Knowing that the weather was to get bad overnight, I slept with my phone next to me, alarm at the ready. Waking up in the morning I was one of the lucky few who had electricity. Living in the Great Lakes area during the winter can be a trying time, both on your patience and everything else. The forecast was for 12-18 inches of snow, looking out my bedroom window it was obvious that the prediction had been correct. Getting ready quickly, I knew that I would need additional time getting into the office. Being that I worked on a sales floor for a technology company, I knew the likelihood that the company would shutter the doors was slim. Also, as a senior account manager, I had additional tracking and reporting responsibilities.

The drive into the office was hair raising, but not the worst I have had. Driving a crossover that sat higher on the road helped. Days like today made me thankful that the company provided covered parking. Pulling into the garage, I noticed only two other cars. The first was for the maintenance guy and the other was my manager Pete.

As I ascended the stairs to the 3rd floor, I could hear the buzz of music. Pete liked to have music going, saying that it helped motivate the staff to work harder. I walked directly to my cubical, powered up my computer, pulled out what I needed for the day and then proceeded over to Pete's desk. Now Pete is a quintessential sales man. He stood around 6'2" tall, had a muscular body, and an ever present 5 o'clock shadow.

Walking over to Pete's desk, he was already hard at work reviewing sales from the day before. Pete spun around in his chair, looking up at me with a lopsided grin. He said, "Well Mike, it appears that you and I are the lone goats today, everyone else called and were snowed in. I checked though and all of them brought their laptop home, so they will be working as long as the power holds out." While looking down at Pete I couldn't help but notice his impressive bulge. The momentary flicker passed and I looked back into his eyes.

"Well, maybe if we get our stuff done fast, we can head home and avoid getting snowed in here." I said to him with a slight chuckle. I seriously doubted that the weather would turn bad enough to require us to spend the night. Pete nodded and said that sounded good. Walking back to my cubicle, I glanced back and saw Pete leaning back looking in my direction. I knew that Pete was engaged, so the possibility of him checking out my ass was remote. I know that the size of my thighs and fullness of my ass drew a lot of attention and was target of many jokes around the office, but he couldn't be staring.

Sitting down at my desk I pushed the thoughts from my mind and got to work. Taking out my phone and plugging it in, I started my Adele channel on Pandora. Pulling the figures from the previous day, I put together the numbers for upper management, once those were in place I pulled the potential for today, and updated the sales board. Completing that quickly I moved on the tracking process for the sales that were completed the day before, assigning them to an account manager and forwarding them to fulfillment.

Once my reporting was completed I looked at the clock, 2 hours had already passed. It was only 9am and the light from outside was dim, mostly from the street lamps as the storm continued to rage outside. I stood and walked over to Pete's desk, he was engrossed in some spreadsheet. I spun around fast, having startled him with a tap on the shoulder. "Fucking Christ Mike, don't sneak up on me like that." I just chuckled and blushed from scaring him. "Sorry about that, I just wanted to see how things were going over here, and see if you had checked the weather lately?" Looking up at me he stood and said, "Let's go down to the garage and look outside, while we're out there we can grab a smoke."

I went back to my desk to grab my keys and my jacket, usually I hate smoking at work, because the smell lingers on you all day. However, today I figured it wouldn't matter because I was one of two in the office. I looked up as I found my keys in the bottom of my bag and Pete was walking toward me. I took in the sight for a moment, you see, Pete's clothes always looked like they were painted on. Even with this peacoat on you could see that this man was gorgeous underneath. "You ready?" He asked. I nodded and followed him like a puppy.

Once down in the garage, the wind was howling outside. Just outside the door to the garage we were blocked from the wind. However, on each side of the building you could see the snowdrifts quickly stacking up. Not wanting to step into the wind to go to my car, I bummed a smoke from Pete. Being a gentleman he lit my cigarette for me saying, "Good looking people should never light their own." I had to chuckle at the cheesy sounding line but quickly grabbed the lighter and lit his for him.

While standing outside for a few minutes the reality of the cold air was sinking in. While the wind wasn't whipping through where we were standing, it was obviously very cold. It dawned on me that the tracks leading into the garage were now covered. I said to Pete, "Hey man, how much more snow do you think we've gotten?" Leaning a little further over to the side, Pete says, "Damn Mike, it looks like around 2 or 3 inches since we got here." This was unbelievable. I was going to end up stuck at work during one of the worst blizzards to hit the city.

Stubbing out our butts, we went back inside, standing still in the doorway for a moment letting the warmth wash over us. Soon we started back up the stairs. Once we reached the office, Pete dialed his phone and I went back to my desk. Finished with my reports and knowing I wasn't going to get much more accomplished today. My mind was on how or if I was going to be able to make it home. I stood and headed toward the bathroom, glancing at Pete on the way. He just rolled his eyes and made a hand gesture indicating he was getting his ear talked off. Chuckling to myself I continued on my mission to the bathroom. Stepping up to the urinal, I let the morning coffee flow freely. Shaking my cock to get the last few drops off I went to put my cock back in my boxer briefs. Now, my cock was not completely soft, from my time spent with Pete today, so the bulge it made in my boxer briefs was substantial.

As I turned from the urinal I hit a wall. Right behind me was Pete. I hadn't yet buttoned and zipped my pants, and after being startled by Pete's stealth appearance behind me, my pants dropped to the floor. "That's quite the equipment you have there Mike." Pete said, looking down at the bulge in my boxer briefs. Not knowing what to say, I just blushed. Pete placed his hand on my chest and pushed me back against the wall. Lucky for me it was a short distance or the pants around my ankles would have made maneuvering difficult. His hand moved up my chest to my neck, his face drawing closer to mine. I could feel his shallow breaths tickling my nose from above.

Looking up into his eyes, his lips brushed every so lightly across the bridge of my nose. Suddenly, I felt the grip on the back of my neck tighten, and Pete's lips crushed mine in a hunger filled kiss. My lips parted as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. Forgetting myself I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him hard against my body feeling the impressive bulge in his slacks crush mine. Pete pulled back and pressed his forehead to mine saying, "Damnit Mike, you have me so fucking hard." As he said that Pete grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his crotch. Naturally, I gripped his cock feeling it throbbing in my hand.

Pete's hand moved down my back and gripped my ass. I began sliding my hand up and down his massive cock, still staring into his eyes. Pete's hand moved up my ass and then into my boxer briefs. His thick fingers slide down my crack before running roughly over my hole. His finger started poking my ass, trying to gain entry. With each thrust of his finger and gripped his cock hard. Pulling his hand from my boxer briefs Pete spun me so I was facing the wall. I felt his bulge press firmly against my ass, slowly grinding against me. I felt the back of my underwear being pulled down and my shirt being pushed up.

I felt Pete's lips placing small kisses on my full ass. After several minutes, he pulled my cheeks apart and his tongue made contact with my hole, causing a moan loud enough to echo through the bathroom. The feeling of his tongue caressing me deep was driving me wild. I started pushing myself back onto his tongue, riding it like a cock. My ass felt loose and wet from the ministrations of Pete's tongue. I was begging for him to fuck me.

Slowly, Pete stood leaning forward and sliding his lips over my ear. He whispered, "Are you ready for me Mike?" Without waiting for a response he lined his rock solid cock up with my ass, I could feel the pressure of his fat cockhead fighting to invade my ass. Take a deep breath I pushed out and the head of his cock slipped quickly into me. From behind I heard a deep moan, as I moaned in a delirious combination of pleasure and pain. Inch after glorious inch of his cock slid into my ass, and soon I could feel his pubic hair pressed against my ass. Leaning forward Pete pulled my head back into a kiss.

Pete began fucking me harder, his balls slapping obscenely against my ass, filling the room with the heavy smell of sex. I was fast approaching my limit, my balls were filling quickly with cum ready to fire out my cock. I could feel the throbbing of Pete's cock. His quickened breathing and frenzied thrusts indicated he was ready to fire a load too.

Thrusting hard into my ass and grinding deep into me, I could feel his load firing deep inside me. After the first shot filled my ass I could feel my load rapidly moving up my shaft before shooting onto the wall in front of me. I could have cared less whether either of our cum stained my clothes, I was at the peak of my euphoria. Collapsing onto my back, Pete gasps, "Jesus Christ Mike, you ass is amazing." I squeezed his cock inside me before it slipped out.

Pulling our clothes back on and making ourselves presentable, albeit to an empty office, neither of us knew how much time we had been in the bathroom. Walking toward Pete's desk, we both commented on the time. We had been in the bathroom for no more than 30 minutes, though it felt like longer. As Pete sank into his chair with a heavy sigh of exertion and I turned to head to my desk, the lights flickered. Pete stood and we both walked to the windows that lined the outer wall of the office. The snow was still steadily falling and it appears the plows hadn't touched the roads. As if on queue, the lights flickered again, and this time stayed off. Dim natural light from outside filtered in providing just enough to see for us to get back to our desks.

Gathering our things we made our way to the stairwell and on to the garage. At the second floor landing Pete grabbed me and slammed me against the wall, enveloping my mouth with his. As he pulled his soft, full lips from mine he said, "You really are and amazing lover Mike." I blushed and said, "Pete, you are too stud." Not wanting to take too much more time in the building with the storm continuing to rage, we moved on, playing grab ass along the way.

As we reached the parking garage we tightened our coats around our necks and braced for what looked like snowmaggedon. Stepping out into the garage, we again were briefly shielded from the wind, but once we moved further toward our cars the wind was raging. "Do you think we can get out?" Pete yelled across the garage over the wind. I shrugged unsure, looking at the exit and the drifts that were blocking the path. Realizing the drifts had climbed halfway up the attendants booth I knew we were screwed.

I walked over to Pete's car and knocked on the window, as his window rolled down I said, "I don't think we are driving anywhere stud, look at those drifts at the exit." Pete looked to where I was pointed and sighed. "What the fuck are we going to do now?" I said, "Well there are at least 15 hotels downtown here, one of them has to have a room available." Pete simply nodded and we were on our way.

Shaking the snow off our coats we entered the lobby of the first hotel, the Sheraton. Walking slowly over to the counter, shivering the entire way, we asked the unenthusiastic desk clerk if they had any open rooms. She looked up at us and began clacking at her computer and said, "Sorry, we don't have any doubles left, with the storm and the roads closed we are very full." Pete looked at her and said, "You said no doubles, does that mean you have other rooms available?" She quickly responded, "We have a king suite available, but that's the only room we have left." Pete looked at me and I said, "We'll take it!" and handed over my credit card. While she was processing the room, she asked if we would like a roll-away. Pete slipped his arm around my waist and said, "Only if my husband pisses me off later." I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I was fairly confident that I heard the her chin hit the counter.

After regaining her composure she handed us our keys and told us to have a good night. I was thankful that the power seemed to be on in the hotel, whether by generator or luck I'm not sure, because I would not have wanted to climb to the 14th floor.

Opening the door to our room, the expansive lake view was impressive. Though dark and marled by flying flakes you could see that the city below and lake beyond was a veritable wasteland. Cars were stuck in the streets, and most of the building appeared dark. Mind you it was still only mid-day and the sky was dark as night.

As I stared in awe at the stormy scene out the window, I felt a hard body press against me, and a pair of strong arms wrap tightly around my waist. From the feelings against my back I knew that in the short time we were in the room Pete had slipped out of his clothes. I pressed my big round ass back against the throbbing cock between Pete's thighs.

I felt him undoing my pants and they quickly fell to the floor followed quickly by my boxer briefs. With little fanfare Pete's cock was sliding back into the deepest parts of me. Pressed against the window he slowly slid in and out, making love to me for all to see. "You feel good inside me Pete, make love to me." I knew that he didn't need encouragement, but as soon as the words left my mouth he pulled me in tighter, grinding hard into my ass. I moaned loudly at the feeling of utter fullness.

Leaning forward onto me, his lips and teeth nibbled at my neckline causing me to moan again. His thrusts got quicker and his thrusts more frenzied. He grabbed my hips and howled like an animal. I could feel him pumping another load deep into me. Pete's lips touched my ear and he said, "I love how you make me feel baby."

His cock, quickly deflating, slipped from my ass. I stepped out of my shoes and pants, stilled pooled around my ankles. Not bothering to undo my shirt I pulled it over my head and tossed it on the desk. I grabbed Pete's hand and led him to the shower. Turning on the water, I pulled Pete to me and kissed him deeply. Once the steam started pouring out of the shower, we stepped in. The water felt great pouring over my body. Pete was caressing me as we kissed under the hot water. He turned me away from him and began scrubbing my back, soaping me from shoulders down to my ass. Repeating the process on him we were soon clean and feeling fresh.

Stepping out of the shower and dried off, we walked over to the bed. While it was still early afternoon, we were exhausted. I climbed in first, and Pete climbed in behind me. As we were drifting off to sleep I heard Pete whisper, "I love you Mike." Those words were amazing to hear, from this gorgeous man. Instead of responding, I snuggled closer and squeezed his hand tighter.

Some time later, I was having an amazing dream. I was at work, sitting at my desk working, I could feel this warm wet feeling envelope my cock. Leaning back, I could feel a throat open and take my cock deeper. I looked around and no one was paying attention to me, though I was moaning. I gripped the head beneath the desk in front of me and started thrusting. I started waking, but the feeling didn't go away. As my eyes slowly opened, I could see Pete between my legs. He was burying my cock in his throat. Looking down I felt my load release. He quickly swallowed my load, looking up into my eyes.

Pulling his lips off my cock he moved up my body and kissed me, I could taste my cum on his lips. "I love you Mike." "I love you too Pete."

We spent the rest of the day and night snuggled up in bed. It took about a week for me to move in with him. Within about a month, we both left the tech company we worked for and branched out on our own. Opening a consulting company, using our contacts from our previous jobs to establish a client base. We also don't have to worry about getting stuck in a storm anymore, our office is steps from our bedroom. Which some days means our morning meetings involve me getting the living daylights fucked out of me.




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