I had stepped into the bathroom before I headed out to lunch like I always do.  I walked up to the urinal and pulled my cock out and started pissing.  About ten seconds later, my coworker Peter comes in and steps up the the urinal right by me.  What happen the bathroom rule of one urinal away unless it's packed , I thought to myself.

Hey Mikey, Peter said

Hey, I replied.

How's it going? Peter asked.

A million things are going thru my head, mainly why is he being social with me, he doesn't like me at all, but go figure.

Going good, on my lunch and trying to figure what I'm gonna have.

Me too.  Question, I know months ago, we all took turns with you on that Saturday, but I need a favor.

Ok, and that would be ?

Well, it's hard for me to ask.

What, you want to fuck me again ?

Even tho we don't get along and I'd love to, I'd be happy with you sucking my cock.

Oh, that's all ?  What, the wife not putting out ?

No, I pissed her off one night and that was three months ago.  It's so bad, I'm sleeping on the sofa and the only relief I get is jerkin off and that's getting old.  So ...... Would you ?

What do I get out of this ?

You get to suck my cock.

Well, I do love doing that to guys, but what do I get , what's my real motivation ?

That's it, my cock.

Nope, sorry.  It's not just gonna be me sucking your cock and use me.  I get something in return.

What do you want then?

Something simple, maybe a hand job or even better, you suck my cock.

No way, I'm not a cock sucker!

Well, lots of straight guys I've fucked, love sucking cock, they say it's not that gay.

Nope, not doing it.

Well, I hope you and Rosie Palm get together tonight .

Fuck, I need your mouth or ass, I don't care which. Please ?

Nope, not unless you suck my cock.

Well, OK, Peter said reluctantly.

Ok, let's step into the handicap stall.  

We walked in and I locked the door.  My cock still hanging out and getting stiffer.

Ok, on your knees straight boy and start kissing and sucking my cock.

But I've never sucked a dick before.

Well, it's easy, think of what you enjoy when you get a bj, and do the same to me.

Ok.  I'll try it.  

And try it he did.  He kissed the tip, licking my head, slowly taking it into my mouth.  After a few minutes, he sucked my cock like a pro.

If you keep sucking me this good, you're gonna get a mouthful of cum, you want that ?

He shook his head no.

Well, you're gonna get it, I just added that to what I want.  You swallow my load and you get me on my knees sucking you dry.  You gonna swallow my load now ?

He looked at me and nodded yes.

Now play with my balls, show me how much you want my load and me sucking your cock.

He gently played with my balls and even reached back and played with my hole.  Damn it felt great having a horny straight guy, on his knees sucking my cock.

Ok, you ready, straight boy, time for my load and don't spill a drop.  Here. it cums, uuuuggggghhhhhhh.

Jet after jet of cum, shooting down my shaft and into his mouth.  Like a good cocksucker, he swallowed it all.  I pulled my cock out so just the tip was in his mouth and my thick cum landed on his tongue, making him taste it.  I noticed that his cock was rock hard in his pants.  I knew he'd enjoy sucking cock, most straight guys do.

Once I was emptied, he pulled off my cock and looked at me.

Suck me now please, I don't think I'm gonna last long.  My underwear are is soaked with precum.  I've never been so turned on and horny in my life. Please, smoke me cum.

Ok, first put my cock away and zip up my pants.

Like a good boy, he did.  Then he stood up and had this look of fear.  Like he had committed a sin and crime in one.  

If what you just did was that bad, why is your cock rock hard and I'm guessing dripping with precum ?  Did it turn you on to suck my cock ?  I think it did and you can't admit it.  Am I right ?

He looked at me and turned red from embarrassment.

You enjoyed it didn't you straight boy ?

Yeah, I did.  Please don't tell anyone.  I think I've always been a bit on the bi side.  I've always heard how people reject you for liking the same sex and I'm afraid to say anything.

Well, did I reject you ?

No, but your gay.

Right and we accept anyone and everyone.  The only way I'd reject you is if we played like today and you continued to treat me like shit and expect more blow jobs.  Then I'd reject you or even let everyone know you sucked my cock and enjoyed it so much you were hard as rock.

Please don't do that, I'd would die from embarrassment.

Well, I'll blow you, and I expect the same and don't be suck a dick to me or anyone else.  I'm sure when you start getting my blow jobs, I'm sure you'll be better.

But now let me take care of this.

I reached down and grabbed his still hard cock, Massaging his balls.  I slowly got down on my knees, I undid his belt, unzipped his pants and they flee to the floor.  Here's this asshole of a guy, standing in his underwear in a bathroom, with me about to suck his cock.  So vulnerable, and yet, I was nice to him.  I began rubbing my lips along his cloth covered cock, feeling his cock throb.  Mouthing his balls that were tight to his body, I knew he wouldn't last long.  

Have you ever been rimmed ?

I've seen it in videos, but always wanted to see what it's like.

I grabbed his hips, forced his around to pulled his underwear down.  His pale white ass was in my face, ready for the taking.  

Bend over !!


Don't ask, just do ! Or no relief !

He silently bent over, his virgin cherry hole, staring at me.

I kissed his cheeks and slowly made my way closer to my target.  The tip of my wet tongue, getting closer and closer to his cherry.  Then without warning, I jammed my tongue into his hole.  He grunted with surprise and pleasure.  I tongue fucked him, rimmed his hole.  I was eating his ass like a man that hasn't eaten in weeks.  All Peter could do is moan in pleasure.

Are you ready to,shoot your load ?  

Yes, please, let me shoot.

Ok, cup your hand at the head of your cock and don't question me.


No, it's yes sir now

Yes sir

He moved his hand to his foreskined cock and cupped it.

Then I rammed my tongue back into his hole, slid my finger into his hole and fingered his ass tapping his prostrate and still rimming his ass.  After a few seconds

He started grunting, groaning and a bit of whining.

I'm gonna cum, fuck, it hurts, please make me cum.

I pushed harder on his prostrate and then it began.  He started shooting a thick gooey load of cum in his hand.  His ass gripped my finger and wasn't letting go.  I could feel his prostrate pulsing, shooting his load.  After five or six jets, he stopped shooting and his ass let go of my finger.

Now, stand up and let me taste your cum, but only some of it.

He stood up, looking relieved and happy.  He looked at his hand, and stuck,the tip of his tongue into his cum.  Trying it for flavor.

Now, taste it, lick some of it like this.  

I licked up half of his huge load.  Damn it tasted good. I wanted to lick up the whole load, but I wanted his to taste his cum.

He looked at me and then locked it all off his hand.

Not bad huh ?

Pretty good actually, but I like yours better. But you but you never sucked my cock.  

No, I wanted to show you another way I could make you shoot and it's more pleasureable.

Damn, I didn't even touch my dick.  I didn't know you ...

Could cum hands free or without touching your cock ?

Yeah, that was awesome.

Imagine what it would feel Like with my cock in your ass.

I don't think so

We will see.  Ok, you leave first as not to raise any suspicion from anyone

Ok, hey thanks. I feel better in a few ways now.

Ok. Cool, now scram



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