The room was fuzzy, Levi's eyes out of focus as he awoke. The last thing he remembered was being down at the park, just getting out of the lake, and searching for his clothes. It seemed, at that point, that skinny-dipping at midnight in a high wind was not wise. He never did find a single article of clothing and it was begrudgingly that he started off along the street, the wind blowing against his pale skin and blowing dark red hair about. It wasn't exactly long, no, but it had enough length to be a nuisance as it stung his face.

The streets were mercifully abandoned, but the redhead still thought it wise to stay out of the glowing circles of street lamps as much as possible, on the off chance that someone was out and about. He walked along Main Street for some thirty minutes, having to dodge into some bushes a few times as headlights roared in his general direction. He knew that every step was bringing him closer to home, where he could be naked all he wanted.

A rumbling came upon him suddenly, and before he could even attempt to identify it he had crashed through shrubbery, madly running to his home. Headlights lit up his back, and he looked back to see that they were large, probably a van. He flung his head back around, and coming down the street towards him were a pair of identical headlights. He quickly turned along an alleyway to escape the pincers, and he saw another set of headlights coming that way. All of them were speeding to him and he did the only thing he could think to do, 'HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!'

Nobody, however, came to his aid and the three vans caught him neatly and precisely. A long arm stuck out of the window and cracked him sharply on the skull. That was where Levi's memory ended. He presumed, however, that he had been brought here in one of the three vans, and he was now in what looked to be a medical room. The air was sterile and it was lit to the point of unpleasant brightness, the white tiles nearly being hidden by the absolute light that flooded every shadow out. The only thing, in fact, that broke up the white walls was a large, dark window, in which Levi could see the faint outline of some multicolored LED bulbs.

When the redhead attempted to move his foot, he found that it wouldn't budge. Neither would the other one, nor would his hands. He tilted back his head and saw exactly what was causing the issue. He was in a large ring made of solid, dark grey metal, and the metal was engulfing his hands up to the wrists. He looked down to see that his feet were in the same position. In his mind's eye, the image of himself was quite reminiscent of the Vitruvian Man, as he imagined that he was bound in a circle and, judging by the positioning of his limbs, was completely spread out. He had a slight, though not terribly distracting, pain in his hips and shoulders, which led him to believe that he had also been pulled taut within the circle, 'Well, at least I'm not outside anymore,' he commented, gloom and sarcasm injected richly into his words.

'The subject has committed a noise violation. This is the first warning, subject. You will receive two more warnings on this violation before punishment is administered.'

The voice that spoke was androgynous and metallic, as though speaking through an aluminum can, 'Hello? Who are you? Why am I here?'

'The subject has committed a second noise violation. You will receive a final warning before punishment is administered.'

Levi was getting frustrated at this point, 'Who the hell are you? Why won't you answer me?'

'The subject has committed a third noise violation. Upon the next noise violation, punishment will be administered,' the voice remained equally as cold as it had from the first warning, remaining completely unaffected by Levi's questions, and the repetition of the same warning led him to think something completely ridiculous.

There was no way it was true.

It was impossible.

Levi, however, didn't want to risk it being true. Before tonight he had never thought himself in danger of kidnapping, but here he was. What reason was there to think that he couldn't be listening to a computer? If he was, he certainly did not wish to break the rules; he understood that a computer would not feel sympathy, so he kept quiet.

'Sampling cellular material,' the voice was peaceful, or as peaceful as it could be, when it spoke now, rather than the unemotional vocalizations of before, and had taken on a more clearly feminine tone. Levi relaxed slightly, but only for a moment. He heard a distinctive clicking on either side of his face and, looking to the right, he saw dull hooks attached to robotic arms moving at him. He would have struggled, but he was paralyzed with fear, and he didn't want to risk them missing whatever target they may have been aiming for.

The hooks slipped into the corners of his mouth before spreading his jaws open awkwardly. He felt the skin stretching and felt as though it might tear if they went too far, but they luckily stopped their pulling before it forced him to try and dislocate his jaw. He watched as a third arm came directly at his gaping maw. If he'd had to guess, Levi would have put the origin at the top of the ring, but that wasn't an important thought at the moment. Tiny fingers, these mechanical digits not dull as the hooks had been, were scraping around his cheeks, pulling off skin cells with pangs of discomfort.

The computer voice spoke serenely once more, 'Cellular sampling complete. Processing data.

'Subject height: five feet, seven inches. Subject weight: one hundred twenty-seven pounds. Muscle mass: low. Muscle tone: high: Body fat: below average'

The computer listed off various statistics about Levi's body in its passive female voice, which he found very boring, but stifled his comments when they threatened to rise from his gullet as he remembered the promised reprimanding he was sure would be administered for his fourth 'noise violation'. The computer spoke again, 'Beginning procedure,' and then a whirring came from the edges of the ring, which turned slowly, angling him awkwardly so that he was at a forty-five degree angle to the floor and was only giving a three-quarter view to who or whatever was behind that darkened window, 'Beginning nipple elasticity protocol.'

Small arms once again emerged from the metallic ring, the ends covered in rubber tips. Each one of the rubber tips had tiny tentacles that curved haphazardly into a mesh of soft fingers. These tips stopped directly above Levi's nipples, close enough that he could feel the cold metal radiating upon his chest as it breathed heavily, nervous and trying to pump unusable adrenaline to his body. A slow whirring started again and the arms lowered, brushing gently against the tiny, pale circles.

The sensation rippled through him, sending a clear, if false, message to his groin - you are going to have sex, so get up. His cock quivered in response, and it seemed that the arms noticed as they increased the rate of their circling, catching short breaths in the redhead's throat. Had he not been pulled taut his spine would have curved up in ecstasy, but in his current situation all he could do was moan pathetically.

The sensation continued, enough to keep him aroused, but not nearly enough to make ejaculation an option. It didn't take long before the joy turned into numbness, and still the rubber fingers stroked until he could feel the flesh becoming puffy and inflamed and his mouth was too dry to complain properly. After the eternity of nipple sensations the arms finally receded and Levi was quite happy he couldn't look down because he was sure that his chest would have two spots mottled between blood red and corpse grey, and he was quite correct. He no longer felt real sensation in his nipples, just a gentle, meaningless throbbing.

'Beginning digestive irrigation protocol,' these were the next words Levi heard and they did not at sound like something pleasant. At least, he told himself, the nipple stroking arms had provided animal pleasure for a bit, but he simply could not imagine something called a 'digestive irrigation' would provide him with any tactile pleasure.

The ring turned again, this time placing him parallel to the floor, looking straight at the white tiles. His hair fell before him, skirting around the edges of his vision. He could already feel the strain of his weight skull bearing on his neck and let a merciful whisper pass over his lips as a podium came up to provide a support for his neck. He regretted the whisper immediately, 'Administering punishment following protocol one.'

Judging by the rest of his experience in this room, Levi came under the impression that the punishment would be unpleasantly physical. His impression was correct, he found, as a large spool was shoved into his mouth, the malleable material of the cylinder taking on the precise shape of his teeth. Then an electric shock shot straight through the sensitive skin of his gums, and the very object that was causing the pain was the only thing that kept his yells from escaping, 'The subject should consider the first shock treatment a fourth warning,' the morphodite voice returned to administer this warning, and then the computer's feminine side came back out, 'Resuming digestive irrigation protocol.'

The now familiar whirr of the rings tiny arms unsheathing from their casing came again and Levi bit down on the soft spool that had been left in his mouth after the electric shock, dreading what was to come. When the whirring ceased a frigid spray came across the crevice between the tight muscles of his hind end. It sent a mild burning sensation over the untouched flesh, but it was nothing that the redhead couldn't handle.

The mechanical revolutions started again, and Levi quite suddenly felt the chilly surface of the metal slide between his butt cheeks, widening out the musculature as it approached the tight, virginal hole. Had he been able to effectively speak, protests would have come across Levi's lips, but he could only whimper pathetically and pray to God that the machine would malfunction. It didn't.

The metal tubing slid tightly into the ring of muscles, pushing in until it was just toeing the line between discomfort and pain. Then the spray issued forth once again, far stronger than it had been before, and he was sure that it was the same fluid, as it was quite cold and stung like a bitch as it went inside of him, distending his belly as the burning liquid filled his bowels. The pain was agony, but it continued on so long as the liquid remained inside of him, and the computer did not make a decision to even attempt at moving him for roughly an hour. When the ring finally flipped up, leaving the soft spool wedged into the redhead's teeth, the nozzle retracted from Levi's sphincter, but to his surprise nothing leaked from his bowels, 'The subject will empty the liquid.'

It was quite a strain, for some reason, but the redhead managed to start the flow and it just kept coming, the painfully full sensation slowly being relieved as the stinging liquid passed through the pulsating ring of muscles. Even after Levi had managed to fully empty himself, however, the burning continued somehow agitated by the air. He heard the whir of the nozzle moving, and he was relieved that it was over. This led to quite the shock when the cold metal reinserted itself back in-between the fleshy cheeks and pushed tightly back into his sphincter. The fluid, this time, did not burn, but was even colder than the other one, causing the ring of muscles to pucker up.

With no need to turn him back around, the redhead was able to quickly empty it out, and apparently the computer was satisfied, but Levi was not happy with the newest message, 'Beginning urinary cleansing protocol.'

This one was not nearly as gentle, someone on the end of the controls obviously tiring of the extended time it was taking. A large tube enveloped his halfway erect penis, forming a sort of hard plastic condom over the shaft, and then he felt burning, ripping pain course up his spine, leaving a trail of numb cold where it had touched. The catheter was now sliding begrudgingly down his urethra, taking far longer than it needed to, as he had been through the procedure with an actual medical professional and it was done in less than a minute. This tube slid in for roughly ten minutes, sending a dull, annoying pain through him the entire time, punctuated by frequent burning explosions of agony that coursed through him like lightning.

The pain had become such a part of him that it took a few moments for Levi to notice that the same burning fluid that had coursed through him anally was now filling his bladder, searing the nerves on the sensitive lining to such an extreme that his shrieking carried through the soft spool, which immediately sent him into what would have been, had he been loose on the ground, sitting, or standing, quite violent convulsions from the electric shock rushing across his gums.

The computer did not tell him of his punishment, perhaps deciding that it was quite obvious what had just happened, and simply continued pushing the acidic liquid into his bladder until he was crying from the pain, at which quite a peculiar sensation came upon him. The tubing, it seemed, was siphoning the mixture of his urine and the torturous substance off. It was odd, though not terribly unpleasant, to have the pressure relieved without the solution passing through his urethra and, on thinking about how much the liquid burned, he found himself quite thankful that it had not had to pass over the delicate tissue.

The tubing retracted and the sheath pulled off, leaving him feeling somehow far more exhausted than he should have been.

The cleaning procedures continued on until Levi was absolutely sure that every inch of him, inside and out, was clean enough to eat off of. After being irrigated three times, the arms came and scrubbed his flesh so that it was pink and raw, but definitely free of dirt. The tiny, clawed arms pulled his mouth open again, and several more mechanical extensions began spotlessly cleaning his mouth, from scraping his tongue and cheeks to physically scrubbing his gums and the roof of his mouth. The oral cleaning came to its grand finale when something sprayed a putrid substance (a particularly strong disinfectant, it turned out) over his entire mouth, letting it sit in his mouth for several minutes, and then blasted it down his throat. His teeth and throat felt, somehow, fresh, and what little he could see of his teeth in the reflection of the window looked as blindingly white as the room.

The claws detracted, but almost instantaneously arms, each of them bearing razors so sharp the edges could not physically be located, and they began shaving off his body hair, leaving only a finely groomed patch of bright orange pubic hair that felt completely inadequate to Levi. The computerized voice was still remaining silent, but it no longer particularly mattered to the shaved, scrubbed redhead.

He heard one of the limbs extend below his waist, and felt a very cold, robotic grip over his scrotum. When the arm retracted, taking away the support, the weight of a metal holster pulled down on his testicles, stretching to what he was sure was the greatest possible distance they would extend, but he felt a nuzzling over the skin that took his mind off of the pain of the organs dropping quite violently. It felt as though many soft, supple tongues were covering the full surface of his ball sack, and he got quite hard quite quickly, precum dripping in rich globules to the floor.

He had never felt this hung before, nor this sexually potent. With no warning whatsoever the ring slid back, backing Levi away from the pool of fluid that was at his feet, and then let him down quite abruptly, the metal cage still attached sensually to his scrotum.

'Hello there, Levi,' a shadowy figure was standing far off from him and seemed to know far more than the computer. It was a gentle male voice, and all at once the image of an English gentleman came to his mind, complete with cane and top hat.

He was quite far off, he discovered. Quite far off indeed.




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