As I waited in the outer office for my interview I couldn't help but stare at the secretary. His name was Bruno, he's a stocky little guy, around 5'8" or so, short dark hair, dark eyes and neatly trimmed stubble on his face. He definitely wasn't the pretty boy type; he was more what you would call ruggedly handsome. I could tell he worked out because his suit jacket was tight on his arms and his bulging pecs could not be hidden behind that much too tight shirt and a tie. He was hot!!! Now I was really hoping I got the job so I could get to know Bruno. He caught me staring at him a couple times and very politely smiled and turned back to his computer.

Suddenly the office door opened and out walked one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen right towards me. "WOW!" I thought as I stood up. He is about an inch taller than me, I'm 6'3" and I can't see an ounce of body fat on him, but he is wearing a suit and tie. This dude is going commando! I could the head of his cock bounce through his trousers with every step he took. He reached down to make a quick adjustment before extending his hand and said "You must be here to interview for the Personal Executive Assistant position." "Yes, my name is Rick Swallow, very nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you as well, I'm Pete Long, VP of Long & Sons. Please come into my office." He opened the door and placed a hand on my shoulder inviting me in. A very nicely appointed office; A seating area to the left with a sofa, two lounge chairs and a coffee table. To the right, what appears to be a wet bar, probably stocked. And directly ahead a huge walnut desk with one of those real plush executive chairs and two guest chairs on the other side. "Have a seat." He said as he closed the door. Then he turned around and locked the door, "Odd "I thought. He asked me if I would like something to drink, I respectfully declined. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and came to join me at the desk. As he walked over it looked as though his cock was getting hard. I could see more of it and I liked what I saw. Then he sat down in the chair next to me. "Hmmmm" I thought. He's not pulling the poser position and sitting across the desk from me. As he sat down he made another adjustment and I could see that he laid his cock across his lap because it was getting too hard hang down. He began to explain the company that his father founded. I kept stealing glances at his bugle. All I could think of was burying my face in his crotch for a couple of hours. He started to explain the position; which was basic; running personal errands and such. Then he told me that it was a little more entailed than a standard personal assistant. He reached down and made another adjustment to his growing cock. I could see it getting bigger in his pants and I think he saw me looking at it a couple of times. He said I would be the personal executive assistant to him and his father, the president of the company who I would have to interview with, but wasn't available today, if I passed todays interview. He explained that there would be some travel involved as well as evenings and weekends as necessary. "That's to be expected" I said. With any good personal assistant they are always up to the task." "That's good to hear." he said. He reached down again and this time he cupped his balls in his hand and grabbed the base of his cock making it obvious to me that he was hard. I just stared at it. Must be about 8" or so and thick. All of a sudden I realize he's not talking and I'm just staring at his hard cock. I looked up at his face again, embarrassed, and he just smiled. There are some additional duties that are required with this position. He's starting to stroke himself through his pants. He said "I'm 26 years old, I've got this big cock and I'm horny all the time." "One of your duties would be to suck my cock." "Every day." "What are your thoughts on that?" he said. "Well..." I said. "To be quite honest with you I wanted to wrap my lips around your cock the moment I saw you." "I love to suck cock!" "I could suck a nice cock for hours!" 'We'll see about that." he said. "So yes, I'm up to the task." I said. He looked at me and smiled and said "Great!" "Let's see what you got." With that he spread his legs and I immediately dropped to my knees.

He started to loosen his belt and I said "I'll do that." I rubbed his cock through his trousers and it twitched at my touch. "Nice!" I said. I loosened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. His cock was getting harder and bigger. Damn this boy is close to 9". I opened his pants to release his cock and it bounced right to attention. I reached down and pulled his balls out of his pants. I was right; he had a nice set of big balls to go along with that huge cock. I bent down and with the tip of my tongue I lightly licked the underside of his but sack. Then slowly I licked his sack to the base of his cock; just the tip of my tongue gliding up the underside of his beautiful cock to his mushroom head. There was a single drop of pre cum on the head of his cock. He must like what I'm doing so far. I looked at him and he looked at me and I reached out with my tongue and licked that drop. "Mmmm" I said. It tasted good. Then I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking slightly and sticking my tongue his hole for more pre cum. I could tell he was getting into it. He put both hands on my head and started rubbing. Slowly I moved down on the shaft; a little at a time, taking all of him into my mouth and throat. Yeah he likes this. He's pushing the back of my head down onto his cock and I'm loving it! With his cock balls deep in my mouth I can feel the head of his cock in my throat. I start to swallow repeatedly and he starts to moan. I think he likes the way his cock feels in my throat. I know I sure do! He pulls my head up off his cock. I said "Everything ok?" "Yeah" he said. "I was getting close." "Ok" I said. "Ya know if you want to cum go ahead. I'll keep going for a second load if you want me to." "Good answer" he said. I look back to his cock and I see that he has oozed some cum from his balls. Quickly I stick out my tongue and lick his cock just under the head as it starts to roll down the shaft. Damn his cum tastes good. I slide my tongue back up to the head of his cock and with my lips I take in just the tip of his cock head and suck while my tongue rolls around looking for more of his creamy goodness. His hands are on the back of my head again, pushing me down. I start to glide up and down on his cock while my tongue licks and tickles his cock. He's pushing me faster now; getting g to a rhythm. I cup his balls with my hand and feel them tighten. I'm starting to taste his salty precum as he keeps pushing my head down and moaning. I can feel the head of his cock getting bigger. "I'm gonna cum" he said. Louder he said "I'm gonna cum." His balls are tight and I can feel the first shot coming. I pull back and suck just the head of his cock as it starts to pulsate. I suck hard as he blasts that first shot of hot cum. "I'm coooooooommmmmmiiiiinnnnngggggggg!!! He said really loudly. I pressed his balls against his body as I grabbed the base of his cock as he continued to shoot his load. After the fifth shot he pushed my head down so the head of his cock was in my throat again. Still shooting I started swallowing his cock and cum and he cried out. He pulled my head back, but not off. I sucked him slowly, using my tongue to milk him of every last drop of cum I could get. I sure didn't want him to leak on his trousers. When I was sure I got it all. I let go, stood up and took my seat. He pulled his pants back together and looked at me and I said "How did I do?" "Quite well. Quite well indeed. I am going to recommend my father meet with you. I'll have Bruno call you with the details." "Great!" I said. "Thank you." "Thank you." He said. We stood up and I could still see his cock. "Damn, I want more!" I thought. "Even if you don't hire me I'll suck your cock any time." He walked me to the door. Unlocked it and again he put his hand on my shoulder as I walked thought. "We'll be in touch." He said as I walked into the outer lobby. "Thank you again." I said. I turned to look at Bruno and give him a smile as I walked out. He had the biggest grin on his face like he knew what had just happened. He probably did since Pete was so loud. He said "See ya soon." I smiled and said "Bye."

Later that night, about 8:00 my phone rings. I don't recognize the number. I answer and it's Bruno. He tells me I am to meet with Petes dad Richard, same name as me, tomorrow morning at 6:00. I assured him I would be there. After I hung up I wondered what Richard would be like. Was he as hot as his son? Then I wondered if I would have to suck his cock too. Pete would have said something right? Surely he would have said not to mention anything right? Hmmm, time will tell. Then I laid down and replayed the whole scene in my mind. I stroked my cock as I remembered sucking Petes cock. I was rock hard remembering how his cum tastes... yum. I would gladly eat that every day. I shot my load. The first shot hitting the headboard behind me. The second landed right on my nose. I opened my mouth to get a taste and that third shot hit its mark. I love the taste of cum. I shot the rest on my chest and belly. Man that was a big load. Ok time for bed. Have my second interview tomorrow.

It's 5:45 and I'm walking up to the building as a Mercedes pulls up. This must be Richard I think. He gets out of the car and this guy is tall, at least 6'6". He looks at me; I look at him and smile. "Mr. Long I presume?" I said. "Mr. Swallow?" He said. "Yes I'm Rick Swallow, how are you this morning?" I said. He smiled and I could see where his son got his good looks from. "You're a bit early" he said. I replied "Early bird gets the worm." "Yes, yes it does." He said. "Well come on in son." He said as he unlocked and opened the door. I walked in and went directly to the elevator and pressed the call button. I turned around and started to speak when I noticed a bulge in his pants. He wasn't going commando, but he was definitely packing. "So you're an early bird too?" I asked. "Yes I like to get the day started early." He said. Some more small talk till we reached his office floor. He led me to his office; which was set up the same way as his sons except his desk was much bigger, as I followed him in he offered me coffee. I politely declined and he said "Well I'm going to have a cup." I said "Let me make it for you." As I moved towards the kitchen area and said thank you. He went to his desk, sat down and turned on the computer. I loaded the Kureg machine and brewed his coffee. "How do you take it?" I said. "1 cream, 2 sugars." he said. I fixed the coffee as specified and set it on his desk and sat down across from him. A few minutes passed while he checked his e-mail then he grabbed the coffee, took a sip and told me it was perfect. He briefly went over the same thing Pete told me the day before and also explained that I would be picking up some of his kids from time to time? "Some of his kids?!?!" I thought. Then he explained he had 8 kids, all boys ages 16 - 26. Three sets of twins, two of which are identical. "Yeah, that's fine." I said. "Ok, well my son Pete highly recommends you." He said. I smiled and said "Well tell him thank you very much." "He says you have a deep throat. Is that true?" He said. Slightly embarrassed I said "Uh, yeah I do ok I think." "Well let's see" he said. I stood up, went over to the other side of the desk and got on my knees. I loosened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. The bulge in his pants was getting bigger. I rubbed it with my palm as I unzipped his trousers. Daddy has got a big ole cock hidden under here. I rub my face against his underwear glad bulge and feel the heat coming off of it. He tells me his wife doesn't suck cock anymore and even when she did she didn't do it very well. And he could never cum in her mouth. Why bother. I pulled his underwear down to expose his now semi hard cock. Slowly I licked from the base of his cock to the head. By the time I got there he had started to pre cum. There was a lot so I grabbed his cock and took the head in my mouth and sucked all off and licked out the slit. Damn he tastes good too, like his son. I started to go down on him slowly, his cock getting harder and harder as I do. I've got the head of his cock in my throat and I can feel it getting bigger. It's still growing. I start swallowing and I can feel myself swallowing hick cock because it's still growing. "Yeah, that's my boy." He said. "Take all of daddy's cock." I kept swallowing his rock hard cock and he loved it. Slowly I pulled up to get a good look at his cock. I slid my lips to the underside of the head and slowly slid down his massive meat to his balls. He has to be close to 10" if not more. I started licking his nut sack and he moaned. "Muriel never did that." He said. I slipped his left nut into my mouth and started to suck. "Oh yeah." He said. Then the right one. I worked my way back up to his cock and started sucking the head while I stoked him. Then he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He thrust his hips forward and pushed my head down. With each thrust he would go deeper. With a final thrust he sunk his cock balls deep in my throat. And then I felt it on my chin. He was cumming. The head of his cock swelled in my throat. I could feel him shooting in my throat. I started swallowing and he went crazy. Holding my head down, forcing his cock as deep in my throat as he could. He started to relax and I could feel his cock getting softer. Then I milked him dry, just like I did his son yesterday. He was back to a semi stage when I released his cock and asked how I did. He said "You're not finished yet. You gotta get one more outta me and I'm not doing any of the work this time." "Yes Sir!" I said and went back to working on his cock and balls. He checked e-mail while I sucked his cock. After about 45 minutes he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down on his cock and blew a second load down my throat. I milked him for every last tasty drop. Satisfied he said "You have the job if you want it." I wiped my mouth, smiled and accepted. "When do I start? I asked. "Right now" he said. "Pete just got into his office and I think he needs to see you. Bruno will show you to your office and get your e-mail set up and get you started." "Thank you." I said. He looked at me and smiled and said "I look forward to working with you Rick." with a wink. I walked to Petes office and knocked before I let myself in. When he saw me he smiled. "Glad you passed." He said. I have your first assignment, but first I need you to take care of this. He was rock hard.

The End.


I wanna taste it.

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