"So?" I said.

"So?" Jerry answered back.

It was Saturday night and Jerry and I hadn't talked since the night before when Jerry had his first gay encounter. Hunter had driven us home late and I think we'd both pretty much slept the day away. I'd finished dinner and had only just come over to see him. We had a lot to talk about; after all, Jerry was my best friend. It was about eight o'clock and his Mom had let me in, so I went to his bedroom where he was lying on the bed and just lay down next to him.

"You still talking to me?" I asked.

There was a long silence before he spoke. "I don't know."

"We've always been best friends Jerry. Always."

"I know that" he said. "But this was different."

"Jerry. I couldn't say no to him" I pleaded as I turned my head and looked at him. "He about tore my head off when I asked him why he wanted me to call you. You can't say anything to him, ever. He won't stand for it, so I had no choice. Even Nate, his best friend, doesn't dare disagree with him on anything. Besides, I had no idea what he was planning."

"Yeah I know that Paul" he said. "I didn't stand up to him either. But I been thinking a lot today."

"Tell me about it" I said. "I been doing a hell of a lot of thinking recently myself."

"I been thinking a lot since last night Paul" he repeated and then was silent for a long time.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Paul, I'm gay."


"I said I'm gay. I just didn't know it until last night."

"Well, I'll be damned" I said. "You know I am too don't you?"

"Yeah. I figured you were. You never said you were, but you never tried to hide it either."

"But it's only the past few weeks, since I met Hunter that I knew for sure."

"I guess it takes Hunter to convince us. But what's with him and Nate? What's the deal there?"

"I think Nate is a creep" I said. "He's Hunter's toady, drooling over him all the time and trying to pretend he's straight. He tags around after him all the time fawning over everything he says and waiting on him hand and foot."

"You know, I didn't really suck him last night" Jerry said. "I'd barely got his dick in my mouth when he started to cum. He caught most of the gism in his hand and apologized for getting some on my chin."

"But if he's straight why does he want a guy to blow him?"

"Evidently I turn him on or something. Doesn't make sense to me either" Jerry said. "But what about Hunter? He made me lick his dick and balls last night and he says he's going to make me blow him and I know I can't stop him. I saw what he put you through Paul and I'm really worried about it. He damn near strangled you."

"Hunter's going to do whatever Hunter wants to do Jerry, but let me tell you, blowing him is like nothing I've ever experienced before in my life. I loved doing it."

"How could you? He was strangling you."

"It wasn't that way Jerry. It really wasn't. Yeah he's rough, but he's.... he's.... somehow he's a god and I want him to give him as much pleasure as I can. I know that the rougher he is, the more he is enjoying it, and that's what I want too. I want him to enjoy it. The thrill of my life, Jerry, has been when Hunter gets crazy hot and starts yelling and shooting his wad. He is sheer perfection in a human being, a total god, and he can have anybody in the world that he wants, but he wants me. He actually wants me Jerry. I'll do anything I can to please him and if he's a little rough about it, well, that's the breaks."

"Does that mean you love him?"

"Well..... ahhh.... I don't know. Maybe. Ahhh.... yeeeaaah. I think so." I hesitated for a moment. "Yeah. I think I love him."

"He made me suck his prick last night, and said I'm going to blow him. Does that make you mad?"

"Well maybe. I don't know. But he's a god Jerry. I don't know why he picked me, because I know I don't deserve it, but he did pick me. I'm just going to take advantage of it as long as I can. If that means he's going to play around with you or other guys I guess I'll just have to put up with it. He'll do whatever he wants anyway so I'll just take what I can get."

"Do you think I'll like it?" he asked me.

"What? Sucking him?"


"Doing Hunter is a privilege Jerry" I said and started smiling. "He's like nobody I've ever seen or even imagined, and if he turns you on like he turns me on, you'll be happy to do anything for him. Absolutely anything."

"Well. Okay" Jerry said in wonder. "Ahhh... you know.... I admit he turns me on. He is so powerful and... and... and so demanding that... that I find him terrifically exciting. As you said, he is a god."

"Yeah he is" I said with a sigh. "He really is."

"You ever get a blow job Paul" Jerry asked.

"N-n-no" I answered, embarrassed. "Not actually. The only sex I've ever had has been with Hunter in just the last month or so, and he doesn't suck cock."

"I've never had one either" Jerry said. Neither one of us said anything for the longest time, but I'm sure we were both on the same wavelength.

"Ahhh.... " I mumbled. "Ahhh.... maybe. Ahhh..."

"You know about 69ing?" Jerry asked.

"Well I've got a computer and I'm not stupid, so of course I know about 69ing."

Well...." he said. "Maybe.... ahhh.... maybe...."

I got up off the bed and pulled my t-shirt out of my pants, and then up and off. "Why not?" I said as I sat and started taking my shoes off. When I had stripped completely I lay back on the bed and watched Jerry remove his clothes. Jerry was not only my very best friend; he was also one of the hottest looking guys at South High School. He had convinced me to join the wrestling team, but he was definitely better built than me. We were busting our butts every day in the weight room now and I was coming along really well, but Jerry definitely had a head start. But hell, although I always figured I was hot, and I just accepted the fact that Jerry was hotter.

He outweighed me by fourteen pounds and every one of his measurements was bigger than mine. And he had terrific definition. Beautiful bi's with a tight defining line separating them from his round deltoids. His pecs were more square than round like most guys and very solid, and he had particularly big nubs on his nipples. But, just like me, his abdominals were his best feature. I had a rippling six pack but he literally had mountains and valleys and under the right circumstances it looked like an eight. I don't think he had more than an ounce of fat on his hunky body.

So anyway, I liked him and I admired him and we did everything together; along with Suzy that is. The three musketeers; that was us. But since Jerry and I were best friends it would never have occurred to me to have sex with him. Not anymore than having sex with Suzy would have occurred to me; and I pretty much always knew I was gay. Besides he always acted so straight; he even went steady with Sally for almost a year. So I had a faint idea in the back of my mind that he might be gay, but I never actually believed it.

So now what? We're lying next to each other on his bed in the nude. I'm half hard and getting harder and so is he. I have to admit that even though Jerry may be a little hotter than me and a little bigger, he had never been a leader. It usually ended up me making the decisions.

So here we were. Did I want to suck him? My best friend? Was I hot for him? No, I wasn't really hot for him, but the idea of getting my cock sucked for the first time was getting me as excited as hell.

I made my move. Scooting around I pushed my cock right next to his face and got my head down next to his crotch and grabbed his cock. "Uh" he said as I grabbed him.

"Maybe we shouldn't" he whispered. "My parents are home."

"Fuck your parents. Now roll over this way" I told him. As he finally rolled over on his side I took his dick in my mouth; only the second one I'd ever tasted. He was getting hard really fast, but thank god, he wasn't near as big as Hunter so I grabbed his balls and started sucking.

"Oh shit Paul" he groaned. "Oh shit." I'd already had some practice, so I simply squeezed his balls and swallowed his dick; all the way. This was supposed to be a 69 but I was finding out that I just liked having a dick in my mouth. This was almost as good as sucking Hunter.

"Wait, wait Paul" Jerry gasped. "Wait. Don't make me cum yet." Reaching down he pushed my head away from his cock. "Oh shit Paul." He was panting. "You are too much."

"Well?" I said.

"Jesus man, give me a chance" he said puffing madly. I knew he'd almost cum, but I was glad he hadn't. Somehow this didn't seem quite right, sucking Jerry who'd been my best friend for years and years, but I was finding out that I really liked sucking dick. Any dick.

"Maybe we shouldn't....." I started to say, and then I felt it. Jerry put his mouth on my cock, and it was pretty damn exciting. In fact it was incredibly exciting. I could feel his lips and tongue working the tip. "Oh yeah Jerry" I gushed. "Oh yeah. Jesus!" Taking Jerry's prick back in my mouth, I just sucked it gently this time. Not trying to swallow it or do any kind of acrobatic shit like Hunter had me do, but just slow and easy to try to make him feel good. When he started moaning I knew it was good for him, and it was fabulous for me.

My cock in somebody's mouth, and that somebody's cock in my mouth; what could be better? I tried to forget it was Jerry, my best friend, and just reveled in the pleasure of it.

I'd been reading about sucking dick on the internet since I was eleven and had fantasized about it constantly but actually getting a wet mouth around my own was incredible. But I could tell he wasn't taking me like I was taking him. As I glanced down at him, I saw that he barely had the tip of my prick in his mouth; he was acting like he was afraid of it. Taking my mouth off of him I said: "it ain't a cobra Jerry. You don't have to be afraid of it."

"I know Paul" he said. "But I'm afraid I'll choke."

"You won't know until you try it, so, come on, suck it." He took another inch into his mouth and he immediately gagged. "You gotta do better than that Jerry. Hunter's dick is twice as big as mine so if you're going to suck it you'd better get with the program. And I know damn well Hunter ain't going to put up with you just licking it."

Jerry tried again and gagged again. "I can't do it Paul. It makes me choke."

"Well shit" I said getting a little annoyed. "You gonna be gay Jerry, you'd better learn how to suck dick. Hunter jammed his monster clear down my throat the first time I went down on him and I didn't have any problem. Well, not much anyway. I don't know why you can't do it."

"I guess it's my gag reflex. Mine's different from yours."

All he'd been doing was holding the head in his mouth and licking it. But now he grabbed it with his hand and started to move his mouth back and forth giving me a wonderful feeling. He gagged once and pulled back a little, but just feeling his hand stroking me felt pretty damn good.

It made me realize that after sucking Hunter three times I was the expert here. Jerry needed me to show him how to do it. So, I took his cock deep, forcing it into my throat, and jamming my nose into his crotch. "Ohhhhhh" he moaned in ecstasy, and I felt him maybe take a tiny bit more of my cock in his mouth. He was stroking my cock with his hand now as well as sucking the head which felt fantastic and was getting me close to cuming. I had never touched Hunter's cock when I sucked him, and to be brutally honest, I didn't as much suck him as he fucked me. He fucked my face and I pretty much held on for dear life.

"Ohhhhh" Jerry moaned again and started cuming in my mouth. I'd only deep throated him once, but that's all that it took. I was almost there too so I reached down, put my hand behind his head and pushed it deeper. He started to choke but I started to cum. Jerry pulled back after the first shot, so I pulled back as well. So we were both moaning and groaning as we shot our semen all over ourselves and the bed and generally made a mess.

I lay back with a sigh, but Jerry jumped up almost immediately, ran to the bathroom, and came back and handed me a towel. "I didn't mean to cum in your mouth" Jerry said.

"That was okay Jerry. I think you're supposed to swallow when you suck anyway. I've always swallowed Hunter's." I handed the towel back to Jerry and he wiped himself off.

"I'm sorry I didn't do as good as you" he said. "I always gag when I put something in my mouth."

"Hey" I said. "It was the first time, and it felt great. But you need to do what I've been doing."

"What's that?"

"Actually" I laughed. "I've been practicing."


"Yeah. I've been practicing" I repeated. "You won't laugh will you?"

"Practicing how?"

"Well.... I've got a sausage at home almost as big as Hunter's dick. I've been practicing." Jerry started to laugh, and once he started he couldn't stop.

"You.... with a sausage?" he giggled. At first I was annoyed with him, but then couldn't help but join him and started laughing too. We went on and on and I laughed so hard my sides began to hurt.

Then there was a knock on the door and we heard his mom: "What's going on in there boys?" she asked. "Is everything okay."

"It's okay mom" he said still giggling. "Everything's okay." Then he whispered to me. "Thank god she always knocks. We better get dressed."

So. That was my first blow job. Getting sucked was better than not getting sucked, but Jerry was still my best friend. I still remember that phrase that says 'friends don't fuck friends'. And besides, he wasn't very good at it.


It was about ten o'clock on Friday a week later when I entered Larry's. I had argued with Jerry about coming with me, but he refused to come. He was mortally afraid of having to give Hunter a blow job. I tried to convince him.

"Jerry, you'd better think twice about not showing up. Hunter might be royally pissed, and I know you don't want him mad at you. You definitely don't want that."

"He didn't actually say that I had to be there tonight" Jerry answered. "In fact he didn't say anything except that he was going to make me suck him. He didn't say anything about tonight."

"Jerry, you heard him as well as I did. He said he'd see us next Friday."

"That's not what he said and you damn well know it" Jerry said. "When he dropped us off he was talking to you, and to quote him, he said "I'll see my favorite cocksucker next Friday." I started turning crimson with embarrassment. It was one thing for Hunter to say something like that, but to hear Jerry repeating it was humiliating.

"Yeah, okay. That's what he said" I giggled nervously. "but I think he was including you as well. I'm pretty sure he was."

"Well, I don't think so. And I ain't going unless he says I've got to."

"You'd better stay near the phone then. If he wants you, you'd better be ready. It's one thing for him to make you suck his dick and quite another to have him kick your ass first."

"Okay, okay. I'll stay right here next to the phone, and you call me when you find out what's going on. I'll be ready if he's wants me, but remember, you'll have to pick me up."

"Jerry, this would be a lot easier if you'd just come along with me."

"No. Not unless he insists. You call me. Okay?"

"Okay Jerry."

So I walked into Larry's Drive In by myself and saw that Hunter and Nate were already there. And sitting in the booth with them were the two kids from a couple weeks ago. The track guys from out of town. As I looked around, trying to decide what to do, Hunter saw me and waved me over.

"Hey Paul" he said. "Come here and join us." I walked over to them and saw that Hunter was sitting in the middle with his muscular arms around the shoulders of the two track kids. Nate was sitting across the table from them. "Jerry's not with you?" he asked.

"No Hunter. He had to stay home and take care of his little sister." Jerry didn't have a little sister, but I had to say something. "He wanted me to tell you he was sorry but if you wanted him here he'd figure something out. I'll call him if you want."

"No, that's okay" he said. "I don't need him here tonight. Particularly since I've got some new entertainment lined up." He grinned as he hugged the two boys, pulling them in close. "Paul, this is Bart" pulling on the dark haired boy's shoulder "and this is Chuck" he said pulling on the other one, the blond. "Sorry they can't shake hands but their hands are busy at the moment." Hunter and Nate started laughing and though both Bart and Chuck looked embarrassed at first, they finally joined in the laughter. As I slid into the booth next to Nate I could see that the two boys had their hands under the table, and I pretty much guessed what they were doing. Hunter was wearing a tight white muscle shirt which as usual showed off his incredible biceps and that absolutely amazing chest. Bart and Chuck were wearing snug white t-shirts which showed off their nicely defined pectorals. Both boys were good looking and had nice builds but Chuck, the blond, was a little stockier. "The boys wanted to check and see what I had in my pants" Hunter said and they all laughed again.

I was at a loss because I didn't know what to say. Both of them were obviously playing with Hunter's cock or feeling him up or something under the table. I'd come here to see Hunter, and do whatever he wanted, so of course I was disappointed. Since Jerry hadn't come along tonight, I had hoped that maybe I'd have all of Hunter's attention to myself. I wanted to watch him go crazy with passion again while I sucked his dick. But it looked like these two boys were in line ahead of me.

"We've been waiting for you Paul" Hunter said which caught me by surprise. Hunter waiting for me? On most of my trips to Larry's he hadn't even looked in my direction. I felt my face go hot with pleasure at the thought that he had been thinking of me. Maybe he was considering me as more than just someone to suck his cock. "The boys here have been bugging the hell out of me for weeks to have a threesome. Isn't that right Bart?"

"Yeah Hunter" Bart gushed. "You know it." Both boys were on the slim side, obviously not as muscular as me but were about my same height: 5'7". Bart had a pretty, rather feminine face with light brown hair, while Chuck, the blond, looked like more of a stud.

"Would you believe that these boys have never had a threesome before?" Hunter said. "In fact they're telling me they've only had sex with each other. Isn't that what you said?"

Bart answered him. "Yeah Hunter. You know that."

"Paul here likes to suck my dick. Don't you Paul?" Here we go again I thought as my face turned red. Hunter was determined to embarrass me at every opportunity.

"Well?" he asked.

"Yes Hunter" I whispered in complete humiliation as I looked down at my hands.

"Say it" Hunter ordered me. "Tell them what you want."

I hesitated for a moment, and then mumbled "I want to suck your dick Hunter" knowing that he'd just keep after me and after me until I finally did say it.

Hunter and Nate started laughing and were joined by Bart and Chuck. You'd have thought that was the funniest thing they'd ever heard in their lives. Everyone in the place looked over to see what was so funny. I blush easily anyway, so I knew my face was crimson now.

"The boys here got their hands under the table getting a preview of what they're going to get later" Hunter said as he flexed his arms again pulling the boys in by their shoulders. Now it was Bart's and Chuck's turn to be embarrassed while Hunter and Nate laughed. They did seem to be embarrassed but they made no attempt to stop what they were doing. Evidently there were two and maybe four hands groping Hunter's crotch under the table.

Then Nate spoke up. "Make them tell Paul what we're doing here Hunter" he said.

"Okay, yeah" Hunter answered. "Tell him Bart."

"Ahhh.... what?" Bart answered.

"Tell Paul why we're here" Hunter said.

"Let me tell him Hunter" Nate said. "Let me." Then he turned to me. "These guys saw Hunter and me at a track meet, and I guess we were playing around a little in the stands. I guess it was kinda obvious that I was feeling Hunter up."

"As usual" Hunter laughed. "You just can't keep your damn hands off of me dude."

"Anyway, they came up and started to talk to us, but you know how Hunter is. He knew right away they were hot for him."

"So okay, yeah" Bart laughed. "We were turned on. It was damn embarrassing to watch you guys going at it in the stands while we're trying to run track with hard-on's."

"So anyway" Nate giggled "within ten minutes Hunter seduced them and had them begging for a threesome. Hunter is something else."

"You ain't the only one's infatuated with my muscles and my pretty face Paul" Hunter said to me as he laughed. "I have to fight them off with a stick." I was thrilled that Hunter was giving me all this attention, but I was also very jealous and rather fascinated with the story of how he seduced these two guys.

"Actually" Nate continued. "Hunter didn't as much seduce them as he allowed them to seduce him. Didn't he Bart?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so" Bart answered. "Chuck and I'd never had sex with anyone except each other. But we'd never seen anyone with a body like Hunter's either. So when we saw him on the bleachers looking that way he does and getting his muscles felt up by you, we decided to make a play for him. It was a spur of the moment thing."

"So the deal is" Hunter said. "The deal is that the boys are hot for my bod. And of course Nate wants to watch. You know that Nate is the number one voyeur around here. Nothing turns him on like watching somebody do me.

"So, you can join us and maybe get in on the action. Luckily Nate's parents are away most every Friday so we're heading over there in a few. You can join us" Hunter said. The way Hunter said it; it definitely was not a request so I simply acquiesced.

"Okay Hunter. Whatever you say."

"Bart and Chuck were here a couple weeks ago for a track meet, and agreed to come back so we could get better acquainted" Hunter said with a grin as he hugged the boys to him again. Every time he hugged them his amazing biceps bulged, which gave me a shot of excitement. "And so far my prick and their hands are getting really well acquainted" he laughed. "But I have plans to give a couple tongues a real workout tonight and I've got a lot of ideas of how to put them to use."

Hunter was so spectacularly gorgeous that I almost drooled every time I saw him. And each and every time I was astonished that he had taken a liking to me and let me to blow him and even associate with him. He obviously had dozens if not hundreds of guys who'd love to suck him if he'd let them, for example the two kids sitting on each side of him right now; but he had picked me. There was no doubt in my mind that it truly was a privilege to be allowed to spend time with him.

"Nate likes nothing better than to watch me when I play, so you can come along and keep him company tonight" he said. "What do you guys think?" he said flexing those biceps again.

"Yeah," "whatever," the two boys said. Then putting his hand behind the head of the boy named Bart, Hunter pulled him down and pushed his face down into his crotch under the table

"Get it wet babe" Hunter said softly. "Go ahead. Suck it." Then grabbing Chuck with the other hand, he pulled him in and gave him a peck on the lips. "What'daya think Paul? You wanna watch?"

"Sure Hunter. Sure. Whatever you say." I didn't know how this would turn out, and I knew I would be painful because I'd be so jealous; however, just the idea of being around Hunter and being able to admire his body overruled everything else. Besides he said maybe I could get in on the action.

"Let's go then" he said and we all got up and headed for the door. I let Hunter go first because I wanted to watch his broad shoulders and see how his ass moved as he walked. And oh shit was he sexy. Everything about him screamed power, dominance, sex and muscular perfection. Every eye in the place was on him as we sauntered out the door.

The two boys sat on Nate's and my laps while Hunter drove the pickup. The boys weren't saying much, and seemed totally intimidated by Hunter. That didn't surprise me in the least since they were young guys, but then again, Hunter intimidates everybody. When we got to Nate's house he and Hunter immediately pulled their shirts off. Hunter performed the double bicep pose, held it, and then slowly moved into the most muscular. All four of us simply watched in amazement as each perfectly shaped muscle on his body bulged magnificently.

"You like Paul?" Hunter asked smirking at me.

"Oh yeah Hunter" I gasped in awe. I just couldn't get enough of seeing Hunter's spectacular muscles. In my mind he was the most beautiful man in the universe, and again, I was thrilled to even be associated with him. It continued to amaze me that I had actually been allowed to suck this demigod's cock and he had loved it and appreciated it and said he wanted more. A hot flash shot through my body and all I could think of was how honored I'd been and how badly I wanted to do it again. "Oh fuck yeah" I gasped again. If I'd been alone with him I would have dropped to my knees right then and there and begged for his cock.

"Get my shoes off" he said and I jumped to obey. Getting on my knees, I got his sneakers off, and after a nod from him, his half socks as well. He unfastened his belt and pants and let them fall to his feet, and I helped him step out of them. I set back on the floor and looked up in total astonishment at his sheer perfection. Standing there with a smirk on his face and wearing only a jockstrap, he was totally awesome.

I glanced at the two boys and saw their eyes were bugged out and their mouths were hanging open. There was no doubt they were as mesmerized by Hunter as I was, and I was doubly sure when I saw a healthy bulge in each of their crotches.

Hunter stepped between them. "Put your hand on my shoulder" he said to them. Then he squatted down, grabbed each of the just below the butt, and stood up, lifting them, one in each arm. They had to weigh at least 130 pounds each but Hunter wasn't even straining. They each held on to a shoulder to keep their balance as Hunter turned to face Nate. "What'daya think Nate?"

"Superman" Nate said in amazement. "You're a god damn superman."

"Nothing to it" Hunter said with a grin and then astonishingly; unbelievably, he did a biceps curl, lifting both boys up, one in each arm, straining his titanic biceps. "Nothing to it" he said again as he let the boys drop back to their feet "but I'll go with the superman." All four of us simply looked on in total awe at that incredible performance. "I could use you guys in my workouts" he said with a grin.

Then he performed the double bicep pose again, forcing his arms to grow to softball size. After really crunching them a couple times, he went through several poses. From the front double biceps pose he moved to the front lat spread and on to the side chest and then on to the three quarter back, each pose flowing gracefully from one into the other. He was beyond spectacular and we were all overwhelmed, and by the grin he had on his face he damn well knew it.

"Yeah guys. This is what you came here for" he declared.

"Oh Jesus yes Hunter" Bart whispered in unmitigated admiration. "You are incredible."

"Okay, let's strip and get ready for action. Down to the buff. You too Nate" Hunter said and we all started taking off our clothes. Hunter just stood there with hands on hips watching. "All the way" he repeated. So in just a minute or so everybody was naked except Hunter and he was wearing only a jock strap. "Come here you two" he said to Chuck and Bart. As they stepped up to him he grabbed each of them by the hair and gave them a light jerk. "Hands behind your back" he ordered and they followed his instructions. "Now get on my chest and lick."

Putting his hands back on his hips, Hunter just smiled as the two boys stated working their mouths over his slabs of pectoral muscle. "That's it boys" he said. "This is what you wanted, so show me you appreciate it." He just let them go at it for a while, enjoying their worship, as Nate and I watched. And let me assure you, there were five roaring hard-ons in the room.

Then he stepped back. The two boys looked at him questioningly, wondering what he wanted. "Well?" Hunter said. "Don't quit." They stepped up to him and started licking his chest again. As Hunter took another step back the boys moved with him keeping their mouths working those solid masses of muscle. "That's it kids. Keep it up" he said.

Letting them go for a few more minutes Hunter finally said: "Biceps now boys. Work these mounds of muscle for me." As he raised his arms and forced the massive biceps to bulge, the boys moved their mouths to his arms and started licking and kissing them. One of them started groaning in ecstasy; I think it was Bart. I could now see that this is really what they wanted. Both of them had nice slender bodies, rather well built for fifteen year olds, but obviously they were true muscle fanatics, and if they couldn't achieve what Hunter had, at least they could admire it and worship it.

They both started groaning now and seemed to be intoxicated with those distended bi's as they kissed and licked and sucked them relentlessly. Hunter was grinning up a storm and winked at me as he let them take their pleasure by making love to his brawny arms.

Finally Hunter took one more step back and sat down on the sofa. "Sit" he said to the boys. As they sat down on, Chuck on his left and Bart on his right he raised those enormous arms and clasped his hands behind his head. "My pits boys. Get in there and eat out my sweaty pits." Bart let out a groan in anticipation as they both leaned in and buried their faces in Hunter's arm pits. Chuck put his hand on Hunter's chest and started feeling the slab of muscle.

"Arms behind your back damn it" Hunter growled as he lowered his right hand and gave Chuck a slap to the side of his head. "Do what I tell you."

"Okay. Sorry Boss" Chuck said contritely as he pulled his hands back from Hunter's chest. Nate and I were standing there in awe as Hunter looked up and gave us one of his glorious smiles.

"How about it Nate? Does this turn you on, watching two cute muscle addicts working me over?"

"Oh yeah Hunter" Nate gasped, and as I looked over at him, I saw that he was now stroking his cock. "Oh yeah. That is so fuckin hot." And I sure agreed with him; two hunky guys with their faces buried in his armpits was a sight to behold. Even though my prick was super hard from watching this erotic scene, I was terribly jealous. I wanted to be doing what they were doing.

"On your knees Paul" Hunter said catching me by surprise. I jumped to obey getting on my knees between his legs and looking up at him for direction. I felt a hot flash shoot through me in elation as I looked at this demigod's perfect body and beautiful face and although I didn't want to share him with these kids, I was thrilled that he was going to allow me to get involved and perhaps get another chance at his cock. Besides I knew I could show these kids a thing or two about how Hunter wanted to be worshiped. "Just kiss it" he said. "Nothing more." His cock was fully hard and standing up like a flag pole as I leaned in and starting kissing it.

As I continued kissing his cock I squinted up at him admiring his incredible physiq1ue, I saw him drop his arms forcing the boy's faces away. Then putting his arms around them, he pulled them back into his massive chest. "Okay, back to work on my chest babes. I wanna see you covering every inch of these hot pecs of mine. Go to it!"

As they got busy working his chest, I imagined that having three hunks working on him must be giving him incredible feelings of pleasure. But actually he didn't have a smile or grin but had what looked like a smug look on his face. I suddenly realized that he simply expected to be worshiped by those around him, and with his dominating personality and stunning beauty he knew it was only right that we would pay homage to him. He knew he was a god and just seemed to take it for granted that everyone would be thrilled to acquiesce to his desires.

"So Nate" he said. "What do you think."

"Ohhh... Ohhh... It's too fuckin much Hunter" Nate gasped. "You're going to make me cum. Ohhhhh....." It sounded like Nate was ready to blow.

Hunter started laughing. "Shit Nate. Don't cum yet or you'll miss the best part."

"Oh hell Hunter. You are unbelievable" Nate gasped as he tried to regain control. "What a god damn turn on; you using three guys as your personal servants. You really are a superman Hunter. You're a genius."

"There's more to come Nate" Hunter answered. "Down boys." Hunter pushed the two boy's heads down to his rippling abdominal muscles. "Now lick" he ordered. Chuck let out a loud groan, evidently totally turned on to rock solid washboard abs.

"Oh fuck Hunter" Chuck swooned. "I love your body." I was still pushing Hunter's very hard cock back and forth with my nose as I continued kissing it while they worked his abs. He just let the three of us go at it for quite a while with Chuck continuing to moan softly in total pleasure and admiration, completely oblivious to anything except Hunter's fantastic abs. Then Hunter pushed me back.

"Back off Paul" he said. Still holding Bart and Chuck's heads in his big hands, he pushed them down to his crotch. "On your knees" he ordered "and start licking." The two boys immediately dropped off the sofa to the floor on their knees. It looked to me like they were almost drooling in anticipation of getting on Hunter's cock. Hunter grabbed a handful of hair from each of them and started easing their lips up and down his enormous pole. "How about that Nate? Pretty as a picture hey?" he said as he watched the two boys, one mouth on either side, move up and down his hard prick.

"Oh shit yes Paul" Nate said. "That is so fuckin hot, I don't think I can hold back much longer."

"Not yet man, not yet, cause there's still more to come" Hunter said with a laugh.

"Okay boys" Hunter directed. "Just the tip now. And I want you kissing. Go ahead and kiss while you've got my prick in your mouths. Get those tongues busy." Bart groaned this time as they started French kissing while sucking on the end of Hunters shaft. I was just setting there in total astonishment, as I watched what was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, or even imagined. Two guys compelled to kiss each other while sucking on a muscle god's prick!

Hunter just let them go at it for a couple minutes while Nate and I just watched in amazement. Then, still holding them by their hair, he pulled them back along his nine or so inches. "Alright Paul. You're on" he said to me, and I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. As I allowed the cock to slide into my mouth I ran up against Bart's and Chuck's lips as they kissed and sucked Hunter from either side. Three guys sucking on Hunter's cock! I was going crazy with lust, and I'll bet Nate was freaking out from what he was seeing. And as I thought it, it happened; Nate started howling; obviously shooting his wad.

Hunter started laughing. "Hell Nate. You've got to learn to get some control" he said. "Shit, I've got three hungry mouths here, and I'm damn well not going to rush it." Then he pushed all three of us away and got up off the sofa. "Paul, you just watch" he said to me as he lay down on the floor on his back. "Okay, boys; no hands" Hunter ordered. "Start at my feet and work your way up. I want to feel those tongues working every inch of my body." Both boys had roaring hard-ons as they started kissing Hunter's feet. At Hunter's direction, they licked their way up and down his body several times over the next half hour. When he rolled over they licked and sucked every inch of him and took turns tonguing his crack. Nate and I just watched in awe and envy as Hunter got every muscle on his body fawned over and worshiped from two hungry mouths.

When Hunter was finally satisfied he pushed them back and stood up. Looking over at me he snapped his fingers and I leaped over and got on my knees in front of him. "Now guys, I want you to watch this. This is how you suck cock. Paul does it like nobody else on the planet." With that said, he took hold of my head with both hands and pulled me forward allowing his cock to slide deep into my throat. I was ecstatic. He had two new virgin worshipers available for his use, but he wanted me! He knew nobody could suck his cock like I can suck his cock. And evidently just to prove a point Hunter held me there, my face crammed into his crotch, as he corkscrewed my head trying to get in even deeper. And he continued holding me there. Luckily I don't have a problem with gagging and choking anymore, but I wasn't prepared for him to keep his prick in me forever.

"This is how you suck a cock" I heard him say with a laugh. "Paul gives head like a fucking virtuoso. There ain't nothing like it." And he continued holding me there, probably close to a minute already. For the first time ever when sucking Hunter, I tried to pull back, but he was having none of it, and with his enormous strength was actually hurting my nose as he tried to force me even harder into his crotch.

Finally I couldn't go on and put my hands on his thighs and tried to push him away, and screamed at him at the same time. "Mmggghh' I yelled.

"Hands down" he yelled at me. "Hands down. Hands down." He was suffocating me and I was now desperate to breathe, but I understood I had to obey him to get him to stop. I dropped my hands to my sides as I think I was beginning to black out. Then he pulled me back. I fell to the floor as he let go of me, taking huge gasping breaths as I moaned and tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Have you ever seen anything like that?" Hunter said delightedly. "Is he incredible, or is he incredible?"

"Holy shit" "Jesus" "Wow" I heard them say in surprise and amazement as I began to come back to my senses. Still gasping for breath I finally opened my eyes and looked up and saw my superman, my Hercules, my gorgeous muscle man, hands on hips, grinning down at me.

"Oh baby, you are so fuckin good" he said grinning broadly. "I knew you could do it. Ain't nobody can take my cock like you can." Turning to Bart and Chuck he said: "just watch and you'll learn how to really suck cock."

"Okay Paul. Back at it" he ordered. By now I'd gotten my senses back but I was still breathing hard and my heart was beating a million miles an hour, so I wasn't really ready to go at it again. "Move it Paul" he said. When I didn't immediately start to get up, he reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled me back to my knees.

I squealed in pain. "Ow, Hunter. Ow."

"I'm proud of you so far Paul" he growled at me. "But don't fuck it up now." Sticking his thumb in my mouth and forcing it open, he pushed his gargantuan shaft back into my mouth. "Now suck on it" he ordered. And I started sucking. Hunter put his hands back on his hips, and along with Nate, Bart and Chuck, just watched me as I started to perform one of my incomparable blow jobs. I was still panting and my heart was beating fast but Hunter was the center of my life and I would do anything for him, so I exerted myself, trying to get my breathing under control and suck him at the same time. And since I now had enough experience to know exactly what Hunter wanted and expected in a blow job I really got going.

Holding on to his thighs I sucked and licked, bobbing my head in and out; occasionally going deep and sometimes just working the tip. I knew I was doing it the way he wanted it because, for the first time, he didn't automatically take control and start fucking my face. And again I was thrilled. Although he'd made me his into his submissive boy toy, when I was sucking him, he was totally under my control. I was subjugating him with my mouth.

"Join me you pussies" Hunter said with a laugh. "Go ahead; jerk off. Nate, get on my chest." I saw Nate step forward and heard him give Hunter's left pectoral muscle a loud smacking kiss. I assume Hunter must have motioned to Bart and Chuck as well because I saw him raise his arms and flex his enormous biceps, and in seconds he had each of them sucking on his softball sized mounds.

I was concentrating on giving Hunter the best blow job ever, but I couldn't help but look up and watch three hunky guys getting delirious over his fabulous muscles. Bart and Chuck sucking and kissing and rubbing their noses on his amazing biceps, while Nate slobbering off over his chest. Keeping my eyes open and looking up at his Herculean body, I saw that his abs were now starting to quiver; he was getting really close. But how could he not. Three studs worshiping his muscles and one giving him the blow job of a lifetime, how could he not be ready to shoot. Then I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth and heard him groan. I was amazed that he was ready to pop and still hadn't grabbed my head. This would be the first time he let me go at it without fucking my face so I outdid myself by ramming my face into his crotch as hard as I could, cramming all nine or so inches deep into my throat.

"Yeeeaaah!" he howled as he fired his first shot deep into my esophagus. Then he yelled again, this time copying the Tarzan, king of the jungle yell. "Aeeeaaaa-eeeaaa-eeeaaa." Everybody broke up laughing except me, since I was otherwise occupied trying to try to keep from choking to death as Hunter's huge bludgeon continued firing into my throat. Hunter was not holding my head this time, but I wanted to make it as good for him as I could, so I held on, and held on, and held on, while he fired shot after shot into me before I finally was forced to pull back and cough the cum from my throat in order to breathe. As Hunter stepped back and grabbed his shooting prick, I felt something hit my cheek, but it wasn't Hunter's semen, it was Chuck's as his prick exploded as well.

And then I was getting it from all sides; Hunter getting me directly in the face while Nate and Bart and Chuck squirted onto my hair, my shoulders, and even into my ear. Lots of moaning and groaning going on as their jizz rained down on me, and then I reached down, gave my cock two quick strokes and joined them, having the most exciting ejaculation of my life.

As is often said: 'A great time was had by all'.



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