Past and Present We have been friends for as long as I can remember, not just friends but best friends. We do everything together, I mean everything.

We went to the same school, attended the same classes and hung out anytime we can.

There was a time when we were in grade school that I was bullied. I was a scrawny kid back then. I was clumsy and timid. One guy always teased me because I always stumbled or fell down. Alec, being a little bigger than me faced up to the bully and told him off. Every time I fell down or tripped, Alec was there to help me up and carry my books for me. After that no one bullied me again.

I even discovered the pleasures of masturbation on one of our regular sleepovers when we were in grade school. He said that he saw his father one time masturbating and we decided to do try and do the same. After that every time we had a sleep over, we were so excited, we can hardly wait for everyone to fall asleep so that we can jerk off. As the time passed we had less and less sleep overs but we remained very close. On another sleepover when we were older, we were jerking off to some video Alec found on his laptop when suddenly he stopped jerking off and looked at me.

"Do you ever wondered what it felt like if another person know...your dick?" Alec said.

"Uhhmm...I guess, once or twice. Why?" I replied.

"Well, I've been wondering that a lot. And...uhhh...uhm..." Alec trailed off.

"You want me to try and jerk you off?" I asked directly.

"Only if you want to, and if you like I'll do it to you too." Alec said with his cheeks looking very flushed.

"Sure, you want to go first?" I asked, feeling the excitement rush through me.

"Ok, sure." Alec barely whispered.

I knelt in front of him and looked him in the eye.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes." I took a moment for Alec to answer.

He let go of his dick and I slowly grabbed it with my right hand. For a boy his age, Alec has one big dick which is thick and fat. I gripped it firmly in the base and Alec looked like he was about to pass out. I started moving my hand up and down Alec's dick when he stifled a moan. I thought that I was doing a good job, a few minutes later Alec's hips was bucking from his seat which meant he was close. Feeling a little bolder, I touched his balls with my left hand. I had no idea on what I was doing with them but Alec seemed to enjoy it so I continued playing with them. I quickened my pace and Alec's body stiffened. I continued jacking him off when his dick swelled and he came in my face, and cum he did. My face was drenched with rapidly cooling cum that came from Alec's big dick. I jerked his dick a few more times to milk out every last drop of cum from him.

When Alec opened his eyes he was flustered by cumming in my face that he immediately stood up and grabbed a towel from his bath room and wiped my face with it. He was gentle in wiping my face, it was like he was cleaning the delicate skin of a newly born baby. I think I started to see Alec in a completely different way after that. I thought it's weird that I felt these things while my best friend wiped his cum of my face.

He kept saying sorry for what he did and I told him that it was fine.

When it was his turn to jack me off he knelt in front of me just like I did. He slowly took my dick with both of his hands and started jacking me off. Not to brag but I have Alec beat in the length department, although his was surely thicker mine was thick as well. It didn't take as long as Alec for me to cum since I was hard the entire time I was jacking off Alec earlier. Any form of touch and I will practically explode, it's a miracle that I lasted as long as I did. Alec did the same mistake of facing my dick when I came and his face was also covered in my cum, especially his mouth. I started to stand and grab another towel from his bathroom but he stopped and said that I can used the one he used on my face earlier. That made sense since the towel was big. After everything was cleaned we went to his bed and talked.

"Does it feel weird for you?" Alec asked looking at the ceiling.

"What?" I asked also looking at the ceiling.

"What we just did." He said.

"I don't think so. I feel fine." I replied.

"Good, me too." He said.

That was one of the best night's sleep I've had ever.

We did jack each other off a few more times after that but not as much.

Every day after that, my feelings for Alec grew stronger and stronger. Whenever we would go separate ways I felt somewhat sad and whenever we would meet in school my heart skips a beat and my day just brightens immediately.

We were juniors when I told Alec that I have strong feelings for him, I don't know what it was I just felt it. Now that we were older, I think it might be love, the very same feelings I have for Jake.

We were in his house again doing a project that was due the next day when I couldn't bottle up my feelings for Alec anymore.

I stood up and went in front of Alec who was sitting in the floor working on our project.

"Alec I think I like you." I blurted out.

Alec was looking at me weirdly and said "And I like you too, that's why we are friends."

"No, it's completely different, I like, like you." I said looking directly at him.

"What?" Alec asked.

"I can't explain it. I can't think of words to describe how I feel towards you. I just know that it's more than being friends." I explained.

"Oh." Alec said then he was silent.

"Please say something." I pleaded.

Alec stood in front of me, looked me in the eye and hugged me.

"I'm so sorry, Gio." Alec said.

"I don't know any other way to say this but I don't think I feel the same way. I love being friends with you and I don't want to lose that. Please forgive me." Alec continued.

I was crying tears when he let go, but he still held my shoulders with his hands.

"I hope that we can stay best friends and that nothing changes between us." Alec said before letting go of my shoulders. I can't exactly remember what happened after that or what I did after that. I think I ran outside their house and cried. But it was clear what happened when I came back.

"Are you ok?" Alec asked.

"I'm fine now." I said and I tried to sound as happy as I can.

"Come on, let's do the project." I said sitting down.

"I know what you did outside. I just didn't know whether to follow you or not. I decided you need some space so I left alone for a moment." Alec said.

"Thanks." I said to him with a smile although my eyes looks a little bit red, like I just cried.

We finished the project in silence only talking when asking what to do next.

The next few days were for sad. I didn't feel like going to school anymore. Alec accompanied me as always. He tried to cheer me up with jokes or anything he could think of. When nothing worked he told me again that he was so sorry for what he said that night but nothing has changed. Many times after that he was very apologetic to me. I finally told him that he shouldn't be sorry, that he has nothing to apologize for.

When he said that he doesn't feel the same way towards me, it tore me up. But I didn't want to lose our friendship so I told him that I was fine. A few weeks after what happened I told him that what happened before was just a weird phase I was going through. A lie that I kept on telling myself so that I won't feel hurt. Every time I saw Alec with a girl I felt a pang of jealousy inside me and it hurt. I know they weren't dating but I always felt bitter thinking that they have a shot at being with Alec.

I slowly returned back to my old self but we were never as close as we were before.

We were both seniors now and I learned to easily hide my feelings for Alec.

Sure we always hung out together, but deep inside I thought that will never be as close as we were before.

That was until we heard from someone that a guy in some of our classes named Jake Johnson has a huge crush on the both of us.

That time Alec was spending a lot of time with Pauline, the school slut.

She was known as a slut because she has allegedly slept with a lot of guys, some younger and some older than her. It was even rumored that she sucked her professor's dick just to pass her subject. She likes to go for guys who are good looking, as I've been told and her latest target, is Alec.

I thought of a plan that would keep Pauline away from Alec for a while.

"You know that some Jake Johnson has a crush on the both of us." I told him.

"Yeah, what about it?" Alec said.

"How about we have a little contest." I proposed.

"I don't think I like where this is going." Alec protested.

"Hear me out." I said.

"We have a race." I continued.

"Race of what?" Alec asked.

"Whoever Jake Johnson falls in love with the first is the winner." I said.

"That sounds wrong. Very wrong." Alec said.

"We are talking about toying with a person's feelings here." Alec said.

"Oh come on. Who cares about Jake Johnson anyway?" I said.

I did not think that it will come back and bite me in the ass. HARD.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" I asked.

"Besides, it's high school. It's the stage where people our age start experimenting." I added.

"What's in it for me?" Alec asked.

"Pauline." I said.

"What? Pauline? I didn't know you like her." Alec said.

"Well you do now. You scared that I might win?" I said matter-of-factly. On the inside I was puking like hell.

"Ok, so what are the rules?" Alec asked, agreeing to my proposition.

"Whoever Jake Johnson falls in love with the first is the winner, that's it." I said.

"Oh and no talking to Pauline until this is finished." I added.

I know I'm being evil and selfish but I can't control it. I'm entirely sure that Jake Johnson will be left hurt and devastated if he knew that we were just messing with him.

The game started and we both told Jake that we had a crush on him. After that it was I thought it was easy, that was before I had a date with Jake Johnson. That was the stupidest decision of my life and it left me confused as hell.

I am in love with Alec Royalton and Jake Johnson.

I know that Alec will never reciprocate my feelings for him, at least I have Jake and I don't mean that in a belittling way, I am so happy for Jake. I am happy that he loves me too.

But my love for Alec will never stop.

A first love always occupies a special place.



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