I am so bored right now, so lonely.. I am going to do

something about it right now, my lover won't be home for three more days and I just need

someone to talk too. This local chat line number seems pretty nice at least I can talk to

some guys. Here goes.. oh boy I have to give some details about myself.. Hi my

name is Paul I am 5 feet 10 inches tall 160 pounds, I have long blonde hair, I am attached

and just looking for someone to talk too....well that is a pretty good message.... A

message.....the guy wants to connect live with me one on one...I am so nervous...

Hi my

name is Dan what's on your mind??

Hi Dan, well I am really lonely...you have such a nice

voice..what are you doing Dan..

Well Paul right now I have a huge hard on and I am

stroking my cock thinking about you and your blonde hair.....

Oh Dan that kind of turns me

on, my dick is hard..

Dan: stick your fingers in your dick for me..

Paul: ok...hmm

I am so hot .. where do you live Dan?

Dan: West Hollywood 3rd avenue.. Paul: oh boy

we are neighbors I live in the Sedgewick Apartment complex right on 4th avenue...can you

come over..right now Dan.

Dan: yes, just give me the apartment number and I will be right


It's the door....oh man my lover is gonna kill me if he finds out, I open the


Dan your so big.....your so large.. come on in...sit down.....your cock is

bulging out of your pants..let me see it.....wow that is a big one Dan.....let me suck it

for you....mmm oh it's so big and hard...tastes good....let me lick your balls..hmm some

big tasty balls...my mouth is so hot..squirt your load in my mouth Dan...please I need to

taste some cum.....ahh yes just like that, oh yeah baby....what a big load....let me ride

that monster cock now baby....shove it in..oh yes ... my dick is hurting it's so

big...pound me baby...pump me...oh yes...more..oh..wait let me bend over for you....I like

it doggie style come on give it to me baby up the ass first..yes baby bust my ass out then

fuck my ass oh yeah ouch that big thing hurts so good.

He rode me for another half an hour

and squirted in my hot flaming ass. We kissed passionately and began sucking on each

others meat in the 69 position. He was really biting down on my cock and balls and it felt

so good. I sucked on his juicy balls like they were sweet oranges.

After a few more

orgasms I got kind of scared and asked Dan to leave....

He said who is Dan?? I came here to

fix your cable dude.




[email protected]


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