First a disclaimer: this is meant to be an ongoing story involving elements of sci-fi, fantasy and humour. It is also a bisexual-based story that involves sex between men and women and will include various other combinations of men and women in future installments. I would like to state that all characters in this story are 18 or older and this story is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone. If you enjoy it please comment and/or email me to let me know what you think.

It was a regular Saturday night. Four high school girls, all seniors and members of the cheerleading squad were staying the night at one of the girl's house while her parents were away for the weekend. They had a fun time watching movies and were ready to get to sleep, the four of them lying on mattresses on the floor of the host girl's bedroom. As they fell asleep something moved inside the bedroom closet. Tentacles that were green, completely smooth with a soft nub at the end. Several of these tentacles slowly and silently crept out of the closet and slithered toward the unsuspecting girls. All four of the sweet, babes were sleeping in nothing but a nightshirt and a pair of panties. As soon as all the tentacles were near the girls they suddenly leapt onto them; ripping off their panties and slipping under their shirts. Some of the tentacles forced their way into the cheerleaders' tight, supple pussies and assholes while others groped their firm tits. The girls were all shocked awake at the sudden violation and the room was filled with the sound of their frightened squeals.

Meanwhile at the Paranormal Lewd and Sexual Misconduct Department, or P.L.A.S.M.D. (pronounced "plasmed" like a verb) for short, the alarm for an incident in progress was going off. At this time of night on a weekend there was only one field agent at headquarters; Matt Boothe. Matt was a veteran of the Department, he had been helping them deal with paranormal sex incidents for over ten years. He was in his mid-thirties, a gorgeous man with short, dark hair, heavy stubble and icy blue eyes. Matt was in great shape; his muscles were nicely defined, strong pecs, broad shoulders, sinewy arms and cut abs, with a fair dusting of hair on his chest. He was about to head to bed himself and he walked into the surveillance room wearing an undershirt and boxers. Josh was sitting at the control panel. Josh was a hot, young stud in his 20s; young, dumb and full of cum as the saying goes. He was in training to be a field agent but was stuck with monitor duty for the moment. Using their state-of-the-art technology coupled with magical resources allowed P.L.A.S.M.D.'s satellites to detect any paranormal incident in North America and monitor it, recording audio and video of the situation with magically-enhanced cameras capable of seeing and hearing through solid materials and broadcasting it back to headquarters.

The scene in the cheerleader's bedroom appeared on the large main monitor which spanned almost the entire wall of the room; the four girls were still being harassed and penetrated by the tentacles.

"Ohhh damn! Look at that!" Josh exclaimed as he took in the sight of the four babes getting tentacle-fucked.

The monitor split into six different images showing the scene from different viewpoints. One image zoomed-in and showed the girls' vaginas and anuses being stretched by the relentless tentacles.

"Fuck! Look at dem holes gettin' stretched! These girls must've been virgins!" Josh shouted in excitement as he watched gleefully. He could be the personification of the clich├ęd, chauvinistic jock at times and the sight before him was a real treat for his libido.

"Is the teleporter ready to go?" Matt asked with a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yep, locked on to the coordinates and standing by." Josh answered.

"Good, I'm goin' in." Matt replied before he stepped onto the teleportation pad and was ported over to the girl's bedroom.

Matt was suddenly in the room with the girls, the tentacles wrapped around them and plundering their poon.

"They came out of nowhere!" One of the girls cried out.

Matt rushed over to the closet and opened the door wide, inside was the base of the tentacle monster. As Matt reached for it, it grew out two more tentacles that groped at him; tearing open his shirt. He grabbed the creature's base and lifted it up off the floor. He squeezed it; compressing its body so it wouldn't be able to keep its tentacles outstretched. The creature gave in and retracted away from the girls.

"Port it to the bio-lab now!" Matt shouted as he threw the creature back down onto the floor. It was suddenly enveloped in light as it was teleported to P.L.A.S.M.D.'s biological analysis lab. Matt turned toward the high school cheerleaders. His shirt now torn-open, Matt was standing there with his chest on display.

The girls did nothing to cover their privates, now glistening with their own vaginal fluid. Exposure to paranormal organisms or substances causes acute sexual arousal in normal humans; this condition is often referred to as being "plasmed". The cheerleaders grinned at Matt with obvious lust.

"So mister..." One of them spoke-up. "Can you help us get off?"

Matt grinned back at them.

At headquarters Josh was still watching what was going on in the bedroom.

"Aww shit yeah! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!" He bellowed as colleague began servicing the girls.

Matt was lying on his back with his boxers now around his ankles. One of the girls was sitting on his face, his tongue buried in her puss, another was sitting on his crotch with Matt's 8'' cock buried in her, she was thrusting up and down on him, the other two were sitting on either side of him while he fingered both of them with four fingers and rubbed their clits with his thumbs. Having wild sex like this was just a part of the job and Matt knew what to do to give these girls what they needed.

Josh had whipped out his own uncut, 8'' prick, stroking himself as he watched the babes ride Matt's various appendages.

The girls were moaning and feeling their own tits as Matt pleasured them. Eventually the sound of their shared ecstasy reached a crescendo as they reached orgasm. Their pussies squirted, something that had never happened to any of them before, coating Matt's face, crotch and hands with their sweet, young juice. They fell back from him; collapsing in bliss as their bodies recovered from intense orgasm.

Matt stood up, pulled up his boxers and grabbed what was left of his shirt.

"I'm ready Josh, port me back." He said before disappearing from the room in a flash of light.

Matt reappeared back at headquarters, still naked and holding his remaining clothes.

"How were dem pussies, bro?" Josh asked with a smirk. He was sitting there with his shirt off; his muscular, younger body exposed. His pecs were coated with hair that was now sticky from Josh's cumshot splashing all over his chest. He ate some of his own spunk. "Looked fuckin' tasty, man."

Matt licked some of the teenage pussy juice from his lips. "Sure was, maybe you'll get some like action like that if you ever become a field agent."

Josh laughed good-naturedly. "Ohh so that's how it is, huh old man?" He joked.

"That's how it is, kid." Matt joked back, smiling.

Josh watched Matt's firm buttocks flex as he walked off. Josh was bi, a self-described "50/50 bi guy", he was equally attracted to both babes and studs and he pursued both men and women with an equally pig-headed macho attitude.

Matt returned to his room. All P.L.A.S.M.D. agents had their own private quarters with a bedroom and bathroom. Matt wasted not time getting to sleep while Josh finished the rest of his shift on monitor duty. The next morning Matt got up, used the bathroom and showered. He wasn't on duty today so he dressed casually in a gray t-shirt and jeans. As he stepped out his door he immediately noticed the sound of a woman panting. He walked across the hall from his room to his neighbor's door and opened it, knowing his neighbor and fellow field agent Sarah Layne wouldn't mind.

Sarah was sitting on her bed, completely nude; one hand gripping one of her beautiful breast implants and the other vigorously rubbing her smooth pussy. In front of her, sitting on her bed was her laptop, playing one of her favourite gay porn videos.

Matt walked up to her bed and glanced at her computer; it showed three men with sculpted bodies like marble statues, the older of these men was on his knees wearing a jockstrap that perfectly framed his ass while he was sucking and jerking the other two's engorged pricks. "This one again Sarah, how many times have you seen this one now?" He asked looking at her.

"It's a classic." She replied, smiling at him. Sarah was a stunning woman; 30 years old she had worked at the department for over five years, long enough for her and Matt to get quite familiar with each although they had never become anything more than good friends and frequent fuckbuddies. "Wanna' get me off?" She asked casually.

In response Matt dropped to his knees and stuck his face in her crotch.

She ran her fingers through his hair as she felt his stubble tickle her soft flesh. She moaned as he swirled his tongue against her in the way he knew got her hot. She closed her eyes and ran her other hand through her shoulder-length blonde hair as he ate her out just right. "Fuck yes Matt, ohhh yeah." She breathed out slowly as he got her close. "Ohhhh Matt!" She cried out as he brought her over the edge and she coated his face with another glaze of female ejaculate.

Matt brought his head back up and they kissed, she savoured the taste of her own pleasure on his mouth.

"You sure you don't want that taken care of?" Sarah asked nodding at the bulge in Matt's jeans.

"Maybe later, I gotta' get down to the bio-lab." Matt answered looking at Sarah as she lay on her bed, still nude.

"Ohh yeah, when I got back to HQ this morning I heard you got lucky with some cheerleaders last night." Sarah responded with a smirk.

"Yeah well you know; perks of this job. I'll see ya' later." Matt replied before leaving. He headed towards the biological analysis lab and found Josh on the way there.

Josh was with one of the other agents in training, an extremely handsome young man named Jared. Jared had short dark hair and heavy stubble, not too dissimilar to Matt. The two young bucks were making-out in the hallway; their facial hair raping together as the kissed deeply.

Matt stopped when he saw them, he wasn't homophobic but he wasn't gay and he wasn't used to seeing guy-on-guy action like Sarah was. He had seen bits of gay porn Sarah watched every now and then but that was the extent of his experience with all-male sexuality.

"Ohh yeah man, how's it goin'?" Josh said when he noticed Matt was there and ended the make-out session.

"Hey agent Boothe." Jared said politely.

"Hi guys, didn't mean to interrupt you, just headed down to the bio-lab." Matt stated.

"Don't sweat it man, and you can join in anytime you want." Josh declared with a grin.

Jared eyed the bulge that was still in Matt's jeans before smiling at him.

"That's ok guys, I've got something to do." Matt said before continuing towards the lab. When he arrived at the lab the tentacle creature from last night had already been fully analyzed and disposed of. "So does anyone know what a tentacle monster was doing in some girl's bedroom closet?" Matt asked the bio-research team.

"Well all tentacle creatures are attracted to virginal teenage genitals, but I find it difficult to believe that it found its way into that girl's home by itself." The head researcher replied. He was a man who had been working for the department longer than Matt. "And you said all these girls were surprised by the creature."

"Yeah, all of them were shocked when it started going to town on them. I could tell none of them had any experience getting penetrated by a tentacle monster before." Matt responded.

"All the data on the creature has been uploaded to the mainframe, you can use the satellites to scan for its location prior to last night." The researcher explained.

"Alright, I'll go see where it came from now." Matt replied.

Back in the surveillance room Jared was now on monitor duty. "Hey agent Boothe, how'd it go at the lab?" The younger man inquired.

"Didn't learn anything, I'm gonna' scan to trace where last night's tentacle monster came from. Someone must have put it in that girl's room." Matt answered.

One of the P.L.A.S.M.D. satellites scanned the area around the location of last night's incident but could only trace the creature back to the nearest coastal town; a predictable place for where a tentacle creature would be brought to the U.S. "Looks like I'll have to head down to the coast and investigate." Matt declared.

"Well if you'd like someone to come along, Josh would love to get more in-the-field training." Jared said smiling at Matt. Jared was a lot more thoughtful and level-headed than Josh, but apparently he was just as enthusiastic in the bedroom with both men and women.

"Yeah alright, I'll bring him along." Matt agreed.

Soon both Matt and Josh were in a car together which was then teleported near their coastal destination.

"Remind me again why we sometimes need cars when we can port from place-to-place?" Josh asked.

"'Cause sometimes we need equipment that we can't carry with us, which is in the trunk of the car." Matt answered patiently as he drove the car.

"Right, and are we gonna' need any special equipment for this?" Josh asked.

"Dunno', maybe we will, maybe we won't. But that tentacle monster didn't crash those girl's slumber party by accident." Matt stated.

"Yeeeeah." Josh thought back on the events of last night. "Dem horny cheerleaders got fucked!" He exclaimed.

Matt couldn't help but chuckle at his younger colleague's gusto.

Josh looked at Matt with a smirk. "Sooo Mr. veteran agent you deal with a lot of tentacle monsters?" He questioned with a mischievous tone.

"Yeah, among other things, why do you ask?" Matt responded.

"Well you're straight, right? You ever get fucked up the ass?" Josh asked with a wide grin.

Matt chuckled again. "Believe it or not, but I've actually never been fucked." He answered.

"Seriously? I hear you've been hooking up with Ms. Layne for a while and I know what she's into, she never fucked you with a strap-on or somethin'?" Josh looked at Matt incredulously.

"After all this time in this business and I've never been fucked once, Josh." Matt said in response.

"Damn man, you need to get that cherry popped!" Josh laughed.

"I'm in no rush." Matt replied.

They arrived in town and Matt led them to a porno shop in the red light district. After having a discreet conversation with the owner he let them into a backroom where he said they could speak with the woman who sells the tentacle creatures here. The woman was a horny Latina lying on a bed nude. Blue tentacles came up from under the bed and massaged the woman's breasts and played with her anus.

"What brings you boys here?" She asked with a lustful smile.

Josh smiled right back at her, loving the sight of her naked body.

"We're with P.L.A.S.M.D. and we're lookin' for someone who bought a green-coloured tentacle monster here recently. The owner tells me you have a license to sell them legally here, do you keep records on who you sell them too?" Matt asked in return.

"Our clientele trusts us to keep their purchases here confidential, but since this must be important for you government boys to come down here and talk with me I suppose I might be persuaded to share some information." She answered while eyeing the facial hair around both Matt and Josh's mouths. Her pussy was clearly wet and in need of attention.

Matt looked over at Josh and gave him a grin. "You're up, kid."

"Hell yeah!" Josh exclaimed rubbing his hands together before kneeling in front of the bed and licking the Latina's moist labia.

"Ohh yes, that feels real good. Just like out that." She breathed out slowly and then had a sharp intake of breath as Josh's facial hair grazed her clit.

"Yeah, ya' like that bitch?" Josh asked before sucking on her clit.

"Ohhh yes I do! But I think I need more persuading." She replied.

"Give her your cock, Josh." Matt said while he watched.

Josh opened up his fly and whipped out his dick. He got up on the bed, on top of her and quickly buried his erection inside. "How about that, huh? How's that feel up yer cunt?"

"Ohh! Ohhhh yes! That feels sooo good, ohh give it to me please!" She begged.

"Yeah, start talkin' bitch!" Josh shouted as he began thrusting into her repeatedly.

"A woman bought a... green tentacle monster here... just a couple days ago." She panted.

"What can you tell us about her?" Matt asked, his crotch bulging once again as he watched the woman take a pounding from Josh.

"Caucasian... dark hair... about 30 years old I say. She... Ohh... she didn't seem interested in buying it for herself." The woman answered.

Matt could tell Josh was getting close to cumming. "Anything more you can tell us?" He inquired.

"Yeah... I remember she... she mentioned... a niece." She was breathing heavily, getting close to orgasm herself.

Matt knew that was the key to finding out who planted the tentacle creature in that room. "Thank you miss, that's exactly what we needed to find out."

After getting the information that they needed Josh plowed himself into the woman for the last few times; grunting and shooting his load deep inside her.

This caused her to cum too, moaning out loud as she came on Josh's dick. "Ohhh thank you." She sighed.

"Anytime, bitch." Josh said smugly as he got off her and closed his fly back up.

Matt instead opened his zipper and then told Josh; "I'm gonna' get some sloppy-seconds, go back to the car and call headquarters; tell them we have a new lead on last night's incident."

"Sure thing man, have fun." Josh replied with a smirk before leaving.

"You ready for round two?" Matt asked looking at the woman still panting on the bed.

"Fuck yes!" She answered.

Matt stripped off his t-shirt before climbing on top of her and shoving his cock in.

She groped his back as he fucked her with long, forceful thrusts.

Matt enjoyed the feel of her puss, moistened by her own cum and Josh's spunk. He kissed her deeply while he kept driving his hips back and forth.

After he relayed Matt's message back to headquarters Josh came back and watched the experienced agent fuck the hell out this woman. Matt's jeans had slipped down; exposing his tight ass and Josh couldn't help but lick his lips and stare. "Want me to toss that salad, man?" He asked aloud.

"No thanks." Matt grunted as he kept pumping the woman. After a few more minutes Matt blew his load; groaning while he deposited a hot stream of cum into the well-fucked whore.

She moaned out loud again as she orgasmed for the second time. The blue tentacles returned and started massaging her breasts again as Matt and Josh left.

"Sounded like you gave her a real big load, bro." Josh said once they got back in the car.

"Yeah I didn't cum at all this morning, I like to save it up and blow a real big load sometimes." Matt responded with a smirk.

"Hot. So is this what the job's like most of the time? Bangin' horny cheerleaders and backroom-whores?" Josh asked.

"There's investigating involved too Josh and dealing with paranormal incidents, but I know what you're getting at and yeah; the sex that comes with the job can get pretty raunchy sometimes." Matt answered.

"Speaking of, do you have a thing for sloppy-seconds? 'Cause I wouldn't of thought a straight guy would be so eager to stick his cock in my cum." Josh said grinning.

"Yeah I do like sloppy-seconds. I like fucking a woman with a really lubricated cunt, and you lubed her up real nice." Matt replied with a chuckle.

They drove out of town, waiting to get ported back to headquarters. They now had a major lead in finding out why a tentacle creature just-so-happened to be hiding in a cheerleader's closet the night her friends were sleeping over.



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