The phone rang. I wondered who'd be calling so late. The thought of who might be calling and his reason for calling caused a stirring in my groin. I picked up on the second ring, saying, "Yeah?" I like being noncommittal.

"Jack, how the fuck are ya?"

I recognized the raspy, sexy voice instantly. "Tony! I'm great! How about yourself?" I was glad it was Tony, one of my best friends and a jack-off buddy since High School. Well, that is, when we couldn't be together for hot sex.

"Couldn't be better."

"What's up?" The question made me smile as Tony's magnificent hard-on flashed in my mind's eye. I felt my cock move and swell at the remembrance.

"I gave your number to a friend, Jack. Thought the two of you'd like to talk together. You'll like him. He and I got to talking about you over a couple of beers last night, and he begged me for your number. I didn't think you'd mind."

"Hmmm. Who is he? What's he like? Is he as good as you are?"

He laughed. "Don't you wish! But this guy is terrific, believe me. Great build. And he's one hot stud, man. A real seductive dude. Name's Eric. You're gonna love 'im!"

"You mean l-o-v-e?" I spelled out the word.

"Just like you l-o-v-e what I got here in my hand." He spelled out the word, too.

"In your hand? Is it spelled c-o-c-k?"

"Fuckin' A! I got ready. You give good phone."

I laughed and slid my hand into my crotch. "Is it hard, you fucker?" Tony liked it when I called him "fucker".

"What do you think? Is yours?"

"It's gettin' there. It's gettin' there. Fast!" My fingers quickly unbuttoned my fly, reached into my jeans, and adjusted my rapidly swelling cock. I was thinking, "Geez, this is great! I need a hot jack-off session, tonight. I've been horny as hell all evening." Then I asked him, "Where are you? Right now."

"I'm on my bed, nude, holding the picture of you that you gave me. You know the one. My other hand's filled with my rock-solid cock, man. I'm ready for a blast. Figured you'd be in the mood about now, too."

My hand worked my white jockey shorts over my already thick erection and I shifted my hips to help free myself from the confining clothing as I remembered posing for the photo. The camera had been placed right up under my chin, so the shot looked down my chest and stomach, catching my hand at mid-cock as I jacked off. My cockhead was shown at its peak arousal, ready to shoot, dripping lube. It's such a good shot, that I like to look at that photo often, too.

"Then how are you holding the phone?" I asked in a husky whisper.

He chuckled. "I finally got me one of these headsets. It keeps both hands free. You know how I like to rub my tits and balls while I pump this fucker."

"Wow! That sounds like fun. I'm trying to get these fuckin' jockey shorts down... While I keep the phone up... Wait a moment, I'll pick up the extension. Ok?"

"Yeah, sure. Take your time."

I tore off my clothes as I hurried into the bedroom. I lifted the receiver. "Tony?"

"Where are you, now, Jack?"

"I'm just stretching out on the bed. All my clothes are off. I'm imagining it's you I see in the mirror, here. You're naked. Your cock is full, standing tall out of your fist. Loaded. Stiff. Just like mine."

"Man, I wish I was there with you, watchin' you start to stroke that big thing."

"Yeah, me too. I like beating off with you, matching your strokes, watching you do it."

"Yeah! Me, too. I'd like to stroke this monster prick right next to yours. Beat off till you shoot a thick load watchin' me, and make me shoot off, too, watchin' you come. You always shoot so much jism. The thought gets me pumpin' faster on this hot fucker."

"Ooh, I can just feel your hot body next to me, cock straining to touch cock. I wish I had my hand on yours. I'm pumping mine faster, now. Getting hot. This is serious meat beating." I watched my hips shift upwards, meeting my pumping hand with forceful counter-thrusts.

"Yeah, man. Pump it. Beat it. Ooh, I'm pullin' on my balls and jackin' off!" His breathing was rapid and heavy. I realized that mine was, too.

"Whew!" I blew into the phone. "You're gettin' me hot, man. I hear your heavy breathing. That's a real turn-on. I see you pumping on that cock. Working it. Like I'm working mine. Just like we like to do together. Fists flying. Geez, you've got sexy breathing." I was watching my cock intently.

He snorted. "It's 'cause I'm gettin' so close to shooting off. You get me so excited, I can't hold back."

"Don't hold back! I'm right with you." My fist was slowing. I was near orgasm. "I'm slowing down, down to the short strokes. Say the word and I'll blast off with you."

I heard him take in a deep breath. I took a deep breath with him. "The word is:" he paused as we both exhaled loudly and then inhaled again, "CUM!"

"CUM!" I repeated immediately.

"Ugh. I'm coming. Oh! Man! Look at the jism fly!"

"Yeah, man! I'm coming! Ummmm. Take... this... load!" We were talking at the same time. My cockhead had swollen to a shiny, dark red. I watched as jolt after jolt of sperm roped out and sailed towards my face.

"Wow!" We both huffed and puffed for a while, enjoying the orgasm and its aftermath, catching our breath. I could hear him pull a tissue from a box.

"Geez, this is great. You don't call often enough." Cum had landed on my neck, chest and stomach. Idly, I rubbed my palm through the globs and squished the semen around.

"I'll call you again in a few days, after Eric phones. I want to hear all about it. Every dirty detail."

"Okay. When will he call?"

"Tomorrow or the day after. Good night, Jack."

"Good night, Tony," I responded quietly. He hung up. I realized, again, how much I liked him.

* * * * *

The phone rang. I wondered who'd be calling so late. The thought that it might be Eric caused a stirring in my groin. I picked up on the second ring, saying, "Yeah?" I like being noncommittal.

"Who is this?" a deep, low, masculine voice asked. It was almost a whisper.

"Who wants to know?" I responded, trying to sound annoyed.

"I'm disturbing you. You're ready for bed. Undressed. Aren't you?" The rich voice had a sexy, melodic quality to it. It was very appealing.

I paused, wondering what I should say. "Well, yeah. Yeah, I am." I paused, smiling. "I was just going to bed." Actually, I'd been getting myself into the mood by reading one of my own stories. I was lying naked on my bed, keeping one eye on the mirror, ready for a healthy jack off session, but hoping for this phone call. My erection rested on my abdomen, interested, but not yet fully aroused.

"You're naked." It wasn't a question. His voice massaged the word "naked" with a lewd emphasis that was exciting.


"You have the lights on." Another statement.

"Yes," I admitted, wondering what he was leading to.

"You're looking at your naked body in a mirror." Again, his sexy voice gave the word "naked" that exciting, lewd emphasis, as he continued to make statements rather than to ask questions.

"Yes," I admitted quietly.

"You're ready to 'touch' your body." The erotic emphasis was on the word "touch" this time. He said it with an excitement in his deep voice that was readily perceptible.

"Yes." I drew in a breath as I whispered the word, hissing on the "s", and sounding excited, stimulated.

"I'm naked, with you." His voiced dropped to a harsh whisper of excitement.

"Yes," I repeated, excitedly. "The lights are on." I didn't ask. I knew.

"Yes," he admitted quietly.

"You're looking at your naked body in a mirror." Now it was my turn to emphasize the word "naked" with that lewd twist.

"Yes," he hissed, mimicking my excitement.

"You're ready to," I paused, building suspense and excitement, "to 'touch' your body." The use of his word "touch" seemed to imply so much more than the simple jack off session I had been anticipating.

"With you!" His voice was emphatic, masterful. We would do it simultaneously.

"Oh, yes! Together!" I agreed.

"You've given me a hard-on."

I glanced down and realized my erection was now fully aroused, standing above my abdomen, pulsating in anticipation. "Oh! I'm hard, too! I hadn't realized you were getting it so hard."

"Describe it."

"It's staring back at me, straining above my abdomen, rigid. Very aroused. Not only erect, but also firm, hard, throbbing. The cockhead is fully engorged, completely swollen and bright crimson, its slit looking long, dark and moist. The cockskin's pulled back behind the corona, firm and dry along the whole length of the shaft, and my balls are up tight at the cockbase with the sac taut with excitement. I haven't touched it."

"You could be describing my cock. I haven't touched it, either. Yet." He paused. I could hear his steady, deep breathing. "I'm rubbing my pecs, pinching and pulling my tits. Describe yours." I felt his excitement.

"They're always firm, but now they're as erect as my penis. Umm. I'm touching one now. Ooh! It sends goose bumps all over me. Umm. It seems to be connected directly to my balls."

"I agree. They do seem connected to my balls."

"Describe them." I took the lead.

"My balls? They're big. The scrotum is loose skinned, covered with thick, wiry, long hair. The hair makes it look even bigger than it is. The balls are fat ovals, egg sized. All afternoon I felt a pressure in my groin as I planned this call, and I knew I needed to jack off. It's been two days. I wanted this to be a good one, tonight."

"That's nice. This will be a good one. I jacked off last night. But I must jack off every day, at least once, or I get that same kind of pressure."

"Wow, talking about it, makes me want to do it."

"Yeah, I agree. Let's do it."

"Grab your cock, man."

"It's in my hand. Grab yours."

"I got it. I'm pulling upwards. Skin almost covers the cockhead."

"Right. Upwards. I'm squeezing the cockhead as the skin covers it. Ummm," I moan, "it feels great!"

"Nice. Now, slowly, draw your hand down to the base. All the way. Ahh! This feels good. I love the tightness as the cockskin is stretched back."

"Yeah! It feels good. My fist just thudded into my balls. The cockskin's stretched tight."

"Great! Let's do it again. Up to the tip as far as you can go. Good. Now, back, firmly, to the base."

"I'm right with you. Up. The tip. Down. The base. Right. This is terrific."

"Again. Up." He paused. "Down."

"Yeah," I whispered loud enough for him to hear me, as he spoke, "Up." Pause. "Down."

"Up," we said in unison, "Down." We were synchronized. We said the words "up" and "down" together three more times, as we both slowly beat our meat to the mutual rhythm.

Then, as I said, "Up," he said, "This is..."

And as I said, "Down," he sighed, "fantastic."

"Yes..." I said, as he said, "This is..."

"...It is," I said, as he emphasized, "Fantastic!"

In the same rhythm, I said, "I'm starting..." pause, " leak."

He said, "Thick..." pause. "...and gooey."

"Yes!" I agreed. Pause. "Me too," he responded, not changing the rhythm of the meat beating.

"I'm getting..." pause, "...excited."

"You wanna..." pause, "...pick-up the pace."

"I wanna..." pause, "...make it last."

"Yeah!" he sighed, emotionally. "Me, too," he said after pausing.

We stopped talking. I listened to our rhythmic breathing. I thought I could hear his forearm moving as it rubbed against his stomach or hear as skin slid away from the sticky, slick cockhead. I thought he could hear my forearm moving as it rubbed against my stomach or hear as skin slid away from my sticky, slick cockhead. The stickiness was increasing my pleasure so dramatically that I began to feel I would be brought to orgasm at this slow pace, that I wouldn't be able to make it last.

"Currents of pleasure are surging throughout my body," I admitted. "I can feel that I am nearing the brink of coming, nearing the point of no return. Even at this constant, rhythmic pace, I don't believe I can hold back much longer. I feel it in my toes. Know what I mean?"

"Fuck, yes! I feel it in my toes, too, man," he echoed enthusiastically. "I can't remember when I've jacked off so methodically, yet reached orgasm so completely. One or two more strokes on this big slab of meat, and I'll shoot off a giant load."

"One or two more strokes for me, too. Let's come together." I was trying to maintain the steady beat, but my body was taking command, picking up the speed of the jack off.

"Yes, together," he sighed, breathing into the phone.

We listened as our breathing got deeper and faster.

"I'm ready," he rasped.

"Come!" I demanded. "NOW!" we said together.

"I'm starting to shoot off." I forced myself to describe my orgasm to him, so he could enjoy hearing about it. "Ugh. The first shot of sperm just hit my chin." Without pausing, it was happening so fast, I continued, "the second, and now the third, spurted out and are landing on my chest. Ugh. The ropes are very thick and white. Ugh. More is shooting out. Ahh! This is terrific!" I quieted to a series of grunts and moans.

"Wow!" I heard him breath in the background at the same time. "Ugh. Ugh. Ugh." Pause. "Ugh. Oh! Ah! Ugh. Aah!" His breathing was rapid and loud. It sounded great. More than that, it sounded honest. He was coming with me.

"Ooh, that was so good," I sighed, "so good that I'm scooping up my cum and drinking it," I made a slurping sound as I sucked in some of the hot liquid, "imagining that it's your jism!"

"Oh, God! That's really sexy! I'm gonna do the same thing." And I heard slurping noises from him, too.

We listened to each other's breathing as we slowly eased back down from the euphoria of the shared orgasm. Slowly we returned back to normal. I smiled at myself in the mirror.

"You are fantastic," he whispered. "May I call you again?"

The question caught me off guard. Did he need to ask? "Sure," I responded, simply. "I'd like that."

"Me, too." His heartfelt reply was barely audible. He hung up.

I grinned, put the receiver in its cradle, and stretched my naked body with extreme pleasure. "Right," I thought, "that was fantastic!"

* * * * *

The phone rang. I wondered who'd be calling so late. The thought that it might be Tony caused a stirring in my groin. I picked up on the second ring, saying, "Yeah?" I told you I like being noncommittal.

"Jack, how the fuck are ya?" It was Tony. I smiled.

"Tony, you fucker. I was hoping you'd call tonight."

"Great! Then you're as ready as I am. Right?" He gave his sexy, little boy's giggle.

"Tonight, I'm lying here, naked, just waiting for your call." I was bursting to tell him about last night's phone call.

"One thing, though, Jack," he interrupted, "Sorry that Eric couldn't give you a phone call. He got hit in the throat with a baseball the other day, and he's in the hospital. Can't talk. Tough break."

I was astounded. "In the hospital? When did it happen?" I asked.

"The day I called you. I didn't learn about it until yesterday."

"You mean, he didn't..." I paused and thought about it. "You mean, yesterday, he couldn't have..." I shook my head. "Tony, is he alright?"

"Oh, sure. I took him some books, today, at the hospital. They say he won't be able to talk for, maybe, another ten days. But he'll be out tomorrow."

"Tony, are you sure he can't talk?"

"I'm fuckin' positive."

"Well, then, who the fuck called me last night?"

He hesitated, thought about it for a moment, then started to chuckle. "You mean some guy phoned you last night?"

"Damn straight!" I said emphatically.

"And you thought he was Eric?"

"Well, yes. Yes, I did."

"This I gotta hear. Why don't you tell me all about it. Every dirty detail." He laughed. But I could hear him stretching out, repositioning himself on his bed, and getting ready to beat off with me as he listened to my lusty tale.

I had to wonder who the guy was that called last night. But, what the hell, Tony wanted to hear all about it. I wanted to tell him all about it. I knew deep down inside, as I grabbed hold of my cock, that he'd call back, whoever he was. And then suddenly I smiled with a throb of pleasure as I realized that, one of these days, I'd be getting a call from Eric, too!

* * * * *


Jack Sofelot


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