Hunter told me that we could get together on Friday nights at Larry's Drive-In, and he expected me to be available. However, he wouldn't even allow me to talk to him unless he called me over. So, for the next two Friday's I spent two hours each time sitting at Larry's waiting for recognition from Hunter. The first Friday he wasn't even there but he had told me to wait just in case he decided to come by. And on the second Friday he sat talking to Nate and two other guys for almost an hour and totally ignored me. They were smaller guys like me so they were probably his type, and I figured he was going to fuck them. I went home and cried after they left. I just couldn't help it. I was totally mad for the guy and extremely jealous and he wouldn't even look in my direction.

This was not the kind of arrangement I wanted, but what could I do about it? I wanted him madly, and still jerked off a couple times every night thinking about him, but I was under his control. Before I left Nate's house after blowing him, he made it perfectly clear that he would not be fucked with, and I would obey his rules whether I liked it or not, and he was not averse to kicking my ass if I didn't. He left no doubt that he was in charge, would always be in charge, and I was damn lucky to even be able to serve him.

It's not as if I could just walk away from him. For one thing I was really falling for him and wanted him anyway I could get him. And second, he was gorgeous; a muscular body and handsome face to die for, and not just me but just about anybody would feel privileged to be allowed to stroke that enormous ego of his. And third of all he didn't give me any choice. He said I sucked his cock like nobody else ever had and he expected me to be around and available when he wanted it again. He not only expected it, he demanded it with hints of consequences if I wasn't properly grateful. But hell, that was okay with me; I was grateful for whatever I could get.

Anyway, I'd been at Larry's for half an hour or so when Hunter and Nate walked in. Just like every time I saw him, he absolutely took my breath away. His baby blue muscle shirt fit his incredible physique like a glove, and every eye in the place was drawn to his awesome beauty. I wondered what it would be like to cause such consternation where ever you went, and have people constantly drooling over you.

They surprised me and thrilled me by walking right over to my booth. The most attractive guy on the planet coming right up to my booth and setting down. I glanced around and couldn't believe the envious looks I was getting from those who wondered who I was and why Hunter was joining me. Hunter sat next to me pushing his leg tight against mine and reached up and fluffed my hair with his hand, messing up my perfect hair style. "How you doing sport?" he asked. "How's my little bitch boy?"

Hunter was absolutely something else. Calling me a bitch right in front of Nate was really outrageous but he knew I couldn't be angry with him; it simply wasn't possible for me to be angry with him. In fact, I felt a glow inside of me and my heart sped up in excitement and pleasure as he sat down, and I know I got a smile a mile wide on my face. "Hi Hunter, hi Nate" I said as I felt a stirring in my crotch. Here I'd been upset with him for three weeks, and five seconds after he set down I'm hot and bothered and can already taste his cock in my mouth.

"I said, how's my bitch?" he repeated.

"Please Hunter" I mumbled. "Why do you embarrass me in front of Nate."

"Don't you worry about Nate, he's my boy. Hey Nate?"

"Yeah Hunter. Yeah" Nate answered.

"Nate and me are one" Hunter said. "Whatever I do, he does. Whatever I think, he thinks. So, you just pretend he's not here. Now answer my question; how's my bitch?" He chuckled a little as he called me a bitch once more. I know he was just playing with me, but it was still embarrassing and my face must have been as red as a beet.

"I'm fine Hunter" I mumbled, still embarrassed as I looked down at the table, unable to look at either him or Nate.

"You are my bitch, aren't you" he asked. I glanced up at him and saw he was grinning at me; really enjoying this.

"Yes Hunter" I whispered, completely subjugated.

"Well say it then" Hunter said and laughed aloud. "Tell Nate you're my bitch." I glanced up and saw that Nate had a big grin on his face as well. "Go on. I want to hear it" Hunter ordered.

"Yes Hunter. I'm your bitch" I whispered. Hunter really laughed now and fluffed my hair again with one hand and gave me a couple love taps on the cheek with the other.

"Hey, that wasn't so bad was it?" he laughed. "And don't be so serious; you know I'm only playing with you. You wanna be my boy you gotta let me have my fun. Okay?"

"Ahhh... sure Hunter. Okay. I'm sorry." My heart skipped a beat as he said 'you wanna be my boy'. Yes, yes, yes I wanted to be his boy.

"So what's up with you" he said. "You hot for my cock?" And immediately he embarrassed me again. Just him saying it was bad enough, but saying it in front of Nate was humiliating. And of course I was hot for his cock, that's what I was here for, but I couldn't say it aloud; not in front of Nate.

When I didn't answer, Nate spoke up. "Oh yeah Hunter. He's definitely hot for your cock. Hell, he looks like he's about to climb under the table to get at it." Of course this just embarrassed me more than ever.

"I saw you here last week" I blurted out since this had been constantly on my mind. I'd even cried several times during the week remembering that he had ignored me completely, never even looking in my direction. "You must have seen me."

"Yeah" he said with a laugh. "I saw you. But I was getting acquainted with those punks Nate picked up. Who were they Nate?"

"That was Bart and Chuck, the freshmen from Lawndale. They were in town for a track meet."

"Skinnier than I like but the blond kid had a cute little ass and the other one was a pretty boy. Why, were you jealous?" Hunter asked as he reached over, grabbed my crotch and squeezed.

Almost instantly I felt my eyes blur with tears. He had either fucked those two boys or was planning to fuck them and of course I was jealous. And now he was blatantly rubbing my nose in it. "All I want is you Hunter" I said softly.

"Don't worry babe. Neither one could possibly be as good as you. In fact I was thinking of you while I was playing with them. You're a real treasure babe" he said as he gave my cock another squeeze. "Isn't that what I told you Nate?"

"Yeah Hunter. That's what you said. You said he was a fantastic cocksucker." This Nate kid was impossible to figure out. He was built and good looking in his own right but was totally attracted to Hunter. He seemed to be completely fanatical in his devotion to him and evidently had no will of his own. From his actions when he and I and Hunter went to his house, he obviously adored Hunter and was his perfectly trained puppy dog. Hunter sometimes seemed to treat him like shit, but he just wagged his tale and came back for more.

I sniffled a little and wiped my eyes, which was really embarrassing, and Hunter must have seen the tears in my eyes as he squeezed my cock one more time.

"But it's no big deal babe. I'm here tonight and I can tell you're raring to go. And I got something here that wants a repeat." Letting go of my cock which was now fully hard, he gave me a big grin, and I couldn't help but give him a smile back. He was so fucking gorgeous and I was so mad for him that there was nothing I wouldn't put up with just to get another chance to spend time with him.

"Let's go outside babe" he said as he stood up. "Come on Nate." I got up and followed them out into the parking lot. "Come on babe" he said as he walked over to his pickup which was parked near the back of the lot. Leaning back against the door, he pulled the front of his t-shirt up and pushed it behind his head, leaving his chest bare. "I know you love these tits baby. So get that pretty little mouth over here and get busy."

As I stepped up to him he put his hand behind my neck pulling me into his chest. My partially hard prick suddenly jumped to full mast as I kissed his pecs. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. This was what I'd dreamed about and lusted for, for three weeks; worshiping this demigod's bulging muscles. My knees felt so weak that I could barely hold myself up as I licked and sucked on those hard slabs of pectoral muscle, so I put a hand on each side of him and leaned against the truck.

"Oh yeah Paul. That's the way" Hunter purred. "Worship your man's big chest. Prove to me you love this hot body." It barely crossed my mind that we were out in the open and could be seen, because I was so hot I didn't really care. There was absolutely nothing that was going to interfere with my chance to worship this young muscle god.

Letting go of my neck, Hunter took a handful of hair and pulled me away from his chest, forcing me to look up at him. "Tell me again you're my bitch" he said, staring down at me.

Staring up at him with my mouth open and saliva on my face I answered him. "I'm your bitch Hunter" I whispered. I was so mad with lust for him that I think if the world had ended I probably wouldn't have noticed.

"You know what I like Nate. Take over here" Hunter ordered. As he said that I felt Nate press up against my back and push me against Hunter.

"Okay Hunter" Nate said as he grabbed my ears, twisted them slightly, and start directing my movements over Hunter's chest. What the fuck? I was going crazy with desire for Hunter, not Nate. What was going on? Nate was pressing his crotch against my butt and was holding me tight against Hunter's chest, so I couldn't do much except continue kissing those rock hard blocks of muscle. I knew they were best friends, but this was too fucking much.

"Way to go boys" Hunter said. "You're getting me hard." After I'd covered every inch of Hunter's Chest, Nate, still holding my ears, pushed down forcing me to move and start licking Hunter's rippled abdominals. Hunter was such a god and I wanted this so bad that I just stopped worrying about what Nate was up to. I was getting close to getting Hunter's cock again, and that's all that mattered right now.

"Okay Nate. I know you love to show this kid how to worship my bod" Hunter said "but I'll take over now." Hunter snagged a handful of my hair pushing me down to my knees and dragging my face back up against his abs. "Maybe I'll let you fuck him next time."

"Hunter" Nate said in exasperation. "You know I don't....."

"Okay, okay, so you're not into boys" Hunter said. "Just say thank you for letting you get into the action."

"Okay Hunter. Thank's. That was cool" he answered. Interesting, I thought. One way or another, he was definitely into worshiping Hunter's body.

Hunter pulled me back by the hair, again forcing me to look up at him. He had a big grin on his face, obviously enjoying this very much. But why not, since evidently he had two boys madly in love with him and willing to do anything, absolutely anything to please him. What was not to enjoy?

"You ready for some cock Paul?" Hunter asked. "Hmmm?"

"Yeah Hunter. Yeah. I am" I answered reverently as I looked up at his perfect upper body and stunning face.

"Beg for it" he ordered. I hesitated for a moment, trying to make sense of what he wanted. "Well?" he said.

"Ahhh... please Hunter. Please. Let me have your cock."

"Okay. Get it out babe" Hunter said. "It's hot and ready for you." I reached up and started to remove his belt.

"Hunter. Somebody's coming" Nate whispered.

"Fuck 'em" Hunter answered. I suddenly I had a chill of fear at being caught and tried to stand up. Hunter yanked hard on my hair making me squeal. "I told you to get it out" he growled. Whoever was walking by must have heard my yell, so I knew they must have been looking at us.

"Get your eyes full" Hunter said sarcastically to whoever it was, but he was still pulling at my hair. So I went back to work and opened his belt and pants, and pulled them down to his ankles. As usual he was wearing a jockstrap, and I could see that he was definitely ready. The bulge was enormous.

"Let's make this a quickie babe" he said. "Pull my jock down." I did what I was told and pulled his jock down to his ankles. Then I leaned forward to take him into my mouth, but Hunter pushed my head back.

"Not so fast Paul. You don't just take it. You ask for it. You beg for it" he said. "Tell me how bad you want it."

"Please Hunter. Please" I said with a gulp looking up at his gorgeous physique again. "I want your cock. Please let me suck it."

"I know you want it babe, that's clear enough" Hunter said staring down into my eyes. "But you're my bitch now and I don't want just any old suck job. I want you to worship my big wanger. I want to see you submit to it. I want you to choke on it and show me you'll do whatever it takes. I want that mouth of yours to excite my cock like it's never been excited before. Can you do that?"

"Oh yes Hunter" I gushed. "Jesus yes. Just let me do it. Please." I was totally out of my head with desire and Hunter was driving me crazy by holding me back. He'd already said I'd sucked him better than anybody else, but if he wanted more, I was damn well determined to give him more. I planned to take cock sucking to a whole new level.

I think my tongue was hanging out as I looked at that intimidating but wondrous prick just inches from my face. "Please Hunter. Please. Let me suck your cock." Hunter didn't say anything so I looked up at him. "Please" I begged. "Let me suck it."

"Okay. Go to it" he said putting his hands on his hips and leaning back against the truck. I leaned in and took that beautiful cock into my mouth. Letting it slide in very slowly, I swallowed and pushed and forced it to continue sliding deep into my throat until my nose was pressed against his crotch. Then I just held it there and swallowed three times.

"Oh shit yes babe" Hunter groaned ecstatically. "Yes." I just held it there like forever, and then very slowly pulled back and started sucking it. Then taking a deep breath, I did it again. Very slowly forcing every inch deep into my throat and then swallowing against it.

"Oh yeah babe" Hunter groaned again so I knew I was giving him a thrill. I felt him grab my hair, and although he didn't do anything yet, I knew that any minute he was going to take over and just fuck my face. Taking a deep breath, I repeated myself for the third time; forcing the monster all the way into my throat; holding it and swallowing.

I could do it! I could really do it! And I was thrilled! Just like last time, I knew damn well that I was driving him crazy as I heard him moaning and whimpering. If he wanted a blowjob to end all blowjobs, I was sure as hell going to give him one.

But now, as I expected, he took control. Holding my hair with both hands he pulled his cock out and pressed it back in, forcing it all the way into my throat and then twisting his hips and pulling on my head trying to force even more into me. Then, jerking me back. he did it again even more forcibly. I was concentrating on not choking or gaging as he went in a third time, twisting his hips and forcibly pulling hard on my head, crushing my face into his crotch and holding me there.

I was almost ready to lose control and start choking when he pulled back allowing me to get a breath and then started fucking my face; not going quite as deep now, but going faster. I kept my lips tight against him and sucked as hard as I could, creating friction against his cock and trying to give him an incredible feeling. And evidently it worked because he started gasping and moaning and I knew he was going to cum.

I felt a warm glow inside me knowing that I was making it so good for him that he couldn't hold out and he was cuming embarrassingly fast. But I did and he couldn't and he was and he did.

"Ohhhhh Fuuuuuck" he shouted as he started shooting into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, determined to swallow every bit of it this time. He was holding on to my head with both hands as he fired into my mouth over and over again. I knew I was hard and throbbing but I couldn't do anything about it since I was totally focused on breathing and swallowing. "Oh shit yeah" he said as he slapped me a couple times across the face. I'm sure they were meant to be love taps, but he was still in a frenzy and they stung like hell. But then finally he began to calm down so I was able to reach down and grab my throbbing cock.

"Look up cocksucker" Hunter said, surprising me by calling me a cocksucker. As I looked up I saw Nate standing there with his eyes closed and his dick sticking out of his pants and dripping, so he must have just cum, but standing at the rear of the truck just behind him were four teenagers staring at me.

"Oh fuck" I mumbled but Hunter started laughing. "Everybody should have their own private cocksucker" he said to the kids as he laughed. The four, two males and two females all looked shocked and turned away. I heard somebody mumble 'faggot' as they walked away. Thank god, thank god, thank god, I didn't know any of them and hopefully they didn't know me either. But I knew damn well they had a story they were someday going to tell their grandchildren.

"Hey Nate. Totally hot hey" Hunter said, and Nate quickly tucked his softening prick away and started to zip up.

"Oh yeah Boss... er... Hunter. You were phenomenal. Nobody fucks like you do."

Hunter grabbed me by the collar and yanked me to me feet. I was still so fucking hot I was almost ready to blow, but Hunter slapped my hands away from my crotch. "Not now babe. Later" he said.

"Hunter. Please" I pleaded.

"Grab my jock and pull it up" Hunter ordered. I looked at him unbelieving. What was he doing? He knew I was hot and seconds away from blowing my load. "Do it boy" he growled at me. I worshiped him and I'd do anything for him and I'd just finished having absolutely wild sex with him, but now it was only fair to let me com.

"Hunter. Please. I wanna cum" I cried.

"Grab my god damn jock before I kick your ass" he shouted at me. "Don't you dare piss me off now."

"Okay Hunter; okay" I said contritely realizing that he was angry. "I'm sorry." My cock wilted on the spot as he yelled at me and I felt a cold chill of terror that he'd get so mad he'd dump me. I dropped to my knees and grabbing his jockstrap, pulled it up and tucked his cock into it. Looking up I saw Hunter frowning down at me.

"I'm sorry Hunter" I said. "I'm really sorry."

"You don't want to get me pissed off Paul" he said to me. "You definitely don't. Now get my pants up." I pulled his pants up, buttoned them, and fastened his belt. When I finished I stayed on my knees looking up at him, and watched as he pulled his shirt back from behind his head.

"You watch it Paul" he said. "Just remember, you don't ever want to argue with me. Not ever. Now get up."

"I'm sorry Hunter" I blubbered almost breaking into tears as I got up on my feet. "It won't happen again."

"Okay" he said as he put his arm around me and we headed back into Larry's. He sat across from me in the booth this time, and leaning forward over the table he grabbed my chin squeezing my cheeks and pulled me in close, just inches from his face. "Now let me tell you Paul. You've given me the most incredible blow jobs I've ever had. So don't you worry your little buns, there ain't no way I'm letting you get away from me." Then he leaned forward and gave me a peck right on the lips, right there in the middle of Larry's.

I broke into a big smile and felt like fireworks were firing in celebration in my head as I felt a super warm glow work its' way up my spine. That was the first time I'd ever been kissed by anybody other than my mother. And in public! I loved him for it. I really loved him.

"Ah... Hunter?" Nate questioned. "Remember? The other guy?"

"Oh yeah" Hunter said. "Where are those two friends of yours Paul? I haven't seen them for a while.

"Ahhh... you mean Jerry and Suzy" I answered. "We get together all the time, but we don't come here to Larry's."

"Is Jerry gay?" he asked me bluntly.

"Ahhh... I don't think so but we never talked about it. Hell, I don't even know if I'm gay" I answered.

"Take it from me man" Nate said with a laugh with Hunter joining him "you're gay." I gave him a dirty look but didn't say anything. I was definitely beginning to dislike Nate.

"Where's Jerry tonight?" Hunter asked.

"I don't know. Home probably" I answered.

"Call him" Hunter said. "Tell him to get over here. I want to meet him. Actually, Nate wants to meet him."

"Ahhh... what? Call Jerry?" I questioned, looking over at Nate.

"You heard me" Hunter said. "Tell him to get over here."

"Ahhh... why? What for?" I asked.

Hunter grabbed my knee and squeezed; hard. "Ow" I hollered.

"Babe? You're on my good side now so don't mess it up" Hunter said sounding slightly annoyed. "Now get on the phone and call him."

"Okay, okay" I said. "I'll do it." Hitting speed dial number 1 on my cell I called Jerry and asked him to come to Larry's. "He says we'll have to pick him up" I told Hunter.

"Okay, that's fine. Tell him we're on our way" Hunter said getting up from the booth.

Hunter had me drop off my dad's car and join him and Nate in the pickup. When we got to Jerry's Hunter blew the horn, but then got out of the truck and switched places with Nate. I couldn't figure out why until Jerry came out and there was no place for him to sit.

"We're out of room Jer" Hunter said after I had introduced them. "You'll have to sit on my lap. It's alright; it's only a mile or two to Nate's house." Jerry looked questioningly at me since I hadn't said why we were all getting together or where we were going, but hell, I didn't know either. Since he had no choice, Jerry got in and sat on Hunter's lap and hunter put his arms around him.

I was embarrassed and nervous since Jerry was my best friend, and I had no doubts that Hunter had something really hard pushing up against his butt. Jerry tried to pull up a little, but Hunter held him tight with his butt snug in his crotch. Hunter said something about getting acquainted and maybe playing video games at Nate's, but otherwise nothing much was said until we got there.

"Nice butt Jer" Hunter said with a grin as we got out of the truck. I couldn't believe he actually said that. "You can ride on my lap anytime" he said. Jerry blushed almost crimson in embarrassment but didn't say anything as we walked into the house. "We going to watch a movie or play cards or what?" Hunter asked.

"Why don't I dig out a movie" Nate answered as he pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it on a chair. Hunter followed his lead and took his shirt off as well and flexed his muscles, moving in and out of a couple muscle poses, seemingly spontaneously.

"Shit" I gasped involuntarily in total awe at Hunter's spectacular muscles. Shit, even his muscles seemed to have muscles. I didn't realize I had spoken aloud until Hunter looked at me and grinned.

"You like?" he smirked at me. Hunter did this to me every time I saw him, leaving me speechless with my mouth hanging open, and I suppose my tongue hanging out as well. Each time I saw him I was more astonished at his incredible physique.

I gasped and swallowed a couple times before I was able to get my voice working. "You're a god Hunter. An absolute god" I blurted out unable to contain my adoration. Glancing over at Jerry I noticed that he seemed to be just as entranced as I was. "He's unbelievable isn't he Jerry?" Jerry didn't answer but Hunter turned to us with a smirk on his face and performed the double bicep pose, causing those amazing arms to pump up to astonishing proportions. "Oh shit" I gasped again.

"Go ahead boys. Make yourselves comfortable" Hunter said. "Get those shirts off." Hunter put his hands on his hips and just waited as Jerry and I stood there looking at him and then at each other.

"Ahhh... Hunter. I...." Jerry started to say.

Hunter stepped up to him, grasped his t-shirt and pulled it out of his pants. "Don't be shy; take it off" he repeated. "Let me see what you got." I slipped out of my shirt but since Jerry was still hesitant Hunter didn't wait. Pulling on the shirt, he forced Jerry's arms up and dragged the shirt over his head and tossed it aside.

"I don't know why you're hiding that" Hunter said as he stepped back. "You've got a nice bod. Give me a most muscular." Jerry was acting embarrassed, but I don't know why because he had a great body. He was definitely bigger and more muscular than me, but then again, anybody would feel inadequate standing next to Hunter. Rather than argue with Hunter Jerry halfheartedly performed the most muscular pose.

"Come on. You can do better than that" Hunted said as he reached forward and slapped Jerry's abdominals a couple times. "Flex those muscles." Jerry now put some effort into it, forcing his muscles to bulge to their maximum extent. He looked damn good.

"Yeah. That's it man" Hunter said. "Don't hide that pretty body. Let the world see what you've got." Hunter moved his hand up and down the ridges of Jerry's abs, which now stuck out just like a washboard. My abs were one of my best features, but Jerry's were even better; an amazing corrugated six pack. "Nate. Forget the movie" Hunter ordered. "Get me a tape measure. I want to see what the stud here has got."

"Okay. Sure" Nate answered as he left the room to get the tape measure.

"Come on Hunter" Jerry said with a quiver in his voice. "I know I can't compare with you. And besides I took my measurements just a week or so ago."

"Hell, you might be bigger by now" Hunter said as he moved his hands up from Jerry's abs to his pecs, tweaking one of his tits. "Let's find out."

"Come on man; don't" Jerry said as he stepped back.

As Nate came in with the tape measure Hunter took it and handed it to me. "Here Paul. You do it. Go ahead, measure those pretty biceps of his." Hunter went over to the sofa and sat down as I stretched the tape over Jerry's left bicep. "Flex it baby" Hunter said. "Make that thing really bulge." Hunter had called me baby and now he called Jerry baby so I began to wonder what he was planning here. In my mind, calling somebody your own age 'baby' was awfully intimate and I had no doubts that Hunter had plans for Jerry. Sexual plans.

Jerry flexed as hard as he could as I checked the measurement. "Fifteen and three eights" I said.

"Pretty damn good" Hunter said. "Now put that tape around that tiny rippling waist Paul. You got some fine looking abdominals there Jer." I put the tape around Jerry's waist as he sucked in.

Twenty-eight and seven eights" I said. "You are really sticking to that diet Jerry." Jerry and I were both on the same diet to go along with our body building routine and we compared notes every day.

"Impressive baby" Hunter said. "You beat me on that one. Okay Paul; now the chest."

"Forty-three and.... No, it's forty-four" I said.

"Whoa babe" Hunter laughed. "You got a ways to go on that one. But you look pretty damn good. Doesn't he Nate?" Nate had been sitting on the arm of the easy chair just watching us.

"Yeah Hunter, he sure does" he said. "He looks pretty damn good."

"Measure Nate's chest Paul. Let's see how he compares." Nate got up so I put the tape around his chest.

"Forty-four inches. Exactly the same" I said. Hunter got up and walked over.

"Now me" he said and I stretched the tape around his chest.

"Forty-eight and a quarter" I said and whistled in surprise. "You are huge Hunter" I said in awe.

"You guys want to get like me, you'd better start working your asses off" he said. "Okay, now the legs" he said as he kicked out of his shoes, unfastened his pants, and pulled them off. "Measure my thighs Paul" he directed as he stood there in only his jockstrap. "I've been doing squats like crazy so I know they're really growing." He bent his knees slightly forcing his quadriceps to bulge out.

I actually gasped aloud. Seeing Hunter near naked was totally beyond awesome, and drove me almost crazy with desire as I looked at his incredible physique. "Jesus Hunter" I whispered in awe.

"I said measure my thighs" he ordered. "Get your head out of the clouds and stop drooling." I turned red with embarrassment but jumped to obey, getting on my knees and putting the tape around his thigh.

"Twenty-five and a half Hunter" I said as I checked the tape.

"You don't measure worth a shit" he said to me. "I know they're bigger than that. Jerry, you do it." Jerry hesitated for a moment, looking surprised, but when I handed him the tape, he got down on his knees to measure Hunter's thigh. Hunter's hard-on was obvious to all of us, but Jerry was very careful to avoid touching it. Hunter flexed even harder.

"Twenty-five and sev,.. ahhh... twenty-six inches Hunter" Jerry said.

"That's more like it" Hunter said. "Now you Jerry. Get your pants off. You too Nate." Nate was out of his pants almost immediately, but Jerry hesitated. "Get them off Jer" he said. "We can't measure you with your pants on." After thinking for a minute, Jerry finally removed his shoes and his pants. Hunter and Nate were now only in jockstraps and Jerry was in Jockey shorts, while I was still wearing my pants.

"Paul" Hunter said. "Go over there and set on the sofa, and I don't want to hear a peep out of you." I looked at him with surprise, but I did what I was told and went over and sat down on the sofa.

"Got something for you Jer" Hunter said with a smirk on his face. "My biggest muscle of all." He grabbed his jockstrap and pushed it down and stepped out of it. As he stood back up and faced Jerry the almost fully hard nine inch pecker stuck straight out from his middle. "Big one hey?" he asked as he put his hands on his hips, and just stood there looking about as arrogant as anybody could look. He forced his hefty prick to bob up and down a couple times as we all watched in wonder. "What do you think?"

"Hey, w-w-wait a m-m-minute man" Jerry stuttered as he stepped back. "Stop it. Stop it Hunter. This ain't my thing."

"Oh I think it is" Hunter said beginning to get a big grin on his face and took a step forward. "I really think it is." As Hunter stepped forward, Jerry stepped back until he bumped against Nate and almost tripped. Nate grabbed him by the shoulders and held him. Hunter stepped up close to him and Jerry put his hands up to prepare to push him away. "You think you can wrestle Jerry?" he asked as he started grinning. "You want to wrestle me babe?"

"Hunter, please don't" Jerry pleaded. "Please. I don't want to wrestle you."

"That's really too bad Jerry, because I want to wrestle you" Hunter said with a leer. "What do you think? No rules except winner takes all. Okay?"

"No Hunter. No" Jerry pleaded. "Paul, tell him to stop this" he said to me. Hunter turned and pointed a finger at me and glared. It was perfectly clear that he was telling me not to fuck with him. I kept my mouth zipped.

"Jerry; you've had a hard on ever since you got in the truck" Hunter said with a laugh. "I know you're turned on to me so I'm just giving you what you want." Hunter performed a perfect double bicep pose and gracefully moved into a most muscular. And what a vision that was. His astonishing muscles bulging to perfection and his enormous prick sticking out from his middle. "This is what you want babe. And since I'm a nice guy, I'm going to let you wrestle me for it. Then we'll pretend that I'm forcing you to do something you don't want to do."

Hunter stepped forward and grabbed Jerry's wrists. "Get his drawers off Nate." Nate grabbed Jerry's Jockey's and jerked them down to his ankles, and of course Hunter was right. Jerry's cock was hard and sticking out. He was totally turned on.

"I'm not going to fight you Hunter" Jerry said nervously. "I know I don't stand a chance."

"Well I suppose I outweigh you by fifty pounds" Hunter laughed "so I'll put one hand behind my back. I'll take you on one handed. How's that?"

"No Hunter. No. I'm not going to fight you."

"Okay if that's what you want" Hunter grinned. "But when you suck my prick we can't pretend that I'm forcing you. You're going to have to tell me you want to suck." Still holding Jerry by the wrists, Hunter pushed him backwards against the arm of the overstuffed chair, and then shoved him over into the chair with his feet flying up in the air and his head landing on the other arm.

Walking around the chair to the other side, Hunter took hold of Jerry's chin and pulled his head back. Holding Jerry's head there, he started humping his big prick against his face. "You're a lucky guy Jer. You get my cock without having to fight for it. You're going to get it free of charge."

Watching Hunter in action had made my cock like steel but I was trying not to touch it because I knew I'd cum in a second if I did. Hunter was so, so amazing. Standing there in all his muscular glory with a huge smile on his handsome face as he pulled Jerry's head back, he started banging his nine inch pecker against his unwilling face. An incredible Hercules, a true god, looking magnificent, waiting and deserving to be worshiped by his new acolyte. Right now I was actually drooling as I watched that cock whacking into Jerry's face because I desperately wanted it in my face, or better yet, back in my mouth again. I'd blown him not more than an hour ago, but he came so fast I didn't have a chance to really get into it. And if he needed to make fun of me and slap me around some while I sucked him, that was okay because he was worthy of total devotion from me. A sixteen year old godlike creature that deserved nothing less than having the whole world at his feet.

Jerry raised his arms but Hunter grabbed them and just held them out of the way. Jerry lifted his head and tried to pull away and get out of the chair, so Hunter finally just dumped him on the floor on his back. Hunter straddled him, a foot on each side of his waist with his hands on his hips, and just looked down at him in exasperation. "You have a choice babe to either fight me or cooperate with me. Doesn't matter because the end result will be the same; we're going to get us a blow job. If I have to kick your ass first that's okay, but you need to make up your mind." Hunter than squatted down, putting his knees on Jerry's arms, trapping them, and sat on his stomach.

"I know you're turned on to me Jer" he said as he performed a double bicep pose right in front of his face. "In fact I think you want to worship these muscles of mine. That hard-on sticking out kinda gives you away" he said with a laugh. Reaching down, Hunter slapped Jerry across the face, left, right, left, right, four times, not really hard, but definitely hard enough to sting. Then he grabbed his chin, viciously squeezing his cheeks. "Decision time babe. Am I gonna kick your ass or are you gonna do whatever I want. Decide now" he growled.

"Agggghhhh" Jerry gurgled. Letting go of his chin, Hunter slapped him again; harder this time.

""Ow" Jerry cried. "Please Hunter" he pleaded.

"Answer me" Hunter yelled. He raised his hand to hit him again.

"Please Hunter. Okay, okay, okay. I'll do it" he cried. Jerry wasn't crying aloud but tears were streaming steadily down his cheeks. "I'll do it Hunter. I'll do it."

"Okay, then kiss it" Hunter said as he slid forward so his hard cock was lying on Jerry's face. "Kiss it." Jerry puckered up and gave Hunter's nine inch tool a kiss. "Do it again" Hunter ordered and Jerry kissed it again. "There we go Jer. Now that wasn't so bad was it?" Jerry just lay there looking almost cross-eyed at Hunter's big cock lying on his face, and at Hunter's still flexed biceps, while tears continued dripping down his face.

"Answer my question babe" Hunter ordered. "Well?"

"Ahhh, yeah Hunter" Jerry said as he sniffled a couple times. "It wasn't that bad."

"You bet it wasn't that bad" Hunter said giving him a big grin. "You damn well liked kissing it; I knew you would. You just wanted to play hard to get didn't you? Tell me you liked it." Jerry didn't react but just lay there.

"I said: Tell me you liked it mother fucker" Hunter said menacingly as he raised his hand again.

"Okay, okay, Hunter. I liked it."

"That's better" Hunter said. "Now kiss it some more." Jerry started kissing the big cock that was lying right on top of his lips. Hunter just let him go at it for a few minutes before he got up and sat in the easy chair. "Okay babe. Up here, on your knees." Jerry raised himself on his elbows, glanced at me and then at Nate, with a fearful look. It must have been Jerry's worst nightmare having to kiss Hunter's cock in front of Nate, and in front of me, his best friend.

"I can be very patient baby, but don't test me" Hunter said. "Get your ass over here." Jerry slowly got up to his knees, and with tears still dripping down his cheeks, crawled over to Hunter. "Your buddy Paul gave me one hell of a blow job a while ago so you don't have to suck me yet. Just kiss it some more. I like that." Giving in to the inevitable, Jerry leaned forward and gave Hunter's cock a kiss. "Let me hear it babe" Hunter laughed. "Nice loud smacking kisses." Jerry did as he was told and continued kissing Hunter's prick with loud kisses. "That's it man. Now use a little tongue."

Hunter ordered Jerry to look into his eyes while kissing, and then just lay back for a few minutes with a smile on his face just enjoying the sight of this hunky young stud, tears in his eyes, worshiping his cock. As I looked over with envy, wanting to be kissing that cock myself, I could see by the look of arrogant self-indulgence on Hunter's face that he had to be in his favorite situation; a new servile worshiper prostrating himself in front of him, terrorized by his power and strength but overwhelmed by his magnificent physique and beauty, totally willing to serve his Master's sexual desires.

"Okay Nate. Let's switch" Hunter suddenly said, surprising both Jerry and me. Nate? Nate was supposed to be straight. Pushing Jerry's head back, Hunter stood up and stepped around him. "Go ahead Nate. You're up." Nate stepped around Jerry and sat down in the chair. Hunter just stood there with his dick sticking out watching them. "Believe it or not Jer, this is Nate's first blow job. He says he's straight, but you've really turned him on, so I promised him a blow job from a virgin. And you're it" he said with a laugh. "So go to it Nate."

I noticed that Nate was red in the face, either from embarrassment or excitement or maybe both. Sitting forward in the chair, he pulled his jockstrap down and tucked it underneath his balls. "Ahhh... Hunter?" he said as if he didn't know what to do.

"You gotta tell him what you want dummy" he said as he stepped behind Jerry, grabbed his head with both hands, and pulled him back against his crotch and humped his hard-on against the back of Jerry's head. "Oh shit. I definitely want seconds Nate. I ain't letting this pretty boy get away."

Hunter backed off and as he pushed Jerry's head into Nate's crotch, he turned to me. "Get naked" he ordered. I was on my feet in a split second, and had my pants and jockstrap off two seconds later. Hunter just stood there watching Nate and Jerry. A superior human being standing there in all his magnificence and I could only groan aloud in astonishment as I looked on. He was truly mind-blowing. When you're in the presence of a god there's only one thing you can do. I dropped to my knees. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Nate was holding Jerry's head in his crotch evidently getting his blow job, but right now I had something else to concentrate on.

Hunter grinned down at me as I looked up at his incredible body and beautiful face. "What do you want baby?" he asked.

"I want your cock again Hunter. Please. I want your cock."

"You're a pretty damn good cocksucker babe, but do you really appreciate it? I'm not sure you deserve to suck me. It ain't just anybody I let blow me you know."

"Oh please Hunter. Please. I'll do whatever you want. Please. Let me have your cock."

"Let's start with you knowing your place. How about I'll be your Master and you'll be my puppy. I'll own you. Okay?"

"Okay Hunter. Sure. I'll do anything."

"Well then, you be a good puppy and start worshiping your Master? Get on my feet." I bent down and reverently kissed his foot; and then the other one. And I immediately knew this was correct. This was the way things should be. This was what I wanted, down on my knees kissing my Master's feet. After I'd kissed them several times, Hunter stepped around me and sat on the sofa. "Lick 'em babe" he said. I turned with him and crouching down, started licking his feet.

I kissed and licked and sucked every inch of his feet, top, side, bottom, between the toes, everywhere over and over. I heard some moans and then a gasp and then a yell, so I knew Jerry must be sucking Nate's cock and I supposed Hunter was watching. Then Hunter started laughing. "Talk about quick on the draw" he laughed. "You're supposed to wait for him to get it in his mouth." Since Hunter said it was Nate's very first, I suppose he got too excited and he must have cum almost immediately.

Hunter let me go on for at least five minutes before he finally spoke. "Okay. Up" he finally said. I sat up and looked at him, getting a thrill all over again from his astonishing physique and total beauty. I noticed that both Nate and Jerry were looking at us now, Nate in the chair and Jerry on the floor between his legs. I assumed Nate had got his blow job.

Hunter reached out and tussled my hair and then put his hands behind his head forcing those arms to bulge magnificently. "Suck" was all he said. I moved my face into his crotch and just licked his semi-hard cock a few times, admiring its beauty. Hunter had cum so fast earlier, that I hoped he wouldn't be in such a hurry this time. I wanted to savor it. I kept licking it, around and under and over, moving it around with my tongue and nose as I licked. I looked up at Hunter and saw his eyes were closed and he had a look of total bliss on his face. He was loving it and I was thrilled!! I was in control again!! I could turn this dominant demigod into my submissive disciple with my mouth.

I felt his cock begin to move and grow as I licked it, so I finally took it into my mouth. Swirling lots of saliva around I just sucked it gently as it began to grow. As it kept getting bigger, I was barely holding a quarter of it in my mouth as I continued sucking gently. Then I felt Hunter's hand in my hair, as he pulled me back completely off of his dick. I looked up at him in surprise and saw he had a big smile on his face. Then he spit on me, hitting me right in the nose.

I was so shocked for a moment; totally flabbergasted as his spit dripped down over my mouth, but everything Hunter did was always unexpected, so you never knew what was coming next. But right now my very hard cock gave a jerk, and I almost came. "Ohhhh fuck" I groaned in total ecstasy. I was so fucking hot and turned on; being spit on by this incredible specimen of humanity was turning me on like nothing else ever had. My temperature went up ten degrees and my cock began throbbing.

"Thank me" he said, still smiling at me. Thank him for spitting on me? That was the straw that broke the camel's back, because I starting shooting.

"Ohhhhhh" I moaned as I fired my first blast against the sofa. I was fired up like never before and was again having probably the greatest orgasm of my life. Hunter's hand remained in my hair holding me there as I blasted time after time against the sofa. "Ohhhh shit" I said finally as I fired my last shot, and starting to calm down. Then I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He had something between a smirk and a grin on his face as he watched me finish my climax.

"Thank me for spitting on you" he said very softly.

"Thank you Hunter" I whispered reverently and I felt a hot flash shoot through me. This god deserved to treat me like dirt under his feet if he wanted to, and I was willing, even anxious to receive it just so he would allow me to continue serving him. "Thank you" I repeated.

Hunter cleared his throat making clear signs that he was getting a wad of saliva together, and then made a production of spitting in my face one more time. It was a big wad this time and spattered just under my left eye and cheek and dripped down off my chin onto my chest.

"Thank you Hunter sir" I said in total awe at his power and superiority. "Thank you" I said reverently.

"Master" he said.

"Thank you Master" I said in breathless wonderment. Shit yes: Master! That was the perfect term. Finally letting go of my head and hair, Hunter let me get back to his fully hard prick.

"Suck it now pretty boy. Show your Master how good you are." Closing my eyes, I swallowed all nine plus inches of his prodigious prick; all the way to the root. I held it, and held it, and held it until I couldn't hold it any longer and had to pull back to breathe. Then I did it again: sucking it as I crammed it into my throat, holding it as long as I could, and then sucking it some more as I drew back. I did this four times which seemed to satisfy him since he didn't try to take over control. But now I started bobbing my head up and down on the monster, still going slow but sucking hard to give him the friction that I knew would make him hot.

"Nate. This little shit is the greatest cocksucker on the planet" Hunter said as he finally took hold of my head. "He is incredible." Holding on to my head, Hunter stood up, keeping his cock in my mouth. Then holding tight to my head, almost crushing my ears, he started to fuck. And shit could he fuck. He was now concentrating on his feelings and didn't give a shit about me, because he was fucking my mouth hard and fast, choking me on every third of fourth thrust and paying no attention to my struggles. I was gagging and choking and almost heaving but I moved with him and held on because I wanted him to use me. I wanted him to abuse me. I wanted him to do whatever was necessary for him to get the gratification he craved. I knew that serving a god could be harrowing but I was willing to take whatever was necessary.

He went on and on and on until finally he yelled "Yeeeaaaoooh" as he reached his climax and started to shoot. Pushing me back violently I landed on the floor on my back. Quickly twisting, Hunter fired his first shot a good five feet through the air onto Jerry's chest. Then turning back his second shot landed in my face. I immediately recovered from the surprise of landing on my back, and just before his third shot, I opened my mouth and he didn't miss. When his fourth shot hit me on the cheek I grinned at him, absolutely loving it.

"Jerk off boy" he yelled as his ejaculations kept splashing on my face and then my chest. I didn't have to be told twice, and grabbed my cock and started jerking. And as always when with Hunter, I came within seconds, even though I'd cum just minutes before.

After taking a few deep breaths, Hunter seemed to be calming down. "You are an absolute demon, boy" he said to me, looking down and giving me a grin.

Looking up at my magnificent Lord and Master and grinning from ear to ear I said "Thank you Master, thank you."

Stepping around me, Hunter walked over to where Nate was in the chair with Jerry on the floor between his legs. Taking hold of Jerry's hair, he pulled him to within inches of his softening cock which was still dripping. He didn't say anything and just waited. There was no question what he wanted so Jerry had to make a quick decision. Giving in to the inevitable Jerry stuck out his tongue, however Hunter was holding on to his hair, and his tongue wouldn't quite reach. Jerry looked up at Hunter in surprise to see that Hunter was just staring at him. No emotion, just staring.


"Stick out your tongue" Hunter ordered. Jerry stuck out his tongue as far as he could while Hunter eased him in slightly so he could barely touch the mostly soft prick. "Lick" he said. Barely touching it with the tip of his tongue, but trying hard to reach it, Jerry barely flicked Hunter's prick a couple times sending it swinging back and forth.

"That's it Jerry. Get a taste" Hunter said looking down at him. "Just a taste of what you'll get from me later." As he allowed Jerry to move his head closer, Jerry started lapping at the big wanger. Finally, when he was able to reach it, he took it into his mouth and started sucking. After less than a minute Hunter pushed his head back allowing the cock to slip out, and then, lifting his cock, pulled him back into his balls. "Not yet you horny bastard" he laughed. "Not yet. This is just a preview. For now just lick my balls." In the last fifteen minutes Jerry had sucked Nate, sucked Hunter for about thirty seconds, and was now licking Hunter's balls. Of course Hunter had forced him to do it but it looked to me like he didn't seem to mind too much. I no longer had much doubt of whether he was gay.

"Well, what do you think Nate?" Hunter said with a leer. "I think I've got me a harem here with three cocksuckers in it. You think?"

"Stop it Hunter" Nate said, his face turning red. "I ain't no cocksucker. So just stop saying that."

"Oh yeah. Sure Nate" Hunter said, standing arrogantly right in front of him in the nude as he put his hands on his hips and grinning while his cock lay on Jerry's face as he continued having his balls licked. "Just two cocksuckers and one admirer, or better yet, worshiper." Hunter gave him one of his extraordinary double bicep poses. "Oh yeah Nate. There's plenty here for you to worship" he said as he turned to the side and kissed one of his enormous biceps.

"Don't say that Hunter" Nate pleaded. "Please. You know I admire your body and your muscles. I always say that, but I ain't just one of your worshipers. We're buddies, okay? We're friends."

"Whatever you say Nate. Just friends" Hunter laughed. "But I'm watching my friend watching me get my balls licked. And my friend has got one hell of a hard on.' Hunter continued laughing.



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