By Simon Traum

Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, when you encounter something new or unfamiliar, it doesn't always hit you right off? You just keep tuning it out, refusing to see it. Sometimes you have to see something over and over again until you finally recognize that it's there. Previously to that, you could walk right past it, completely disregarding it. Like it doesn't exist.

Luis and Jacob work for a moving company. Jacob, a hulking 23-year-old, is bigger than Luis, who is five years older and pretty well-put-together himself. Luis has worked for the company longer. Over the previous few months, they've worked out a private arrangement between them, through a variety of circumstances, to help each other out if one of them gets hard up. That is to say, horny. Being attractive males in good shape who happen to be drawn to the same, they ironically came to this decision at a client's insistence, but that hasn't stopped them from taking advantage of the precedent set.

They're taking the moving truck back to drop off. It's around 5:45 in the evening, they're done for the day. Luis has pulled off the freeway, they're waiting at the light on the off-ramp.

"Hey," Luis nudges Jacob. "Check that out." He points out the windshield with his dark-stubbled chin. "When did the homeless get so cute, huh?"

Jacob follows his gaze out the windshield. Luis is pointing at one of those guys standing on the traffic island next to them, holding a homemade cardboard sign. There's always one at this off-ramp. He hasn't seen this one before. The guy's young, but obviously in good shape. Here's the kicker - he's disarmingly good-looking. Yeah, he looks pretty rough around the edges, but at the same time there's something pristine about him. The light turns green and traffic starts moving at the same instant the guy spots both of them staring. His dark bedroom eyes stare right back at them, and he cranes his head around as they drive past...

A few days later, Jacob notices another one in his own car. Different area, at a regular intersection just outside of downtown. Jacob stops, looks disinterestedly over at the traffic island and -- Ice-blue eyes cut right through him. Over a dazzling smile. What homeless guy has teeth like that? This one he gives a couple bucks to.

"Thanks," the guy beams at him, radiating sexual energy. He's tall, ginger, bearded, gorgeous. Jacob fights down the urge to pull him in through the window.

"Yeah, well, sorry I can't do more..." Light's green. Jacob drives off, blushing feverishly. Jesus, he was ready to rape that guy! Luis was right. The homeless are getting cuter! Are things getting that bad?

After that, he gets curious. To be frank, he'd gotten in the habit of tuning street people out, they're kind of depressing. So it's a strange new experience to find himself focusing on them now whenever he's in traffic. There's at least four or five of them. It's always the ones holding the signs on the traffic islands. He's begun to keep track of which areas his favorites frequent. He's carrying more cash on him these days. You never know when you'll run into one of them.

He asked Luis about it the other day while they were working. "Hey, you remember that cute homeless guy we saw...?"

Luis grins real big. "I'm still seein' him. I make a point of hitting that intersection and getting in that lane, man. I think I might be in love."

"But have you seen any more? I've been running into them all over lately."

Luis stops to think. "Y'know, maybe I noticed. I've been a little obsessed, you know?" His expression becomes dreamy. "His name's Aiden. I think I might hire him to work on my roof..."

Jacob's begun reading the signs all the cute guys are holding. He has to do something with his eyes. All the hot ones stare right in the car at him with what feels like laser-vision. His favorite, the ginger, has even taken to lightly brushing Jacob's muscular arm when Jacob hands him cash. The erection is instantaneous. Is it possible this guy doesn't know what he's doing? We're in public! Jacob's discomfort is palpable.

The signs don't say anything he hasn't seen before. "Homeless, hungry, please help. God bless." Some are harder to read. Sometimes they have Bible verses on them.

Jacob's the first in line to the red light at the underpass when he spots the ginger guy standing back in the gloom. It's raining, just pissing down. Must suck being out in it.

He rolls his window down. The ginger knows him, trots over to the vehicle, smiling. "Hey, how you doing?"

"You want to get out of this rain?" Jacob asks him.

"Hell, yeah!" Ginger responds. He jogs around to the passenger door, climbs in and grins over at Jacob. "Especially with you!"

The ginger reaches over to cup Jacob's bulging crotch, giving it a light squeeze. "This one's on me," he says huskily, and starts undoing Jacob's fly, pulling his inflating prong out, rubbing it through his beard.

Head spinning, Jacob drives as carefully as he can through city traffic in the rain as the ginger lovingly sucks his growing knob. The guy's really good at it. Eventually, Jacob is forced to park because he can't concentrate on driving any more. He turns the car off and sits back, enjoying the mounting sensations as the gorgeous redhead polishes his tool. His hands explore the guy's body. He's pretty built. Jacob thought he'd smell bad, but he doesn't.

Jacob pulls the guy's shirt off. "Whoa." He pushes the ginger back to get a better look: Fucking amazing. This guy's beautiful! There's nothing wrong with him.

The rain's still coming down pretty hard, visibility's low. Jacob looks around, figures What the fuck, and pins the ginger against the seat, kissing his neck, his chest, the thick trail of hair that runs over his stomach. The guy groans "Oh hell yeah..." and claws Jacob's shirt off of him.

The windows fog quickly.

Within two minutes, Jacob's reclined back in his seat with the fully naked ginger straddling his hips, making out. The ginger reaches back occasionally to tease and pet Jacob's rigid horsecock, which is bumping steadily at his back door. He strokes Jacob's hard length. Jacob's sucking his nipple.

"I think I might need this inside me," the ginger guy says. Then he pushes Jacob's cockhead through his outer ring.

"Oh, Jesus..." gasps Jacob. The guy's already lubed, ready to go. We're doing this right here?

The guy sinks down on Jacob's massive cock, taking the whole thing. Jacob stares in disbelief. Nobody just takes it like that. There's always some adjustment. The ginger guy's ass just swallowed it in one bite. "Fuckin' A," Jacob breathes.

The guy starts riding the cock, staring intensely into Jacob's eyes, making the whole car bounce in the pounding rain. Jacob lays a palm on the guy's furry jaw. The rain's really coming down now, pummeling the roof. The ginger lifts himself slowly up Jacob's cock, squeezing as he goes. "Uuooahh, yeah," he grunts, supporting himself on Jacob's huge hairy shoulders as he moves his outer ring back and forth over the glans. Jacob's whole body breaks an almost painful sweat. The windows are opaque with steam.

The guy sinks back down all the way on the tool, working himself around the base. He's massaging Jacob's large pecs now, as Jacob runs his fingers over the guy's bouncing erection.

"Uuhh, fuck yeah, stud!" he whines. "Yeah, play with it while I chew on your big dick. Uuuhhh!"

"Fuck, you're too hot!" pants Jacob desperately. "You're making me come... Oh god..." His huge body goes rigid, shaking, as he blows his wad up the ginger guy's warm back passage. He's still grunting from his orgasm when the guy's cock goes off in his hand, shooting all over his chest. The guy groans, grabbing Jacob's head and kissing him deeply.

They stay that way for a few minutes. When the guy finally withdraws, he looks at Jacob wide-eyed and says, "Wow! That was fucking incredible. Can we do that again some time?"

Jacob, shell-shocked and soaked, just nods, keeping his hands on the guy's body. It's nice.

"Yeah, fuck, man, you can have me whenever you want," the red-head enthuses. "It's on the house for you!"

Jacob frowns. "What do you mean, on the house?"

"Well, I thought you knew. I'm an escort..."

Well, maybe not an escort, exactly; not that up-market, perhaps. What it is, explains Michael the ginger guy, is a sort of male prostitution ring, or rather, a venture-funded startup company utilizing a mobile application with a geo-locator for contact with an array of sex-workers disguised as sign-carrying panhandlers all over the city. Apparently, they're doing brisk business during the weekday lunch rush downtown.

"We can be located via the app," explains Michael. "Our 4-digit code number allows the client to request us. This one's mine." He shows Jacob his cardboard sign, pointing out the numerals "4378" scrawled at the bottom.

"Hmmm. I thought they were Bible verses. Well, that explains all the hot-ass panhandlers. So you're not homeless?" Jacob asks.

"Hell no! But you've got to look the part. It's good cover for a streetwalker, and some of the clients get really turned on by it. You know, the idea of making it with a homeless guy."

"Tell me about it. You had me so worked up I thought I was gonna bust a blood vessel somewhere."

"I think you did, but it was mine," Michael smiles, kissing him. "I wasn't kidding earlier. You can have me whenever you want, I'm not going to charge you. I'll just put it down to Research and Development. Hit me up, any time."

"Oh, I will. But, see, I've got this friend..."

Luis and Jacob are out in the truck again. Jacob's been waiting for something like this. They've grabbed lunch, but there's been a scheduling fluke, so they have a couple hours to kill before they have to be back on the job.

"Hey," Luis says, cupping a palm around Jacob's crotch, "you feel like a quickie, man? I'm kinda horny."

Jacob strokes his fingertips up Luis's dark-furred forearm. His dick's waking up under Luis's warm hand. "You want to see if that hot guy's still there by the freeway, the one you like?"

Luis rolls his eyes. "Aiden... God, that boy makes me melt! Lemme see what kind of change I got..."

"Don't worry about it," Jacob tells him, flipping through screens on his phone. "Got it covered. Turn left here," he points past Luis at a freeway underpass.

Luis guides the truck behind another three vehicles stopped for a red light. Jacob's flashing his phone's screen out the windshield. There's an answering flash from within the underpass, and a murky human shape comes forward, resolving itself into a well-built, attractive, bearded red-head. He walks over to the passenger window, smiles real big at Jacob. "Nice to see you again, stud."

Jacob grins back at him. "We're not catching you in the middle of anything, are we?"

"Hell, no! I've always got time for you, buddy. Can I get in?"

"There's not a lot of space," Jacob tells him, opening his door. "You'll have to sit in my lap."

"I was planning to anyway. Hi, I'm Michael," he says, shaking a shocked Luis's hand.

"Yeah, I forgot. This is my friend, Luis." Jacob's a little slow with the introductions right now.

Michael examines Luis again. "Oh, you're the one who likes Aiden."

Luis double-takes on Michael. "You what?!?"

Jacob smiles. "Got a surprise for you, man."

Finally, they get the green light.

The dark green eyes deep-set into Aiden's handsome bulldog face stare, cutting right through the windshield at Luis. As soon as he spots him, Aiden's strolling down the line of cars stopped on the off-ramp, halting when he comes abreast of the moving truck's cab.

"Got room for one more?" He smiles at a salivating Luis.

Luis can't believe his luck. He's afraid to blink. "Get in, angel."

His hands are shaking so badly, he's worried about driving, although traffic's backed up, and they're gridlocked now. He opens his door, so Aiden can climb in and over him. Aiden takes his time, stopping as soon as he's straddling Luis's straining lap. With their crotches pressed together, he takes Luis's face in both hands and kisses him. Luis whines into Aiden's mouth, running his hands up under Aiden's shirt, which he quickly removes, exposing a smooth sculpted torso. Aiden pulls his button fly open and his long half-hard dick falls out onto Luis's stomach, hot and pulsing. Michael's straddling Jacob the same way in the passenger seat. This is apparently part of the repertoire: These boys have a talent for sex in cars.

So it's natural that no one's paying any attention when the vehicles around them start moving again. It takes a chorus of angry car horns behind to separate Aiden and Luis.

Michael directs Luis to take the truck downtown, locating a deserted area around disused railroad tracks. He winks at Jacob. "No one comes here. We won't be interrupted."

Once Luis has parked again, Aiden's climbing back into his lap, arms around his shoulders, green eyes staring right into him. "Fuck me, handsome?" His thick eyebrows move up his forehead.

Michael and Jacob are pulling each other's shirts off in the other seat. Luis hears Michael mumble to Jacob, "I'm gonna need to get your cock up me pretty soon. I've been missing it ever since you pulled out."

Aiden's pulling Luis's hard dick out of his shorts, jacking its length. His face lights up. "Hey, uncut, all right!" He climbs out of Luis's lap so he can suck on it.

Luis lets him slurp down on it a few times before he loses patience at last, pushing Aiden out of the cab. "Shit, it's too cramped in here." He jumps out after Aiden, walking around to the back of the moving truck, jingling his keys. "It ain't the Hilton..."

"...but they'd kick us out anyway, for what's about to go on here." Aiden grins back at him, then drops to his knees, sucking Luis's cock while he opens the back of the truck. Jacob and Michael climb out and walk around the back, jumping inside when he rolls the gate up. Jacob arranges the blankets inside and lies back on them. Michael descends on Jacob's erection, sucking greedily at its expanding length. Jacob can feel the guy's saliva dripping off his balls. "Uh, yeah," he grunts as he watches his big horn disappear into Michael's bearded face.

Luis has lifted Aiden into the back of the truck, backed him against a wall and is busily raking his mouth over Aiden's boner. "Ooohhhh, jeez, that's nice,' sighs the green-eyed boy, taking a handful of Luis's hair and thrusting his hips forward.

"Ummmph," says Luis around Aiden's pumping tool

"Fuckin' hot mouth," Aiden pants. "Lick my balls, man."

Michael's had enough of waiting. He's climbed on top of Jacob's supine (not counting his erection) body, and is sitting back on the hard bone. He takes a deep breath and sits all the way down on it. Again. "Mmm!" he grunts. Then he places his hands on Jacob's big furry pecs and begins to lift and fall, a controlled bounce with just enough friction to have Jacob panting like a dog within a minute. Jacob's hands paw at Michael, riding the ecstasy and grabbing for more at the same time. He sits himself up on his elbows, and kisses Michael as the other man rides him. They're both whining, lost in pleasure.

Across the way, Luis has Aiden's pretty butt bent over with his face buried between the cheeks, licking his way in. Aiden's face is gorgeously frustrated and horny. "Fuck, man," he breathes, "you keep that up, you're gonna make me crazy! Aawww, man, put your cock in there, please!"

Luis gets that evil smile that automatically makes him cuter. "You sure, man? You don't want me to wait a little while? We might go off too soon..." he taunts.

Aiden makes a noise that's hard to describe, somewhere between pain and injustice. His whole body actually quivers, then, scuttling like a sand crab, he backs himself up onto Luis's rigid pole, making an even better noise while he does this. Luis looks down in shock at himself balls-deep in Aiden, whose thoroughly worked up body is like pale, sweaty marble as he pumps his tight hungry ass around Luis's hog. "Fuck me, stud!" he squeals, as Luis comes to his senses and starts pumping his hips back at this horny little rapist. They're fucking hard now, Luis can see tiny explosions of sweat bursting when their bodies collide. He looks sideways at Michael riding Jacob. The second he looks over, Michael groans monstrously and shoots a jet of his semen squarely into Jacob's face.

Bullseye! Jacob closes his eyes, dropping his jaw, and, incredibly, Michael shoots the next one in his mouth! The rest ends up on his chest and stomach as Michael gasps and rocks on his hard dick.

Luis can't take any more. Aiden's crazy, horny energy (not to mention his grasping fuckchute) is pushing him over the edge. He can feel magma boiling up in his balls. "Oh shit, boy, I'm sorry, I'm gonna come!"

Aiden keeps working himself over Luis's member. "Uh huh," he pants, dripping. His own cock is so hard, it's tight against his belly. There's a look of intense concentration on his face, and he grunts and whines deliriously. When Luis starts shooting his load, Aiden freezes on the dick, head thrown back in abandon, collecting it inside. They both gasp and grunt a lot.

Luis lets his body collapse on top of Aiden, who whispers to him, "Reach underneath me, handsome. Help me out here."

Luis's hand finds Aiden's erect prick wetting the little treasure trail over his stomach. He drags his fingers along its length, and Aiden whines, pushing his rump back on Luis's cock. He keeps the motion up on the dick's underside and suddenly Aiden's squealing again and Luis's fingers are coated with spunk. Aiden presses back on his body, shaking and gasping. It just seems natural to wrap the guy in his arms, nuzzling his smooth neck. He glances over at Jacob when he hears him bellowing. Yep, sure enough, Jacob's shaking and blowing his wad inside Michael. Michael's eyes are closed as Jacob pumps his seed into him, a look of profound fulfillment on his face.

Not for the first time, Luis is frankly amazed at the sort of situations that take shape around the big guy.

Michael leans forward over Jacob. "Thanks for the load, man," he mutters. "I was starting to think I wouldn't get it..."

Jacob grabs his head, kissing him, rolling him over on the blankets and fucking him a little more as they hold each other. Michael's hands roam all over his muscled pelt.

A little later, Michael and Jacob watch Aiden and Luis kiss. Cute.

Luis looks up, sees them staring. "I'm in love with a hooker, Jacob."

Jacob grins. "At least he's letting you fuck him for free."

"There's more to it than that," Michael whispers in his ear.

"I'm listening."

"We've got quotas to meet. We're sort of required to service the community without charge for a set number of hours a week. Luckily we ran into you guys."

"Service the community without charge?"

"See, our training for this job, which is extensive, also involved an Initiation. We're required as part of the Panhandle Project to hone our skills and to perform our own Research and Development for at least five hours a week."

"Wait. Are you saying you have to have sex with us for at least five hours every week?"

"Well, you and/or whoever else shows up. It can get pretty repulsive at times, but that's part of the discipline. Personally, I'd rather be making it with you, given the choice."

"A-fuckin'-men," seconds Aiden as Luis licks his neck.

All of which means that Jacob and Luis have got a standing date scheduled for the immediate future with two of the extremely talented sex-yoga adepts recently loosed on the city by the Panhandle Project. Turns out the area they used for their tryst is on private property owned by the Project ("all part of the Experience"), so they've got a meeting place sorted out. There's even an abandoned boxcar further down the tracks they can use if they want to feel especially sleazy. They'll get around to it. At the moment, they're still buzzing on being in on the best-kept (if not just the best) secret in town.

Funny how you can be unaware of something that's right under your nose the whole time. If you don't know what to look for, you might never see it. But even then, there's still the chance that you could back into it accidentally, and find out about it that way. So the Panhandle juts out into the space around it, waiting to see if contact is made. Waiting for someone to grab hold. Waiting to be recognized.


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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