I've been fucked before! But never like this. I was cruising last night on my favourite hook up site when Peter – a young man of 26 that I hadn't heard from in more than 2 months IMd me asking if he could come over. I had lent him some money the last time we were together and honestly thought I would never see that money again and had serious doubts if I would ever see Peter. I know he never would have asked me for the cash if he didn't really need it. His family had all but abandoned him financially and emotionally. I am far from a wealth man but when I see a young person in need I want to help – call it my fatherly instincts.

I wasn't looking for anything (kind of tired from earlier in the week *_* ), but when he contacted me asking to come over, memories of our times together came flooding back. That and his supple young body made me accept his request. Peter is a tall 6'1" 150lb slender (you might even call him skinny) young man with a huge 8+" thick cock and a gorgeous ass – the kind that you can dive into and just spend all day rimming. His smooth body is the thing that dreams are made of and make grown men swoon and want to take him into their arms and hold and explore for hours on end.

The funny thing is I am not really his type – he prefers guys his own age or at least close to. I don't even remember how we first met but whenever he initiates contact I always respond. The times we have done anything sexual it is almost always with just me sucking his cock and rimming his ass – I can be fine with that because those are two of my favourite pass times. Surprisingly on the last occasion we were together he wanted to get fucked despite the fact he considers himself a top. Of course I was more than willing to fill his desires to explore new frontiers. There have been a few times when we have been together and we find another to share; usually someone more to his profile desires and often times I sit and watch or simply caress body parts while they fuck like rabbits. I do enjoy the live sex shows!

When Peter came into my new apartment my cock began to stir – he looked as good as he ever did; maybe better. In the past when we got together we were always in somewhat of a hurry but now since I have separated from my wife and in my own place, time was not a concern. We sat and talked for over an hour just catching up – nothing sexual was even mentioned. Peter is very intelligent and I love to hear his views of the world. I actually think this may be his attraction to me; the fact that I can just sit and talk and listen. After talking for what really only seemed like minutes he connected his computer to my large 43" plasma TV and put on some of his downloaded porn for us to enjoy. Then he asked if we could look for someone to join us from squirt. There were a number of guys that returned out IMs but it already being past 10 at night it seemed hard to get anyone that wanted to come over. Finally we found another young man in the area and he was closer to the demographics Peter normally looks for though a few years older.

Bruce knew the score when he came in – that is that Peter wanted to get fucked and I might or might not join in; in some capacity. Bruce though nice looking was no Peter but what he did have is a large thick un-cut cock. We began by sitting watching the hot porn as it unfolded and I felt up Peter's smooth trim body getting more and more aroused. I didn't want Bruce to be left out so while Peter watched in amazement I moved over and swallowed every thick tasty inch of Bruce's cock getting it nice and wet and ready to fuck my young friend's ass. His eyes were rolling back in his head as I bobbed up and down on his turgid piece. After some time I feared he might be getting too close to coming so reluctantly came off. Peter decided to take over where I left off and leaned over Bruce leaving those lushes cheeks exposed. Naturally I did what I enjoy so much and that is I started to rim his tasty slightly musky ass. I looked up and saw Bruce enjoying Peter's efforts and the moans and squirming of Peter's ass on my probing tongue told me my efforts were not going unappreciated.

Bruce must have been getting close to cumming as he forced Peter off his cock and lay down on the floor inviting Peter to mount him. I sat there and watched that big cock disappear inside Peter's wet tight ass and marvelled that such a specimen could fit into such a small opening. Peter began to ride him while I allowed my fingers to roam over their two heaving bodies – touching Peter's ass at just the point of entry and playing with Bruce's hairy nut sack. My other hand tweaked Peter's nipples and ran over his taut belly and slight pecs. After some time they decided to change positions and Peter got on all fours offering his ass up for Bruce to assault.

I continued to touch and feel the sweaty bodies as their moans and groans filled the room finally deciding to just sit back and watch the show while I jerked my own pre-cum soaked dick. I knew Bruce wasn't going to last long in that tight boy pussy after all I had travelled that road before. As he fucked in and out I could see the contorted look of his face that warned of the impending orgasm. With one last loud grunt Bruce filled Peter with his load and I could see that it was felt by its recipient. Bruce soon excused himself to go and shower while Peter and I sat and continued to jerk our cocks. I so wanted to pounce on his dick but knew he needed some time to come down from his euphoria of just being fucked by this stud.

When Bruce re-emerged the three of us sat around again for more than an hour talking about everything and anything until Bruce decided he had to go. I had already told Peter he could stay for the night if he chose and he wasn't ready to go anywhere – yet. Peter and I continued to sit around watch porn jerking and searching squirt to see if there were any others that wanted to join us. At now past 3 in the morning the pickings were slim and I was getting tired. (Not as young as I used to be) I told Peter I was going to bed and he was welcome to join me or he could stay out and continue to watch porn and surf – he chose the latter.

I drifted off to sleep for how long I don't know. I felt Peter nuzzle up to me in bed as his arm swept over my torso. It felt nice to have his hard cock nestled between our naked bodies. I glanced over at the clock it was 4:30 in the morning. I pushed back into his warm body. I could have been happy just sleeping like this but I knew he wanted to fuck me – I wanted it too. I've been fucked before but it has been a long time and never by someone quite as large. When I say that I've been fucked that isn't completely true – I've had a cock in my ass but it never usually lasts long. I've watched Peter fuck others before and know he has the stamina worthy of his youth. We didn't even speak as he greased up my ass – I could feel he was already prepared. With his hand draped over my torso and holding onto my belly he forced himself in with surprising ease. I was in heaven; Peters cock filled me like no one had ever done before. His hard cock truly felt like it was made for my ass – it/he felt like he completed me.

Slowly Peter began to fuck my ass thrusting himself in and out of my not so well used butt. I began to push back onto him as he retreated with each piston like movement. I didn't want that amazing cock to escape my loins. He was tender and violent and loving and animalistic all at the same time. He couldn't seem to get enough of my ass and I couldn't get enough of that hard prick. I was jerking on my cock allowing the pre-cum to soak the bed sheets beneath us. It seemed to go on forever and I never wanted it to end.

We shifted positions now so that I was on my back. Peter re-entered me and I could see the look on his face of sheer bliss a look of lust filled his eyes as he picked up his onslaught on my tender hole. I was taking great pride in the pleasure that I could see sweep over his angular face as his short hair was now soaked with sweat as it dript to my torso. I wanted this to go on all night and it seemed like it had already. I felt the first volley of his seed as it splashed deep inside me before I saw the wide eyed mouth agape silent scream from my young lover. This gorgeous satyr that had long been my desire had finally fucked me truly like I needed to be – like no other had ever before him.

As we drifted off to sleep I looked at the clock again and it was just after 6 now. Peter had been fucking me for almost an hour and a half and it seemed like mere moments had slipped by. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and Peter in my arms hoping for a repeat performance. I had not cum all night but could care less I was far more satisfied than any orgasm could have meant. When he left in the morning every penny I had loaned him was on my dresser.



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