This is a true story that goes all the way back to the early 80's. It was also my first gay encounter that changed my life.

My name is Rick and I am a full Italian and all that goes with that. Dark, olive complexion and hairy. From the top of my feet, legs, stomach, chest, arm and face I am covered with hair. Dark, coarse, wiry hair. Thankfully, the hair stops on my butt and doesn't continue up my back. Some people don't like all the body hair, but I like it. I love the feel of it on another person's skin and to rub it when I jerk off. I especially like the way it pokes out of the top of any shirt I wear since it continues up to my neck. At the time, my new wife loved my hair except for my balls. She loved to suck my cock and balls, but hated getting hairs in her mouth. So, I shaved my balls and trimmed my bush to fine stubble.

I'm proud of my body. While I'm not a gym rat, I do work out and like to stay in shape. I played sports in High School and intramural sports in college. Any time someone was getting a game of hoops, baseball, football, soccer...I was ready to play and show off what I got. What I have is about 6' 2" of toned, hairy, tanned body. I'm not one of those guys that walk around the locker room naked showing everyone what they have. In fact, I could put them to shame. Through the years, I have learned that my cock is considered to be very big. It's about 6 ½ inches soft but appears to be very think. A lot of guys in the showers will sneak a second look. While it may be big, it only grows to 8 inches hard. But the width is very impressive. I cannot get my fist around it. And to go with that I have two larger than usual, low, low, low, hanging balls. They are bigger that large eggs and hang down past my dick. I hated wearing jockstraps because there was never enough room for everything I had. Briefs weren't much better. And if I popped a hard on in briefs or a jockstrap, it was really uncomfortable. I usually went commando until the boxer fad it. Finally, I could wear underwear without being constricted.

It was the end of July in Memphis and a lot had happened in the past few months. I graduated college, got married and managed to get my first real job. My wife had graduated a couple of years before and was getting established in her career. She was being sent to Chicago for a two week training seminar. It would have been nice to take a vacation with her but two reasons did not allow it. Number one was lack of vacation time and number two was lack of money. Her company was a small, family business and they would not send her home during the weekend. It was too far to drive so she decided to stay and shop. Even though we were newlyweds, I was going to enjoy my time apart.

A friend that works a couple of doors suites down from the wife had become friends through our dating years and was truly a good friend. He was moving the first of August and said he needed some help. I had a small pickup and he had a hatchback. Since I had nothing better to do, I agreed to help. He was also in his early 20's, single, and I figured it could not have accumulated much stuff. A couple of hours and I thought we would be done. Boy was I ever wrong!

Mark lived with his brother and sister-in-law in their partially finished attic. I had been there a couple of times and seen his space which only amounted to a bedroom set, chair, small kitchen table with two chairs and at TV. He said to meet him there at 8:00 to get started. I wanted to start earlier since I knew the Memphis heat would get worse throughout the day.

I arrived at 8:15 and knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again, harder. Finally his sister-in-law opened the door. You could tell I woke her up. She said Mark was upstairs and to go get him up. I closed the door behind me and headed up the stairs. I knocked on the door at the top of the stairs and didn't hear anything. I opened it and said "Mark, You up?" There he was--still asleep in the bed.

He was lying face down in a crumpled mess of covers that were barely covering him. I could see he slept naked since his white, untaned, hairy ass was fully exposed. He rolled over and tried to wake up. As he did, the covers were tented around his dick. I told him I was late, but he needed to get up so we could get started. After a few minutes of him trying wake up, he swung his legs off the far side of the bed and got up. No doubt about it, he was totally naked. He staggered over to the corner of the room where a bathroom would be someday. Either he or his brother had made a crude, makeshift bathroom where there was a toilet and a sink out in the open. He put one arm out against the back wall, leaned over the toilet and began to pee. After he flushed, he turned around and went to a dresser to get some clothes. Through all the years I've known Mark, I never knew he was as hairy as I was. The only difference is his hair was dirty blonde where mine is dark brown. He was almost as hung as me, too. I'm sure it was partially due to his morning wood, but Mark sported a nice, thick cut cock of about 6 inches. I couldn't tell about his balls as he had them in his hand scratching and rubbing them. He was about 6" tall too and was about in the same shape as I. I told him I would wait down stairs for him to get dressed. Strange thing though. I was beginning to get a hard on. That was really the reason I wanted to get out of there since all I had on was a pair of running shorts with a thin liner and a tee shirt. I thought the liner would give me all the support I needed and keep everyone from seeing my business.

Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard the door open at the top of the stairs. Mark was coming down fully dressed. He fixed some coffee and after two cups we got started.

The temperature outside was already in the 90's by the time we started. Mark filled me in on the details. He had stuff upstairs, in a storage unit, his office at work and his mother's garage. Mark was an architect and was setting up his second bedroom as an office with a drafting table, file cabinets and other stuff from work so he could work from home sometimes. What was going to be a couple of hours turned into an all day and some of the night saga. All day long, we were sweating like pigs. The only relief was driving to his new apartment in the air conditioning. At the heat of the day, the temperatures reached triple digits. I didn't think this would ever end.

As we loaded up the last load from his mother's house around 7:30, Mark said he would order a pizza and get something to drink and meet me at this new place. I was so tired and stinky, I didn't really want any food—just something to drink and some cool air!

I got there first and unloaded most of the small items and waited for Mark. He arrived with pizza and beer and was my new best friend. We unloaded his car and my truck before eating. I told him I had to have a shower before I could eat since I smelled so bad. He didn't smell any better.

His sister in law had unpacked the kitchen and bathroom the day before since she was off work. He said there were towels in the cabinet and everything else should be in the shower. I turned the water on and stepped in before it heated up. Then I noticed his shower curtain was just a clear liner. Hey, I played sports in High School and showered with plenty of guys in college. I also don't mind showing off in the locker room at the gym but this was kind of weird to me. I buried my head under the spray and heard him talking to me.

"I gotta piss but I won't flush until you get out. Don't want to scald you"

"No problem" I replied back.

I finished my shower and dried off. I hated to put my dirty clothes back on but that's all I had. Well, that's all I thought I had. They were no longer in the bathroom

As I stepped out of the bathroom with my small, hotel sized towel wrapped around me I asked Mark if he saw my clothes.

"I threw them into the washer. It shouldn't take long. By the time we finish eating, they will be dry. My turn for the shower."

As he stepped into the bathroom, I stepped out. I wasn't dry yet and so I stepped into his bedroom. As I took my tiny towel to dry off my back and hair, I saw it. It the middle of the floor was a jockstrap almost in a pretzel shape. I was fascinated by it. I've seen many over the years I played sports, but I was drawn to this one for some reason. I walked over and picked it up. Still damp from all the sweat. I moved it to my nose and inhaled. It was thoroughly repulsive and erotic at the same time. I thought I heard something so I dropped it and put my little towel around my waist. In the 3 months since college, my waist had expanded from 28 to 30 but it was still too big for this small towel. I was used to the bath sheets I had received as wedding gifts!

I went to the living room and sat on the couch. I heard the shower stop and eventually Mark appeared with the same small towel as me. "Let's eat" was all I heard and it was enough to break my stare.

We loaded paper plated with pizza and went to the fridge for the beer. Ponies. He bought pony bottles! I was ready for at least a couple 40 ounce beers and he bought ponies! I grabbed one and headed to the sofa. On the way there, my towel started to come off. With both hands full, it was all I could do to keep it on and not spill anything. I sat my food and beer down and adjusted the towel. Mark had the same issues.

I finished one beer and headed back for number two. Mark said to grab him one. I decided to grab two for me and one for him. On the way back, the towel slips off again. I squirm and hold on to it and hand him his beer without flashing him my package.

Mark finished his pizza and went back for more. I handed him my plate and said to load me up too. He also moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer. On his way back, his towel started to slip off and I heard him say "Fuck it". His towel hits the floor. He hands me my plate, picks up his towel and lays it across the couch. "These things won't stay on when you're dry. It just ain't happening". I went back for more beer for the both of us and struggled again with the towel. By now the beer was starting to take affect and when it slipped off, I just stepped out of it. "I'm having the same issues"

I picked up my towel and laid it across the couch like Mark. I had one leg bent on the cushion with my foot touching my leg sort of sitting in the corner. We were watching TV and I cannot even remember what was on. As I went to pick up a piece of pizza off my plate, I saw Marks dick look a bit puffier. As he watched TV, I would glance over and saw his dick start to move towards his leg. Then it jumped and started to point up to his navel. No one said anything. Watching Mark get a hard on, my dick started to inflate too. I tried to hide it with my plate, but that didn't help. My dick was pushing my plate out of the way. Mark grabbed my plate along with his and went back for more pizza. When he returned, he had a full raging hard on point straight out. By now, my was pointing straight out too.

He handed me my plate full of pizza and said "Looks like we have the same problem. Let me see if I can help you fix yours." He set his plate on the couch and dropped to his knees. He bent my leg out straight and in one gulp, inhaled my dick. "Fuck! What are you doing?" I was taken by surprise.

"Helping you out" was all he said as he went back down on my dick. I was frozen and speechless. This was enjoying my first gay blow job. Mark definitely sucked some dick before. He was slurping, licking my head and with his hand, playing with my balls. Damn, I wish he would give my wife lessons! Once my dick had grown to its full 8 inch potential and full girth, he had trouble taking it all down his throat. It didn't stop him from trying though. After what seemed an eternity, he stood up, turned around and squatted over my dick.

"Now what are you doing?"

"You're too big for my mouth so I am trying something different." With that said, he impaled himself on my rock hard dick. He moaned and almost screamed as my cock ripped into his ass. He sat motionless for a few minutes. "Just let me get used to it before you move". Then he started rocking his hips and moving in a small circle. This was the tightest place my dick had been in a long time. As his ass relaxed, he started bobbing up on and down. The sight of his hairy white ass and tanned body was awesome. The sound of my dick slipping in and out of his asshole was fantastic. It sounded like the sloppiest pussy I ever had without the pussy smell.

After about 5 minutes, Mark said, "My legs are killing me. Let me get on my back." He slowing rose up and let my cock slide out of his ass. I swear I heard a swoosh sound when he did. He moved out plates to the floor and lay on a towel. He pulled his legs up to his chest and said "Come on, fuck me"

I eased between his legs and placed the head of my cock against his asshole. I lost my grip on the sofa and fell onto him ramming my cock all the way in. "Holy Fuck! You gotta go a little slower"

"Sorry, I lost my grip. You OK?"

"I will be once you cum in my ass." I pulled all the way out and slowly pushed in back in. I did this several times before I started to pick up the pace. While I was enjoying my first guy anal sex, my balls were starting to hurt. I was dragging them back and forth on the couch so I stopped for a minute.

"Did you cum already?" he asked.

"No, my balls are dragging on the couch and starting to hurt."

"I can fix that." Once he said that, he flipped over on his knees. "This should be better for your balls"

As I got ready to put my cock in the hottest hole I'd fucked in a long time, I paused to look at it. It was still gaping open just a little. The hairs around it were pointing straight out and his asshole winked. It closed and opened up again almost begging to be filled. I slipped my cock in all the way. It did feel better on my balls than dragging them on the couch. As I picked up the pace, I could feel them slap his balls. It slightly hurt but turned me on more. With that, I started really pounding his ass. He was moaning and groaning saying, "That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Give me all of it—ram it all the way in. Ohhhh, Fuck me!"

I could tell with his free hand he was jerking off. I started rubbing the hair on my chest with one hand and holding on to his hip with the other. "I can't hold off anymore—I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh yea, seed my ass. Shoot that load in my ass"

With one final thrust, I held it buried in his ass as I started firing off my load. My head gets really wide when I come and I know he could feel it. As I was shooting off 7 or 8 bursts of my seed into his ass, Mark groans, "I'm cumming too! Awwwwwwwww!" His asshole started contracting which was driving my cock wild.

After he was finished I kept my cock buried in his ass as I was unsure to pull it out, left it go soft in there or what.

Mark leaned forward and my still hard cock appeared. I saw a blob of cum drip out of his ass onto the towel. I leaned back into my corner and he sat down in the cum on the towel.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Much. I haven't fucked like that in years. Not even on my honeymoon. But I didn't know you were gay."

"I've known for years but I just haven't come out yet. So, this will have to be our secret."

"Hey, not a problem for me. I don't think Katherine will understand if I tell her about this!"

"Let me get your clothes." As he got up, another glob of cum squirted from his ass onto the towel. He walked to the kitchen to get my clothes. "Looks like we have a problem. They're still wet. Guess the heating element isn't working. You want to just wear them wet?"

"Katherine is out of town so I may just crash on your couch if you don't mind." This is long before there were cell phones so the only way my wife could talk to me was on our home phone.

"You don't have to sleep on the couch. I have a bed and I won't kick you out of it either"

We finished eating and drinking and decided to call it a night. He hung our clothes over a door to dry and we went to his bedroom. After making up the bed, we climbed in. By now, my dick was back to its normal size and I was thoroughly satisfied. I faced one direction and he faced the other. I could feel the hairs on our asses touching. I tried not to think about it and rolled on my side to get a good night's sleep.

During the night, I woke up spooning Mark. His butt was sticking out way past the middle of the bed and I had my arm wrapped around his chest. His chest hair was soft—totally different from mine. As I stroked it, my dick started to get hard. I started humping his ass hoping to wake him up for round two. He didn't move. I moved my hand from his chest to his ass and spread his cheeks. Rock hard now; I tried to slip my cock into his ass. It wouldn't go. I tried again and started pushing him across the sheets.

"You need to use some lube" he said in a groggy voice. "It's in the night stand"

I rolled over and found the lube. I smeared a good portion on my cock and gave his asshole a good helping too. Then I slipped one finger in and his asshole bloomed like a flower. I put my head against his hole and pushed. This time it went in. I didn't move allowing him to get used to it like before. Then when he started wiggling around, I knew he was ready to get fucked.

I lay next to him just pumping my cock in and out of his ass for a good while. Then I decided to straddle one of his legs and fuck him. My smooth balls felt every hair on his legs as they rubbed back and forth with my thrusts. Mark didn't moan or move. He just lied there letting me have my way with his hole. I pulled all the way out and then thrust it back it. I moved in circles and side to side. When I could feel my balls moving up, I knew another load was about to be released into his ass. I moaned, "Here it comes" and gave him one more thrust. Then my balls released another huge load. Spurt and spurt was delivered deep in his ass. My head was throbbing but I held still. Mark still wasn't moving so I stayed buried in his ass until my dick softened and slipped out. I swear, I heard the same swoosh sound and thought there must be a load of cum running out his ass.

I rolled over and drifted back to sleep. I knew when we finally work up together, round three would happen.



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