"Look," Ben said to Dark Star. "This is..."

"It was not me!" Dark Star interrupted.

"He's telling the truth," said Gruloth. "There's no sign of level 8 tech here."

Ben powered down from his form as Overkill. He turned back to glare at Dark Star. With that, they retreated back to the ship.

"Looks like you're wrong," Ben said to Demantari.

"I wish I wasn't," he said. "It'd make our job a lot easier."

"I know what you mean," Cal said.

As they took off, they headed for a trade station known as Station D-12, notorious for criminals against the Plumbers.

"Where are we headed now?" Gruloth asked.

"Station D-12," Ben responded.


"Repairs complete," Rook said. "Initiate EM radiation sweep."

"Understood," replied the command center.

A large flash of blue light swept over the entire room. The process had been completed. All radiation anywhere that had been released by the ship had been neutralized.

"EM sweep completed," said the command center. "Please depart from the station or stay with us."

"Thank you for the offer," Rook said. "But I have a duty to complete. Thank you for your hospitality."

With that, Rook took off, heading for the most likely place Ben would be: Station D-12.


"We're here," Ben announced.

The others came forward to view the station.

"It's an ugly ass station," Damentari remarked.

The others laughed.

"Looks like there's a small docking ring over there," Ben said, maneuvering the ship to dock.

The ship shook a little bit, for the docking sequence had been completed. They all stood up and put some robes on to hide their obvious Plumber badges.

They headed out and agreed to take different sections of their designated search areas.

Ben was searching around for a clue and ran into a cosmetic shop. It was run by a Petrosapian. Bingo. He found what they might have been looking for. Ben reached for a bottle, opened the lip, and sniffed the liquid. He liked the smell a lot. He thought it might make him more attractive for Rook, however they were in an open relationship. He red the label and it spelled "SUBMISSION". He's been interested in that particular fragrance. The cologne smell amazing to him. He approached the stand and caught the shop keeper's attention.

"Something I can help you with?" he asked Ben.

Ben started to put back the bottle.

"Oh, no thank you, I was just looking," he replied.

"Any particular fragrance?"

"Well, I was kinda interested in that one Submission," Ben said, pointing to the picture on the overhead wall.

"We carry the complete Submission line," he began. "Were you interested in the body lotion, odor tarleque, the dusting powder, the after-bath splash?"

Ben just stood there for a moment looking at him, trying to figure out what he just asked.

"Well, I just kinda wanted to get the regular cologne," he said.

"Well, yes, of course," he said to Ben. "But, the cologne is really the final step in fragrance layering."

Again, Ben just stood there for a moment, letting the words sink in as he tried to understand what was being said.

"Well, I wasn't that into getting layered, I just," he said as he paused for a second. "Wanted to get the cologne."

"Well, alrighty," the Petrospian acknowledged, ducking down to find the. "Will this be slip or charge?"

"Charge," Ben began but held up his hand as the Pertosapian rose up with the cologne. "Never mind, I'm changing my mind, I'm not gonna get it, I'm sorry."

"Ohh, why don't you just try some on," he suggested.

"I know what it smells like," Ben said.

"Well, it's an amazing fragrance," the shot keeper encouraged. "Alluring, sensual. The ladies love it. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No," Ben said.

"I find that hard to believe," he said.

"Well, I am kinda shacking up with this one guy," Ben admitted.

"Well, I just know a few drops of this will really excite him."

"Well, that's what I live for, to," Ben continued, using quote motions with the next few words. "'Excite that man'."

"Don't we all," he said. "What's your boyfriend's name?"

Ben thought for a moment, considering the consequences of sharing the name of his boyfriend.

"Lance," Ben lied.

"Sexy," he said. "Well, I just know a few drops of this will really turn him on."

"Well, you do have a pretty good point there," Ben admitted.

"You know what the fastest way to man's heart is?"

"Yeah," Ben replied. "Through his chest."


Cal and Gruloth were partnered together, and they were strolling through the decently crouded corridors.

"You mind if I ask you something?" Cal said, breaking the silence.

"Not at all," Gruloth said.

"Hypothetically, if I was attracted to Ben, and wanted him in 'that way', would there be anything wrong with acting on those feelings?"

"Cal," Gruloth said. "I know you like him."


"The way you look at him, the fact that you offered to share a bed with him," Gruloth explained. "Ben would enjoy it."

Cal smiled at the statement.




The team gathered back to their room.

"So, there's this one Petrosapian that runs a fragrance shop," Ben explained. "We should consider him a prime suspect."

"Agreed," Gruloth affirmed. "We didn't come across anything."

"Two of us should check this guy's story," Damentari suggested. "I'll go. Who'll join me?"

"I will," Gruloth offered on purpose to give Cal some alone time with Ben.

"Very well," Cal said. "Ben and I will stay here."

"Agreed," Ben confirmed.

Damentari and Gruloth left the room to check the story of that Petrosapian, leaving Ban and Cal alone together. There was an awkward silence between them. Finally, Cal reached his arms out to stretch. He lay back, his two upper arms behind his head, and the other the other two spread out. He started to steady his breathing, relaxing. He heard Ben walk over and sit next to him. Ben lay down and rested his head on Cal's lower left arm.

"What are you doing?" Cal asked Ben.

"Gruloth told me what you two talked about," Ben explained.

Cal paused, mid-thought.

"What now?" Cal asked.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Ben asked.

Ben noticed that Cal's cock was getting hard. He was naked because, as guys, they never had a problem with nudity. The massive, 13 inch long monster cock gained it's full hardness, being 2 ½ inches thick. To Ben, this was a big turn on. Ben got rock-hard himself. A major turn on for most was the fact that Tetramands had green cum. It had a very similar taste compared to human cum. Ben reached over and wrapped both hands around the gigantic pole, moving them up and down the long, thick shaft. Cal moaned, nodding his head in response to Ben's question. He lifted Ben up and set him down on his face. Perfect positioning for Cal to get oral access of Ben's warm, sweet, human ass. Out of all species known, it was common knowledge that the skin and sweat of humans was the sweetest and softest. That was one thing Cal liked. He took his overly elongated tongue and pushed it right into the delicious ass of Ben. Now, Tetramands were large. They ordinarily stood at 10 feet tall. That meant they had large everythings. His tongue was thick, long and slimy; perfect for licking asses and sucking cock. He fucked Ben with his tongue, and after finding Ben's prostate, he pushed hard against it with his tongue, making Ben scream out in pleasure. Cal continued to assault Ben's hole with his tongue, eating out the soft ass and opening him up for the massive size of his organ. Ben leaked out a lot of precum, and Cal gave his precious ass a break. He maneuvered Ben to allow access of his cock. Without hesitation, Cal took in Ben's 8 inch cock. He used his tongue to make it feel amazing. Ben moaned over and over again. The blow job only lasted for about 2 minutes because Cal intensely wanted to use Ben's ass. He pulled him out and lay him down on his chest. Cal took the advantage of having 4 arms and used them to hold Ben's arms and legs in place, restraining him. He carefully pressed his cock head against Ben's opened hole and it popped through. Ben screamed in pain loudly. Cal reached over to grab his training jock and stuffed it in Ben's mouth. Ben could taste the flavor of sweat and precum, which turned him on even more. Oddly, Tetramands didn't piss. An organ, called a sqelisquouge compacted the piss inside him and the water was extracted and the chemicals were mixed in with his... waste. Ben moaned through the jock strap and felt pleasure arise from Cal's brutal thrusts. Cal didn't know if he was too hard on Ben, but he left it out of his thoughts, increasing the power and speed of each thrust.

"Fuck!" shouted Cal. "I'm gonna cum!"

He panted continuously and used the human's soft, wet, warm, and insanely tight hole as a toy. He plunged deep inside Ben, letting loose a huge amount of green cum. The cum was very warm. It was 3 degrees warmer than either of them, so they both felt it. Cal felt in surrounding his cock, and Ben felt it overflowing him on the inside. Cal gave a bunch of hard thrusts and that sparked off Ben. He felt the orgasm sneak up and overcome him. Ben's eyes rolled back in his head as he squirted almost 6 shots of cum all over his chest. They calmed down from their trip through ecstasy, and just lay there.

Damentari entered the room, seeing the sight before him. Cal smiled and rained Ben off his cock. Cum started running out as Ben was set on his back. His ass was over the edge of a bed, and his head was hanging over the other end. Cal inserted his cock back into Ben, getting ready for another round. Damentari came forth, removing the jock strap from Ben's mouth. Ben wanted to take Damentari into his mouth, and that was exactly when was going to happen. He forced his shaft down Ben's throat. Ben gagged and tried to resist, but Arburians were very strong, so he had control over Ben. He held Ben's choking, gagging throat in place around his bluish-grey, 9 inch long, 3 inch thick cock. Ben calmed down shortly after Cal resumed fucking Ben. Damentari started to thrust in and out of the human's soft throat. He started to get a little out of control with the power and speed of each thrust, but Ben had no choice but to take it. Cal fucked and fucked Ben brutally, and Damentari was ruthlessly assaulting Ben's face. They formed a rhythm and soon, all three came together. Ben couldn't taste Damentari's cum too much since the dick was buried in Ben's throat. They pulled out and took each other's place. Damentari, who was thicker than Cal, slammed into Ben without going easy. The cum inside of his ass lessened some of the pain, but it still hurt. They fucked and fucked for an hour, and Cal had cum 5 times. Damentari came 4 times. Finally, they decided to try something insane. They aimed their cock heads at Ben's hole, and thrust in, impaling Ben on two massive cocks. Ben screamed loudly from the pain of double impalement. He was soon silenced, however, from another cock in his mouth. It wasn't Gruloth. It was Rook. He had arrived and enjoyed watching this. He was so horny, that despite the way he thought, he instantly got lost in his animal instinct. Ben wasn't wanting to stop, but the others couldn't keep going in the ordeal for too long... It ended after about 30 minutes, and Ben had fallen asleep in the arms of Rook.

The next morning, they all woke up and it was all like nothing had even happen. Gruloth began to explain the story behind the shop keeper that Ben got his cologne from.

"His name is Loqueria," Gruloth stated. "He's a close friend of Tetrax Shard."

"What makes you say that?" asked Ben.

"Maybe they screamed," added Damentari.

"Wha..." Cal questioned in a confused manner.

"Okay, that doesn't even make any sense," Gruloth interjected, turning his attention to the matter at hand. "I know they're friends because Tetrax, Loqueria, and I have been in the same faction since the beginning of our existence.

"So that's why you all have the same crest shape," Cal remarked.

Ben thought for a moment. How could Cal have known the shape of the shop keepers crest? He didn't see him yesterday... Ben just wandered in his mind. The rest of the team agreed that the Loqueria wasn't the assailant. Cal and Gruloth left the room to investigate the situation further. While they were gone, Ben and Damentari started talking.

"Do you remember how Cal mentioned the similarities between Gruloth's and the shop keeper's crests?" Ben asked.

"How did he know that?" Damentari asked.

"That's what I was wondering..." Ben said, trailing from his words.

"What action do you believe we should take?"

"We have to do something!" Ben

yelled in frustration.

"Perhaps if we approach Cal on this topic, he will be cooperative," Rook suggested. "Then again, based on our past, that might not be the best move."

Ben smiled at Rook and stood up. Slowly, Rook leaned down kissed Ben gently. Though Ben loved this, he couldn't stop thinking of how Cal might be a traitor.

"We should watch him closely," Rook said.

"And I think I know how," Ben replied, switching on the omnitrix. In a flash, he slammed in down to Big chill. "Big Chill!"

"I'll be back," Ben said, becoming intangible, fading through a wall.


Ben watched Cal as he remained intangible, spying on him. He noticed that he was speaking to Loqueria, but also saw Gruloth behind a large wall, watching Cal as well. He moved in front of Gruloth and reappeared. Gruloth didn't seemed startled.

"You suspect Cal too?" Ben asked.

"Yes," Gruloth said. "It was when he said that us three Petrosapians have similar crests."

"Same here," Ben replied. "So, what have you found out?"

Gruloth kept his eyes glued on Cal.

"Can was paid to sabotage the ship by Loqueria," Gruloth explained. "He's a traitor."

"And a disgrace to the Plumbers," Ben added.

They looked at each other and agreed to call out Damentari. Just before Ben contacted Damentari, he saw him rolled up and rolling towards Cal. In a flash, Cal was knocked back against the metal wall. That was their cue. Quickly, Ben and Gruloth jumped out to help. Gruloth went for Cal and Ben went for Loqueria to has making a run for it. He used his intangibility to fade trough him and froze him. Loqueria broke the ice and punched Ben hard in the guy, throwing him across the room. He stood up and changed to Echo Echo.

"Echo Echo!" he shouted. He then slip into more and more copies.

They surrounded Loqueria and prepared to attack. The original copy initiated the attack.

"Wall... of..." he said. Joined by the rest, they all screamed out "SOUND!!" as they let loose an eruption of sound waves.

They noticed that Loqueria's outer skin was cracking and continued the Wall of Sound, causing him to shatter in thousands of diamond shards. The sound wall blocked any diamond shrapnel from hitting anybody and shooting into the ceiling and floor.

While Damentari and Gruloth were battling Cal, he managed to incapacitate Damentari.

"Ben!" Gruloth shouted. "Some help would be appreciated!"

Gruloth had locked firsts with Cal. Despite how Cal had 4 powerful arms, Gruloth possessed an equal amount of strength throughout his two. They edged closer and closer to each other. Ben ran over after changing to Jetray and fired a lasers at Cal, who used his skills to throw Gruloth at Ben, causing them to impact as he brought Ben down to the ground. The sudden impact caused Ben to loose consciousness, changing back to his human form.

That triggered Rook. He jumped out and used his Proto-tool as a bow and launched several plasma charged energy arrows which, on impact, expanded to wrap metallic arms around him, sending out surges of energy to incapacitate the target. Cal shuttered, arching his back violently at the painful charge. He fell unconscious on the floor.

Ben had come to and discovered that Damentari had not survived. He stood up and walked over towards Rook, limping, along side of Gruloth. As thy approached each other, they looked at each other to assess the current situation.

"We need to transport the prisoner to the Null Void," instructed Rook.

"The projector was damaged," stated Gruloth. "We can't send his to the Null Void."

"Lets just leave him here," Ben suggested. "Everyone here for sure knows were Plumbers. They'd tear him apart if he's alone."

"Agreed," Rook agreed, surprising Ben. "It may yet prove safer rather than takin him with us to retrieve a projector."

"Alright, let's go," said Ben, heading for the docking ring. "Before the criminals start picking us off one by one."

Gruloth and Rook followed Ben out of the station. As they departed, they each considered how things may have been different if they had been quicker, but they wouldn't let it get to them. Gruloth later headed back to his home world to take down the tyrannical leader and bring back peace. Ben and Rook returned to Earth, as they had more work to cum ;)



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