It was so cool to drive around in dad's car. Suzy was sitting next to me and Jerry was in the back, and I felt like I was king of the road. Today was my sixteenth birthday, so it was now legal for me to drive by myself without a parent with me for the very first time. I'd been bugging dad for weeks for just this occasion.

I'm a fairly popular guy around my high school. I'm president of the French Club, a member of the Pep Club and I'm on the wrestling team. I admit I'm not very good at wrestling, but my best friend Jerry is pretty good and talked me into joining. We'd only been on the team since school started and were just learning; in fact we hadn't even had a match yet. But at least I was learning how to tighten up my muscles and get in better shape. Jerry and I were going to the gym to lift weights every day now, and even though my muscles were constantly sore, I was really excited about building up. I was also one of those lucky kids who had a naturally great body; shapely pecs and shoulders and nice arms, and now that my muscles were getting defined and growing, I was one hot number. I mean, you should see my abs. Perfect washboard ridges like you've never seen on anybody else. On weekends away from school, I always wore t-shirts with the bottom cut off so my abs would show and the arms cut off so the definition between my biceps and shoulders were on display.

But hell, I knew I was a cute kid. A lot of kids hated the way they looked, including my friend Jerry who was actually gorgeous, but when I looked in the mirror I was happy with what I saw. Perfect complexion (no zits, ever) with light brown hair, really cute dimples and a perfect nose. And everybody raved about my perfect teeth and my devastating movie star smile.

I was one sexy little stud but that was my one and only drawback. Little. I really was little; only 5'7" tall. I was a midget. I kept hoping I would start growing, but nothing happened and I was beginning to think I was going to stay short. My mom was 5'4" and dad was 5'9" so I probably wasn't going to get much taller. My friend Jerry was 5'10" and still growing and Suzy was already as tall as me.

Jerry and Suzy and I had been best friends like forever; since third grade. We were all about the same age although I was four months older, and we lived on the same street. So we'd always done things together; the three musketeers type of thing. As far as Jerry and I were concerned Suzy was just one of the guys.

"Turn left here" Jerry said as he stuck his head out the window. "Let's go by Central."

"It's six o'clock for god's sake" I said. "Who's going to be at the school at six o'clock? And get your head back in here. I told my dad we wouldn't screw around."

"Yeah Jerry" Suzy said. "You'll get us into trouble. Get back in here." Even though I knew there wouldn't be anyone at Central High at this hour, I turned anyway, just in case. I was bursting with pride about driving by myself for the first time and of course I wanted to show off. We were on our way to Larry's Drive-In where all the kids would be, but just in case there was anybody by the school, I wanted them to see me.

As we headed towards the school, I saw two guys on the sidewalk and as we pulled up to them Jerry stuck his head out the window again and yelled.

"Yahoo" he yelled at them. "Yeah South."

"Shut up Jerry" I yelled. "You'll get us into trouble." Jerry, Suzy and I all went to South High and Central was our nemesis. South High was considered a little higher class than Central, but Central creamed us in nearly every sport every year. As we drove by I saw that both guys were big; I mean big; really big. One of them had his shirt draped over his shoulder, and my eyes actually bugged right out of my head as I saw him. What a body. Huge pecs and shoulders and arms; all muscle. And I was suddenly shocked because I knew who he was. "Wow. Look at that guy" I said in awe. I couldn't help it because I'd never imagined he could look so good in the flesh.

Jerry yelled "Yeah South" again as we went by and the guy without the shirt gave us the finger, but I saw a big smile on his handsome face. He could have cared less us yelling at him.

"Jerry. Close that damn window" I shouted. "If you don't stop this I'm going to take you back home.'

"Did you see that" he laughed. "He gave us the finger.'

"Yes I saw it" Suzy answered. "But did you see how big he was? You'd better hope you never see him again, because he could break you in two without even trying."

"I'm not sure, but I think that was the guy who had his picture in the paper last year" I said. "He's the top defensive linesman on Central's football team." However, I was not guessing; I knew that was him. In fact I had cut that picture out of the paper and put it in my scrapbook. The picture showed him without a shirt so you could see he had muscles that wouldn't quit and a face to die for. He was gorgeous.

And now all I could think of was how I was having really bad luck. Here was the guy I idolized more than anybody in the world; the guy who I'd never seen before in the flesh, and I had Jerry and Suzy with me. If I had been alone I could have stopped and offered him a ride or something. How cool would that be, having that hunky stud in my car? If Jerry and Suzy hadn't been with me I'd have driven around the block just to be able to see him again. God, he was even more gorgeous than in the picture I had.

"I guess I'm going to have to start going to football games" Suzy said. "He is gorgeous. I think I'm in love." I couldn't help but laugh at that. I guess we were all in love with that perfect Adonis, Jerry included, because he was still waving out the window as we headed on down the street. "Do you know his name?" Suzy asked.

"I think his name was Hunter" I answered. 'I think' bullshit. I knew what his name was, where he lived, what classes he was taking in school, and that he had a little sister. In fact I'd been by his house several times with my mom but had never seen him before.

"Hunter" Jerry said. "I wonder what he hunts?"

"Well, you better hope he's not hunting for you" Suzy said. "You wouldn't be laughing then."

""Paul" Suzy said. "Let's go by South and see if there's anybody there."

"It's after six now Suzy" I said. "You know there won't be anybody there."

"But it's right on the way to Larry's" she said. "This is club night so there might be somebody still there."

"Okay, okay" I said as I turned and headed towards our high school.

"Woo hoo" Jerry suddenly shouted at a jogger as we drove past him.

"Jerry. For the last time, get your god damn head in here" I yelled at him, starting to get really pissed.

"Okay, okay" he groused as he pulled his head in and closed the window. Then he put his elbows on the front seat and stuck his head between Suzy and me. "Come on. Let's head to Larry's. I want to see whose there."

"For god's sake" I said. "Will you settle down. We'll go by South and then we'll head over to Larry's." We drove by the school but there wasn't anybody around so we headed out to Larry's where we knew most of the kids hung out.

Let me tell you, I was proud when I turned my dad's Lincoln into the parking lot at Larry's. Mr. super cool. Maybe my dad's Lincoln wasn't a sports car, but it was a really sharp and most of my friends weren't even driving yet. However, nobody seemed to even look in our direction as we drove in, and I was really pissed to see that all the good parking places were taken and we had to park clear over near the end of the lot. This was a bunch of shit.

We'd originally planned to stay in the car and impress all our friends, but now that we were way out back we had no choice but to go inside the drive-in. There must have been a dozen kids from South there but I barely knew any of them. Suzy knew one of the girls from her Spanish class so we went over and talked to her and her two friends for a bit. I admit that other than Suzy, I had no other girlfriends and wasn't really interested in girls. I was pretty sure I was gay, but I hadn't said anything to anyone about it. I hadn't had sex with anyone yet, so I really had nothing to go on.

Jerry was a puzzle to me because I thought he might be gay as well. He and Suzy were my best friends, and Jerry was built and good looking, but I'd never been interested in him like I was in Hunter. Not sexually anyway. As they say 'you don't fuck your friends.' But Jerry and I had never talked about his situation. He went steady with a freshman named Sally all last year, but since they broke up he didn't seem to be interested in anyone else. He may or may not be gay, but there was no way I was going to ask him.

Anyway we ordered burgers and fries, and since Jerry and I were in training, diet drinks. Tonight was special since I was out driving for the first time so Jerry and I were celebrating but we wouldn't be eating this stuff again anytime soon. Kids kept coming and going, some hanging inside and some outside in their cars, but I still hadn't seen any of my friends.

"Ah-oh. Here's trouble" Suzy whispered. I turned around to look and I think my heart missed a beat. There was Hunter and his buddy.

"Oh shit" Jerry said as he slid down in the booth as low as he could get, trying to hide. "I didn't know kids from Central came here" he whispered.

"I didn't either" I whispered back. As much as I wanted to stare, I turned around so he wouldn't see us.

"What's he doing" Jerry whispered.

Suzy was facing the door and had a good view. "He's just standing there looking around" She said. "He acts like he's looking for somebody. Oh hell, he's coming this way." Jerry tried to duck even lower, almost getting under the table. I couldn't help but turn to get another look, and there he was, right in front of me. He had put his shirt on, but it was not only a white muscle shirt showing his amazing arms, but it was open weave as well so it showed his tits and pecs and everything so he might as well have been wearing no shirt at all. It was skin tight and showed every curve of his massive chest and washboard abs.

And was he ever built. I simply melted and my mouth came open in awe. He looked ten times better up close than he did in the picture I had. But right now I was as nervous as hell. And Jerry was obviously terrified. This guy was huge. Really huge. Luckily he didn't seem to be mad, because he had a kind of a smirk on his face.

"You the guys that were trying to make fun of me and Nate?" he asked.

"No, no, not at all" I stuttered. "We were just driving around."

"If you're from South, what were you doing over at Central?"

"Nothing Hunter" I gulped. "Nothing. Just driving around."

"Oh yeah?" he said, his smirk turning into a grin as I realized what I had done. I'd called him by name. Oh shit. "Just driving around hey?"

"Actually Paul was taking me around looking for hot guys" Suzy said, coming to my rescue and giving Hunter a sweet look. "And you are definitely the hottest guys we've seen."

Hunter started laughing. "Well tell your friend that yelling for South High in front of Central is not good for his health. Next time I might get totally pissed and I assure you, you wouldn't want that."

"Okay. I'll tell him" Suzy answered.

"I'm not angry this time but I think I deserve an apology from him anyway" he said still showing a smile on his face. "If I don't get one I probably will get angry."

"Alright Jerry" Suzy said. "Tell him you're sorry."

"Hey man" Jerry said finally sitting up in the booth. "I didn't mean anything by it. We were just kidding around. I don't want any trouble."

"Say you're sorry" Hunter ordered.

"Okay man, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry" Jerry answered, his fear palatable in his shaking voice.

"Your name Paul?" Hunter asked, turning to me. My eyes were still glued to his massive chest. Those bulging pecs were making me weak in the knees.

"Ah, yeah. I'm Paul" I answered looking up at him.

"Come on outside Paul" he said. "I want to talk to you."

"I'm sorry for what happened man" I said with a quiver in my voice. "I don't want any trouble with you."

"I'm not going to give you any trouble" he said. "I just want to talk to you; alone. Come on." He reached over and taking my arm pulled me to my feet. Holding my arm and pushing me towards the door, he led me outside to the parking lot.

"Hey man, listen" I said in desperation. "We were just riding around having fun. We didn't mean anything." Let me tell you I'm no wimp but not in a million years was I a match for this guy. I knew he could tear me apart without breaking a sweat.

He led me out and pushed me against an old battered pickup truck which probably belonged to him. Standing right in front of me he leaned against the truck with a hand on each side of me, with his face not more than a foot away and about six or eight inches above me, he just stared at me.

"Ahhh... man. Listen. I...." I started to say, or actually I started to plead.

"You know my name hey" he said.

"Ahhh... yeah" I gulped. "I ahh... I saw you picture in the paper last year. You play football."

"You're a good looking little guy, you know that?" he said as he stared into my eyes.

"Wha..." I gulped. "Ahhh... what?"

"I saw you and your buddy at the county wrestling preliminaries last month" he said. "I thought you were the cutest little thing since baked bread." I was astounded. I'd been drooling over his picture for most of a year, but had never seen him before, while he saw me and liked what he saw.

"How about you ditch your friends and meet me back here?" he said. I was astonished. This Adonis was interested in me? Hell, he was not only interested but it sounded like he was propositioning me. I was speechless and I was almost immediately hard. The man of my dreams wanted me?

Just so there was no question in my mind what was going on, he took hold of one of my hands and pulled it into his crotch. I may have dreamed about it a lot, but I'd never touched a guy's prick before. I'd seen plenty of them on the internet but to actually feel one was incredible. And this one was a whole lot bigger than mine. I was so turned on that I was about to come in my pants.

Of course I was thrilled and excited and wanted nothing more than to go with this gorgeous guy, but I was nervous as hell too. Even though I thought I was gay, I'd never had sex with a man before. Hell, I'd never had sex with anybody.

"Ahhh... man. Ahhh..." I stuttered. "I... ahhh..."

"It's six thirty now" he said as he kept squeezing my hand against his very hard prick. "Be back here sometime before eight o'clock." With that he turned and headed back inside. I was breathing hard, literally gasping for breath as my cock shuttered and I almost came. Shit. I was actually going to meet the man of my dreams. I was terrified and I was excited. I was very, very excited.

I headed back inside and went over to rejoin Jerry and Suzy. "What did he say?/What did he want?" Jerry and Suzy asked at the same time, both of them breathlessly waiting to hear shat Hunter wanted.

I grabbed my cell phone and pretended to answer it. "Yeah dad. Okay. I understand. Yeah. Okay. Got it. We'll be right there."

"Sorry kids" I said to Jerry and Suzy. "My dad's got an emergency call from work and he needs the car. I've got to take it home right now."

"Tell us what happened" Suzy demanded. "What did he want?"

"He was just being friendly" I answered. "He said he saw me and Jerry at the wrestling prelims last month and wanted to know how we were doing. He seems to be a really nice guy."

"Are you sure that's all he wanted?" Jerry asked. "It looked like he was about to take you apart."

"Well actually" I said with a grin. "I told him you were a real jerk and he should pay no attention to you. I apologized again for you yelling at him and said if it happened again I'd help him beat you to a pulp."

"Well thanks a lot" Jerry said, obviously miffed.

"Well, come on" I said. "I've got to get this car back home to my dad." Both Jerry and Suzy were annoyed that we had to call it quits so early on a Friday evening, and complained all the way home. And when Suzy invited us over to her house to listen to records I said I was tired and intended to go to bed. That pissed them off even more.

But I didn't care how mad they got, because I had never been so hot and my cock refused to go down. Thank god my pants weren't too tight and neither of them noticed my hard-on which was making quite a bulge off to the left in my pants. Once I got into the house I peeked out the window making sure they went home. They talked for a few minutes in front of my house making me very nervous, but then finally went into their houses.

I ran upstairs and into my bathroom and jerked my cock out of my pants. I'd never felt so hot in my entire life and I was totally freaking out. I jerked it only about five times while thinking of going with muscle god Hunter, and started to shoot. And man did I shoot. The first shot went up over the sink almost to the mirror, and shot after shot went into the sink. It was the best ejaculation I'd ever had.

I quickly washed off my dick and cleaned up the sink, and then tried to decide what to wear. However, I'd already spent an hour and a half earlier in the evening deciding what to wear and it didn't make any sense to change now. Besides Hunter already said I was cute the way I was, so it'd be better not to change anything. Checking around outside, making sure Jerry and Suzy were not looking; I got back into the car and drove back to Larry's. It was not even seven thirty when I got there, but Hunter was still inside talking to his buddy and a couple girls.

"Hi Hunter" I said as I walked up to their booth. He turned to me and gave me a long look up and down. He didn't say anything; his friends didn't say anything, and I didn't say anything. It was embarrassing. Just as I was going to say something else, he finally spoke.

"Wait outside for me" he said. "I'll be out in a bit." I was shocked, but what could I do. I turned around and went out to my car in the parking lot. Now I was confused. He'd acted like he really wanted to see me, and making me feel his cock told me he was hot to have sex with me. I didn't imagine that. Nobody had made me feel their cock before so there was no question what he wanted. But now. Now he acted like he wasn't interested. And my cock finally decided to wilt a little. Just a little.

I waited in the car for almost twenty minutes before he came out alone. He looked around, so I got out of the car and waved to him. He waved me over so I followed him as he walked down to the old battered pickup truck. "Get in" he said as he climbed in the driver's side.

"You really are a cute little bugger" he said as I got in and sat beside him. He reached over and fluffed my hair, messing up my perfectly combed hair style. "You're just my perfect type. A little guy with a nice body and a pretty face." He gave me a big grin, which made his whole face light up. Christ he was gorgeous. "You ever fuck with a guy?" he asked.

"N-n-n-no" I stuttered. "Ahhh... n-n-no."

"That's okay" he said with a laugh. "I'll train you. I don't mind training a virgin. In fact I kinda like it. What do you like?" he asked.

"Ahhh... wha... ahhh... what?" I mumbled.

"What do you like" he asked again. "What turns you on. My pecs, these big bi's of mine, my pretty face, or maybe just my big cock." He laughed as he said this.

"Ahhh... man. Ahhh... Hunter" I whispered, beginning to sweat. I'd never had sex so I didn't know what to expect, but I was so hot for him I couldn't stand it. Jesus was he beautiful. But he seemed to be playing with me. "You're beautiful" I blurted out, and then was embarrassed for calling a guy beautiful. "You have a beautiful body I mean" I said trying to cover up my embarrassment. "Your chest is incredible."

"That's okay. You can call me beautiful" he laughed as he took his shirt in both hands and pulled it up and over his head. Reaching towards me again, he put his hand behind my head and pulled me into his chest. "Kiss it baby" he crooned. "Kiss my big pecs." My very hard cock suddenly got even harder as I gave his right nipple a kiss. Oh yes. Shit yes. This was what I wanted. Kissing those rock hard slabs of muscle. I'd dreamed of being with him and admiring his muscles, but this was a million times better. Actually kissing and worshiping his muscles.

Moving his hand and getting a good grip on my neck, he moved my head around allowing me to kiss all over his bulging pecs. After covering his right pec, he dragged me over to his left side pulling me closer to him on the seat. "Use a little tongue now baby" he said and I started licking. I was in seventh heaven. I had dreamed for almost a year of being with him, but never really believed that this would actually happen.

"Good boy" he purred as he continued his tight grip on my neck and directing me as I licked every inch of his chest. "Good boy." Still holding my neck with his right hand, he raised his left and flexed his enormous bicep. "Worship my big bicep baby" he crooned as he pulled my head to his arm. But this was just too much for me, and my throbbing cock starting shooting in my pants. I grabbed my crotch, but of course there was no stopping it once it started shooting.

"Ohhhh" I moaned as I started shooting. I was panting and tried to pull back from Hunter's arm, but he simply mashed my face harder against the rock hard bicep.

"Don't stop boy" he ordered. "Don't stop." Then he started laughing as my whole body started quivering as I fired shot after shot into my pants. "Oh yeah" he laughed. "You are one hot little number."

"Wait Hunter. Wait" I mumbled against his bulging arm as I kept trying to pull my head back.

"I said don't stop" he snapped as he pulled my head back a couple inches, and then slammed it back in, mashing my nose against his bicep. "Lick it boy" he growled. "Like I told you, lick it." But I was in the middle of an incredible orgasm and couldn't even think of anything else so I just moaned.

Hunter let go of my neck for a second and banged be on the back of the head, really jamming my nose into his bicep. Then he grabbed my hair and forced me back in hard and started dragging my face back and forth over the softball sized bulge. "God damn it. I said lick" he yelled at me. I was now down to my last couple ejaculations and it finally got through to me what he wanted. I started licking like mad.

"Fuckin A" he said as I got back with the program. He pulled my head back slightly but kept manipulating it, forcing me over every inch of the enormous bicep. Then he raised his arm a little higher and pushed my face into his armpit. "Get in there babe" he ordered. "Wash that pit for me."

I was coming off of my ejaculation, but I was still incredibly turned on. Licking Hunter was the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life and I was crazy with desire. I wanted to please him. I was desperate to please him. I licked and sucked and worshiped that armpit like I'd never done anything before. And I was still hard as a rock in my gooey pants.

"Way to go boy" he finally said as he pulled my head back from his armpit. "Doing good. Now get on the floor." Letting go of my hair, he pushed me off the seat onto the floor so I landed on my butt with my knees in my face. Then lifting his right leg over me, he slid over to the passenger side of the truck and straddled me. "Hands on my knees" he ordered as he grabbed my hair and pulled me up towards his crotch. He forced me up on my knees with my back under the dash board with my hands on his legs.

"See what I got for you baby" he said with a leer as he groped himself just inches from my face. And shit, did he ever have something there. I'd already had my hand on his cock earlier, but now the bulge showing in his pants looked impossibly huge. He moaned a couple times as he continued massaging the big rod. And I was turned on like never before. I wanted him. I wanted his cock. I wanted whatever he wanted. Hell, I would have jumped off a cliff for him right now if he had asked.

"You like my body babe?" he crooned at me. I forced my eyes away from his bulging crotch and stared up at his incredibly muscled body, and I actually felt faint. He was so handsome, and so muscular, and so powerful that I was overwhelmed with desire. He had a slight sheen of sweat over his naked upper body that made every inch of muscle glisten which really emphasized his size and definition.

"Oh shit yes Hunter. Oh yes. Oh yes" I babbled.

"You want me don't you babe?" he said grinning down at me. "Oh yeah you do. I can tell you do. And I'll bet you want me to feel good too don't you babe? Don't you?"

"Oh yes Hunter. Yes. Yes." I was so fucking hot I couldn't stand it, and yes I was willing to do anything for him. He removed his hand from his crotch and put it in front of my face.

"Kiss" was all he said. And I started kissing the back of his hand. He started laughing aloud as I rubbed my nose over his hand and kissed every inch. I didn't care if he laughed because all I wanted to do was to serve him. Right now I was willing to worship the ground he walked on.

Then, pushing my face back, he unbuttoned his pants. "Help me" he said as he rose up slightly and started to push his pants down. I grabbed them and helped him get them down to his knees. He was wearing a jock strap which was bulging so much I wondered that it hadn't torn its way right through the cotton material.

Putting his hand under my chin, Hunter raised my head so I was looking him in the eye. He had a huge grin on his face. "You're going to do what I say aren't you Paul?"

"Yeah Hunter. Whatever you say?" I gulped.

"Say yes sir" he ordered.

"Ahhh... yes sir" I answered.

"Good boy" he laughed. "Now get in there and sniff it. Nothing else. Just sniff." I did what I was told and pushed my face into his crotch and sniffed a few times.

"You like that boy?" he chuckled. "You like sniffing your man's crotch?"

"Yes Hunter... ahhh... sir. Ahhh... yes. Yesr" I answered as I sniffed a few more times. I didn't smell anything in particular, so I knew he had recently showered.

"Alright now, kiss it" he ordered. "Just kiss it. Nice wet kisses." And I started kissing that enormous bulge hidden behind his jockstrap. Reaching down, I squeezed my soggy crotch. I was all hot again and almost ready to blow.

"Get you god damn hand back up here" he ordered me. "You don't touch yourself while you work on me. You damn well concentrate on what you're doing." I put my hands back on his knees and continued kissing his cock. Hell, I didn't need to touch myself anyway; I was harder than hell just from kissing him and I was perfectly willing to concentrate on his big rod. "Okay now, suck it" he ordered. "Suck those juices out of my jockstrap. Come on, suck it." I did as I was told and started sucking along his cotton covered hard-on. I now knew what was going to happen. He was going to make me suck that big monster, and just the thought of it almost made me cum again. I wanted it bad.

Then he got a hold of my hair and pulled my head back slightly and just held me there. With his other hand he grabbed the jockstrap, pulled it out and down, and tucked it under his balls. The big cock bounced up against his belly with a drop of pre-cum showing on the tip. "Tell me you want it" he said as he continued holding on to my hair.

"Oh yeah Hunter" I gushed. "I want it. Please, I want it."

"Sir" he said.

"Yes sir Hunter" I said. "Let me suck it. Please let me suck it."

Hunter started laughing so hard that his whole body started shaking. "Oh shit" he roared with laughter. "You are one hungry mother fucker and you age going to be my little bitch" he said as he let go of my hair. "Start licking my hard pecker." I literally dove in and started licking his enormous prick. Most all of my fantasies over the past year had been about Hunter, and most of them had me on my knees sucking his big prick. I took the head of the monster in my mouth and almost died and went to heaven. This was what I'd always wanted and I was overwhelmed with excitement. Even though I was freaking out from the exhilaration of actually having a cock in my mouth for the first time, I wanted more. My cock was so hard it actually hurt and as I started sucking on his big prick I took more of it in my mouth.

"Oh shit yeah" Hunter moaned and I redoubled my efforts. It was incredibly exciting to know that I was turning this boy god on, and he was getting pleasure from my sucking. "Oh fuck. That's it, that's it" he moaned. I knew instinctively that I shouldn't use my hands, but to use only my mouth, as I enthusiastically pushed down, taking even more of my golden boy's shaft into my mouth.

I wanted to gag on the monster but I controlled it and kept trying to take even more of it. "Swallow for me baby" he groaned. "Swallow." As I swallowed, he pushed my head down, and his pole slid into my throat. My eyes shot open, and I was shocked as my nose pressed into his harry crotch. This thing was going to choke me to death. Before I had a chance to get really scared, Hunter pulled up on my head allowing the cock to come almost all the way out. I was gasping for breath.

"Take a deep one babe" Hunter said. "Deep breath." As I took a deep breath, he pushed my head down hard, this time forcing the monster into my throat without me swallowing. I started to gag, but he pulled right back. "Again babe. Deep breath" he said. And he jammed me down all the way once more cramming my nose into his crotch. "Hold it babe. Hold it" he said as he held me there.

Then he screamed. "Oh fuck yeah!" Getting a good grip on my hair he pulled my head back up, and then started a steady motion of forcing my head and most of my upper body up and down on his cock. I tried to coordinate my movements with the pressure of his hand in my hair, but he didn't seem to give a shit whether I went along with him or not, because he was going to use me to take his pleasure by forcefully jamming my head up and down on his shaft. Rather than fight against his incredible strength, I tried to just relax and let him fuck my face up and down on his cock. I was just a plaything for him, as he groaned and occasionally forced his hips up to meet his downward thrust of my face, making an occasional assault against the back of my throat and mashing my nose against his crotch. I was barely able to adjust my breathing around his thrusting cock as he kept up a steady motion.

He kept moaning and whispering under his breath "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" as he kept up the steady fucking motion. Then he really yelled. "Oh shit" he screamed as he jammed me down hard onto his cock, forcing every last centimeter into my throat. Then he immediately lifted me and did it again, slamming my nose down into his crotch and now I felt him shoot right down my throat. This time I really choked, and actually coughed up his cock, but he didn't seem to care as he held my head on his prick and continued to fire shot after shot into my mouth. I tried not to choke and I tried to swallow the hot gism as it discharged over and over into my mouth. I wasn't totally successful since I couldn't cough and swallow at the same time, so most of the cum leaked out both sides of my mouth onto his crotch.

Finally he stopped ejaculating and started to relax, but he still held onto my head keeping his cock buried inside. I was so hot I couldn't stand it, and reached down and grabbed my soggy crotch. Hunter didn't say anything this time so I squeezed my cock as hard as I could a couple times and started to shoot again.

"Mmmmm" I moaned around Hunter's cock which he still kept it in my mouth as I shot another load into my already cum filled jeans. Taking a peek up at Hunter I saw his stunning muscles covered with sweat and a smile on his face. As I finally stopped blasting my cum into my pants I just lay there gently sucking his cock and waited for both of us to calm down.

This was my very first blowjob, and it was the most exciting thing I'd ever done in my life, and my still hard cock in my pants was telling me that I absolutely loved it. I know Hunter enjoyed it too; it was obvious from the enthusiastic sounds he had been making. And I was thrilled. My first blowjob. I'd just finished sucking the cock of an absolute demigod and he loved it.

With a sigh he finally let go of my hair and said. "You made a mess baby" he snickered. "You got cum all over the place." I lifted my head and saw that his crotch was saturated with the cum that had leaked from my mouth. "Lick it up baby" he directed. He just waited while I licked every bit of cum out of his crotch hairs. I lapped it up with pleasure.

As I finished, I raised my head to look up at him and saw he was smiling down at me. God he was beautiful. "You did good baby" he said as he gave me a few love taps on the cheek. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yeah Hunter. Ahhh... yes sir. Ahhh... yeah" I gushed. "I loved it."

"Good boy" he laughed as he pulled the jockstrap up and over his softening cock. He grabbed his jeans and pulled them up, and then lifted his leg over me again and slid back under the steering wheel. Then grabbing my face with both hands he said: "you look damn good down there on your knees babe. We're definitely going to have to do this again. Now get up here."

I maneuvered around and got myself back up on the seat. "Your first time with a man Paul?" he asked.

"Yeah Hunter. Yeah" I answered. "But that was terrific. I loved it."

"Good boy" he said as he laughed again. "You did good for a first time. But now I want you to thank me for it. I give you a good time, you've got to thank me."

"Oh sure" I said enthusiastically. "Thank you Hunter. I really loved it. Thank you." Hunter opened the door and got out of the truck, so I did the same and joined him.

"I gotta go kid. Nate's waiting for me inside."

"Ahhh... Hunter? Ahhh... please? Ahhh... can I see you again?" I asked. Actually my voice cracked and it sounded like I was pleading. "I'd ahhh... I'd love ahhh... I'd love to do this again." I guess I was pleading

"I love it when a guy says please" he said, giving me a big grin. "I come here to Larry's every once in a while, usually on Fridays after eleven" he said. "Drop by and maybe we can get together." He reached out and gave me a couple more love taps on the cheek. "Take care kid" he said as he walked away.



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