I think we were getting quite a reputation at Larry's because Hunter was always doing something outrageous. He automatically drew attention because he was so fucking muscular and handsome; totally dazzling. He didn't care if people knew he was gay, and while he didn't necessarily rub their noses in it, he sure didn't try to hide it. Nobody would think twice if a straight couple kissed at Larry's, and Hunter didn't think twice about kissing me or having me or Nate feel him up.

"You're going to get us kicked out of here Hunter" I said in embarrassment. "Everybody's looking." Actually I didn't know if anybody was looking or not, but Hunter making me kiss his chest right there in the middle of Larry's was absolutely outrageous. This was one of the few times I'd seen Hunter when he wasn't wearing a tight muscle shirt. This was a light blue button down with the sleeves torn off which he had unbuttoned down to his navel. As sexy as his skin tight muscle shirts were, this was even sexier with those ripped powerful arms and shoulders of his completely bare and his pecs and abs showing through the open shirt.

"I don't give a fuck" Hunter said as he let go of my head and I pulled back. "They don't like us here, we'll go someplace else. And hey babe, I don't want to deprive you. I can see that bulge in your pants and I know you can't wait to get you tongue on this hot bod of mine. And check Nate out; he wants it too." I glanced over at Nate and saw he was blushing, so I figured he had quite a bulge down there as well.

Hunter was the most outrageous gay stud on the planet I think. When most think of outrageous gays, they think of flamboyant queens, or the guys completely decked out in leather; the two extremes. But Hunter was just a normal high school kid (a particularly awesome narcissistic high school kid) who was just being himself; his gay self. He saw no difference between his actions and the straight kid's actions. They tried to kick him out of school once for kissing a guy in the hallway, but he made a case that they had to kick all the straight kids out as well, so the left him alone.

Ordinarily you'd think a kid like that would be picked on and bullied by the straight assholes around, but because Hunter was trained in wrestling and karate, nobody dared mess with him. Besides he was the top defensive linesman on the football team and had been elected as co-captain so he was very well liked. And since he was so gorgeous and had such a sparkling personality, he was very popular. Not your usual run-of-the-mill shy gay kid.

"Okay do it again" Hunter said. "We'll give them a show." So this time, without Hunter grabbing me and making me do it; I leaned in, pushed his shirt aside with my nose, and gave his slab of pectoral muscle a kiss and a lick. "Oh yeah you're hot for it" he said. "Well, lucky for you, so am I."

This was our usual Friday night get-together at Larry's Drive In which we'd been doing for a couple months now. Hunter and Nate had arrived about half an hour after me, and, as every time I see him, he literally took my breath away with his incredible physique and his seductive smile. And of course I was thrilled that with every eye in the place on him, he walked right up to my booth and sat next to me. What was different tonight was that Nate had a black eye and Hunter had a bruise on his cheek and a band aid on his chin.

"What's going on guys?" I asked. "You get into a fight?"

"Well yeah, you could say that" Nate answered. "We've got a gang problem at our school and an asshole named Carl things he's king shit when he's surrounded by his buddies."

"That guy's a total creep, and incredibly stupid to pick a fight with us. He's an idiot to think he could take us on." Hunter laughed. "A complete imbecile."

"He had three of his thugs with him, but Hunter and I handled them" Nate said with a grin, which made him look frightening with his purple and red eye puffed up and swollen. "I handled Carl and Hunter wiped out the other three guys. If you think I look bad, you should see them. You can bet they won't try that again."

"That guy Carl is always trouble" Hunter said. "They've kicked him out of school a couple times, but he always comes back."

"We have some of those assholes at South too" I said "but I just keep out of their way."

Although Hunter went to Central High and I went to South High, I was actually becoming more popular at school because of him. All kinds of kids, mostly girls but some boys as well, would talk to me in the halls and suddenly wanted to be my friend at school just because the saw me with Hunter at Larry's. Everybody seemed to know that he was an absolute god, and I knew I was incredibly lucky just to be seen with him. Actually I liked to think I was his lover, however he'd made it perfectly clear that he wasn't into 'lovers', and when I brought the subject up he almost tore my head off.

There was no question in my mind that we weren't equals. Hunter was really special and I knew that any attention I got from him was special. I was well aware that I wasn't the only guy that loved him, but I was thrilled to be the one up close who was having sex with him. I knew that Nate was his best friend, but I was his number one sex partner and I intended to hold on to that position for dear life. Call me his hanger-on or his lackey if you want but I was willing to keep my love for him in my heart and just not verbalize it. I'd do anything to keep out relationship going and Hunter knew how I felt.

"Well, how have you been?" Hunter asked me. "It's been a couple weeks hasn't it?"

"Yeah Hunter. It's been just two weeks since you were here." I was glowing inside and had a huge smile on my face, I was so happy to see him again. My whole life these days was built around the Friday's when Hunter showed up at Larry's and we got it on. I still hadn't had sex with anybody else besides Hunter, except for a half-hearted attempt of getting a blow job from my friend Jerry. And I didn't want it with anyone else. It was really painful for me sometimes when he didn't show on a Friday, but I was willing to wait until we could get together.

"Oh yeah, two weeks" Hunter laughed. "My cock's been telling me something's wrong. It hasn't had one of your spectacular blow jobs for ages. But Nate has been trying to fill in." I looked up in surprise and Nate was turning red.

"Nate, you're doing him now?" I asked in shock. Of course I knew what happened at the cabin, but I was amazed to hear Nate was willingly sucking him off.

"He ain't up to your standards yet" Hunter laughed "but he's getting better. Hey Nate?" Nate just kept blushing and stared down at the table. "Isn't that right Nate?" Hunter asked again with emphasis, clearly demanding an answer.

"Yeah Hunter" Nate whispered as he shyly looked up. "Yeah."

"Yup" Hunter said with a laugh. "With a little practice Nate's going to turn into a fine cocksucker." Nate turned bright red but didn't say anything. I was dumbfounded. Nate had been so insistent that he was Hunter's best friend and admirer but totally straight, but now it seemed that he was not only his worshiper, but his cocksucker as well. I'd never really cared for Nate, but now that he must be doing Hunter regularly, I was instantly jealous. Nate was with Hunter every day while I only saw him on occasional Fridays. It wasn't fair.

"You know I want you Hunter" I said. "You know I'm the best."

"I told you before not to worry babe" he said fluffing my hair again and giving me one of his glorious smiles. "No way is Nate going to take your place, or anybody else for that matter. You're really special babe, and you'll always be special to me. Got that?" This is about the time I usually tear up, but luckily this time I didn't embarrass myself.

"Okay Hunter. Okay." What more could I say? I knew I had to accept him on his terms. "Ahhh... Hunter? We doing something tonight?"

"Of course we are. Let's get out of here" Hunter said giving me a big grin. "My cock's telling me something really special is going to happen." All three of us headed out into the parking lot.

"Nate. Your place available tonight?" Hunter asked.

"Yeah Hunter, just like most Friday's" Nate answered. "My folks are out playing cards and won't be back until who knows when."

"Okay let's head over. Paul, you drop your car off and we'll pick you up" Hunter said as he gave me a pat on the rump. I have to admit I wiggled my ass a little just anticipating being able to get it on with Hunter's big prick again. I was actually glowing inside in excitement; knowing how lucky I was to even know this incredibly perfect human being.

I headed to my dad's car while Hunter and Nate headed towards Hunter's truck when suddenly a pickup truck with squealing tires swerved into the lot. I jumped one way and Nate and Hunter jumped the other as it nearly hit us.

"What the fuck" I yelled as I fell and scraped my knee. Then the truck screeched to a halt and two young guys leaped out. Oh fuck, I thought. Here's trouble.

"Where you going faggot" one of them yelled. I just stood there in shock as one of the guys walked over to where Nate and Hunter were standing. "I been looking for you, you son of a bitch" He yelled.

"Don't start again Carl" Hunter growled at him. "This time I'll tear you a new asshole."

"You just try it you stupid fag. You just try it" the guy said and I was horrified to see him pull out an enormous switchblade knife. "You're big muscles ain't going to do shit once I stick this into you" he said. Then the guy leaped at him swinging the knife. Nate jumped one way and Hunter the other, but the guy swung again at Hunter and actually cut his unbuttoned shirt.

The other kid was still standing on the other side of the pickup, so I saw my opportunity. Hey, I may be submissive to Hunter, but I ain't no coward, and I'm a pretty good fighter. I screamed "Yeeeeeeeeow" and ran towards the guy just as he was about to swing the knife at Hunter again. He started to turn when he heard me but I landed on his back.

He didn't go down as I'd hoped so I tried to grab his arm but he was a lot bigger and stronger than me and he grabbed my arm with his free hand and pulled me off. Then he slammed me in the stomach knocking all the wind out of me and I went down. Before he could make another move Hunter was on him, and within seconds he threw him to the pavement on his face.

I grabbed my stomach because that guy had really hit me. Then suddenly I felt the most incredible pain I'd ever felt in my life in my stomach. I curled up in a fetal position and tried to scream but the pain was too great. I couldn't think, I couldn't see, I could only feel this horrendous pain in my gut. As I looked down I saw my hands covered with blood. Oh my god. He stabbed me.

I was vaguely aware that the fight must have been over since I heard a screech of tires. Then Nate was there at my side. "Paul? Paul, you okay? Hunter. Paul's hurt." Then he saw the blood and screamed: "Hunter!"

And then Hunter was there. "Hunter....." I tried to say. "I'm hurt."

"Oh no... Paul" he said. Then he yelled: "Someone get an ambulance. Call an ambulance."

"It's okay Paul" Hunter said. "Just hold on. Okay? Help's coming." He reached down to move my hands and I whimpered in pain. I saw a shocked look on his face and heard him moan. "Oh shit" he whispered. "Just take it easy Paul." Then he ripped off his shirt and pushed it into my stomach. I could see it instantly turn red. "Oh shit" he said again, holding the shirt there.

"It hurts Hunter" I moaned. "It hurts."

"Just take it easy Paul" he said again as he cradled my head. "It's going to be okay." I could see by the look on his face that things weren't okay. "Nate" he yelled. "Tell them to get an ambulance. Quick." I could see that he now had tears in his eyes. "Please. Hurry." Nate took off.

"Please Paul. Please. It's okay. You'll be okay." I think I blacked out then, but maybe I just blinked; I don't know. The pain was so agonizing that I couldn't think, but Hunter was still there holding my head and I think he was crying. I didn't know anything could hurt so much.

"Hunter" I whispered.

"Don't move babe" he sobbed. "Don't move. Just hold on. Don't you dare die on me. Help's coming." He was holding the shirt against my stomach and there was blood everywhere. The pain was excruciating already and actually seemed to be getting worse.

Then Hunter started yelling at the top of his lungs. "Will somebody help! God damn it, somebody help us!"

I did black out then but I felt somebody trying to move me and it hurt so bad I wanted to fight them but I couldn't seem to move. Then for a second I realized I was in a bed, maybe in an ambulance with somebody leaning over me. I woke up a couple times later in terrible pain seeing bright white lights overhead and hearing strange hushed voices.

I don't know how much later it was when I woke up, but there was a tube stuck up my nose which itched like crazy and I was terribly thirsty. I heard a beeping sound and as I opened my eyes I saw my mom and dad sitting next to the bed reading magazines. I was in the hospital. When I opened my eyes my mother looked up at me.

"Oh my baby" she said. "Stan. He's awake." Then they were both looking down at me.

I found out later that although they wouldn't let him into my room because he wasn't family, Hunter had been in the waiting room all night and all day. According to Nate he caused quite a commotion because for most of the night he was without a shirt and refused to leave long enough to wash off the blood. Hunter with his incredible body setting there without a shirt would definitely cause consternation in any setting, with or without the blood.

So, I survived. Hunter was there every day for hours, even longer than my parents. Nate said he was getting his assignments for him so he wasn't going to fall behind for skipping a few days of school. I had never seen Hunter cry before; in fact I couldn't even conceive of him ever crying. He was simply too butch. But when we were alone together in the hospital he was always getting tears in his eyes. He accepted all the blame for what happened to me because they were after him, not me. And he wouldn't stop apologizing.

"I thought I was going to lose you Paul" he said one day with tears in his eyes. "I was so afraid. I don't know what I would have done, because it was all my fault."

"It's okay Hunter. It's okay. Stop making such a big deal about it. It's over now. For god's sake, it wasn't you who stabbed me."

"Thank you for trying to save me Paul. You were very brave." Then he leaned down and kissed me. I mean really kissed. Believe it or not, in all the time Hunter and I had been together he had only given me an occasional peck on the lips. This time it was a 'real kiss'. I saw fireworks.

"Wow Hunter" I said as he finally pulled back giving me a big smile. "Wow."

"You're a terrific guy Paul. I want you to know that." And he kissed me again. And then again. And again. It was only when the nurse came in a few minutes later that he finally stopped.

"I really owe you Paul" he said after the nurse left. "And I'm going to try to make it up to you." Then he put his hand under the sheet reaching for my crotch. Of course I had one of those hospital gowns that covered the front but were open in back. He pulled it up and grabbed hold of my cock. I was about half hard because of the kissing, but as he touched me I started growing. Then the shocker. He put his head under the sheet and took my prick into his mouth.

"No Hunter. No" I entreated. "No." Hunter didn't suck cock. I was his submissive. I did it to him. I reached down and tried to pull him off, but he wouldn't budge. I have to admit it felt wonderful. After getting a million blow jobs, I guess Hunter should know all about what it takes to give one. As for myself, I hadn't cum for at least two weeks so it was only seconds before I was fully hard and throbbing. And the idea of Hunter doing me was beyond description. Who would have ever believed it?

Not more than a minute later I was shooting into his mouth. Hunter swallowed every bit and continued sucking as I began to get soft. Then he lifted his head and kissed me on the lips.

"I wanted to do that for you Paul" he said shyly looking into my eyes. "I hope it was good."

"It was wonderful Hunter" I gushed. "Amazing. I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything Paul" he answered. "I owed it to you. I owe my life to you."

While I was in the hospital Hunter totally captivated my parents. They thought he was the sweetest, kindest most attractive and wonderful boy they'd ever met and told me how lucky I was to have such a terrific friend. I think they were beginning to love him as much as I did.

Eventually they sent me home from the hospital. Hunter hadn't said what our situation was going to be and I hadn't had the nerve to ask him. I wondered if we were just going to go back to the occasional Fridays. But that very afternoon he came to my house just hours after I had arrived.

"How's my 'stud' today" he asked when he came up to my bedroom. I don't know what was better, him calling me his 'stud' or calling me his 'babe' but it was wonderful in either case. "You're looking good. Better than ever."

"Thanks Hunter. I guess I've got a long way to go. But, man, am I ever out of shape. I've got to start working out and get some muscle tone back."

"Don't rush it stud" Hunter answered giving me one of his awesome smiles. "There's time, and you need to heal up first." Hunter then pulled the blanket off of me. I was lying there in just my pajama bottoms, as he got on his knees and grabbed my crotch. "I think this muscle needs a workout too, don't you think?"

"No Hunter. Don't" I said as I reached down and grabbed his hand. "You don't suck cock Hunter. I don't want you to suck me. I want things to be just as they were. I belong to you Hunter. I want to belong to you. Please Hunter. Let me suck you instead."

"But I owe you my life Paul" he said.

"Maybe you do, but that doesn't change anything between us. I don't want anything to change. Please Hunter. I know you can't fuck me yet; I don't think we want to pull all the stitches out" I laughed. "But let me suck you. Please Hunter, I want to suck you."

"Well, okay" he said grudgingly. "But you're not supposed to exert yourself."

"I know Hunter. But if you'll help me I think I can get on my knees" I said. "Come on Hunter. Help me." He then helped me get up off the bed and onto my knees. "I think you've got to get your pants off first Hunter" I said and we both laughed.

"Okay, okay" he said. "There's no way I'd pass up a blow job from you anyway." He then stripped completely, removing his pants, shirt, and jockstrap. And damned if I didn't gasp in amazement again. He had a body and a face that was so spectacular that it just took my breath away. It got me every fucking time I saw him.

"God Hunter. How do you keep looking so gorgeous" I said in amazement.

"It ain't automatic, I work at it" he laughed. "Maybe God gave me a pretty face, but I built this body from scratch."

"Sit on the bed please Hunter." As he sat down I crawled in between his knees. Putting my hands on his thighs, I just looked up at him, admiring his almost blinding beauty. "I love you Hunter."

"I love you too babe" he said as he took my head in his hands, leaned down, kissed me on the forehead, the nose, and then on the lips. "Let me say it again babe, I truly love you." I think my heart skipped a beat. Hell, I know my heart skipped a beat. He loved me! He really loved me!

I had tears in my eyes and I was giggling as I said "so now I'm your 'babe' again instead of your 'stud'?"

"Oh, you're a stud alright Paul, always a stud, but you're still my babe. That's the way I like it" he laughed. "Now let's get going on that blow job." His cock was about half hard as I admired it for a moment and then kissed it. And I realized that this was my nirvana. On my knees in front of the most beautiful boy on the planet who loved me and was allowing me to suck his cock. I teared up again as I took his exquisite prick into my mouth. It didn't take thirty seconds for it to grow to its' full nine or whatever inches as I sucked on it.

And then I swallowed it. Definitely nirvana. My heaven on earth. Giving my gorgeous lover pleasure. I held my face jammed into his crotch as long as I could, and then pulled back and looked up at him. His head was thrown back, his eyes closed, with a euphoric look on his face. I felt a glow inside knowing that I hadn't lost my touch; I could still give him an incredible blow job. I may have stiches in my belly but there was nothing wrong with my mouth and throat and I knew how to use them.

Pushing my face in again I allowed the enormous rod to slide deep into my throat once more, and then swallowed a couple times. Hunter groaned in pleasure. Yeah, I could still control him with my mouth. Then pulling back, I started giving him one hell of a suck job. Gripping tight with my lips and moving slowly back and forth trying to give him the maximum possible pleasure.

I wanted this one to last so I kept going slow, and Hunter kept moaning so I knew this was the right thing to do. But all good things must come to an end, and I finally felt him shudder. He was getting there. So I sped up, bobbing my head in and out and sucking for all I was worth. He groaned again and I felt his hand on the back of my head. Oh yeah, this was my Hunter, taking charge as always.

But he didn't take charge as always. He just held his hand gently against my head. He wasn't acting like the Hunter that I knew and loved, being rough and demanding, so we'd have to talk about this later. Right now he was probably worried about my stiches, so I was on my own. However, I'd sucked him enough that I knew how he wanted it. I started to ram the big monster in and out of my mouth and throat as hard as I could pretending that he was face fucking me, and that seemed to do the trick as he began panting like mad. Then he yelled.

"Ohhhhh Fuuuccccck" he yelled as he grabbed my head with both hands and rammed me down onto his prick. That was more like it; him losing control in a frenzy and forcefully taking over. Pulling me back for a split second and then ramming me back down, he started to shoot. "Yeeeeaaah... babe. Yeeeeaaah" he shouted as he fired time after time into my mouth. Again I was trying to keep from choking so I couldn't swallow and his cum started shooting out the sides of my mouth. But he just held me there until he had fired seven or eight times and finally finished.

"Oh fuck Paul. Oh fuck" he sighed as he finally let me pull my head back. I took a huge gasping breath and coughed a couple times. Then I finally was able to swallow whatever cum was still in my mouth. With a big smile on my face I looked up at my magnificent lover and saw him smiling down at me. His spectacular body was covered with a slight sheen of sweat giving his muscles a glow that made him look truly stunning. An absolutely incredible human being and he was all mine.

"You made a mess babe" he said with a grin. Grinning back, I leaned in and started to lick up all of the cum that had spilled into his crotch.

The End



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