"Why in the hell didn't you tell me Jerry's folks had a cabin in the mountains?" Hunter bellowed at me as he grabbed the front of my shirt jerking me out of my seat just inches from his face. "Why in the fuck didn't you say something?"

I just sat there in shock. What...? How...? When...? Why would I have ever mentioned that Jerry had a cabin in the mountains. This was completely unfair; even for Hunter.

It was Friday and I had come in earlier than usual hoping to see Hunter there. It was only nine o'clock but Hunter and Nate got there just about a minute after I did so they sat down with me. Hunter being Hunter, told me to go get them Cokes but I was more than happy to do it.

"When do you like Coke the best?" Hunter had asked with a leer as I put the drinks on the table. "Outa my crotch or outa the can?" This time I was not embarrassed but just laughed along with him and Nate. I was gradually beginning to understand Hunter.

"Outa your crotch Hunter" I laughed. "That's definitely the best. And I'll bet root beer tastes good there as well and I really want to try it." All three of us laughed and Hunter gave me an admiring look that almost made my heart stop. Oh shit; getting him laughing and making him happy made me almost delirious with pleasure. My first thought was Al Jolson: 'I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles' and it took my breath away. I was absolutely one hundred percent head over heels in love with this gorgeous, masculine, absolutely-perfect human being. My love and lust for him was almost unbearable.

"Don't worry babe" he said with a laugh. "I'll definitely give you a chance to try root beer." We all three laughed again. "So, where's your buddy Jer tonight? I thought he'd be here with you."

Jerry and I had been at Larry's for the past two Fridays but Hunter and Nate had not shown up. This week Jerry couldn't make it so I was here by myself.

"His parents were going up to their cabin in the mountains for the weekend, and made him go along" I answered. "He tried to get out of it but they wouldn't let him stay home alone. Obviously they don't trust him" I said with a laugh.

And that's when Hunter freaked out. We were sitting at a booth and he was across from me, and when I said that he grabbed me by the collar and jerked me half way across the table. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me?" he yelled as he gave me a hard jerk. Everybody in the place looked over and I was totally shocked.

"Hunter... " I gasped. "Hunter... wha...?"

"Why the fuck didn't you say something" he said as he gave me another shake. He was really mad.

"Hunter.... please" I squawked. "How... how... how could I know?"

"I've been wanting to go up to the mountains for ages" he said. "Nate and I talk about it all the time. And now I find out you've had one available all the time and didn't even tell me." He gave me another shake and then let me go.

I was still shocked and didn't know what to say. This was so unfair, but he was really mad.

"But Hunter...." I cried at the total unfairness of this. "But Hunter.... how...."

"You just shut the fuck up before I really blow my stack" Hunter growled. "In fact get the fuck out of here until I cool down." I just sat there in shock for a moment with my mouth hanging open. "Move it before I kick your ass right here and now" he yelled. Everybody in the place looked up again to see what the commotion was about. I could see that Hunter was really mad and I was going to be in deep shit if I didn't get out of there quick. I got the hell out.

I had my dad's car of course so I got in and just sat there wondering what to do. He was furious at me for not telling him something that there was no way I could possibly have known he was interested in. He was being impossible. But he was Hunter. That made it different and I knew it. I don't know how, but somehow I should have guessed that he wanted to go to the mountains. And now I had to figure out how to make it up to him.

Actually I didn't know much about Jerry's cabin. I'd never been there and didn't know if they owned it or rented it or what. But it was obvious that the only way to make it up to Hunter was to make arrangements of us to be able to use it. I pulled out my cell and pushed speed dial #1 on the presets.

"Hey Paul" Jerry said as he answered. "Are you at Larry's?"

"Yeah I'm here, setting in the parking lot" I said. "I had to get out because Hunter was about to kill me. He threatened to kick my ass right there in the middle of Larry's."

"What? Really?" he said. "What'd you do? What's going on?"

"I told him you went to the mountains this weekend and he is crazy angry because I didn't tell him about it before."

"Tell him what before? We only went this afternoon."

"Yeah. That's it exactly" I answered. "How could I have told him anything before."

"I don't understand" Jerry said.

"Well I don't understand it either" I said "but he is really mad and I've got to do something." And then the whole situation sunk in and I started to tear up. I really did love him and right now I didn't know what to do. "I didn't do anything wrong Jerry. I didn't. He's just not being fair."

"Well, go talk to him. Tell him."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" I asked and started to sob. "You didn't see him. He is fucking furious."

"Well, what are you going to do?"

"That's why I called you" I said. "What's the deal with that cabin? Can we use it? Hunter said he's always wanted to go to the mountains."

"Well my dad owns it along with my two Uncles; we share it with their families. I never asked, but I suppose we could use it. I don't know why not." Then he started laughing. "As long as we don't bring any girls up here, that is. That's why I'm up here now you know, because they thought if I stayed home alone I'd have some girls over. If they only knew" he snorted. "Yeah, if they only knew."

"Jerry. I've got to do something to calm Hunter down" I said. "I thought maybe if I told him we could use the cabin it might satisfy him. Right now he kicked me out and doesn't even want to look at me." Now the tears were streaming down my cheeks. "I c-can't t-take this Jerry. I c-can't" I sobbed. "He hates me now."

"Okay, okay, calm down" Jerry said. "Let me go in and ask my dad about using the place." I heard the cabin door open and close and then Jerry spoke to his father. "Dad; I've got Paul on the phone, and he was wondering if he and I and some of the guys from the wrestling team could use the cabin some weekend."

I heard his father answer in the background. "I don't know why not as long as Hank and Pete are not using it. But you'd have to clean it up afterwards."

"Of course dad" I heard Jerry say. "We'd keep it clean."

"And I wouldn't want a crowd up here" his father said.

"No" Jerry said. "We're only talking about three or four of us."

"Okay" his dad answered. "Shouldn't be a problem."

"There you are Paul" Jerry said coming back on to the phone. "I'll just have to check with my Uncles to see if it's available." Then he laughed, "Now get back in there and beg him to forgive you."

I had stopped crying, and laughed a little along with him now. "Yeah, okay Jerry. Thanks. I think you've just saved my life."

"I hope so" he said. "Talk to you later."

"Bye" I said and put the phone down. As I looked up I saw that Nate was standing right next to the window looking in at me. "Nate" I said as I rolled down the window.

"I thought I'd take a minute and come out and talk to you" he said.

"This is a bunch of crap Nate" I said as I opened up the car door and got out. "How could I tell him about something I didn't even know he wanted to know?"

"Yeah, but that's Hunter" he answered. "You can't disagree with him, so you just have to humor him and roll with the punches. Right now though, he's calmed down, and I think he realizes he was totally unfair. In fact I think he's feeling guilty. He told me to come out and get you."

"I've already done something Nate. I called Jerry and he says we can use the cabin whenever we want. Will that make Hunter happy do you think?"

Nate started laughing. "Beating him at his own game hey?" he laughed. "That might work but you have to be careful. I think he probably wants to apologize, except that Hunter never apologizes for anything. If you value your life you can't tell him he's done something stupid. You definitely don't want to make him look stupid."

"Well what am I supposed to do? He's mad at me for no good reason, but now I can't fix it by giving him what he wants?"

"I actually think he's sorry for blowing up, but you have to treat him with kid gloves. Go in there and apologize for not knowing he wanted to go to the mountains, and beg him to forgive you."

"But Nate...?"

"I know, I know, it's not your fault, but that's not the point. I've gone through this plenty of times before, and as long as you admit you were wrong and beg him to forgive you he'll usually let it go. Just make sure you don't put him on the spot by hinting he was wrong. I think he already knows he shouldn't have blown up at you, so if you tell him it was your fault and that you're sorry, that'll give him the excuse to forgive you."

This was a bunch of shit, but what do you do? He was so dazzling, and so masculine and so dominant that I knew I was privileged to even associate with him. And hell, I knew he was arrogant with an ego big enough to fill a stadium, so I could certainly put up with a little vanity from him. After all, Hunter was an extraordinary human being.

So I went in and apologized. Profusely. Over and over again. And then begged for forgiveness. And then after all that, I told him that I'd gotten permission for us to use the cabin. That seemed to do the trick.

"I don't know why the hell you didn't just set that up in the first place" he growled at me. "What the fuck was the purpose of making me lose my temper like that?"

"I'm sorry Hunter. I'm really sorry. I just wasn't thinking. You know I'll do anything for you." I was sweating because I didn't know which direction he was going to go. Stay mad and tell me to go to hell, or get over it and get things back to normal with us.

"Okay, we'll drop it. You fucked up, but I can't stay mad forever. Okay?"

"Yeah Hunter. Yeah. I'm really sorry."

"I'll let you make it up to me. How about when we get to the cabin you bury your face in my ass for a while? How does that sound to you?" I immediately gasped and turned red at Hunter's incredible brazenness. Yes, he'd made me kiss his ass at Nate's house and yes I actually loved doing it. I loved anything Hunter made me do, but he was so blatant about talking about things like this it was embarrassing.

"Well? You want to do anything for me you said, so tell me you want to spend some time kissing my ass." I realized that only Hunter could say such a thing with total seriousness. He wasn't kidding. He wanted me to tell him that I wanted to worship his ass.

"Ahhh.... Hunter" I said not able to say it. "Please. I want whatever you want."

"That doesn't answer my question." Nate started laughing, really enjoying my embarrassment.

"Yes Hunter" I mumbled looking down at the table.

"Yes what?" he said "and look at me."

I looked him in the eye and whispered. "Yes Hunter. I want to worship your ass."

Evidently that was the right thing to say because he took me out to the truck and let me suck him off. This time he didn't cum so fast so I must have sucked on that golden rod of his for at least half an hour. When I was finished I was sweaty, my mouth was tired and my throat was sore, but I was very, very satisfied.


So, here we were, heading for Jerry's family cabin in the mountains. I had never seen it but Jerry said it was on seventeen acres of virgin forest which his Grandfather had bought years ago, and it was totally isolated. The fact that it was the 'isolated' was what was important. Hunter made it clear that the whole point of going to the mountains was so you could do your 'thing' in the forest and wouldn't have nosy neighbors watching.

"You're no nudist" Nate said to Hunter. "You're just so fucking vain that you want the world to see your 'without-a-doubt spectacular physique'." Hunter and Nate had been chatting most of the way while Jerry and I had hardly said a word. We were in Hunter's pickup so there was only room for three, and since I was the smallest I was sitting on Nate's lap. I'd set on Jerry's lap for the first part of the trip, but after getting gas I was setting on Nate. Jerry was okay but Nate was a pain. He didn't have a hard-on ramming me in the butt, but he kept coming up with excuses to reach down and grab my ass, supposedly to reposition me on his lap. I just wanted the trip to be over.

"No way Nate" Hunter answered. "That's not true. I've always liked the idea of going naked, but when have I had the chance? Living in a god damn city with houses two feet apart and a snoopy little sister, when could I have ever been a nudist?"

"Yeah, but it's your conceitedness that you're talking about. You don't care about being nude, you just want to be admired. But hell Hunter, I understand. I for one will admire the hell out of you."

"Oh fuck you Nate. Fuck you" Hunter said with a laugh. "But you wait. You'll find out that there ain't nothing like walking around everywhere, including through the woods, in your birthday suit. This weekend is going to be amazing."

But, was I excited? You're damn right I was excited. I was more excited than I'd ever been in my life. I knew this weekend was going to be about sex. Sex, sex, sex. Every time I glanced at Hunter I started getting hard just thinking of that prick of his. I really couldn't think of anything else. I wanted that prick and I wanted it often. I knew we were going to spend the whole weekend in the nude; hell, that was the whole idea, so I intended to be sucking that cock anywhere and everywhere I could. Sucking him in the forest while wandering around in the nude was so hot that just the thought of it made me hard.

I assumed that Hunter had every minute of the weekend planned already. And there was no doubt that it would be organized around servicing his big prick in as many ways as he could possibly think of. He'd already said I gave great blow jobs so I knew I was going to spend a lot of time sucking on his big prick, which is what I wanted, and he'd said he wanted Jerry to suck him as well. And that didn't count getting fucked. Neither Jerry nor I had ever been fucked, but I knew Hunter wasn't going to wait much longer before doing me and maybe Jerry as well. It's just that I did such a fabulous job of sucking him that he hadn't seen the need of taking my ass yet.

And then there was Nate. I knew Nate was turned on to Jerry, so I figured Hunter would make Jerry suck him. But what did that leave?

Well, there was muscle worship. Hunter couldn't keep us occupied on his prick all the time, so I rather imagined that in between getting his prick serviced he was probably going to have some busy tongues working on him. That was fine with me because he had the most incredible teenage body I'd ever seen or even imagined and it gave me a thrill every time I was able to touch him. Actually it gave me a thrill just to look at him; touching and licking those fabulous muscles was like frosting on the cake.

The only question was Nate. I knew he and Hunter had been best friends for ages and Nate literally worshiped the ground Hunter walked on. Nate was also always ready and willing to worship Hunter's muscles, but he always pretended to be straight and therefore they did not have sex. But I had a feeling that before the weekend was over that was going to change and gay or straight, Nate was going to learn how to take Hunter's cock.


And what a weekend we had. And here's the story. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon I blew Hunter three times and he still raved that I was the best cocksucker ever. He fucked me once as well. He also followed through on having Jerry suck him but that didn't really work. No matter how determined he was to get a decent blow job, Jerry just couldn't handle his cock. Hunter got really mad and Jerry ended up getting knocked around some before Hunter finally gave up and fucked him. In fact Hunter said he had a nice tight ass and he fucked him again before we left for home on Sunday.

The real event of the weekend of course was Hunter and Nate just like I had figured. In fact I think the whole weekend in the woods was specifically planned so Hunter could finally entrap Nate.

On Saturday night Hunter had me perform an 'around-the-world' while Nate and Jerry watched. An 'around-the-world' means I had to lick every inch of his body with special emphasis on his ass. After that Hunter had Jerry and me put on a strip show for him. Actually since we were being nudists we had to get dressed first before we could strip but that was fun as we tried to act sexy while Hunter and Nate urged us on. Then he had us blow each other. As usual Jerry was terrible at it but he got a great blow job from me. But the grand finale was just as I suspected. Hunter had plans for Nate.

"Nate, you've been pretty much left out of things" Hunter said. "That blow job Jerry gave you was for shit, so all you've done is jerk off a few times. Are you getting tired of your right hand?"

"No Hunter, it's okay. I absolutely love watching these guys do you" Nate answered. "You know I really admire and respect your muscles. What you've done with your body is really miraculous and I respect you for it. So watching you get all sweaty while these guys worship you makes me hotter than hell."

"Yeah, I hear you Nate" Hunter said. "But it bothers me that you get left out of the action all the time. So come over here." We had a roaring fire going in the fireplace, and we were all sitting naked on cushions on the floor in the nude with our legs crossed.

"Ahhh.... what? Ah what Hunter?"

"We all know you're hot for my body Nate" Hunter said. "So come over here and show me. Let's put on a show for Paul and Jerry."

"It's okay Hunter. I'm okay" Nate said nervously. "I'll just watch."

"I wasn't asking Nate. I was telling. Now move your ass."

"Okay Hunter. Okay, okay" Nate blurted out knowing that Hunter could not be argued with. "Don't get upset." Nate knew very well that Hunter always got his way so he stepped over to him and got on his knees.

Hunter raised his left arm and flexed it forcing his bicep up to softball size. "Start here Nate. Work this huge bicep that you love so much." Nate grabbed the arm with both hands and leaning in started kissing the mountain of muscle over and over.

"Oh shit" he moaned softly as he kissed and licked all over Hunter's bulging muscle. Jerry and I watched as Nate's cock rose up like a cobra and started bouncing up and down. Jesus was he ever turned on. With his other hand, Hunter pulled Nate's head down onto his chest.

"That's it Nate, you're doing fine." Looking over at Jerry and me, Hunter gave us a big grin. "That's the way. Show me how much you love these muscles." Nate was not kissing now, but was licking and sucking and slobbering all over the slabs of pectoral muscle. His cock kept bobbing up and down and it looked like he was going to shoot any minute.

Then Hunter, being Hunter, took charge. Taking a handful of Nate's hair Hunter lay back on the floor pulling Nate down with him, holding his mouth to his chest. Holding on to his hair, he then dragged him back and forth over his massive chest making him cover every inch with his tongue. Then he directed him down to his abs for a while, making him lick up and down every bit of the washboard surface. Finally he pushed his head down to his crotch.

"Lick my balls Nate" Hunter said as he held his face in his crotch.

"Please Hunter" Nate mumbled.

"I ain't telling you to suck me; I just want my balls licked. Now do it" Hunter ordered. Knowing that he had no choice, Nate started licking Hunter's balls. And his throbbing cock kept throbbing. Hunter gently stroked his prick with one hand while he directed Nate's head with the other. It looked like Nate was really getting into it as he slobbered all over the balls with slurping sounds, and seemed to be trying to get them into his mouth. Hunter just let him go at it for a while until he finally raised his legs into the air allowing access to his ass. He then pushed Nate's face down.

"No Hunter" Hate mumbled as he was pushed into the ass crack.

"Just do it" Hunter growled at him. "Get in there and suck it."

"Please Hunter" Nate whimpered. "Please."

"Fucking do it!" Hunter barked at him. Jerry and I waited to see what would happen, but it was a forgone conclusion, because Nate started licking. "Yeah that's it" Hunter said. "Get that tongue in there." So Nate had licked Hunter's muscles, licked his balls, and now was licking his ass. I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen next. But I turned out to be wrong.

"Paul" Hunter said to me. "Get in there and lick Nate's ass." I just looked at him in surprise. What? He wanted me to lick Nate's ass? "Well, don't just sit there. Lick his ass like I told you." What? Of course I moved in and stuck my face in Nate's ass like Hunter told me. Yes I loved and worshipped Hunter, but I also understood my place. My place was to do what Hunter wanted whenever he wanted. So I licked Nate's ass.

"Jerry. Get that tube of cream" Hunter said and out of the corner of my eye I saw Jerry go and get the tube from the table. "Okay Paul" Hunter said and I raised my head to look at him. Hunter still had a hold of Nate's hair, so as he finally lowered his legs he pulled Nate's head up. "Okay Nate" he said. "You can go ahead and play the straight game if you want, so I won't make you suck me; not yet anyway. But I am going to fuck that virgin ass of yours."

"Please Hunter. Please don't" Nate said and I noticed that he had tears in his eyes.

"Oh shut up Nate" Hunter ordered. "You've been hoping I'd take you down and rape you for months now and we both know it. So enough bullshit. I don't want to hear another fucking word outa you." Nate kept quiet but the tears started leaking from his eyes. "Paul. You do the job. Grease him up and get him ready." So I took the tube from Jerry and started working Nate's ass. I'd done this to myself a couple times at home and practiced with a dildo just in case Hunter planned to assault my ass, so I knew what to do. I knew that Nate was a virgin, so I made special effort to get three fingers into his tight bung hole to get him open as wide as possible.

Nate took Hunter's order as gospel and didn't say a word as I prepared his ass. "Okay, get up." Hunter got up and pushed Nate over to the table and pressed his face down on the surface. "Stick that hot ass out babe" he ordered as he grabbed Nate's hips. Then taking careful aim with his fully hard nine or so inches he pushed in. I expected Nate to scream, but he only groaned. I guess I'd done the job in preparing him. Then Hunter pushed the head of his big prick into the tight hole, and Nate did scream.

Yeeeeoooow" he howled as Hunter pushed in. "You been wanting this for years" Hunter said as he gave him a slap on the ass. "And so have I. So take it like a man." I don't know if he had built up anger or what, but he wasn't particularly gentle as he slapped the ass again, pulled back a bit and pushed in further. "Take it babe. Take my big cock." Hunter gave him another slap on the ass, this time leaving a red mark.

Then he stopped for a moment. Nate was weeping softly as Hunter let him adjust to the enormous girth stuck up his ass. "You're tight babe" Hunter said with a big grin on his face. "Nice tight virgin ass. My prick loves it." After giving Nate a minute or so to adjust, Hunter pulled back a little and then drilled in deeper. And now he started a in and out motion, going a little deeper with each thrust. Nate continued whimpering softly as Hunter kept the slow motion going.

"Oh yeah babe. This is good" Hunter laughed. "I don't know why we waited so long for this. Your ass was made for my cock." Nate stopped moaning but I couldn't tell if Hunter's cock pressing against his prostate was making him feel good or not. Then Hunter jerked on Nate's hips pulling him in as he forced his cock in as far as he could.

"Yeah baby. I'm in" he said with a laugh. "Hot, hot ass baby. You're making my cock go crazy." Hunter just stood there, not moving at all, as he held his big dick crammed into Nate's puckered hole. "But you gotta tell me you like it babe. I know you been wanting this and I know you wanted to make your best buddy happy. And right now you're making your best buddy's prick really happy." Hunter was grinning like crazy as he grabbed Nate by the hair and pulled him up off the table and against his chest.

"Tell me you want to make my prick happy Nate" he said, whispering into his ear. "I want to hear you say it." Then he bit down on Nate's shoulder getting a squeal out of him. He was definitely going to have a hickey. "Say it babe. Say it."

"Okay Hunter" Nate moaned. "Okay."

"Tell me you like me taking your ass. You like my big prick in there. Go on, say it."

"Okay Hunter, okay" Nate moaned again. "Whatever you want."

"Yeah baby. That's good" Hunter answered still laughing. "Whatever I want. I like that. I take whatever I want, and right now it's your ass I want." Hunter then pulled slowly almost all the way out, and just as slowly forced his way back in. Nate groaned.

"I'm waiting babe" he whispered. "Tell me this is what you want. Come on, tell me."

"Yeah Hunter. Yeah" Nate whimpered. "This is what I want."

"Of course it is" Hunter said with a laugh. "Getting raped by your hot stud buddy is what you've been waiting for. Shit, I've known that for months. We just had to find the right place and time." With that Hunter pushed Nate back down on the table, slipped his cock out slowly, and just as slowly, pushed it back in.

"Ohhhhh..." Nate groaned. I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure, but I suspected it was the latter. He groaned again as Hunter pulled back and gradually eased his monster back in.

"Oh yeah Nate" Hunter gushed. "This was worth waiting for. You got a really tight ass." Then Hunter started a steady even motion, pushing in tight against Nate's ass and then pulling nearly all the way out. "Shit, I want this to last forever" he said as he gradually picked up speed.

"Oh yeah babe" he swooned. "This ass belongs to me from now on." Reaching forward, Hunter grabbed Nate's shoulders so he could get more leverage, and really started slamming into him. He started corkscrewing his hips as well trying to get in even deeper.

Nate was grunting now with each thrust: "Ugh... ugh...ugh..." And I now knew that they were sounds of pleasure because I could see that his cock was hard and dripping. "Oh god Hunter" he whined. "Oh god" he cried in pleasure. "You're so fucking strong."

"You betcha babe. Muscle man takin your hot ass." Then Hunter gave him a hard smack on his right ass cheek, followed immediately by one on the left cheek leaving bright red prints behind.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" Nate squealed. "Oh shit Hunter." There was no doubt in my mind that that wasn't a squeal of pain, but one of passion. It was now perfectly clear that Nate not only adored Hunter, but wanted to be dominated and subjugated and even raped by him.

Hunter was really going at it now, slamming in hard and moving the table with each hard thrust. He also started slapping Nate's ass over and over again. Both Hunter and Nate were now moaning, and I could tell Hunter was really close to cuming.

"Ohhh... Fuuuuuck" Nate Howled as his prick started shooting without even being touched. I think he was more turned on than ever before in his life. Almost immediately after he yelled Hunter yelled as well. Grabbing Nate's shoulders again Hunter slammed against his ass three more times as hard as he could and started blasting away.

"Oh yeah Nate. Oh yeah" he roared as he exploded into the hot ass over and over and over. "Oh fuck yeah." Gripping Nate tightly by the shoulders with his cock crammed in as far as possible, Hunter's body was jerking with each ejaculation and yanking Nate along with him as he yelled in exultation.

And then, finally, it was over. Hunter looked absolutely magnificent as the sweat dripped down his massive chest. "Hot fuckin ass Nate" he said as he got a big grin on his face. "Really hot."

Then, slowly. Very slowly, he pulled back letting his softening cock slip out of Nate's bright red ass. As he took a step back Nate stood up and turned around. They just looked at each other for a moment both showing big grins. Then Hunter pointed to the floor. This was clearly a motion of command, and without a word Nate slowly sank to his knees.

Reaching out, Hunter got a handful of Nate's hair and pulled his head back so he was looking up into his eyes. "Your ass now belongs to me Nate." He waited for a few seconds and then said: "say it. Tell me your ass belongs to me" he ordered.

Nate looked up at him with a look that I could only describe as total reverence; complete adoration. "Yes Hunter" he murmured. "Yes. My ass belongs to you."

"Good man" Hunter said getting an enormous smile on his face as he let go of Nate's hair and gave him a couple friendly slaps to the face. Then he bent down and gave him a kiss of the forehead. "Okay babe, clean me off" he ordered. With obvious joy Nate leaned in and started licking Hunter's crotch.



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