A/N: sorry about being gone so long, my computer broke :c and id lost all my drafts of the When tamers, but I am continuing soon.

With sweet love, Reid

"Good morning. The date is July 11th, 2023. How may I serve you?" The circular, gray floating droid spoke cheerfully. "Ugh. Friedman, Shut down." Alex groaned. "Yes master." The droid said as he shut off. Alex took another sip from his coffee as his slender body leaned over the red kitchen island. He sighed as his earpiece began to buzz. "Shit." Lazily, he reached up a finger and touched the "Receive Call" button. "It's Alex, talk to me." "Hey babe, it's me. I'm in the lab and the Professor needs to talk to you. He says something about a uhm... What was it again?" Alex could hear the mumbling of the professor in the background. "Uhm, yes. A fluctuation in energy in space. He's afraid it might tamper with the balance of the universe and we need your knowledge in Astrology." "That's 'Astronomy', you twit." Alex corrected with a chuckle. "Oh I can just imagine your face right now... That warm, beautiful smile. Those absolutely stunning hazel eyes that seem to smile with those thick, full, sexy pink lips. Why, I bet just right now, you're rubbing your hand through that blonde Mohawk of yours, aren't you?" Alex stopped his hand mid-way though his scalp. He looked around to see if his boyfriend had been spying on him. "Oh stop it, Trevor. You're making me blush." He said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't do that, they'll get stuck." Alex could hear the professor yelling in the background. "Yes, quite right sir. We will talk when you get here, so see you then. And Babe, I love you." "Yeah, yeah, skip the bullshit. I'm on my way." Alex retorted as he pressed the "End Call" button. He sat down his mug of cold coffee and walked over to the suede couch where his black trench coat had been laying the past few days. As he slipped it onto his right arm, he paused for a minute, remembering the things this old coat had been through. This was the coat he wore at the start of the War against Aliens from the planet Venus, the coat he wore when the entire Frezdin Province was under attack by microscopic androids that fed on clothing (Now that is what I call a crisis). Alex smiled. This was the same coat he was wearing when he met Trevor. That fateful day at the library.

"What is that you're reading?" Trevor asked from over Alex's shoulder. "It's an encyclopedia of Time and Space. I'd rather not be interrupted sir." Alex quipped, not taking his eyes off the large, sea-blue covered book. "Well then, how about I read with you? Or I could read it to you? Or you to me?" Trevor offered, taking a seat next to Alex at the square wooden table. "No, I'm looking for a specific piece of information. Now if you would please go away, I would greatly appreciate it." "Ouch. No mercy, I see." Trevor smirked. Alex turned and gave him a sarcastic smile so full of bullshit, it resonated throughout the entire library, but then his smile fade and he stopped. They both stopped. Trevor's lip quivered with a want to be against Alex's. He'd only seen the boy from far away, but up close, he was even more stunning. Alex's mouth opened and closed, unable to make words. The pestering source of his annoyance had become his ultimate source of fancy. He couldn't take his eyes off of Trevor's strong, chiseled jaw, his mud brown spiked hair, those thick rock hard muscles that were threatening to rip tight through hs shirt, that beautiful, tan, Brazilian skin... But most mesmerizing of all were those minty gray eyes that sent chills dancing up Alex's nervous system, making goosebumps rise all over his peach skin. They sat there for what seem to be a millennia. Without thinking, both of them moved in, hastily closing the gap and entrapping each other in a passionate kiss.

"Shit! I'm going to be late." He jumped from his thoughts and bolted out the door.

"Alright, Professor, I'm here." Alex announced, stripping his trench coat and putting on a fresh, white lab coat. "Yes, finally." The Professor narrowed his eyes in an evil gaze. Over the years, Professor Sanders served as Alex's teacher and mentor. He was around 50, short, full head of gray hair, and at one point, was the principal of his own science academy, before it was destroyed. But that's another story for another day. Alex speed-walked over to the Professor, stopping halfway to plant a kiss on Trevor's lips. "What's the problem, Professor?" Alex asked, stopping next to the Professor. They were staring at a large, blue monitor that was currently displaying the solar system. "Do you see that? There, hovering over Earth." The Professor asked Alex, zooming in on a slim line over the North Pole. "My God. What is it?" He gasped. "That's the source of the large energy burst. A tear in the fabric of universe." The Professor stated, solemnly. "But wait, wouldn't things begin to float into the rip? You know, polar bears and what-not?" Alex asked. The Professor shook his head. "Come with me, both of you." He ordered, walking over to a strange metal rod that was floating in a glass container. "I've manage to focus the energy into this Osmium rod. But, under absolutely no circumstance do you ever open this case or touch the rod. It's very important that you understand that." "Understood." The two disciples answered in unison. "Well, that's all I wanted to show you. You two can go on now." The Professor stated.

The two fierce lovers burst into Alex's house, groping and kissing ferociously. Without warning, Trevor picked Alex up and carried upstairs, throwing him on the bed and stripping them both without hesitation. "I think that's the fastest I've ever witnessed a man disrobe..." Alex smiled. "Well Mr.Witness, how bout you suck on this for little while?" Trevor grinned, climbing onto Alex's chest. He grabbed the back of his lover's head and pulled him into his half-erect cock. Alex didn't resist, he let himself fall victim of his Subduer's lust. He sucked on the sheathed tip, looking deep into it's owner's feral eyes. Without moving his eyes, Alex took Trevor all the way down his throat, feeling is as it began to expand. Trevor let out a sigh from above and threw his head back. Alex held himself there for a moment, tightening his throat around Trevor's hard dick. Alex pulled off, coughing and spitting. Trevor laughed at him. Alex reached up and started to quickly stroke Trevor's well lubed cock, a loud, rhythmic, smacking sound ringing in the air. He grabbed Trevor's shoulder's and flipped them both over so that he was straddling Trevor's muscular waist. "I- I wanna try getting on top again." Alex blushed. Trevor chuckled to himself. "You cant handle being on top!" He stated dramatically. Alex rolled his eyes and slowly lowered himself onto Trevor's cock, terrified of what his thick, 9 inches would do. First, the head popped in, then the first three inches slid their way in as usual. Alex managed to shove another two inches in before he had to stop completely. It felt as if he was being torn apart. "Oh fuck, Trevor you're too big!" Alex shouted as he hopped off of Trevor's throbbing cock and lay down next to him. "I told you so. You should've just let me do it the first time and we wouldn't be having this problem." Trevor said with a sigh. He rolled over and placed his face in the pillow. "Goodnight, Babe." "What? You're just going to leave me up like this? What's wrong?" Alex asked. Trevor flipped over and looked at Alex. "What's wrong is, we've been seeing each other for three months now and I can't even make love to you the way I want. And we hardly ever even touch each other because you have such a 'busy schedule'. Every time we have sex, it's almost exactly the same, Alex. I try to switch it up, but it's always 'No, I like the way we do it' or 'I don't want to make it weird'. It's sex! It's going to be weird no matter what!" Alex felt tears stream down his face. "Just forget it, Alex. Goodnight." Trevor said as he hopped under the covers closed his eyes. Just as he was beginning to drift off, he felt the weight of the bed shifting. "Where are you off to?" He asked, ot even opening his eyes. "I'm going to the-... I'm going on a walk." He lied. "Don't stay out too long, there are muggers out there." Trevor warned.

Alex burst through the doors of the Laboratory using the spare key the Professor had given him. He walked to the counter that was scattered with papers and formulas and slammed his hands on it, tears dropping onto the unorganized files. "You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" Alex turned to face the mirror directly across from him. He saw his reflection, not at all in the position he was in. His reflection stood, leaning his back against the counter, arms folded and grinning. "You again..." Alex groaned. "We're not breaking up, we're just at a rough patch." His reflection laughed a hearty laugh at him. "Keep telling yourself that. You know full well he doesn't love you anymore. He never did. You're not good enough for him. Isn't that what you always told yourself?" Alex looked down at the ground for a moment, knowing that his was reflection was absolutely right. "But, then again..." his reflection stepped out of the mirror, walking right up to Alex until they were nearly kissing. "Let me take over. I can do so much better." Alex could feel his reflection reaching for something behind him, and as he grabbed it, Alex nearly panicked. "Put that down. Please." He begged. His reflection simply stared at it. "Put it down? Like... This?" It asked as it slammed the case containing the Osmium bar against the ground. "NO! You bastard!" Alex shouted, but his reflection had vanished. The bar began to vibrate violently. That was the last thing Alex saw before he was consumed by a bright blue light, straight into a deep, surrounding darkness.



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