Paco - Esta Noche, The Mission, San Francisco

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction

Paco. On the very last night of the famous gay Mexican bar, Esta Noche, I met Paco. It was a sad night being the last one before greedy developers took over the space but in true Mexican fashion it went out with a fiesta, a huge party spilling out onto the street. Paco was a featured dancer on the bar with two other extra hot Mexican hunks  dressed only in cowboy boots, tight jeans, sombreros with sugar skull day of the dead make up. He yelled I know you when he saw me, but I didn't know him. His body was great, but he looked too short for me, and it turned out I couldn't stop staring at him. Such wide shoulders and full bouncing basket ball pecs with a small waist and a small bubble butt. Short legs with thick thighs and clearly a wonderful face under that make up by the looks of his cheekbones and nose. I guessed he must have been only 5 foot 9, not my usual sized man. He was like a gyrating bite sized treat to eat before the main man.

He and the other dancers had a giant cock piñata above they beat with sticks, a pinga piñata if you will. It was a great shaped dick and as I looked at it, he yelled that piñata dick is based on me. Well, if that was true I may just have to see for myself, my no short guy rule be dammed. I looked right in his eyes and he looked back so earnestly, I knew the dick based on him must be true. He said we could have some fun gringo.

Hours later at his flat everything came off except his makeup. His cock was solid beer can with a deeply ridged plum colored wide head, actually wider than his shaft and so pretty. Thin lovely sliding foreskin and the most wonderful taste of clean cock sweat. My invisible measuring ruler in my mouth said he was just over 7 inches and his balls were bigger than mine. It all made me drool this shorter man who didn't feel short now. He was a actually a big man with just shorter legs. He had a big head, big bull neck, big hands, big pecs, big cock and kinda of a big ...but also small bubble butt.

I slurped that dick while he laid back and twisted his own nipples into points, it was so good I could get enough. He came twice and each time I smeared it over my face while he took a picture with his phone. It was beautiful and so male. So so male. He sat on my dick and we throbbed and groaned and fucked face to face for 30 minutes.

His hands were all over me and he mostly held onto my biceps which was new to me and really hot. When he wasn't doing that he pulled me in so close to me I though he was trying to meld our bodies together with the heat and the sweat. His makeup dripped off and smeared until I saw just how stunning he was with the most wonderful Aztec face. No other way to describe it, I was looking at genetic history. His face made me come buckets of jizz in his ass. He didn't come, but waved me off saying later.

We slept and spooned. He wore me out. I woke up in the dark on my side with a dickhead kissing my hole. He had pulled my leg up to a bend and that seemed to enhance his penetration. He kept this up , kissing in and out of my hole for a while and it lulled me into a place where I didn't fully wake up or fall asleep. It was similar to a good massage bliss state. It was deep fucking m the next time I came out of my sex haze and the fullness I felt in my ass was intense. I was relaxed, hot, and throbbing hard all at the same time. I don't know how long he kept me in this state but it started to roll. All of my body rolling back and forth on his wide cock. He was control my ass and my whole body went along with my ass, amazing. Then his hands took hold of my hard dick and both hands started to roll and milk my dick. My orgasm came over his hands in long and hot shots that he worked back into my shaft. My sex haze made it seem like forever as did the heat spurting into my ass. Forever. God it was good. I felt a little bit of guilty passing out.



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