cock…. This is definitely something u will do more often for me from now on…. I like getting a bj at least once or twice a day….

Just when he finished saying that I could feel  from his body movements that he is close to cuming and I go slower because I thought he doesn’t want to cum. But he grabs my head with his hands and thrusts his hard cock into my mouth as deep as he can and when he pulled back I could feel him hot cum in my mouth and I felt his body shaking. He must have come for about 30 seconds  and he shot so hard, that I could feel his come shooting inside my mouth and filling my mouth. I swallowed a little but let the rest run out and over his dick.  I loved the taste of his cum…. He breathed heavily and watched me lick his cum off his balls and dick. He then asked me to look up at him and used his fingers to take his cum from my face and let me lick it and eat it.

You want more of this he said. I just nodded. There is a lot more, but only if u continue behaving. Take my cock into ur mouth and close ur lips he said. He was not hard hard any more, but still semi and still large. I wasn’t sure what he is planning, but knew when a few seconds later I felt his hot piss shooting inside my mouth. He said drink everything, I don’t want any mess on the floor. Yeah, drink he said with every gulp I took. I don’t know how much he pissed, but it was a lot…. At the end I could not swallow any more, but he finished luckily beforehand. I definitely never drank this much piss before, but since it was D I actually really liked it. Felt hot to have his piss inside of me.

He must have gotten turned on from me drinking his piss, because he was rock hard again

So u liked drinking my piss he said… u didn’t spill anything… good…. Now sit on the chair… I want to take the next pic….

He grabbed a masking tape he must have brought earlier and taped my mouth. He also took a pair of socks and put them over my eyes and taped this too. He took my hands behind my head and taped them together and then taped it to the legs of the chair.

He then lifted my feet so that they were on either side of the armchair. My ass was now open  and I could feel his fingers rubbing against my asshole. I then felt more tape by my angles and  he taped my feet so that I could not move them.

I could hear him move around a little, but I couldn’t see nor spk not move

I then heard the camera a few times and then I felt something pushing into my hole. This was the first time he spoke since he tied me down and he said i want u to guess what it is I am shuving up ur ass. He first pushed something really hard in and I wasn’t sure, but it felt great. He then pulled it back and seconds later pushed something softer in… both felt good…. I then felt him push the whole thing in and a few seconds later he pushed something else….

A few seconds later I felt something else push against my hole and within a few seconds he pushed a second piece in me…. By now, I knew it was bananas, as he peeled them and the smell gave it away. I loved the thought of him pushing bananas in my ass and watching it. He pushed in 4 and my ass felt really full and squezzed.

The next thing I felt was his tongue on my ass, licking the banana pieces off. This turned me really on and I wish I could see more. I then feel him moving back and hear him say I want u to push a little out now….. come, I wanna see…. I had to be careful to not push it all out, as my ass was really full, he immediately said stop after just a second or so…. I then felt his fingers on my mouth and he untapped my mouth. Next thing I feel his big toe going into my mouth, covered in mushy.  Banana. He must have had his foot by my ass when I squezzed. I loved that and he said lick and eat….. he then  pulled his foot back and I felt something again on my asshole. I think it was his foot and he pushed his big toe into my hole and the mushed bananas…. I loved the feeling of my full ass, being tied doen, not seeing and feeling his toes in my ass and then himfeeding it into my mouth. I had a superhard on and wish I cld have wanked.

He fed me with his toes a few times.

My ass was still full though. I could hear him move now…. I think he is standing in front of me now, but I wasn’t sure…… I can feel both his hands on my angles and then nothing. What is he doing? The not knowing is exciting and killing. A few moments later I feel his hard cock push into my full ass with one fast forward push. His cock is not small and with the bananas filling up my ass, its really very saw for the first few seconds. His cock is completely in my ass and he is now holding still. The pain is going away and I feel like I need to piss again. He starts fucking my ass very slowly and soft. He says yeah, I love fucking a full ass. Its so mushy and warm….. I can do this for hrs….. and u cant move… I love it….  I could feel his cock go in and out, I could feel the sticky and runny fruit running out a little every time he pulls back. His cock is so big and with the fruits its nearly unbearable. But it still feels great.

.....more soon :-)



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