Herb had taken a day off and I took an afternoon off from my office - when we both knew his wife would not be home. So that is how we got together for a session in his above ground pool.

When I got to his house it was a great sunny day and he was already out at the pool behind their house. He had on his swimsuit and was checking the chemicals etc.

Now mind you Herb is a BIG man in several ways. Broad shoulders, thick barrel chest, tall (6'4") with a killer smile. Hardly any fat on that body either, hard and strong.

When I walked around the corner and he saw me, he grinned and turned around to show off the bulge in his swimsuit. He said, "Hey Jimmyboy, I am all ready for you." He rubbed that bulge...and it WAS a massive bulge.

I mean we both knew already what we were there for, so I went to him and knelt down and, still on the outside of his swimsuit of course, rubbed my beard up and down the full length of that hard-on. I can still hear him saying "Ohh yeah Jimmyboy, that's all for you, buddy."

This may sound weird but we could never "wait". So he leaned back on the side of the pool and let me pull those trunk down and off of him and there he stood naked as the day he was born. That lovely big cock arched out and offered it's boiled-egg-sized head -- and I took it. Oh did I take it as he moaned and whispered "Ohh, that's it Jimmyboy"...above my spiraling head.

That was how we started most of our sessions at his house. Just me getting worked up working him up so to speak.

I rode that cock up and down - deep-throated it because that always blew his mind - and then just let go and licked my way up his belly and chest. Anyway, to get to the real action, he got up on the deck and jumped in the pool while I got out of my clothes. I had been at work so I just went from there, no swim suit (none needed). He was just wading around and watching me and stroking his cock under water.

Once naked, I sat on the edge of the deck and dangled my feet to make sure it was not ice cold. I hate to dive into ice cold water - even to get to an engorged, ready-to-go cock! Water was nice though.

So he walked over and splashed me, grabbed me by the waist, picked me UP and threw me into the pool. Well, we laughed and wrestled around some - me feeling his warm, wet body against mine and he even wrapped his legs around me and squeezed me... he was just a big ol' teddy bear type and I loved being with him.

Oh at one time, he grabbed me from the back and threw those strong legs around me and, of course, I could feel his hard cock between my butt cheeks. He and I both laughed as he did his little pumping motion and said "NO WAYYYY". (we had already been there one time and neither of us really were into it) Besides, THAT 11 inch piston would have killed me!

Of course several times I swam underwater and stroked his cock. And he did the same with me, taking my swollen cock deep and giving it a go over.

Under the water even that prodder of his floated upward...and was so slick and smooth I loved running my hands all over his legs, ass, sides and chest... just all over him and to have him do the same to me was - well, you know what "melting" means.

So, there we played, two naked guys who had a definite thing for one another.

But playing was fun and then we got some serious lusting going on and from there, well, it was extra hot.

Herb had leaned back against the wall of the pool and was sort of kicking his open legs and he beckoned me over to him. So I went between those powerful muscled legs again and right up to his chest. I leaned into him and ran my hands over his pecs and then began licking and sucking one nipple then the other. He had run his hands around and was cupping my asscheeks - one in each hand and pulling me close so he could feel my hard cock against his.

As I was licking, kissing, sucking his nips and chest, he just walked us across the pool with my legs wrapped around his waist this time.

When we reached the deck, he turned and let me go and lifted himself onto the deck where his legs were on either side of my shoulders. There was that 11 inch cock pointing downward from the weight of it, right at my face. He took it in his hand and stroked it a few times and winked at me.

"I need you, Jimmyboy," he said. He never had to say that twice.

I ran my hands up his legs and moved in between his legs and let him push the head of his cock onto my lower lip. I did not open my mouth at first, just let him rub it back and forth across my lips, teasing me. (and him)

But, of course, neither of us could stand that very long and the sun was beating down on his body and he looked like a wet Greek God (to me) drying in the sun. I just pushed him back a little and he laid down... and I found my lunch waiting. I ran my tongue over his huge wet hairy balls, sucking them in over and over, rolling them around in my mouth while my hands found pleasure in roaming his lower belly and legs. I have told you how I enjoy the feel of a man's man and he was all that and more.

He took his cock in hand and pushed it down toward me, wanting me to suck him.

Of course, I welcomed the bulbous head of his cock to my mouth, but I laced my fingers around the shaft under his (yes, there was room for both hands around that shaft!) and just kept the head in my mouth -- moving my head in a circle and my tongue bathed the spongy glass-like head until he was throbbing like wild. With Herb's dick, you can see the veins throb when he is so hard.

Once I had his balls all hot and spittle wet, I could then stand better and closer and I got down to the business both of us liked best.

He had moved his hand to my head and pulled me up and now I could take his cock all the way and ride it up and down. And, I did. I could look up across that slightly hairy belly and that wide, heaving smooth chest and see his reaction as I licked and sucked his thick, hard prick -- and deep-throated him over and over.

I think if someone had driven up in a huge truck, we would have not noticed. When he was about to cum, he started pushing his hips up -- I rode the wave - and he started that loud groaning sound of his and pushed his legs straight out.

When Herb let go his load, it was hang on or get outta the way time. I hung on and he must have unloaded a teacup full!

His legs were trembling and his belly was taunt and hard as he pumped his liquid lust into my hungry throat over and over. I took all I could, but some of the last shots ran down my beard onto his balls.


I was hot as could be, so I stroked his cock and licked the lovemilk off his already well-sucked balls. He loved that! (and so did I).

As his breathing became easier and easier, I just lifted his cock to my lips and nibbled and licked up and down the underside... leaving the head alone as it was always very touchy after he shot a load.

The best memory - besides that wonderful cock of his - was watching this hunk of a man "come down" off a sensual high that I had made happen for him.

The sun was warm on us and he almost drifted to sleep right there with me slowly loving on his cock and balls.




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