How could I be so stupid? Things got a bit heated before the match and the other teams captain suggested I put my money where my mouth is...We ended up putting our paintball guns on the line. When our team lost, I was forced to give up my beautiful $300 Tipmann 2000.  I've never felt so defeated in my entire life..

All my teammates had left, eager to put this humiliating loss behind them...while the other team celebrated and recounted their glorious victory. They would be playing in the championship next week. I wonder if their captain will use my gun? I took my time leaving the park, hoping against hope,that he would come over to me, ask if I learned my lesson, and then give me my gun back.

He waited until I was in my car. He came jogging over.  About time, I thought to myself.

"Hey, Sam, right? He said as he reached my car door.


"I'm Eli", he held out his hand for a handshake. "I don't believe we ever formally introduced ourselves"

Reluctantly, I met his hand with my own. He was much bigger than me, and the handshake only reminded me of that. "You guys played great today, best of luck next week", I said trying to be nice.

"Thanks man, and look, I'm sorry about your gun. I didn't think you would actually agree to that bet."

"Ah well it is what it is".

"You played great out there today, you know that? You small guys are a pain in the ass out there. It seemed to my guys that your team let you down more than anything."

What is this? Why is he trying to flatter me? Maybe he's trying to poach me from my team for the next season. "Hey, the better team won. We definitely weren't prepared enough for that ass beating."

"Look, the parks closing, but my friend Dan over there has some land we practice on about 20 minutes away. Once we get our Adrenalin going, we can't just stop playing, you know what I mean? But you're welcome to follow us back, we can get a better feel for you, maybe you can play with us next season."

There it was, I knew it. Well I guess this is kind of flattering. And it would be nice to play on a better team. This wasn't a bad opportunity at least. And damn I still really want my gun back.  

"Yeah, yeah ok. I'll need a gun though, right now I find myself without one."

Eli smiled at that, "Well I suppose you can have yours back when we get there.

YESSSS. "Awesome, thanks alot man,I really appreciate it. "

"Aye no worries. We better take off, only a few more hours of sunlight left"

"Ok let's do it"

We pulled up to Dan's house. A small, secluded house out in the country. It was perfect for practicing paintball. Only 3 other members of Eli's squad came, which was nice. I didn't really wan to be introduced to a dozen people all at once. I put my car in park and popped out of my car, anxiously waiting to get my gun back. 

Eli and his 3 teammates got out of his car. They all grabbed their bags of paintball accessories from his trunk. "We have a small setup around back", he said while motioning for me to follow him. The other 3 guys seemed friendly enough.They didn't act cocky or act at all like their team just humiliated me.

Dan's homemade shooting range was an impressive sight. All the guys started setting up their guns, and finally Eli pulled my gun out of his bag. He held it up, marveling at it.

"Alright, Sam. As much as I want to just give you your gun back, it has been pointed out to me that there's no fun in that. Rather, we've decided to play one last game.

"Okay? What's the game?" Where the fuck is he going with this?

"We call it 'Captive'. It's a game that us four play every once in awhile. It's usually 3 vs 1, but now it will be 4 v 1. You will be the one. You're goal is to return to this spot here, or take all of us out before we take you out."

"Okayyy, well where do I start?" I kne it was a slim to no chance of winning type of game, but if this is my only chance of getting my gun back, so be it.

"About a mile back in those woods. Dan will drive you down on his quad. He'll drop you off and then the game begins."

"Alright, well lets get to it then."

"There is one catch in this game. If the enemy shoots you, you become their captive."

What the fuck does he mean by that?  "Wha...what do you mean? Captive?"

"Yep, captive. Last time we played AJ was the captive", Eli said while smacking AJ is the ass.

AJ spoke up, "its an exhilarating experience in truth.

Dan followed, "We've all done it, no one has won yet. Maybe you'll be the first

Eric was next, "and best part is Eli will give you your gun back, win or lose"

I was in shock trying to process all this. I finally manged to say, "So you guys are gay?"

They all kinda chuckled. "Well we like to mix things up every once in awhile", Eli said. "I take it, you've never done anything like this before?

"Well yeah. I'm not gay."

"Hey, neither are we. And no one will ever know about this. So do you accept or not?

I thought about it for a long while before finally saying, "You fags are looking at the first ever Captive winner. Give me my gun, let's do this."

Smiles formed on the faces of all four guys. Eli handed me my gun. "We'll remember that remark."

I put on my gear, and jumped on the quad with Dan. There was a smooth trail through the woods, and Dan must have been going 40mph down it. I was trying to act tough, but I was a bit scared at how fast we were going. I held onto Dan harder than I wanted to. 

Dan finally came to a stop. "Alright you start here. You can stray sideways as far as you want, but if you think you're lost, just remember to follow the sun. That'll lead you back to the house."

I had butterflies in my stomach. "Ok", is all i managed to say. And with that he took off flying back down the trail on his quad. I wonder if I should try to go for a straight shot back to the house or if I should try to come in from the side. No matter which way I go I'm bound to come across one of them. From there, the others will hear our guns firing and they'll all be on me in minutes. My best bet is rushing the middle HARD. Takeout the opponent and keep pushing straight forward as fast as I can. Maybe I can break through their wall before they even know what hit them.

I started sprinting as fast as I could back down the trail. They would never expect it. I became winded after a few hundred feet. I should have paced myself better. No matter, It won't hurt to walk quietly for a bit and survey the land in front of me.  Christ, they could just be lurking behind any tree,rock, or bush. This was stupid. All for a gun. What was I thinking? What would they do to me? They were bigger than me, they could just manhandle me completely if I lose.

I saw something about 100 feet in front of me lurking in the woods. I dropped to the ground. Yes, it was one of them. He was moving from tree to tree, completely unaware that I was here, watching him. There were too many branches and bushes in the way, so I couldn't make a shot. I don't want to attract the others anyways. This was my chance. I could just sneak passed them.


FUCK! Someone was in front of me. Paintballs hit against the ground next to me. So much for staying on the trail. I rolled down through some bushes to gain immediate cover. The other enemy was now running over my way too. Fucking hell, they're all going to be on me in no time. I had to go backwards and fast.

I started running as fast as I could while crouching and shooting my gun aimlessly over my shoulder.  I heard more paintballs explode around me.  I wasn't done yet though. I was able to find some cover behind a boulder. This was as good a spot as any to have a standoff. I popped my head up behind the rock and fired some shots off while trying to pinpoint where my enemies were exactly. I saw 2 of them. They stationed themselves directly in front of me, each hiding behind there own tree. 

The next time I went up to shoot I was able to hit one of the trees, almost getting an opponent in the face. But that wasn't any better than what they were doing to me. I needed to leave this spot. This was a losing situation.  I'd go up and shoot once more, then take off running. Maybe I could get back to the trail and just flat out race my way back to victory.

I went up to shoot and surprisingly there was no return fire. Shit, that's not good. They moved and I missed it. Well now I have to move. I sprinted back towards the trail and made it there without hearing any shots. I started running as fast as I could. Then I saw him. Perched on one knee behind a fallen tree. The shots hit me before I raised my gun. Square in my chest from only 10 feet away.  I had lost. 

"GOT HIM BOYS!!" shouted AJ. "WOO!! Get down on your stomach. Spread your arms and legs." I did as I was told. AJ took my gun from me."Don't worry, you'll get your precious gun back when we're done with you."

The others arrived in less than a minute.They congratulated themselves. Yet another victory for Eli and his squad... 

Eli walked over and knelt beside me, "and so it begins."

Dan put his foot on my back to keep me in place while someone ripped my shoes off. Then they pulled my pants off. I was getting hard. I don't know what to expect. My heart was racing. Someone was squeezing my ass checks. Then they grabbed my boxers and just tore them to shreds. Someones wet hand was rubbing between my cheeks, against my anus and down to the back of my balls.  It felt...amazing.

They flipped me over onto my back now, exposing my rock hard erection.They got a kick out of that, but said that I needed to satisfy them before I'm allowed to get off. They took off my shirts rendering me completely the middle of the woods. My god, I was enjoying it.

Eric got in front of me. "On your knees", he said. I did as I was told, all too aware of my bouncing erection every time I moved. But then I realized what Eric was doing, and suddenly there was a giant hard cock inches in front of my face. "You might as well get used to it now" 

I stared at his cock, unsure of what to do. "Jesus, it ain't gunna suck itself", he exclaimed. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my head to his cock. I didn't open my mouth so it just brushed against my lips and cheek.  It was sooo hot. "Come on, you can do it" He assured me, oddly friendly sounding. 

He pulled my head to his cock again and this time I found my mouth opened for me. From there he took control, holding my head still while thrusting himself down my throat. It tasted strange, but a good hot type of strange. My tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own. It was caressing his cock as it slid in and out. Then I felt my hand stroking myself. I was uncomfortably hard. 

One of them saw me pleasuring myself though, and he held my arms behind my back. I was just a toy for them. And I was absolutely loving it. I liked that they were having fun with me, that I could make them horny, that I could please them.  

Eric stopped face fucking me and I was able to breath normally again. "I don't want to finish with you just yet, consider that a warmup", he said, stuffing his beautiful wet cock back into his pants.

Eli threw me a duffle bag. "We're heading back to the house. You'll be carrying our gear and your clothes in there."

I started to say alright but Eli cut me off. "Hey. You don't talk anymore unless you are asked a question. Is that understood?"

"Yes", I said timidly

"Yes, what?

"Yes Sir", I said slightly less timidly.

"Good, now gather up our things."

The walk back was exhausting. It was hard to keep up with them. But I managed. They were in jolly spirits, joking and laughing while I trailed a few feet behind.  Eli dropped back to talk to me.

"That looked like some good head you gave Eric back there. Did you enjoy it?

I was almost constantly blushing at this point, "Yes, I think I did actually"

He looked down at my boner. "It certainly looks like you're having a good time." He grabbed a hold of my dick. My knees almost buckled at how good it felt for my boner to have some attention. But that was all he did. He just held it, making me painfully hard.

"Open your mouth." He said. I obeyed and he put his fingers in my mouth."Suck on them", he commanded. I obeyed again,sucking and moving my tounge around his fingers. What he did next I did not expect.

His wet hand went straight to my asshole. This time my knees did buckle and I almost fell over. "Keep walking", he ordered. His finger rubbed against my asshole gently, it was pure bliss. Then I felt him apply pressure and the tip of his finger popped inside of me. We just kept walking like nothing was happening. After awhile of gentle touches and movements, he had his whole finger inside of me. He wiggled it around. I could barely stand, let alone continue on walking, yet somehow I carried on.

Then he suddenly and quickly pulled his finger out of me, and I let out a moan-like noise that I didn't know I was capable of making. I fell to my hands and knees, breathing hard. I looked up to see all the guys were in complete amusement of my utter humiliation.




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