Trying to meet Hunter at Larry's on Fridays turned out to be very difficult. Friday was the night that Jerry and Suzy and I always did something; going to the movies, to the mall or something. And we often got together at one of our houses to listen to music and play video games. Now I had to figure out a way to ditch them so I could try to meet Hunter. But where there's a will there's a way. I wasn't about to let anything get in the way of getting together with Hunter again. I couldn't believe how much I loved sucking his cock, and all I could think about was getting a chance to do it again.

An incredibly beautiful guy with absolutely perfectly defined muscles with a gorgeous cock that I couldn't wait to suck again. In fact, I played around with a hot dog, a sausage and a banana while I jerked off in bed practicing and imagining that big prick of his in my mouth again. I jerked off a couple times every night thinking of him.

I made up a stupid story about my parents joining a late night discussion group on Fridays, so I had to be home to babysit by nine thirty. Luckily neither Jerry nor Suzy ever came over to my house because of my bratty little brothers, so they did not talk to my parents. I checked around and found out there was such a thing as a late night discussion at one of the local churches so I was able to pull the story off.

Anyway, the next two Friday's I went to Larry's about ten o'clock and stayed until after midnight, and no Hunter. I was dying to get with him again, and both times I jerked off in the car while I was waiting. However, on the third Friday when I got there at ten o'clock, he was already there. He was sitting at one of the booths with his friend Nate and two girls.

By this time I'd met some of the regulars so I tried to play it cool when I entered, and instead of going directly over to Hunter, I nodded to him as he looked my way. And he did not even blink at me, but turned back to the groupie he was with. My blood went cold. What the fuck was going on? I was dying here, overwhelmed with lust and he pretended not to even know me? I had forgotten to breathe so I had to gasp, and I felt my eyes go blurry as tears started flowing. I quickly wiped my eyes and turned away from him towards where Janet was calling me. Janet worked here on Friday's but was obviously now on break.

"Sit down Paul" she said as I walked up to the booth. "Take a load off." I sat down so I was facing the booth Hunter was sitting in, but he had his back to me. "What's the matter Paul?" she asked with concern. "Are you crying?" Although I'd wiped my eyes, the tears were still flowing. Although I'm lucky to have a nice build and an attractive face and clear skin, one problem I had was the I would tear up at the least opportunity. It was really embarrassing.

"I guess it's the cold outside getting to me" I said, trying to joke as I grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped my eyes.

"It's seventy degrees out there" Janet laughed. "I don't think that's bringing tears to your eyes. But what's wrong? Somebody shoot your dog?"

"Nothing big Janet" I said as I sniffled. Shit, I was now crying. "I've just had a bad day." I looked at Hunter's back but he was chattering up a storm with Nate and the two girls.

"You want to talk about it?" Janet asked.

"Sorry Janet" I said. "It's not a big deal. I just had an argument with my dad. Sorry." I wiped the tears away and then blew my nose. Damn, I hated it when this happened. "Sorry." They say the best defense is to change the subject and that's what I did. "So, tell me about Mr. Belly Tattoo whom you were lusting after last week."

"Oh yeah" she laughed. "He was so cute. His name is Larry and he talked to me my whole break when you left." Actually I had been so hot waiting for Hunter to show up, that I had gone out to my dad's car and jerked off. "He said he was going to be here during my break again tonight, but I haven't seen him yet. Typical. The cute ones always get away."

My eyes were glued to Hunter's broad shoulders. I'd only been with Hunter one time but I think I was falling in love with him. But why was he ignoring me? There was no question in my mind that he loved having me blow him, and I'd made it clear I wanted to do it again. And he did say we could meet again on a Friday. I tried to concentrate on what Janet was saying about Larry before I started tearing up again. He was so beautiful and so muscular and so powerful, that I just had to have him again.

Janet had to go back to work so I just sat there with a drink staring a hole into the back of Hunter's head. I tried not to be too obvious, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. Tonight he was wearing a black muscle shirt showing off his perfectly defined bulging biceps. Evidently he wore only muscle shirts, but why not? With arms like that why would he ever cover them up. In fact, if I had all those muscles, I don't think I'd ever wear a shirt at all. Hunter was a true demigod.

As I sat there the realization was sinking in that Hunter was not interested in me. Obviously I had gone way overboard in falling for him, since he wouldn't even look at me. The tears started again and I had to blow my nose once more. My cock wasn't hard anymore, and I had no interest in jerking off. In fact, I knew I was going to go home and cry my eyes out. I was miserable, and my crying was getting out of hand, and was getting noticeable. Hunter's friend Nate who was facing me acted like he noticed and said something to Hunter. As painful as it was going to be, I knew I had to get out of here.

Just as I was about to move, Hunter got up from the booth and flexed his enormous arms, performing a double bicep pose. The girls he was with giggled and every eye in the place was on him. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, he was gorgeous. My mouth fell open in awe and lust. And that gorgeous creature had actually let me suck his cock.

Nate got up and the two of them walked over to the door. Just as they were about to go outside, Hunter turned and looked me in the eye, and I think my heart stopped beating. Just staring at me for a few seconds, there was the faintest lift of his head, almost unnoticeable. He was calling me over! He wanted me.

I jumped up and knocked my drink over. "Oh shit" I said as I grabbed some napkins and dropped them on the puddle. No way did I have time to clean it up, so I just took off and left it. Janet or somebody would get to it. Hunter and Nate were standing outside the door as I came out and joined them.

"Hey Paul" Hunter said.

"Ahhh... hi Hunter" I stuttered.

"You know Nate don't you?" he asked.

"Ah yeah, sure" I answered as Nate and I shook hands.

"We're going over to Nate's house" Hunter said as he put his arm around me. Oh bloody Christ; he put his arm around me. My cock was instantly hard. "His folks are out tonight so we'll have the place to ourselves." We walked over to Hunter's pickup and Nate opened the door and let me get in first. As we settled into the seat, Hunter grabbed my hand and pulled it into his crotch. I was surprised and embarrassed with Nate there, but as I tried to pull back, he jerked my back and squeezed my hand around his cock. He wasn't completely hard, but there was one hell of a bulge there anyway. Nate had to see that I had my hand in Hunter's crotch but he didn't say anything. Nobody said anything as Hunter drove away from the drive-in. Sio I kept massaging his prick as it got very hard and very big.

"So, how ya been?" Hunter asked as he reached down and squeezed my leg. "How's the wrestling going?" Hunter wrestled for Central and my buddy Jerry and I were now wrestling for South.

"It's good Hunter. It's good. Coach says we'll have a good team this year" I said.

Hunter started laughing. "Oh shit. I can't wait" he laughed. "We have our first match against you guys next month, and we'll whip your asses without even trying." He gave my leg another squeeze forcing my cock to get even harder.

"I know Hunter. I know. You guys always beat us."

"Fuckin A" he said.

As we walked into Nate's living room Hunter sat down on the end of the sofa. "Get me a coke Nate" he said. "Come here Paul" he said as he patted the cushion next to him. I walked over and sat next to him, and he immediately pulled my hand into his crotch. "Remember this?" he asked.

"Ahhh... yeah Hunter. Yeah" I answered.

"What do you want to do with it?" he asked as he squeezed my hand against the almost fully hard cock. "Tell me what you want to do." I glanced around but Nate had not come back yet.

"I want to suck it" I whispered and I got a hot flash and my cock jerked in my pants.

"Speak up boy" Hunter said. "What do you want?"

"I want to suck your cock Hunter" I mumbled.

"Do you now?" he said giving me a leer as Nate came back into the room and handed him a coke. "Tell Nate what you want."

"Ahhh... please Hunter."

"It's okay. Nate knows why we're here. Tell him."

"Please Hunter, I can't."

"Tell him what you want to do with my cock" he ordered sounding angry. "Tell him."

Nate had sat in an easy chair across from us and was watching. "I want to suck his cock" I whispered.

"Good boy Paul. Good boy" Hunter said with a laugh. "Nate's hot for my cock too, so I told him he could watch you do me."

"Fuck you Hunter" Nate said. "Fuck you."

"Yeah. I'll bet you want to fuck me" Hunter laughed. Taking a sip from his Coke, he put it aside, and putting a hand behind my head, he pulled me down to his crotch. "Chew on it baby. Chew on it." He pushed my nose against the bulge that was forcing its way down the leg of his jeans, and I did what he told me. I lightly chewed and sucked up and down the length of his prick. "Oh yeah man" he gushed. "Work on my big pecker." He just let me go at it for a couple minutes, and then pushed me off the sofa onto my knees and pulled me back up to his crotch. "That's it baby. Keep working it."

And let me tell you I did exactly that. I worked his cock. I'd dreamed of nothing else for two weeks and was totally crazed with lust and just wanted this demigod's prick back in my mouth. I knew that Nate was watching us, but I was so hot that I wouldn't have cared if fifty people had been watching. After a couple more minutes I finally lifted my head a little and looked up at him. That black muscle shirt fit him like a second skin, showing incredible definition on those amazing muscles. Chest, arms, shoulders, he was the most beautiful guy I'd ever seen and he was actually allowing me serve him. I felt a quiver in my pants as my very hard cock tried to get even harder.

Hunter had a big smile on his face. "What?" he said grinning down at me. "What? You want something more? Tell me what you want."

"Ahhh... Hunter" I whispered. "Please."

"Please what Paul?" he smirked. "What do you want?"

"I want your cock Hunter" I whispered.

"Do you really?" he laughed. "Just how bad do you want it? You want to beg for it?" He was obviously determined to embarrass me in front of Nate as he laughed at me, but I was beyond thinking of anything except my hunger to get that prick back into my mouth.

"Please Hunter. Let me suck your cock" I pleaded.

"Let's do it right this time" he said. "Get my shoes off." I set back on my haunches and untied and removed his Nike's and then his half socks. "Okay, now the pants" he ordered. I unbuckled his belt and then unbuttoned his tight jeans. He just sat there staring at me with a grin on his face.

"Ahhh... You'll have to raise up Hunter" I said. As he lifted his butt I pulled them down to his thighs, and then sat back and grabbed them at the ankles and pulled them completely down and off. Again, he was wearing just a jockstrap, but this time his cock was sticking out the side of the jock and onto his leg. Putting my hands on his legs I leaned forward to get it into my mouth.

Hunter put his hand against my forehead and stopped me just before I reached it. "Beg" he said.

"Please" I whimpered. "Please."

He put his hand under my chin pulling me up so I had to look him in the eye. "You're one hungry little cock sucker aren't you" he said grinning at me. I just stared at him with my mouth open.

"Answer me" he ordered.

"Ahhh... yeah Hunter" I said, not really thinking about what I was saying. "Yeah." Then Hunter stood up and pushed my head back and kept pushing. As I got my legs untangled I landed on my back on the floor. Hunter pulled his jock down and off and then climbed on top of me putting his knees over my arms and settling on my chest. His enormous prick was almost right in my face and I noticed that it was starting to drip with pre-cum. I started to lift my head to lick it, but he pressed me back down. Then sliding up slightly he maneuvered himself so his balls were resting on my chin and then on my lips. And I was about to blow again. Hunter was a total god and I couldn't believe that anybody could do so many things to make me crazy with desire. He was like a demon, totally controlling me.

"Lick my balls baby" he said as he took hold of his big prick and started slowly massaging it right before my eyes. "Lick baby, lick" he ordered. And I started licking his balls. Oh fuck I was hot. My cock was throbbing and I was on the verge of cuming so I told myself to remain calm. I took a couple deep breaths trying to get myself under control.

Then Hunter grabbed me by the hair and gave a jerk. "God damn it. Suck my fucking balls kid" he growled at me. His balls were pressed right against my lips, so all I had to do was open my mouth and they slid part way in. I started sucking. It would have never occurred to me that I would want to suck on somebody's balls, but right now it was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. It was right up there almost equal to sucking Hunter's cock.

"What do you think Nate" I heard him say. "Is this what you want to do."

"Fuck off Hunter" Nate answered. "You know I ain't gay,"

"I didn't say you were gay, man" Hunter laughed. "I just said you were hot for my cock. I've seen how you can't take your eyes off me."

"Oh shut up Hunter" Nate said, trying to laugh it off, but only partially successfully. "You're totally full of shit."

I kept sucking on Hunter's nuts for maybe five minutes before he made a move. Then he slid forward so his balls were now in my eyes, and eased down. He didn't say a word, and as shocked as I was, there really was no question in my mind what he wanted. He wanted me to kiss his ass.

I came in my pants. "Ugh, ugh, ugh" I moaned as my cock fired into my pants. I just couldn't help it. Hunter was absolutely brilliant about coming up with stuff that made me so hot it drove me crazy.

"Oh yeah" Hunter laughed. "My little cocksucker is shooting his juice. Nate, this little shit is the hottest mother fucker on the planet. Maybe you should get in on this."

"No way man" I heard Nate say. "I'll just watch."

Hunter was patient with me this time and let me finish my ejaculation and begin to calm down. In fact he lifted his ass so he could look down at me. Staring into my eyes, he spit into his hand, and reaching down smeared it all over my face. Then he eased has ass back down in my face.

"Okay babe" he said. "Get on my ass. Get that tongue in there." I was still totally hot and my cock was still hard, and I willing to do anything Hunter wanted. And right now I wanted to kiss his ass. He was a god and I wanted to make him feel good. I stuck out my tongue and started licking and sucking up and down his crack. My heart was beating a million miles an hour and I was so excited I wanted to scream, and there was nothing in the world I wanted better than to worship the ass of this demigod above me. He was my hero, my superman, my Lord and Master. And all I wanted was to worship him.

Hunter began to slide his ass back and forth allowing me to really get into his crack. His balls kept bouncing against my nose and dragging up and down over my face as I buried my mouth and tongue into his ass. I loved it.

"Oh yeah babe. Oh yeah" Hunter gasped. Even though I couldn't see much I could tell that he was jerking his cock hard. "Oh shit yeah" he yelled and I knew he was going to cum. Very quickly he jerked his ass back onto my chest, pulled my head up with a grip in my hair, and fired his first shot of cum directly into my right eye. Yanking on my hair I felt his whole body shutter as his second shot landed on my forehead.

"Aooowww" I yelled because it felt like he was going pull the hair right out of my head. My arms were pinned under his legs so there was nothing I could do as he continued dragging me up and down by my hair and shooting into my face. Hunter was yelling too as he continued shooting all over me.

"Ohhh shit that was good" he groaned as his ejaculation finally ended. "Oh fuck." My head banged on the floor as he let go of my hair and set back putting his full weight on my chest. He felt like he was going to crush me. "Oh shit" he gasped as he was getting his breath back, "you are one hot mother fucker. And you suck ass like nobody's business" he said as he looked down at me. "But you are a mess" he laughed. Then he reached down and smeared his cum all over my face, on my chin, my cheeks, my forehead, and even into my hair. "Nate, get me a towel" he said and Nate jumped up to get one. I could now open both eyes since he'd smeared the worst of the cum from the right one.

"You were great Paul" he said looking me in the eye. "Fabulous. Did you like that?"

"Oh shit Hunter. Yeah" I gasped, realizing at that very moment that I had absolutely loved it. Licking his ass, bringing him off, having him shoot in my face; I loved anything and everything he did to me. "That was fabulous Hunter." Hunter reached down and gave me a couple love taps on the cheek.

"It was great for me too babe" he said as Nate came back and handed him a towel. Hunter reached down and wiped my face carefully, cleaning off all his cum. Then he stood up and sat back down on the sofa. "What did you think Nate" he said. "Pretty cool heh?"

"Oh yeah Hunter. What a show. You really are something else" Nate answered.

"I see you've got a hell of a bulge in your pants" Hunter said with a laugh. "This really turns you on doesn't it? Maybe you should get over and get some of this yourself." With that Hunter grabbed his softening cock and wiggled it a few times. "I think you'd love it."

"Cut it out Hunter" Nate said with a frown. "Watching you is fucking hot, but you know that ain't my thing. So stop it."

"Okay man" Hunter laughed. "Just let me know when you're ready. Paul, get up here." I had set up but was still on the floor. As I started to get up Hunter said: "No, down here. On your knees." I got on my knees and crawled over to him, and again taking a handful of my hair, he pulled me into his crotch. "This is what you've been wanting baby" he said. "So suck it."

I dove in and since it wasn't totally hard, swallowed it right up to the root. "Easy, easy, easy" Hunter said with a laugh. "Don't be greedy. Go slow baby. A nice slow suck job. Give me a chance to get my breath back for god's sake." Hunter grabbed my head and held me so I couldn't move, so with his cock in my mouth, I just sucked on it like a lollypop. And he was right. This was what I wanted. I wanted to suck him. As exciting as it was to lick his ass and have him shoot in my face, there was nothing to compare with having his big shaft in my mouth.

"That's it baby" he said with a sigh. "Nice and easy. We've got all night." Hunter picked up his soda and took a drink. "You like soda babe" he asked. Keeping his cock in my mouth, I squinted up at him. I didn't know what he expected me to say since my mouth was full. So I said yes.

"Yuagh." He laughed at my attempt to answer and then poured s a little of the Coke into his crotch.

"Okay. Lick it up baby." And I did. And again he shocked me and made me incredibly hot. Sucking the Coke out of his crotch hairs was an incredible turn on. I was hot to trot all over again.

"Have some more babe" he said as he poured some more onto his crotch. I lapped it up with pleasure, and then went back to sucking.

"Nate. You've still got a hell of a bulge down there" I heard him say. "You sure you don't want any of this."

"Hunter. Please stop it" he said. "What's with you tonight? You know that ain't gonna happen. All I told you was I wanted to watch."

"Well at least get your cock out. You can jerk off while you watch."

"No man. No" he answered.

"Hell, you're so hard it looks like you're going to burst, and I know you're going to jerk off the minute I leave, so you might as well do it now. So whip it out. I want to see you jerk off."

"No Hunter. I don't want to" Nate answered.

"I said, whip the god damn thing out. I don't give a fuck if you don't want to" Hunter growled at him. This time it was definitely an order, and Nate grudgingly started opening his pants. I had to smile from my position in Hunter's crotch where I was doing my sucking, because there was no question about who was in charge around here. Nate did what he was told.

Then Hunter pushed me away and reaching down grabbed his shirt and pulled it up and off. And again I was astonished at how incredibly good looking he was. Perfectly shaped muscles bulging everywhere with astonishing definition. He then took hold of one of my ears which caused me to yelp, and pulled me up next to him on the sofa and then over to his chest. This was a repeat of the last time when I'd licked and sucked has chest in the truck and I was thrilled to be able to do it again. I'd been dreaming about this for three weeks.

"Get over here Nate" Hunter ordered.

"Ahhh... wha...?" Nate answered.

"I said get over here. Set next to me" Hunter said. Nate stood up with his hard cock in his hand which was sticking out of his pants, and came over and sat on the other side of Hunter as I licked away at the slab of muscle on Hunter's chest.

"Something I've always wanted to do was to have two guys kissing my pecs at the same time" he said to Nate. "I know you're turned on to my body so here's your chance to show me. Suck on my tit."

"Come on Hunter. Stop it please" Nate pleaded. "Don't make me do this."

"Shit Nate. I know you're wild for my body so stop the bullshit" Hunter said. "It ain't like I'm asking you to blow me or anything. I just want you to suck on my tit for a while. So, come on. Do it." Hunter reached behind Nate's head and pulled him in to his bulging pec, and Nate did not object.

"Oh shit yeah" Hunter gushed. "This is so cool. Two hot studs worshiping my chest." My cock jerked again when I heard him call me a hot stud. I was hard and very turned on and was loving licking and kissing his big slab of pectoral muscle. He had both of us licking his chest for only a minute or so when he grabbed us each by the hair and pulled us back.

"Oh man, this is so fucking great" Hunter said with excitement "but I want it in the nude. I want to see you guys naked and kissing my chest. That will be so fucking cool. So come on. Strip down. Hurry up." As Hunter stood up I saw that he was now fully hard and his nine inch pole was sticking out from his middle like a totem pole. I had already started to strip, but Nate hadn't moved yet. Hunter grabbed him by the collar, jerked him to his feet, and reaching down, yanked his pants down to his ankles. "Get them off god damn it" he ordered. Now Nate decided he'd better do it, so in no more than thirty seconds we were all standing there in the nude. "Come on" Hunter said grabbing each of us by the arm "into the bedroom." He almost dragged us into Nate's parent's bedroom and stopped in front of a huge mirror.

And oh fuck, was that beautiful. So I'm a bit vain, but I know that I'm damn good looking, but in that mirror were three incredibly built, really attractive boys all with hard-ons sticking out. Hunter of course looks astonishing; built like a brick shit house with breathtaking muscles for a high school kid, and Nate is pretty amazing too. I knew he was Hunter's buddy and on the wrestling team at Central, but I hadn't realized he was so well built. And then there was me with pretty good definition for a neophyte and musculature that was coming along just fine. Nate was a couple inches shorter than Hunter, and I was a couple inches short than him, so Hunter towered over me.

"Oh yeah" Hunter grinned. "The man with the godlike physique and his two muscle addicts, my faithful admirers. Do you guys know how lucky you are?"

"Come on Hunter" Nate said as he blushed in embarrassment. "Cut it out." I didn't say anything because I knew very well I was lucky to be Hunter's disciple.

"Muzzle it Nate" Hunter said with a laugh. "You know damn well everybody wants me. And I know damn well that you do too." Putting an arm around each of us Hunter pulled us in close. "My two buds ready to show their respect for a superior male. That's right hey Nate?"

"Please Hunter" Nate pleaded. "It ain't that way."

"Don't tell me I'm not the best" Hunter said as I saw him give Nate a slap to the back of his head. "You know damn well I'm 'el primo'."

"Okay Hunter. Okay. So you're superman" Nate laughed trying to turn it into a joke.

"You bet your ass I'm superman" Hunter responded. "So show me how you treat your superman" he said. "Kiss my tit, babe. Kiss it." Hunter grabbed both of us by the hair and directed us into his chest. I immediately started sucking on the nub sticking out of his bulging pectoral.

"Hunter...." Nate started to say.

"I said kiss it Nate" Hunter growled. "Kiss it." Then I heard a kiss as Nate started obeying. "Oh fuck yeah" Hunter said. I couldn't see, but I knew Hunter was watching us worship his pecs in the mirror. "Oh fuck yeah! That's it, that's it. Two hunky studs worshiping their Greek god. That's it." I really got into licking and sucking my muscleman's chest, and was ready to do it all night if he wanted. "Shit, I wish somebody could take a picture of this" Hunter gushed.

After a good five minutes of Nate and me covering every inch of Hunter's slabs of muscle, he finally pulled us back. "Oh shit that was good, but that's enough for now. But we definitely got to do this more often. Right Paul?"

"Oh yeah Hunter. Absolutely" I answered as he had to literally drag me back away from his chest. Dropping his arms Hunter headed back to the living room with Nate and me following along behind. As he sat back down on the sofa, Hunter snapped his fingers at me and pointed to the floor in front of him. I was on my knees between his legs in two seconds.

"You want to suck me Paul? I mean really suck me?"

"Oh yeah Hunter. Please."

"Okay. Go to it. Let's see what you can do." Leaning in, I took his massive pecker and pushing and swallowing, forced it all the way into my throat so my nose was jammed into his crotch. "Oh shit" Hunter yelled in amazement. "Fuckin A." I pulled back and got a couple quick breaths and did it again, cramming every inch of it into my throat.

It wasn't easy and I knew I couldn't keep it up, but the sounds of pleasure coming from Hunter were such a turn on, that I had to do it some more. As I crammed the monster into my throat a third time, I started to gag, so I pulled back, trying to get more breath before swallowing it again. Hunter hadn't touched me yet or tried to direct me, so I knew I must be doing it right and giving him the pleasure he wanted.

"Way to go babe. Way to go" I heard him whimper. "Just like that. Yeah. Keep it up babe." I felt a shot of excitement shoot up my spine as I realized that I was controlling this demigod. This dominant muscle boy was like putty in my hands as I gave him a blow job to end all blow jobs. I was delirious with pleasure knowing that I had the power to drive him into a frenzy of excitement just by sucking his cock.

Cramming his giant pole into my throat was beginning to hurt, but there was no way I was going to stop doing it now. I had Hunter going crazy with delight, relishing what I was doing to him, and I wanted him screaming with pleasure before I was through. If cramming his cock deep into my throat was what gave him the greatest sensation, then I'd keep cramming it in forever.

Going in deep and jamming my nose into his crotch as hard as I could, I swallowed twice which must have felt like a vise on his prick. Pulling back and gasping for three quick breaths, I did it once more, forcing the thing halfway down my esophagus and holding it. Since he'd already cum I thought he would be able to hold out longer this time, but I was determined to keep it up as long as I could to give him a thrill like he'd never had before.

"Yeeeessss" he howled as I felt him grab my head, pull me in tight, and start shooting. If I hadn't had my mouth full I would have smiled at how quickly I was able to bring him off. Now, however, he had taken control and was holding my head jammed into his crotch as he shot again and then again. I forced myself not to choke until he finally loosened his grip, and then I pulled back coughing frantically with his cum actually coming out my nose. I was gasping madly for breath and trying to swallow at the same time as he continued shooting into my mouth. Trying hard to swallow between gasps for breath, I barely avoided choking and finally swallowed every bit of his gism. Every last bit of it.

With his cock still in my mouth I looked up at him as he sank back on the cushions panting fast, his massive chest pumping and his sweaty muscles glistening. "Oh fuck Paul. You were terrific" he said with wonder as he finally pushed my head back letting his softening cock slide out of my mouth.

"Thank you Hunter" I gasped, trying to smile. "It was great. Ahhh... Hunter... can I cum?"

"Oh hell yes. Go ahead and jerk off" he said. "Nate, you too" he shouted. "Jerk off." Ten or twelve seconds later I was shooting my spunk against the side of the sofa with an incredible orgasm and if I messed up the sofa, I didn't give a shit. Not more than a minute later I heard Nate begin moaning so I knew he was coming as well.

After cuming I just sat there on my haunches looking up at the incredibly gorgeous creature sitting in front of me. Every superbly defined muscle glistening from his sweat, he was total perfection in a human being. There was no question in my mind I was in the presence of a god. Leaning forward I gave Hunter's softening cock a kiss and then took it back in my mouth.

"Down boy, down" Hunter laughed as he pushed my head away. "That's all you're going to get for now." He grabbed my nose and gave my head a friendly shake. "But believe you me, that's definately the best blow job I've ever had, and if you keep sucking me like that, you're going to get all the cock you can handle."

I looked at him with totally worshipful eyes. Hell, there was no doubt I was in love with him and he could probably tell. "Thank you Hunter" I murmured, giving him another big smile. "I'm ready whenever you are." I leaned forward and gave him another quick kiss on the tip of his cock and then stood up. Hunter stood up and then Nate got up as well.

"I think that shower in the Master bathroom is big enough for three" he said with a laugh. "Let's go find out." He gave both me and Nate a pat on the ass as we headed down the hall to the bathroom.



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