Donovan's jeans were down at his ankles. I was naked with my back smeared against the door of the washroom stall, my legs wrapped around my brother's torso as Don's cock dredged my anal canal for the good feeling. He was screwing me at work.

"Three days," grunted Donovan. "Been too friggin' long."

Yeah he could say that again. Don's pay was better with his new job at the airport but his schedule was lousy. For the past couple months he'd worked the night shift with two weekdays off, an arrangement that didn't leave a whole lot of time for us.

The sound of footsteps warned us someone was coming in. I knew the hardest part for Don wasn't holding me up while the guy pissed and ran the water - my brother was built like a forklift - but having to stop mid-fuck with his dick buried inside me. I could tell from his clenched his jaw and the glazed look on his face he was fighting the urge to breed me.

As soon as the guy was gone, Don went back to jamming his cock in and out of my ass. I grunted in pleasure as he dragged his curved, hard shaft along my shit hole. His dick was pressing at the floodgate to three days of backlogged cum. From Don's expression, I was pretty sure he couldn't wait to let it all swim up my chute. I tightened my arms around his warm shoulders, moaning faintly.

Suddenly, Donovan slammed into my backside, crushing me against the door hard enough to make the hinges jingle. He swore as his cum surged inside, flooding all my cracks with wet seed and hot juices. That did it for my swollen cock; I started splattering white sticky stuff all over Don's chest until it was dripping between the grooves of his abs like wet paint running in the gutter. We were each other's cum-collector. The thought cracked me up.

"Shhh," murmured Don, kissing me. It was strangely tender given we'd just fucked in a dirty toilet stall. I let myself float a bit in the afterglow before my feet found the linoleum floor. Don wiped the cum off with toilet paper and we got dressed fast. We were almost regular guys again by the time we stepped out of the stall... if you didn't know about the load sloshing around inside.

"I want you to meet someone," I told him before he'd gone too far down the hall.

"Ok," he said, agreeably. Don was always agreeable after a good hard fucking.

He followed me up a flight of stairs and down another hallway until we came to a green door. I knocked. A thin old man with small slits for glasses peered out. His long nose and narrow face gave him a pinched look while a large emerald ring shimmered on his fingers.

"Oh, hello Darren," he stammered in a fluted English accent, his hand fluttering to his chest.

"How's it going Mr. Princely?" I greeted, giving him my best smile.

"Oh marvellously well!" he flushed. "What can I do for you?"

"I want to introduce you to my brother."

Mr. Princely pushed up his glasses as my brother smiled and stuck out his hand. "Hey. I'm Donovan," he said in his gravelly voice. It had the predictable effect. Mr Princely gawked, wide eyed and blushing, before hastily shaking Don's hand. "Warren Princely... at your service," he tittered.

"He does some modelling for Mrs. McTavish," I revealed.

"Oh does he now?" he breathed as his eyes did the undressing. Everyone knew the only models Mrs. McTavish used were for nude portraits.

We spent the next five minutes talking about his latest projects. I had Donovan meet me at the parking lot when I say him getting restless. As my brother disappeared around a corner Mr. Princely cocked his head and gave me an arched look. "I take it you didn't come here just to chit-chat."

I handed him a piece of paper. "Donovan's birthday is coming up and I wanted to get him something," I lied.

In fact, we'd only just celebrated Don's birthday a month ago. The two of us had drank and fucked all night, on the bed, in the shower, and on the balcony at three in the morning with just our body heat to keep us warm. But Warren Princely didn't need to know that.

"Silver?" he enquired after studying the design for a moment.

I bit my lip. "Platinum," I said.

The old man whistled, "It won't be cheap, my dear. It's usually two hundred just for the labour."

It was time to throw the bait. "Yeah, about that...l was going to ask if you'd be interested in dropping by Don's next modelling shoot..."

"Darren! I'm shocked at you..." Warren Princely giggled unexpectedly. "Well, perhaps I can charge you just for the materials. Come back tomorrow and I should be able to give you an estimate."

On the drive home, Donovan asked curiously, "So what was that all about?"

"I needed a favour from Warren," I explained. "Figured your good looks might soften him up."

Donovan laughed as he squeezed my thigh, "I'm pretty sure you softened him good all on your own."

We were going on two years since the night I'd first painted my brother, and somehow it had worked out better than I could have imagined. But it hadn't been easy keeping a secret this big and it was only a matter of time before people started asking questions. We'd had to move once already.

Lately, we'd started talking about moving again, this time to Kelowna, a pretty town in the Okanagan Valley. Donovan was sure he could get a job at the newly-expanded airport, while the city's big summer festivals made it tourist central. It was a perfect place to set up shop.

Pulling into our narrow driveway, Donovan hopped up the flight of stairs to the door while I unloaded a few things from the trunk. I was thinking about how cool it would be to open my own studio when Donovan called out from the top of the stairs.

"Darren, you need to see this."

I knew the cadence of my brother's voice well enough to know something was up. I dropped everything and leapt up the stairs two at a time. What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks.

In front of our door was a baby in a cardboard box.

The baby was sleeping swaddled in a blanket with a note tucked into its folds. I got a sick feeling as I picked up the note and read aloud the pencil-scrawled message. "Need Help. Can't take care of him. Signed, Ashley." I was careful to keep my voice low.

Ever so carefully Donovan lifted the baby - Ashley had named him Owen - out of the box and into his arms. He was barely the size of Don's triceps. His hair was the same colour as mine. For a moment I was so mad at my sister I couldn't see straight. Fighting for control, I said, "We should get him to a hospital, get him checked out." My brother nodded mutely, eyes trained on Owen. "Get in the car, I'll drive," I told him as I dialled our parents.

"Hello?" Mom's voice came over the phone.

"It's Darren. It's about Ashley."

* * *

It was less than a month later when Don and I held our going away party. It was a big one. Over the years we'd been careful to keep our friends separate, but we figured we'd just invite everyone this once. At first we weren't sure how our friends would mesh, but with the booze flowing, the differences between straight and gay got fuzzy. By the night's end, it was all just one big gyrating mob of sweaty bodies.

It was late in the night when I went upstairs looking to use the toilet. I found both our bedrooms locked and the sound of more than a few guys moaning inside.

Back downstairs, I passed JC in the hallway. Lately he'd taken to buzz-cuts, giving him a blond Spartan look. Slapping me on the back, he hooted, "Best party ever!"

"Some guys are fucking in our rooms." I said in surly tone. I really needed to pee.

JC laughed. "I know. I saw them." His eyes were bright.


JC ticked off a list of names.

"You're fucking kidding," I said incredulously.

He chuckled, "Go figure, eh? Half of them are my hockey buds, guy's guys to the bone." He took a swag of his beer. "Did you know Luke's been in a committed relationship for the past five years?" Smirking, JC patted a rectangular bulge in his pocket. A camera.

"You're going to blackmail him?"

It was JC who'd started the mingling by flirting with the straight girls and luring them all into the gay side of the room. The straight guys, finding themselves devoid of pussy, had no choice but to follow. The alcohol did the rest.

JC just grinned. "Like I said, best party ever," he repeated cheekily.

I snorted, and said, "Yeah thanks... anyway, I think I'll go piss in the garden."

"If you see Phil out there, tell him I said hi," JC chirped, "Last I checked he was giving Jake head on the patio." He laughed again. "Looks like all kinds of secrets are coming out tonight."

Across the hallway, I caught Don's plain brown eyes. His smile was sexy as hell. For a moment I forgot the noise, the people, even the goddamn party, because in my mind's eye, it was my brother down on his knees with my meat in his mouth. All of a sudden I wanted this party to be over.

Three hours later, it was. After dragging the last of the boys and their clothes out of our rooms, the only ones left were Don, JC, and me.

JC was washing the dishes.

"Dude, you don't gotta do that," I told him.

"It's no big deal," he shrugged.

"No seriously," I insisted. "It's late. Go home man. Me and Don can take care of it in the morning." I was horny as a bitch in heat, and all I wanted was to get laid. I was pretty sure Don felt the same.

JC gave me a shrewd look before wiping his hands on the dishtowel. "Alright, one more drink?"

I found JC a beer. Donovan, who'd been stacking the bottles, joined us on the sofa. JC sprawled between us. Looking first at me, and then at Don, it seemed as though he wanted to say something. He gave an amused chuckle instead and got up, camera in hand. "I want some pics of you two. Scoot closer together, will ya?"

Moving next to Don, I caught a whiff of his pheromones, and started feeling anxious.

JC snapped a few shots. "Alright, now take off your shirts," he said.

I blinked. "What?"

"Take it off." His repeated with a dimpled smile.

I forced a laugh. "Nah. Not tonight man."

His expression melted into a pleading look. "Dude, come on... It might be years before I ever see you guys again. It's not like there's anything you guys got I haven't seen before. Is one shirtless pic really that big a deal?"

Don and I exchanged a look. My brother shrugged.

"Alright, whatever," I said, caving. Pulling my shirt over my head, I tried not to look at Don as he did the same. Shit, I was getting a semi. Not good.

"Why so serious, Darren?" drawled JC, his face hidden behind the camera. "Now, how about a kiss?"

We were on our feet in a flash.

"Fuck you!" I reacted, now in full-blown panic mode.

Looking amused again, JC murmured, "I ain't the one you've been fucking," and his eyes slid sidelong to Don.

I couldn't breathe.

His tone was frank. "Darren, you've been throwing Bambie eyes at your brother since friggin' puberty for Christ's sake. And Don never passed as a straight to me, even when he was nailing girls left and right. I knew you guys were an item as soon as you moved in together."

"Shit," I mumbled.

"Look bud, it's cool, this thing you got going. Honestly, I think it's fucking hot," he grinned, sticking out his tongue.

He pulled out a rumpled envelope from his pocket and tossed it at me. Inside were two plane tickets and a brochure.

"So anyway," he explained. "I figured you lovebirds could do with some quality time together. So I got you guys an all expense paid one week trip to St. Bart's. It's pretty gay-friendly as far as the Caribbean goes, so you two could be a couple in public and no one would give a fuck. I've already talked with your mom about Owen, she says it's no problem taking care of him another week. Everything's taken care of."

I was stunned. "JC... I don't know what to say."

JC snorted. "Well, if you don't want them, just give them back and I'll probably find some fuck buddy to -"

"Oh, shut up!" I shot at him as I tackled my best friend with a hug that held more feeling than a boatload of get-well cards.

"Waoh!" he laughed. "Watch the beer!"

I wanted to let JC know in that moment just how much I appreciated him, but for some reason all I could think to say was, "You fucker..." Lame, I know. But I knew he knew how I felt, which in the end was all that mattered.

Stepping back, I let Don have his turn. "We'll make this up to you, I swear," he promised fiercely, pulling the smaller guy into a bone-crunching hold.

"Damn right, you will," gasped JC in a half-strangled voice, his eyes dancing up a scheme. "Hell, you can start making it up to me right now."

"Yeah? How?"

JC's smile darkened and his voice went husky as he murmured, "I was serious when I said I wanted to see you guys make out."

We'd never been intimate with each other in front of someone else, but looking at my brother openly for the first time, I thought, why not? I let myself drink in his hockey-honed body, his rough-and-tumble good looks. Yeah, I'd hit that...

"Give me the camera," said Don firmly, holding out his hand to JC. Ruefully, he handed the camera over to Don who dropped it behind the sofa.

Then my brother turned to me with a wolfish smile. "Now come 'ere," he drawled.

Grabbing me by the nape of my neck he meshed our lips together in a bruising kiss.

"Hot damn," JC rasped.

I pushed Don onto the sofa and climbed on top of him. I was hard already and I made sure he felt it. Don slid a forearm up my back while he squeezed my ass with his hand. Arching my back to maximize skin contact, I felt his tongue leave a wet streak over my collar bone.

Sneaking a look behind me, I saw JC sitting slack-jawed on a chair with a wet spot spreading across his tented crotch. His eyes were horn-dog bright.

Leaning into Don, I murmured, "What say you we give him a show."

I felt my brother's approving rumble reverberate all the way to my ass.

I knelt on the floor and started undoing Don's shiny belt buckle and then the zipper. Part of me wanted to go slow and tease my audience, but the outline of my brother's hard dick had me too horned up to wait. I pulled out his cock and slid my mouth all the way down it in one go. Don spasmed with a groan and I tasted precum.

"Holy fuck!" I heard JC swear.

That's when I started working Don for real. After two years of fucking and sucking, I knew every vein, every notch of my brother's cock. It was a natural all-beef thermostat. A little saliva and a little friction was all I needed to make his baby maker blow, but the art was in the slow burn.

Don tangled my hair in between his fingers as I sucked, talking dirty. "Suck it Darren. Suck your big brother's cock... You've wanted it from the start, just like JC said... But you know what? I've wanted your lips around my cock from the start too...So suck it bro... Suck it just like that..."

I raked my tongue across a favourite spot just under the helm of Don's cock, making him swear, and then I let the whole thing slide out with a wet slurp. I stood up, pulled the rest of Don's clothes off, and then slid out of my own.

By now JC was sitting stark naked jacking his cock with long, patient strokes. His body was as lean as sin and smooth except for a few special spots where the blond fuzz grew thicker. With no tattoos or blemishes on skin the colour of vanilla ice cream, you'd almost take him for a virgin if it weren't for his big-ass nipple ring and the shit-eating grin on his face.

Donovan got up and put his arms around me. Nibbling an earlobe, he whispered, "I saw you looking. I'm game if you are."

"I'm game," I whispered back, giving him a deep-tongued kiss. Shit, things were moving fast.

This time, it was Don's turn to push me onto the sofa. "Lie down," he said. When I did, Don cocked his head at JC and said, "You want to suck my little bro?"

"Hell, yeah," JC said. He spat into his hand and seconds later he was kneeling between my legs. He jacked my meat, staring at it like a prize, before swallowing it like a champ. His tongue massaged the part of my dick that was inside his mouth even as he looked up at me with cute puppy-dog eyes and dried not to choke.

"Fuck dude... " I panted, closing my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of a talented mouth on my bare cock.

"Mrrrrrrrrr..."JC started humming as he sucked, trapping my cock in the vibrations he was making. When the pitch changed higher, I opened my eyes to find my brother rimming my best friend's puckered hole. Seeing Don's big shoulders looming over JC's small, fuckable frame made me wonder for the first time in a long while what it might feel like to top. Don lips curved into a dark grin. He nudged his stubbled chin hard on JC's sphincter, making him hum a swear word and clench at the sofa.

"Yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes," I told JC. "He does that to me all the time."

Donovan just chuckled and resumed licking, throwing in a wad of spit now and again to moisten the inside.

When JC finally took a breather, I pulled him up and kissed him. His tongue twisted in and out, improvising on the fly like a b-boy spinning on the streets. The next thing I knew, my brother was lying on top of him, and it was Don I was making out with, with JC sucking on my neck. My brother gave me a sensual tongue-grinding while he humped JC's lean muscular body. He teased his thick cock between JC's ass crack, leaving a trail of slick precum. My brother leaked lots when he got turned on.

"I want you guys to fuck me," JC said darkly, pushing back on Don's cock. "You can do me without a condom if you want. I got tested last Wednesday. I'm good if you are."

I met Don's eyes, looking for permission. I'd missed topping since Don had happened. It was time I did the breeding.

"I'm good," rasped Don with a nod and a thrust. He planted a kiss on JC's neck.

"So what you waiting for?" taunted JC, looking over his shoulder.

Don got up off the sofa and slapped JC's ass. "We'll fuck you in our room," he decided.

As we trooped up the stairs, I remembered we hadn't changed the sheets yet. The guys who'd fucked in our rooms earlier had left a mess. It turned out some of the cum hadn't even dried yet, but JC didn't seem to care. He just flopped onto his back with his hands locked behind his head, a lopsided grin on his face.

Don tossed me the lube from the nightstand. Rubbing my stomach, he said, "You do him first."

Kissing him as a thank-you, I unstopped the lube. We'd gotten the kind that looked and felt like cum. I dripped a big milky drop on my cock and coated it with couple strokes. JC lifted his legs to give me better access as soon as I knelt on the bed. Seeing his abs flex and his glute muscles contract around his hole was fucking hot. I planted a hand on one of JC's palm-sized ass cheeks while I smeared lube around the entrance to his insides. Sticking a coated finger through his sphincter made him moan. Prodding his prostate made him curl his toes. I couldn't wait to see what sticking in the real thing would make him do.

"Stop playing, fucker," he growled. "Fucking fuck me already. Your brother wants his turn too."

Donovan had lain down on his side with his head propped up on a fist. Ruffling JC's hair, he said in his scratchy voice, "Sure I do. But I think you'll be wanting my lil' bro's prep work." He gripped his huge swollen cock by the base and waved it like a club for emphasis.

"Good point," said JC between gritted teeth. I was sliding in and out past the second knuckle with two fingers now.

"Don's always been bigger," I murmured as I leaned over to tug at JC's nipple ring with my tongue. "Wait till you feel it inside... I think you'll like it."

JC writhed, making his muscles move under his skin. Rolling into a crouch with a snarl, he propped himself with one hand and yanked my fingers away with the other. He guided my cock until the blunt head was kissing his back door. For a moment I hesitated. I was about to fuck my best friend bareback and without protection. I was going to slide into his gut raw. Did I trust him?

"Fuck, yeah," I heard Donovan whisper. And just like that my cockhead was breaking through the barrier, pushing past anal membranes, and sliding into a sweet blaze of pleasure. I heard JC gasp and go still for a moment before ramming it down with his full weight. My shaft slid deeper inside. I could feel my prick stretch his rectal walls and nudge at folds in his intestinal tract.

Having JC's tight sphincter wrapped around my cock kicked my mating instincts into overdrive. I shoved him onto his back and started plowing him hard with my raw cock. JC was my bareback fuck buddy now. He needed to be bred good with a full load of salty fluids planted deep inside and I was going to make sure it happened. I kissed JC full in the lips as I dug at the sweet spot inside his moist hole. I liked how as soon as I slid my bare cock in I wanted to pull it out again. And when I pulled out, I wanted to slam it back in. In and out, in and out, it was the craziest contradiction but did it ever feel good. With JC's arms wrapped around my back making sweet rutting sounds, all I could think of was how I was going to get my best friend loaded on cum.

Dripping sweat all over the place, I realized I'd forgotten what a workout pounding an ass was. All of a sudden I felt a new kind of appreciated for Don's topping skills. As if on cue, I felt something wet being smeared around my hole and then a moment later Don's cock, warm and hard, slapping against my ass cheeks. My brother was getting ready to mount me. I slowed my fucking and instinctively arched my back as he positioned the head of his fat cock. We were going to mate as a threesome.

"Ready bro?" Don rasped behind me.

"Shit, you guys gonna fuck for real now?" panted JC, wide-eyed.

"Yeah," I said.

But Don hadn't waited. He was already sliding in. I was used to the aching sensation that came with being penetrated by my brother's veined cock, but it still blew my mind how sweet it felt to be filled. It was as though part of me still didn't believe this was real and I needed Don to fuck me to remind me this wasn't some dream. Every fuck was a reawakening.

Don's first thrust drove me all the way into JC and we both moaned. It wasn't long before my brother was pounding away, deep dicking me like the experienced breeder he was. Gripping me by my waist, he threw his weight behind his dick with a grunt, and then pulled back slowly, letting my sphincter feel the drag.

"Push back now," he commanded.

Shoving onto Don's dick meant sliding out of JC's tight hole. JC's sphincter sucked at my tool like it didn't want to let go even as I skewered myself on Don's raw cock. It was fucking intense, almost too intense. But rocking back and forth between my brother and my best friend was the only fair way to fuck. So I let JC paw at my chest like a tomcat in heat. I let Don breed me with his horse hung dick. And I let myself scream with the sweaty friction of a three-way bareback fuck. My cock and my ass were on fire. But it was too late stop. I was going to cum.

"Oh shit-" I sputtered. JC slammed his ass upward while Don hammered down and buried his face in my neck. My brother's cock punched my prostate like a fist, shooting semen out my balls, up my urethra, and out my slit. My load exploded into JC's well-fucked ass. I looked into JC's blue eyes as I dumped inside him, making sure I delivered every seed in my semen into his body.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back with JC slapping me face. "Earth to Darren," he grinned. Looking over to the side, he said, "He's back." He was sitting on his knees, his entire body glistened with sweat.

"Good," came Donovan's husky voice. "Now it's my turn."

JC got on his hands and knees as Don reared up behind him. JC lowered his head with his ass held high and stretched out like a cat. He let out a shuddering breath as Don shoved inside him.

"You're wet," croaked Don approvingly as he started fucking him. "You prepared him good Darren."

"Yeah I'm wet because of your brother's cum," JC gasped. "You're fucking me with...Holy shit...I can't believe you're fucking me with your brother's cum." He made a guttural sound as he clawed at the mattress.

I grinned. JC's cock was so hard it was throbbing almost horizontal to his stomach. It was awesome that he was getting off on our relationship. Don was now fucking him bent over with a dumbbell-lifting arm wrapped around JC's ripped torso. My brother was taller and bigger than my best friend by a foot and maybe a hundred pounds, but what struck me most was the contrast in skin tones. It was glistening bronze on sweaty white. And in between them I caught glimpses of my creamy cum.

"So good," said Don thickly.

"Yeah," panted JC. "Fuck me like you fuck you brother, Don."

"You want my load?" Don asked, plunging into JC with fast strokes now.

"Yeah, both Bales," he quipped hoarsely. JC was the only guy I knew who could think up a joke while on the verge of an orgasm.

Don looked at me for permission. "Give it to him, bro." I said, and my brother slammed into JC's ass with a convulsion that signalled he was cumming inside. Knowing his sperm was now swimming around with mine almost got me going again. JC's lean body went stiff and he started shaking as he sprayed creamy white stuff in every direction, some of it even splattering on me. My brother had fucked the cum out of him.

JC's legs gave out and Don rolled onto his back, his chest heaving. JC mumbled something into the mattress.

"What's that?" I yawned.

He turned his face sideways and smiled tiredly, "You Bale Brothers sure know how to fuck."

"We got good fuck genes," grunted my brother, as he spooned JC from behind. I scooted closer. Don draped a heavy arm around me, putting JC between our zonked-out bodies.

My thoughts turned fuzzy as the light faded to black. In my dream, Don and I were in the Garden of Eden, sitting naked under the Tree of Life petting a pale-skinned snake. We took turns biting into the Forbidden Fruit, and it seemed nothing had ever tasted sweeter.

I woke to a rocking sensation and JC's muffled noises. He was lying flat on his stomach with Don on top. My hot jock brother was giving my best friend a morning fuck. I was rock hard in an instant.

"Almost done," Don told me. His hips were pummelling JC's ass rough and hard. Don was a big powerful guy. JC, who was maybe half his size, had to be feeling the weight of all that muscle. Still, from the squelching sounds I knew his hole was at least well lubed, probably from last night's cum. And JC was one toughest bottom.

I leaned over to kiss my brother. Somehow that set him off. He groaned as he shot his load into JC.

Don only rested a moment before pulling out, his cock shiny and dripping with the baby batter.

"All yours," he grinned. Slapping JC on the ass, he headed for the shower.

"Finish me off, Darren," said JC, his impatient tone giving away just how much he'd loved being fucked. His torso reared up like a cobra, bringing out the definition in his arms and all the intricate dimples along his back. JC was all sinew and street muscle. I ran my hand over his spiky hair, kissing down his back.

Crawling behind him, I could tell by the cum lathered around his hole he didn't need any more lube. He had three loads of it already. I lowered my hips till my cock nudged his used pucker. Touching Don's sphincter gave me goose bumps but sliding in was easy. It was loose and sopping wet all the way. When my dick had adjust to JC's internal body heat, I started working him over. I didn't try to be gentle. I didn't see the point. Don's massive meat had been inside him already. I was just following in my brother's footsteps, retracing the passage he'd explored with his own unprotected fucking.

With my chest pressed hard against JC's back, I started ejaculating inside my buddy's fucked-out tunnel. When I'd finished feeding him my protein, I rolled onto my back thinking to rest a bit. But JC had other ideas. Straddling my head while using the headboard as support, he started jacking his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he blasted his seed, forcing me to guzzle his semen or risk drowning. Grinning, he leaned over and cleaned my face with his tongue.

"Hot," murmured JC.

I laughed. "Yeah."

We joined Don in the showers. It was a tight fit with all three of us.

I was soaping up my brother's back when I said to JC, "You know, you should have told us you knew earlier. We could have had so much fun."

"How'd I know you two would be so friendly?" JC said, rubbing my back.

"You're going to visit, right?" I asked.

JC smiled and reached over to push wet hair from my forehead. "Eh, I'll visit. And we've still got the Caribbean."

"Wait, what?" Don and I exclaimed in semi-unison.

"Oh shit," he laughed. "Didn't I tell you? I'm going with you guys. It would just look too much like a honeymoon otherwise. I'll be joining you guys for the first three nights. After that, you're on your own."

Don slapped JC gently on the cheek and growled, "You got any more surprises for us, buddy?"

JC held up both hands in a sign of surrender. "Nope, sorry, I'm tapped out of surprises." He paused before adding with a sly grin, "For now, anyway."

"Oh yeah?" said Don dangerously. "Well I still got one for you."

Moving fast, he slammed JC against the wall and rammed his cock into his ass. JC cried out and pushed his ass back... and things went to pieces pretty quickly after that.

It wasn't till much later, while watching TV with my head on Don's lap, that we talked about what had happened. By then it was dark out and JC was long gone.

"You know," Don began. "I was a little jealous last night."

"Yeah?" I sat up straight.

"Yeah. When you were fucking him, I thought, damn, why's your cock in his ass and not mine?" He rubbed his jaw sheepishly.

"Good question," I grinned.

"And then when you were cumming inside him, I thought, fuck, I should be the one getting your load."

"Good point," I chortled.

"It just didn't seem fair."


"So I was thinking..."

"Thinking is good."

"...That maybe one of these days..."

I waited.

"Ok, but no promises, ok? You've got a big dick... Wait, I don't mean...It ain't like I'm scared or some shit like that..." He laughed anxiously. "You know what I mean, right?"

Oh brother.



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