I have two pets in my 21 year old life - my dog Henry and my penis.

Henry is clever and does several dog tricks like barking on command and

rolling over and three more. My penis basically only has two tricks:

sitting up and spitting.

All the above was true of life until this afternoon. I have my own

apartment near my job at Wilington National Bank. Today is Sunday. Sunday

afternoon is my slow wank day. No need to rush. I put on a tape and kept

the remote handy so I could ff through the boring parts. I was already

stiff and hard even as the screen lit up. Ah, my favorite part where the

kid is forced to suck the masked guy who broke into his apartment. He

doesn't fight too hard. The tough guy gets a little out of character as he

moans like a bitch. I love trying to find the moment just before he cums.

There's no acting there, it's real.

There is one more part in this flick. The pizza delivery kid gets fucked.

No one pays attention to the pie and I wish I could have a bite of that pie

and a bite on that super long, thin, lolly pop topped prick. The cute

scruffy pizza boy was really sucking and young guy's eyes are rolling and

his lips are puffed out in passion. His chest is blushing. This is the

moment. Suddenly my penis began vibrating and leaping around. It felt

fabulous but scary and new. I found that I had muscles I never knew about

that could flip it in any directions, and the vibration could be put on or

turned off. I gasped about this time and spew the largest load of cum I

think I ever did. I let out such a howl that Henry, the dog, lifted his

head from between his paws for a moment, but then suck down in boredom.

I thought about this phenomenon. Yes, it had provided a fabulous

experience, but it was a little worrisome. Could I be developing some

exotic malady? Could it be the precursor to an operation. 'Sorry Son, you

need a penilectomy.' Oh no, anything but that. Okay, no fucking around

for the rest of the day and tomorrow, Monday, I'll make a date with young

doctor Max.

I met Max through the bank. They send all new employees for a physical.

Max, with his new degree had to take the low pay associated with routine

corporate hires. I knew immediately when I met Max that he was gay. He

was born in Germany and still had a charming Rhineland accent. I could

almost imagine a monocle clenched in his eye as he regarding me with the

smile of an prison guard. He was imperially slim and tall. 'Remove your

clothes and put on this robe,' he said expecting no argument, nor would I

hazzard one.

Once in the examining room he performed the usual look into the ears,

listening to my heart and then the fun began. 'Your testicles are in good

shape,' he said, hefting them as if to weigh them. 'Do you masturbate?'

Yipes, did he really have to know that? I told him that I do and added,

'Not often.' That did not get him off the subject. He asked how often.

Finally I had to profess that I did it as often as I could. 'Yah. Show me

how you masturbate.' He delivered that in a firm voice, but I managed to

assert myself by saying weakly, 'Here?'

'Yah.' he said impatiently.

I found it hard to do in front of him because in fact I wasn't hard.

'Phish,' he said, 'I'll do it for you.' He had warm smooth fingers that

were overeducated in wanking science. In a short time I was moaning and

leaping about so vigorously that he had difficulty in catching my thick

ejaculate in his jar.

'Very nice boy.' He insisted on playing the part of an old guy although he

was only a few years older than me.

'Eh, Doctor,'

'You want to say something?'

'Do you want me to reciprocate.'

He laughed Teutonically and patted my cheek. 'Perhaps another time.'

So you see Max was the perfect medico to bring my problem before. And on

Monday evening I was in his waiting room. A young guy emerged into the

waiting room, grabbed his coat and avoided my eyes. I guess Max had just

done one of his Rhineland physicals and the kid was exhausted and was

likely heading outside for a post-jerk cigarette.

'Come in Randy,' he said, his voice dripping with wet suggestiveness.

I felt I was putting myself in his hands and my usual strong mind slipped

down to age four. He pushed me onto the table and ordered that I slip off

my shoes and trousers. I kicked off my slides and dropped my shorts. I

was prepared for the doctor by omitting underwear. His eyes glowed. 'You

had a penis problem?'

'I'm not sure it is a problem yet, but the last time I relieved myself...'

'So quaint, 'relieved yourself', you mean you wanked off, no?'

'Well yes.' While he remonstrated with me over my stilted reference to

masturbation, he studied and fingered the organ in question, which

responded immediately to the stimulation, remembering, perhaps it's past

excellent experience with the doctor's hand.

I told him about the two new effects, that I could achieve. His eyes

opened widely and he licked his lips. I hadn't noticed before that he had

pale blue eyes and thick blond eyebrows.....ex cellent tips and tongue too.

He sat back on his rolling stool and absorbed my relating of the symptoms.

'Perhaps you might demonstrate this to me.'

'I guess I can.' My dick lay on his palm. I concentrated and it began to

pulsate with an operatic vibrato.'

'Ach, this is very interesting....and stimulating alzo. Now show me the

other movements you described earlier. ' I willed my member to go left,

then right, then rapidly up and down. He dropped my dick and stood up. He

unbuttoned his lap robe. He was naked underneath. 'Haf you ever focked a

male person?'

'Fucked. Yes, a few times.'

'You must immediately fock me as a clinical trial.' He was panting. 'Like

zo.' He put his head in his arms and leaned over the table with his

elegant ass in the air. He was really a very attractive guy. His slim

arms were muscled and his straight backbone led right to his valley.

I liked this kind of examination. I removed the rest of my clothes and

settled myself against his warm back. He had greased himself slightly so

with both wiggling, I slipped in effortlessly into his well used tunnel, It

felt s-o-o o good to me. As to Max, he was cooing in pleasure. 'Very nice

prong,' he said, 'Excellent. Now produce the vibrato.'

I concentrated and then it began. This was a great fuck. The tremolo made

me moan with pleasure, but this was nothing to the way it affected Max. He

was babbling with mindless sexual feelings and then when I began to shift

my driving gears so that my prick leaped in different directions he

actually screamed a few times. I hoped no one was in the waiting room for

it they were, they would run from this office of torture.

Finally I felt Max's asshole tighten and his screams became loud grunts as

he splashed Rhineland milk over his examining table. My thighs tightened

up and in a moment I was shaking all over and warming his Prussian insides

with heavy, hot cvream.

We both were panting wildly. At last Max said, 'You are one hot fucker.'

I appreciated the scientific evaluation.

'Max, you are a hot guy. I'd top you anytime.'

Max slipped on his lab coat, his still hard cock sticking out ludicrously

through the front. 'I think we should arrange for a meeting with leading

sexologists. Do I haf your permission to arrange for this?'

'In a word, no. I'm not going to put on a sex performance for a bunch of

old bastards.'

He regarded me calmly. 'You will be paid handsomely.'

Now this was a fuck of a different color. 'How handsomely?'

'Oh, about a thousand per demonstration.'

'We-e-e-l-l, I'm have to think about it.....that's enough, okay.'

A week later I was sitting on a chair on a lecture platform wearing a short

examination robe, my legs exposed and part of my ass. These things sure

are not for modesty. But who am I, one who is about to jerk off in front

of ten men, worrying about modesty. I am a jerk off whore. And thinking

about jerking off, I hadn't done it since that cum in Max's office, per my

instructions. I was horny, even with the oldsters looking at me.

Max was droning on, informing the professors of my ability. He made it

seem very unsexy. Finally he turned to me and spoke in a loud voice. I

jumped. 'You must now produce an erection before we proceed.' Now this

was unexpected. I am not a porno star and even they have fluffers. I

looked at Max worriedly. 'Stimulate yourself Mr.E.' He was using a nom de

fuck for me to protect the innocent.' I tried, but as sexually denied as I

was, I still couldn't get a spark going.

A tall gentlemen with a billy goat beard stood up from the assembled

scientists. 'Doctor, you ought to use digital manipulation.'

'I?' said Max as if this was unheard of for him to sully his hand with a

male appendage. Then he brightened. 'Perhaps a volunteer from the group?'

Before you could say cock and balls they lined up and each passed me and

stroked me for a moment. By the time the line had passed and they were

smelling their fingers happily my prick was at full erection.

Max turned on the cameras. He attached electrodes to the base of my penis.

He set up a measurement device that would measure the variations in the

position of my cock. This was all a bit off putting but I managed to stay

hard mostly aided by the avid looks on the docs in the audience.

'Now,' Max said, 'I begin to stroke. Now stop. Now vibrate. ' It was

happening. The electronic equipment registered the amplitude. I forgot

about being observed. This felt good, especially after being a temporary

wank virgin for a week.

Max pointed out that my face was flushed and that this vibrating cock

brought about ejaculation much quicker. No one thought to ask how he knew

this. 'Now Mr. E, begin your controlled directional maneuvers. I did my

act. The audience gasped in amazement. Max patted me on the shoulder and

thanked me. 'You may put your robe back.' I stared at him dumbfounded.

'You can't leave me high and dry like this.'

One of the younger docs called out. 'Not dry, dear boy. You are dripping

charmingly. If you would retired to the ante room I may be able to aid


Max didn't like this. 'I always stay with my patient.'

He cleared his throat and thanked the group. They filed out, all but the

younger doc. I looked him over. Very nice indeed. He was a wiry, hairy,

muscular guy. His strong body and features were a real turn on. I

couldn't imagine him as a bottom, but you never know.

Max took my hand and led me into the back room. Dark doc followed. Max

looked annoyed but I told him that I was so wrought up that I need two to


In the back, to my surprise was a large bed. The hairy guy told me to lay

in the bed and lift my legs and hold them with my arms. Incidentally his

name was Tony. 'Listen Tony, are you thinking of fucking me? I don't do

that. You can suck, I can fuck, you can stroke but that's it.'

I had a lot to learn. Max grabbed my feet and parted them. I immediately

felt cool air hitting my ass hole which immediately retracted into a closed

ring. Tony laughed and got undressed. What a hot body, swirling hair

decorated his chest and belly and his thick cock was already rampant and

dripping. He stepped between my legs and put his cock head at my entrance.

There practically no hole open for him. He nodded at Max. Max began

delicately stroking my cock with one hand and tickling my balls with the

other. This was my own special technique, the bastard seemed to know it.

My ass opened and Tony moved forward until the head of his cock was inside.

I was huffing and puffing with fear and maybe excitement.

Then Max stopped his manipulations and came around to my head. He pressed

his gorgeous lips on mine. They felt scalding and then his strong tongue

began a saber dance against mine. I kissed back hungrily. Tony pushed

further and in a moment his hairy pubes were pressed against mine. 'Okay I

surrender. Get your baloney in motion,' I pleaded.

Tony laughed and began a delicious slow fuck, almost out and then deep.

How well I knew that, I had done it to my submissives. Max whispered in my

ear, 'Vibrate boy, now.' I tried but nothing happened. Meanwhile Tony was

having fun, crooning away, his eyes rolling. Max grabbed my cheeks in a

hard grip. 'Move your organ around in all directions.' No go, no way. My

talent seemed to evaporate but Tony didn't seem to mind.

Max shrugged his shoulders. 'Just get this over with.'

At that moment Tony froze and called out that he was cumming. His cock

shook and pulsated as he delivered and that got me going as well. I

drenched my chest and belly with a week's worth.

Tony got out of the saddle, wiped himself from the tissue dispenser and

vanished from the room. Max handed me my check. He left also.

How fleeting is fame.



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