'You know I just cant help touching you when we're alone, just the feel of you sends me into spasms or pure erotic ecstasy.'

Colin loved his guy, Worshipped the ground he walked on - ever since they'd met at the bowling alley, when he'd slipped and sprained his ankle and Phil, who was an off duty medic came to the rescue.

'I think we'd better take a look at it, it's in case it's broken.'

But it wasn't - and Colin found our later that Phil knew darned well it wasn't. So why the special interest, why the double check - and the way he felt his thighs when the sprain was in the ankle.

'I took to you the first time I saw you,' Phil explained. 'We two were meant to meet, I know it, I have a seventh sense for these things.'

'Seventh, don't you mean sixth?' Colin queried. He was soon to learn that Phil's seventh sense was what he referred to as his libido , that something which stirred every time he thought about or met Colin.

From then on they were inseparable. Both were eager to discover more about each other and, as it turned out, themselves, because as they explored and experienced each others desires, they also realised something new about their needs which had remained dormant. It is surprising what a real deep loving relationship can do, and for Colin and Phil they were learning all the time.

Colin resumed his gentle massage as they talked about that magic moment when they met. Colin knew just how Phil liked it and so very much enjoyed every special moment they were together.

'I really love what you do with my cock, Colin, I never realised it could be so good until I met you.'

He laid back upon the bed, naked, his eyes closed as he felt the tease of Colin's fingertips.

Colin found touching Phil was so soothing and comforting, just the touch and feel of him, so warm, so pliable as he exited his partner into oblivion, teasing with the gentle touch of tongue, all the while moulding Phil's ample essentials with the palm of his hands joined together, giving him 'roly-poly' - seeing how his cock grew even stiffer, teasing his foreskin back with his thumbs to reveal the wonderful red pink plum he adored so much, to sniff, to tease , to suck and to taste, usually in that order but sometimes different, That was all part of their relationship, to deviate and excite, what was coming next, but when the finale came Colin would be complete again with Phil deep inside him, that gorgeous seventh sense giving him the fuck he loved so much. Pure seven inches of unadulterated thick cock right up inside him, thrusting the ass off him, the feeling he was about to be turned inside out. But that was for later, now he had the luxury of feeling Phil's seven inside his mouth, tasting its pungency, sniffing its unique scent, that certain chemical attraction which was so appealing, feeling its pliability rolling around and spreading his cheeks wonderfully, Phil loved that, loved to watch at this stage, a real pleasure to see his partner with a mouthful of cock.

Colin was content to suck, suck and suck cock until the cows came home, he murmured to Phil just how wonderful it was to feel, to handle - the way it vibrated every time he took deep throat and afterwards, how it jolted , as if prompting him to do more, so he went for it hook

line and sucker.

'I'm nearly there,' Phil cried out as Colin took his cock by the rim and sucked the plum, tasting his enlarged p-hole with the tip of his tongue - feeling it build up to a crescendo was really something and he didn't mind one iota if he came straight into his mouth, in fact he wanted that and he told Phil so - soon he had cum magnificently splattering Colin's face with his white hot cream, his mouth dribbling with it and no way was he going to clean it away, instead he sucked it back into his mouth and swallowed it down, this made it even more intimate than ever, but he knew when he felt Phil's fingers go down to him, spread his cheeks apart , that he wanted to prepare and enjoy something else, something which Phil could do so well, and he'd make it last too, just as much as Colin did with the cock sucking. The teasing of warmed lubrication inside with the application of their special 'friend' a well defined vibrator to give wonderful sensations as Phil loved to twist it around inside gently at first then rougher - pushing it deeper and deeper inside, Colin moaning for Phil's fuck, wanting the feel of hard throbbing cock fucking his mind. - but Phil's turn to enjoy ass now and he made a meal of it, literally as Colin felt those certain sensations, Phil urging him to sir on his face so he could get the real taste and feel of his wonderful fuckable ass, he moulding the cheeks, spreading them apart, his mouth and nose wedged between, enjoying so very much the taste of Colin, he urged him to roll above, and as he came up occasionally for breath, he squeezed Colin's balls and sucked cock too, it was something that would last, soon another insertion with the 'friend' then another deep sucking, until he really got Colin to a point where he was absolutely begging for it, his hole stretched and ready for fucking big time.

Colin felt the slaps on each cheek, signalling that Phil was good and ready for him, hard throbbing cock on full alert and ready for take off, the slap was the signal for him to kneel on all fours and present his ass how Phil wanted, high and legs wide, so he could wedge between his thighs and insert for full deep penetration, to really feel the sensation of his cock throbbing deep up his ass, the moaning, the crying out for more, and not to stop yelling; 'Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me'

Every time Phil plunged into Colin his balls slapped ass, his movements were rapid and positive, his seven inches plunging deep inside every time he took ass, clenching his thighs with his fists, slapping and nudging, until they both reached that so wonderful waterloo, the climax which made them both

breathless and complete, Phil coming away from Colin's well fucked ass, looking close at the deep wide aperture left after his fuck, tongue stretched and sucking the juices they had made together.

Later, when they had recovered, the pampering in the shower, each taking time to lather each other and enjoy each other's kisses. Soon they realised they were ready for round two, Colin sunk to his knees, the shower head in his hand, moving it around Phil's vitals in such a provocative way, then he knew he wanted the taste of him all over again, and it would all start from there, but this time on the rich pile red carpet in

front of a roaring red hot fire.

And you guys reading this, please take time to concentrate and imagine just how beautiful it can be for two guys making it together like Colin and Phil regularly do. Lay back and chill and sooth the tensions of the day, thinking of your would be partner, is he like Colin or Phil maybe, perhaps you would prefer to give rather than take cock up ass, just imagine the part, read this story again if you want - then ;let go.

And f you are presently without partner and looking, I wish you all the best and hope you will find someone like I have......

Part two >>> Remembering...

They had just fucked when, enjoying the after feelings they talked about the first time they were with each other, how it was and how Colin had always worried about his 'strange feelings' thinking he was alone with them, that no other guy shared his feelings. He admitted, now they had know each other for a year or more, how he wondered what it would be like with another man, that Phil was the be all and end all now as far as he was concerned and, still feeling the warmth and strength of Phil deep inside, he whispered just how complete he felt with Phil - the way he teased too, like after one of their occasional 'rough fucks' Colin would get a bout of wind. He'd been pumped so hard 'like a steam hammer you are sometimes!' that he was full of wind. And how he laughed when Phil talked about his time with a girl called Angela - how he gave her 'fanny farts' - now that's an experience you should never miss, Boy' Phil said. He'd call him that sometimes, 'Boy' and somehow that made for more sensual vibrations, but he corrected his partner by saying that how could he ever know about fanny farts because, unlike him, he was no bi and the thought of being with a girl just did nothing for him at all - not that way anyway!

'It was okay with her, Angela could never get enough of it and she was always a good fuck, but you are better Colin - no problems there, I am quite happy with you so don't worry.'

'Do you know something, I don't feel there is a problem ever with you. I just want to be everything for you, you know that'

Phil looked mischievous, all he said was 'Spanking' You always say you want to be all ass for me?'

But Colin wasn't sure if he was being serious or not - going through his mind was what if he meant it, how would he feel about that.

'You have a great ass, Colin, you know that, it just asks for a sound spanking, across my knee is favourite, I shall be as gentle or as firm as you want me to be, now across my knee and pronto!'

That was the first of several times he received a spanking, it bloody stung of course it did, but Phil found delight in doing it, releasing his tight jeans afterwards , pinning him on all fours, wrists and ankles handcuffed to the bed and having him bare backed fucked him deep thrusting against his still stinging and sore ass. But it would all be worth while afterwards when Phil slowly pampered him with creams and baby oil, his busy fingers rimming and stretching, him, making him feel so good, making the pain mingle in to pleasurable sensations.

But then they started talking about when they met, how Phil initiated him, how he made him feel and realise his true sexual leaning, that very first time, when he was so shy as Phil stripped him, the way Phil unbuckled his belt, the way he unzipped his jeans and mastered his bulge which, despite the initial awkwardness, started to grow beneath his blue Calvin Kline shorts. Which by the way Phil admired as he rubbed the palm of his right hand over his bulge, now he was starting to go with it as he felt wild sensations spurring in his groin...

'Nice?' Phil asked.

Colin gulped, his mouth dry, this was so new and different, and to have someone else doing it other than yourself, that was wicked, absolutely wicked and he loved it so much. And then the first time he discovered just how sensual it was to be sucked like that, with so much fire and feeling, he was soon in another world - realising to something he could never have fantasised, that he could even have such thoughts as wanting to do the same with Phil and how would it be, He wouldn't have long to wait, in the meantime, stood there, legs wide apart, Phil kneeling between, he enjoyed a good ten minutes of intense mouth fucking, as if Phil was swallowing him balls and all, and he had an absolutely wondrous way of cupping and squeezing his firm balls every time he plunged cock into mouth, getting a deep throat experience, he was soon numb and well worked, Phil asking if he wanted him to finish him off.

He just nodded - he so wanted that, just Phil asking him if that's what he wanted was a real 'together' experience, a real wanted feeling that no one had ever matched, the feeling so superb, Phil lapping him up, teasing and tasting his very being, sucking cock and ass too, showing Colin how to ease down his buttocks across his face so that he could get a good taste of ass and cock and balls - how wonderful was that! Soon he was at a point of no return, Phil apparently aware of that as his hands squeezing and jerking him made him shoot so strong, and there he was, he looked down to see Phil's face covered in his glistening cream. And this was just the start, for next he was to be the one to do the sucking, and with Phil that would be a real challenge, Phil had no qualms about exposing himself fully and stating 'well, there it is, for you pleasure and doing!'

He was absolutely huge. 'To tell you the truth I was really scared' Colin declared but you soon changed all that. 'Just get the feel of him first,' you calmed - ' there's absolutely no panic, I can enjoy as much touching as you can give, just feeling and seeing you doing it is good, Now hold him by the base, squeeze and pull him right back, expose the head, right?'

Colin felt he was fumbling but then he really started to enjoy the experience, Phil's long thick cock jerking upwards every time he squeezed and then stretching back tight the foreskin he inhaled for the first time the scent of aroused cock, he felt the pliability of it which was really so nice to feel and touch, he loved the pungency of it like it wanted to explode in his hand, it started to feel so right and so good as he was perched there between Phil's thighs, Phil laid back on the settee as wide as you like giving absolutely full exposure - so supple and rigid, yet pliable, pressing, feeling it all over, balls too, he was cupping them like he was cupped, remembering the good feelings derived from that and wanting to return those good vibes back. All the time thinking, as he paused awhile, how ever was he going to take that inside, but Phil had already told him it would be easy, that it was all part of the thrill of first time togetherness. And of course there were the vibrators and dildo's too to get him right for his first live cock fuck.

How would he take the plunge though, Phil was expecting action now, he was prompting Colin to take it in his mouth, and complimented him for being the best PT he had ever known, on noticing Colin's puzzled look he explained that PT meant prick teaser, that he was learning so fast. Meantime, Colin continued to feelm to take in the strong scent as he teased his p-hole by just rubbing his finger tips delicately around it, teasing the ledge around the head, getting it into his mind that he really wanted to do this .. 'head first, close your eyes and go for it' Phil prompted looking really wanting. Now Colin knew he had to go form it, he realised all of a sudden he wanted to go for it, there it was jerking and throbbing frantically before him, he'd never seen a cock so huge and so frantic. Colin opened his mouth going closer and closer, getting the feeling of it against his lower lip, it felt good, soft and velvety, then the first taste of cock so thrilling and exiting, feeling the throb of Phil's really hot cock as he suddenly took it full into the mouth, tasting and feeling it contact his tongue which somehow instinctively started to roll around the orifice, poking the pee hole and hearing Phil moan that is was so good.

'Baby, just stroke it downwards as you suck, I love that?'

He felt good about being called baby, it seemed right and as he sucked, it was like Phil was growing even bigger, his cheeks puffed as he took the bulk of the head now, gradually easing the stalk deeper inside, Phil still moaning, words mingled with the moans, ' go for it, baby, don't stop! don't stop, Please! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!'

Of course Colin, his mouth stuffed with throbbing cock, was unable to reply, but he made sure his actions would replace words, taking deeper and deeper mouthfuls of him inside, learning how to suck him in different ways, different directions, with Phil presenting his cock higher by placing a cushion beneath him, now Colin was really starting to get the gist of oral pleasure, the smell, the taste and the feel of cock is an experience never forgotten. 'Gonna cum in a minute' Phil yelled.

Colin heard him, but so completely taken in what he was doing he did not comprehend what was about to happen and when it did Phil lurched upwards with so much fire and zest that Colin felt almost the whole of his cock was buried ion his throat. 'A bit more, bit more, keep wanking like that as you suck, that's right, harder, harder OMG!!!'

Colin felt the spurt of hot liquid drench his mouth, he got the salty sticky taste of it, he sucked it, even swallowed some as it started to trickle down the side of his mouth. By now Phil was gasping, his face collapsing to one side as Colin, also exhausted ended up in a pile on the carpet, wiping his face with a handkerchief, this was just part of how it would be. When he decided to live with Phil he would be fucked nigh on every night and sometimes sin the day at weekends. In the privacy of their home he would walk around in tight boxer shorts, white ones, sometimes red to please Phil, then after he was fully initiated, they experimented with each other, the tieing, stretching, the glorious riveting sisxt niners wewre always so stimulating, each.



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