Harry was a photographer. Friends had told me that a session with him could be fascinating, if he would agree to accept you as a customer. Tony, a close friend, had shown me a photo of himself that Harry had taken. It was not a photo of Tony's face. It was an exciting shot of his erect cock! That did it for me. I had to meet the guy who would take this kind of picture.

One Thursday morning, having some time off, I decided to check him out. As I entered the small storefront office where typical wedding, family, and portrait photographs were on display, I was surprised to notice that his hours were only from nine 'til noon. That didn't seem to give him time to get much work done.

An old-fashioned bell, jarred by the opening of the door, announced my arrival with noisy, cheery clanking. After a few moments, a youthful clerk came out through a curtain-draped doorway. "Can I help you?" he asked, a polite smile frozen in place.

"Um... Well..." I began, hesitantly, "...I'm looking for Harry."

He stopped smiling. "I'm Harry."

"Oh!" I exclaimed, totally unprepared for him to be so young. And so good looking. I guess I had been expecting the proverbial dirty old man. I couldn't stop myself from looking him over. No wonder my friends like him, I thought.

He smiled at my reaction. "How did you hear about me?" he asked.

"Some of my friends mentioned that you do good work."

"I see. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, one showed me a revealing photograph of himself that you took," I tried to explain, feeling very nervous, adding, "I was hoping you could do something like that for me."

"I see," he repeated, not making it any easier for me. "Did you have a particular pose in mind?" He smiled like an innocent child.

It was difficult for me to read his reactions. I wasn't exactly sure how to continue. His attractiveness seemed to make me feel and act awkward at precisely the moment I felt I needed to be confident. "Well..." I said haltingly, "I thought you might have some suggestions for..." I stopped, letting the unfinished idea hang in the air between us.

His eyes traveled the length of my body slowly, pausing luridly at my crotch, then returning to my face. "I have an opening at two o'clock this afternoon. Can you make it?"

"Why, yes," I answered with surprise in my voice, delighted that he'd accepted me as a customer, "but I thought your hours were only..."

He interrupted me. "Those hours are for walk-in customers who want quick pictures. My afternoon sessions are devoted exclusively to men who enjoy exceptional photography, done in flattering detail. One session is one hundred dollars, plus payment for the photographs. Will I see you this afternoon?" He was very businesslike.

"Yes, of course," I replied without hesitation. The money angle intrigued me. I wanted to ask more questions, but he smiled politely and disappeared behind the curtain. As I left shop, the bell clanked its staccato rhythm, somehow musically promising an exciting afternoon. I felt that familiar ball-churning tingling in my groin in anticipation of the afternoon's pleasures.

* * * * *

The sign read "Closed" but I knocked on the shade covered glass door at precisely two o'clock. Almost immediately, the door opened and I went quickly inside. It was dark, but I followed wordlessly as Harry, without speaking to me, led me into the back room, which was disappointingly similar to every other photographer's commercial studio. I slowed down, but Harry kept walking right through the studio and into a hallway behind. I caught up with him. We were in living quarters at the back of the building. We kept going, reaching and climbing a staircase. As we climbed it got brighter and brighter, until, finally, we rounded the top of the stairs and came upon a huge, open, sun-lit artist's loft, complete with high ceilings and polished floors. The room seemed divided into a number of specific areas, one area highlighting a chaise-lounge, another highlighting a king-size brass bed on a large platform, and other areas highlighting props like a Roman column, a stage-like draped backdrop, a group of mirrors, and even an open shower. Everywhere was lighting and photographic equipment, including movie cameras. I let out a low whistle.

"Impressive, ain't it," Harry agreed, leading me over to a single, straight-backed chair amid photographic equipment. "Let's get the hard part over with first, shall we?" he asked, motioning me to sit. "How do you want your photos done?"

"Can you make me look like a Greek god?" I asked with a smirk.

He laughed. "That's no problem..." he paused, then added, "...but besides that," he questioned, "what did you have in mind?" He grinned at me in a devilishly cute manner and that familiar tugging tingle in my balls reminded me how sexy he was.

"Uhh... Well..." I stammered, "I must admit, I'm not quite sure. What do you find most..." I paused, "...interesting?"

He looked at me for a long moment. I held my breath. He smiled in a kindly fashion and said, "Your friends didn't really tell you what my specialties are, did they." It wasn't a question.

I shook my head without saying anything.

"To put it simply, I help handsome young men like yourself maintain a visual record of their sexual potency for future enjoyment." He stopped and let that sink in.

"Sexual potency?..." I repeated questioningly, haltingly, adding, "You mean you..." I stopped.

After a moment, he said, "Umm hmm. That's right. I help catch you at the very peak of sexual pleasure, with exact timing and split-second photography, so you can enjoy looking at a series of photos of yourself as you jack off, or later in life, as you remember back on how great you looked and how terrific you felt at the point of the recorded orgasm. This can be done right now, today, for a one-time experience. Or, like most of my clients, you can come back again periodically to update the file or add complexities to it." He paused, smiling reassuringly.

"Wow," I said softly, thinking about it. My cock was finding the idea very stimulating.

"Here's a form you must sign," Harry said, handing me a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it and a pen hanging from it by a chain.

I read the form quickly. It spelled out very clearly that four options were open to me. I could chose to be the only recipient of any photographs of myself, or I could allow Harry to display selected, agreed-upon photographs of me in his reference materials, which only other clients would see, or I could also allow Harry to sell agreed-upon photos to an elite group of collectors he served, or I could allow Harry full sales rights to any and all photographs. The choice was mine to make.

"What are these 'reference materials' here?" I asked, pointing to the line on the paper.

"You can look at many of my photographs in binders. It may help you to select a pose you'd like to see yourself in, or an angle you'd like to be shot from, and so forth." He was very professional.

"That sounds very interesting." My cock thought so, too, and started to push against my jeans. Harry's eyes missed nothing.

"There's a bookcase full of binders," he said, pointing to a cabinet against a wall.

Curiosity has always had a strong hold on me so I got up and moved slowly towards the binders as I continued to question Harry. The idea of posing in a state of arousal was making me lightheaded.

"I can't imagine pictures of myself showing up in nudie magazines," I admitted honestly.

"Some men like that idea."

"Really?" I asked naively.

"Sure, some are hustlers and want their photos in magazines as a sort of advertisement. Others like to jack off over their own photos and enjoy the thought of guys jacking off over them, too. And some are exhibitionists not really caring who sees them but wanting to show off," he explained.

"Well, I don't know..." I said hesitantly.

"Hey, don't worry about it," Harry said reassuringly, rubbing my upper arm affectionately as we moved closer to the bookcase. "First, we should see how photos of you turn out. Who knows, they might be fantastic and you'd want to share them with others, but..."

I interrupted. "I doubt it, Harry," I said earnestly, "although I'll admit the idea of posing in the raw for you is having a certain effect on me."

"Great!" he interjected enthusiastically. "Let's do a series of shots and see how they come out. For this first session, perhaps we can concentrate on angles that omit your face, just so you can realize you're working with a reliable artist, not some con man. What do you say?" He smiled.

"Well, Okay," I agreed, losing my reluctance, but still somewhat hesitant and nervous.

"Here," Harry said, grabbing a binder from the shelf seemingly at random, "let's find a couple of poses you'd like to see yourself in." He flipped open the binder at about the center of the book. Two glossy black and white photographs faced one another, both about 10"x12". They were breathtaking. The detail was exquisite, each showing a close-up of a radiantly erect cock at the extreme point of arousal, gleaming with vitality, being looked down at from different angles. In the background, you could notice an out-of-focus hand on each cock, making it clear that it was being jacked off.

Harry flipped ahead by a handful of pages and displayed two more equally breathtaking photos. These were very different. One, in full color, showed a close-up of a complete cockhead in strained arousal, looking shiny with lubricant and ready to shoot. The other must have been taken from the floor, looking up, and showed a crinkled, big scrotum with balls up tight at the base of a great erection, above which, out of focus, you could make out a smiling face looking down at the cock, but you would not be able to identify the man.

"Jeez," I sighed, looking at the pictures in awe, "these are fantastic!"

Harry flipped over a few more pages. Each photo seemed completely different; each cock was an individual one; and each pose seemed extremely sensual, catching each organ at its most beautiful moment.

"Like any of these poses?" Harry asked at my side. That simple question sent a wave of lust through my groin. It really meant: Are you ready to strip off and pose nude and aroused in front of me? I wasn't quite ready, but I knew deep down inside I wanted to possess photos of myself done like the photos I was looking at. And the idea of posing in front of this handsome young man while jacking off was becoming a very stimulating thought.

I took a good look at Harry. He was about my height, exuded fitness and muscularity, stood comfortably next to me brushing slightly against my body, and seemed to be becoming as aroused as I was. This might be a job to him, but I could tell he was enjoying his work. He picked up another binder and was flipping though it, as much looking at it for his own pleasure, as for mine. Each photograph was exceptional, done with great skill and flare, with sharp focus and keen detail. Most were close-ups, some even at the point of orgasm showing eruptions of sperm, but a few were full body shots showing a handsome figure jacking off, the face obscured in the background. They made me wonder how my own figure would look in the same pose. And they seemed to prove that my desire for anonymity would be secure. I was becoming more comfortable with the thought of posing naked, aroused and jacking off.

Harry paused at a long shot of a reclining figure at the point of orgasm. A long stream of cum was clearly visible, almost seeming to connect the man's cock to his chest. "I like this shot," he whispered, erotically.

"Do most of your customers come?" I asked quietly, almost afraid to ask but wondering how he'd react to my own orgasm.

"Oh, yes. They certainly do," Harry answered with emotion. "They ALL do, in fact. It's what makes these sessions so worthwhile." He looked at me with great seriousness. "You'll love it, when you come, because you'll have a lifetime record of it."

"I come pretty fast when I jack off," I volunteered.

"Yeah," he agreed, "so do I." He grinned. "But I love it," he added with enthusiasm.

"Yeah," I had to agree, "me, too."

"Tell me how you jack off," he recommended.

"Gee," I responded, thinking about it, "I guess I just grab a hold and pump away. Nothing fancy."

He grinned. "Where do you enjoy jacking off the most? On a bed? In front of a mirror? Under the shower?"

"Wow! I guess I like doing it in all those places."

"And what's the most usual way for you to do it? Looking at your cock? Watching yourself in a mirror? Reading a book or magazine? With a friend?..." He paused.

"Jeez," I exclaimed, "I guess I usually do do it lying naked on a bed, often with a mirror, sometimes reading, and, well, as often as I can with a friend, or on the phone." I laughed.

Harry joined my laughter, then asked, "Ever have any fantasies about how you'd like to see yourself as you jack off?"

"Like what kind?" I asked.

"Oh, you know, naked," he answered with a smile, "on a sunny beach; standing on a hilltop; in a jail cell; like King Kong atop the Empire State building; anything like that?"

"Well, there is one pose I'd like to see myself in, I guess." I paused and waited for his response.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I was shown a drawing, once, of an almost naked man sitting in a movie theater balcony. The perspective was from behind him, as if on a higher level, looking down the length of his body. You saw the back of his head, not his face. But the kicker was that he had a terrific hardon in his fist, which he seemed to be offering to the viewer.

"Say, that's a great idea," Harry agreed quickly. "I could set cameras up above that chair, and, with some clever lighting and the right filters, I'll bet we could get a scene that would be very satisfying to you. Wanna try it?" He smiled.

"Sure," I agreed, "that sounds great. What should I do?" I looked at him for guidance, but realized I had just agreed to jack off in front of him.

He started looking busy, getting ready, but gave me directions as he moved about. "First, get undressed. There's a dressing room over there, but most guys just lay their duds on that table. There's a sink and a mirror against that wall. You might want to check your hair or wash off your dick, or something. Spruce everything up. You can even shower, if you'd like," he said in a chattering way, adding, "Do you use any lubricant when you jack off? Can I get anything for you?"

"Naw, I normally jack off dry," I said and paused to think about it, surprised that I was talking so openly about my jack off habits. "But, I'll use a lubricant if you think it'd make my cock look better." I was stripped down to my jockey shorts, removing my socks.

"No, no. Let's photograph it the way you usually do it. It will look great, don't worry." He paused and looked over at me. "Man," he said excitedly, seeing me almost naked, "you've got a great build. It's gonna be a pleasure photographing you. I figured you might look good without your clothes on." His flattery sounded sincere. I slid my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them as he watched. He nodded his head and smiled. "A great build," he repeated, caressing the words in a way that excited me as I moved towards him. "And, Jesus, you're hard already!" he said as he stared at my erection.

"Here, come here and sit in this chair. Yeah, that's it. Man, that's a nice cock," he sighed. "Now, spread your knees apart more. That's it. I'll just get in close behind you, here. Okay. Now, slide forward on the seat some more, 'til... That's it. Hold it there. That's perfect. Start jacking off now. Oooh, that looks good! Do that, yeah, man. Pump that fucker. Yeah, beat that meat. Oooh, I wanna join in. Beat that meat. That looks so fuckin' hot."

He kept up a steady, soft patter of dirty instructions whispered into my ear, and touched my head or shoulders from time to time as if entranced while encouraging me to work my jack off to a pinnacle. I felt his head next to mine, and he started taking pictures. He brought the camera closer and closer to my head, right next to my ear. Then he brought it lower, at my neck, still snapping pictures. Then he told me to lean my head back so he could shoot unhampered from my neck, as if I were looking down my own body, watching myself jack off. He kept snapping pictures.

I leaned my head back as instructed and rubbed against Harry's chest under the armpit. It was bare! Harry had removed his shirt. The feel of his warm flesh was extremely arousing. I inhaled his masculine fragrances, enjoying his odors. He was very sexy. Something caused me to turn my head away from him, and I found myself looking into a mirror a few feet from us. I saw that Harry was naked and erect. His big hardon throbbed untouched a few inches below my head. The sight of him behind me, and the reflection of myself jacking off as he strained over me, photographing my movements, produced an overwhelmingly carnal reaction and I warned Harry I couldn't help it, I was about to come.

"Oh, yeah!" he said excitedly, "pound that meat. Make it come for us. Shoot out a big load, man. That's it. Beat that meat. Beat that meat! Give us a big load of cream!"

I watched myself come. Harry snapped and snapped pictures. His patter turned to little whelps of pleasure as he watched my lengthy orgasmic spasms, spurting jet after jet of hot white semen all over my body. It was a memorable orgasm with him watching excitedly and made even more exciting by the thought of its being photographed.

As I began winding down from the terrific series of jolts that pulsed throughout my body, I heard Harry say, with a voice tinged with genuine amazement, "We're gonna have a problem with one of the cameras."

"What's wrong?"

"Your first shot of jism hit square on the camera lens," he said, then he began to chuckle. "That was some strong shooting. Man."

"Oh, shit," I exclaimed, "will that ruin the shots?"

"No, I'm working several cameras. I'm just hoping I caught the jism in mid-flight. That'd be a real nice bonus."

"Wow, I can't wait to see the results. When will they be ready?"

Harry had backed away from me and was adjusting his cameras. I saw in the mirror that he was still erect. I wondered if I should offer to do anything about it. You know, help him out. Like you know I like to do. But I realized that he knew what he was doing. I wasn't his first client. So I relaxed and waited to see what would happen.

Suddenly, he was standing right next to me. I could feel the heat of his erection against my arm. "Would you mind if I licked up your cum?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"I'd love it," I replied without hesitation, stretching out in the chair and proffering myself to him. It felt like kisses as he sucked my flesh, starting at my neck and lapping up every drop of sperm, 'til his face was in my crotch and my still partially erect cock was in his mouth, being lightly sucked as he drew out the residues of a truly great orgasm. He was tender and sensual. He really knew what he was doing. And, for one thing, he was getting me hot, all over again.

After an enjoyable interlude, he came off of my renewed erection with a slurp and a smile. "Looks like you're up for another bout of camera work, my friend. Got any other ideas of how you'd like to see yourself?" He raised and lowered his eyebrows suggestively.

Watching him suck my cock had given me an idea. I feared I might be too forward, but I took a deep breath and told him, "You know, I've always wondered how I look when I've got a big cock in my mouth..." I paused for his reaction.

"You mean, real down and dirty?" he asked with a grin. He understood what I wanted.

"Oh, yeah," I agreed, "mouth stretched wide, full of cock."

"And jacking off?"

"Oh, yes! And jacking off. That'd be great!"

"Standing, or lying down?" His question brought another wave of lust washing over me. He wasn't saying "no," he was working out the details for the photo shoot. He was willing to let me give him a blowjob. Maybe even eager!

"Which would make a better picture?" I asked, deferring to his expertise.

"Wanna check a couple of poses in my binders?"

"That's a great idea!" I said enthusiastically. We both went over to the bookcase. Again, seemingly at random, Harry pulled out a binder and opened it. Both photos showed cocks in mouths. In one, only lips were seen at the edge of the photo while the picture showed a heavy pair of balls with a long cock the head of which was poked into those lips. The other picture showed the same big balls but almost the entire cock was out of sight down the throat of the man whose face you only saw from mid-nose to chin. Harry flipped a few pages and each photo showed blowjobs from various sexy angles and poses. He stopped at one page. It showed a photo, starting at the chest, from the point of view of a man looking down his own body at a kneeling cocksucker, mouth completely full of cock, who was staring up at, well, what the viewer of the photo would take to be the body's face, but had to be a camera.

"That's the one," I said excitedly.

"You like this one, huh?" He chuckled to himself.

"Yeah, I do. What makes you laugh?"

"It's one of my all time favorite shots, too."

"Oh, I see. Looks like we both have the same tastes."

"Yeah, and you taste so good." He pressed his body against me and smiled.

"Can't wait to taste you," I admitted.

"Come on over to this camera set up," he instructed, leading me to an area where lighting and camera equipment seemed all over the place, on various tripods and movable arms.

"Why don't we do a couple of shots of me, looking up at you; and then take shots of you looking up at me. What do you say?"

Without hesitation, I agreed, "That'd be great!"

He hooked me into a form that held a camera right in front of my face, so that I had to lean my head way back looking upwards at the ceiling. I was amazed to see that I was looking up into a mirror, angled so that I could watch my body and Harry's beneath me as he knelt at my feet. As I watched, I also felt him grab my cock and point it at his mouth. Lights were flashing at random intervals and from different levels and places, being somewhat distracting, but nothing kept me from feeling the wondrous suction Harry was developing on my cock. As the cameras clicked and the flashes flared, I jabbed my hips into Harry's face and felt the length of my dick slide completely down his eager throat. I didn't want to stop because it felt so good. But I'd had an orgasm, so I wasn't rushing wildly into another. I could enjoy Harry's expert ministrations. It's always great when you're with a truly gifted cocksucker!

After a pleasantly lengthy time, Harry came off my cock with a pop. "Let's change places," he suggested.

"Great," I immediately agreed and moved to replace him in the kneeling position. I watched with growing lust as he slowly fit himself into the frame above me, so that he could photograph me sucking his cock, which was oozing large quantities of precum, and looked very moist and very suckable. It came closer and closer, jabbing the air in front of me as he wiggled into the right position. Then he was ready, his cock vibrating erotically before me, inches from my face. I stared at the beautiful organ with great desire. Harry offered no instruction. But then, I didn't have to be told how to suck cock.

For a while I forgot all about the cameras and went about the delightful task of making love to an overwhelmingly great cock. I lapped at it, cleaning it of gooey, tasty precum, and shining it to a deep-red sheen of tremendous readiness. I sucked in the crown and circled my tongue around it with great depth of feeling.

Harry hissed in pleasure. "Suck that cock, man," he sighed.

I looked up at him. Lights and cameras went off as I realized that I couldn't look directly into his face but was having my photograph taken with his huge cock in my mouth as I looked directly into the camera lens. Somehow I smiled. The thought did intrude, though, that I must look very lascivious at this instant. As the lights flashed, I made every effort to swallow the entire length of the big cock, keeping my eyes fixed on the lens of the camera.

Harry encouraged me from above, telling me how great it felt, what a good cocksucker I was, and how deeply he could feel my throat as it choked his cockshaft. I felt myself rapturously jacking off. I was enjoying this completely. I wondered if my jack off was being captured on film, then realized I shouldn't have concern. Harry was a professional. He knew what he was doing. Everything would be caught on film.

And right now, suddenly, he was coming. Down, deep inside me. I pulled up and caught the hot spurts of cum on my tongue. The feel of a penis exploding its hot seed onto my tongue is such a magnificent sensation that I felt my own orgasm brimming over. I sucked with relish and swallowed his rich semen with great joy. My orgasm made me suck with even greater effort and he yelped with delight, flooding me with his overflowing bounty of cum.

Lights were flashing, cameras were clicking, and I was having a blast! It seemed to last an incredibly long time.

"God, you're a great cocksucker," Harry said with sincerity after we had disentangled from the camera equipment. His expression was serious. "I wish all my clients were," he added with a sigh, clearly letting me know what I already knew, that most of them were not good cocksuckers, because you have to want to be a good cocksucker to really be a good cocksucker. It takes skill, practice, and the desire to be good. And maybe even something more. Enthusiasm for the task!

"You taste better than I had hoped," I told him truthfully. He preened with pride, naked in front of me. "So do you," he said, staring at my nude body with lust-filled eyes.

Suddenly, I realized that this session wasn't over. My already overworked peter started to fluff out, again. I saw him watching it with interest, his own cock duplicating my lead, getting big.

"Fuck, you're a randy stud," Harry said with a smile. "Looks like you're up for another pose. Whadda ya say? Got another load in ya, today?"

"I guess I do, from the way I feel right now," I confirmed, "but I haven't come several times in a row like this for a while."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he agreed, "but you'd be surprised how many guys have multiple orgasms when they pose for the cameras."

"Really?" I asked, as curious as ever.

"Yeah, quite a few really get turned on at the thought of being photographed."

"Does it ever turn anyone off."

"Sure, that happens, sometimes," he said. But then he gave me another devilish grin. "I can usually find ways of taking their minds off of the camera, though."

"Yes, just showing 'em your dick would do it."

"You'd be surprised how many never see me nude, and certainly never see my dick," Harry told me with emotion.

"Oh?!" I exclaimed in surprise

"I'm just like everyone else, Jack," he explained, "I have my own share of likes and dislikes, and not every man who comes up into this studio turns me on. You do," he said with sudden emphasis, "but you're the exception, not the rule."

I felt very flattered. "Thanks, but nonetheless, I envy your work. I don't know if I'd be able to concentrate with a string of horny men 'coming' in my office every day." I smiled at him.

"It has its moments," he said with a grin.

"I'll bet it does." We chuckled together as Harry maneuvered me back to the bookcase. He grabbed another binder.

"Let's see, now..." he muttered to himself ads he flipped through the pages faster than I could keep up. "...Dildoes... Condoms... Golden showers... Goats..."

"Goats!?" I interrupted with surprise.

"Just kidding," he said with a laugh. "Wanted to see if you're paying attention." He showed a photo to me. It was one like Tony had shown me, just a cockhead but on the verge of eruption. It looked fantastic!

"Hmmm, THAT looks interesting," I agreed.

"How about this one," he asked, flipping to two photos of a pair of cocks being jacked off while their cockheads touched one another. In one, they were both extremely engorged. In the other, sperm was visibly spitting from both broad cockslits.

"Oh, yes. I'd like a photo like that of both of us, together. Would you?"

"Yeah," he agreed huskily, his cock throbbing in anticipation, "either that, or..." he flipped to another page, "...a sixty-nine!?"

The photos showed Harry and another male in a classic sixty-nine pose. Harry was on top in both, so you couldn't quite make out the face of the other man. The photos took my breath away. Both cocks were deeply buried in one photo, and outrageously present in the other. Looking from one to the other made the cocks seem to go in and out. "You can be hidden from full view, if you'd like," he said quietly.

"I'm not too shy, I guess," I said, smiling at him. He realized I was agreeing to the sixty-nine and his face lit up. He closed the book and took my hand, leading me to the king-sized bed.

"Here," he instructed, "most of this is done automatically. Don't think about the camera, just concentrate on enjoyment and we'll both have a good time."

He drew me with himself onto the bed and lay next to me. I felt a little apprehensive for a moment, but then Harry leaned over me and kissed me on the mouth. It took me by surprise, but as the kiss progressed, I felt my entire being responding to the lovemaking. The environment faded from mind, the situation magically transformed itself into a tremendously satisfying sexual encounter with a loving, sexually talented, very giving man. The more impassioned the kiss became, the more inflamed and aroused I grew. By the time his cock was thrusting into my mouth, and his mouth was devouring my cock, we seemed like the perfect match, fitting together ideally. And since we were in no rush to reach orgasm, the lovemaking lasted for an amazingly long time. His cock fit deeply into my throat and felt like it belonged there. I loved sucking on it, drawing it in and working back to the tip, staring at his hairy balls as they thudded onto my nose. His balls were drawn up tight against the base of the weapon. We made acrobatic movements on the big bed, sometimes one of us on top, sometimes lying side by side next to another, but always plugged into the cocks completely. It was marvelous. I couldn't believe my good fortune in having been guided to this photographer by my friend. I wasn't just sucking him off, I was falling in love with him.

When cock is sucked, orgasm is certain to follow, and in due course, neither of us could continue holding back. It just felt too good. One of us started getting excited, and the other quickly followed the lead. Suddenly, we were both being flooded with deeply penetrating shots of hot cum and sucking for all we were worth. His cum tasted even better the second time, and there seemed to be more of it.

When it was over, we jumped up from the bed together and went over to the open shower area. We showered together without words, lathering one another up, and being very affectionate. We toweled off, and as I started, somewhat reluctantly, to pull on my clothes, Harry wrapped a towel around his waist and asked, "Can you come back tomorrow?" in a husky voice, as he watched me dress. "The photographs will be ready by two o'clock."

"I don't think I can wait that long," I said with a smile, "but, sure, I'll be here." He led me to the door and we exchanged a long hug before I left. As I departed, the clanking bell reminded me how sexy the afternoon had been. Ever since then, the sound of that kind of bell reminds me vividly of that first photo session.

* * * * *

An astonishingly large array of photographs was laid out on a long table in the loft as we entered it the next afternoon. I went over to the table immediately and, what a shock I got! There I was! All of me! Naked! Erect! Jacking off! Cumming! Sucking cock! Jacking off! Cumming! Sixty-nining! Cumming! God, the photos were fascinating. I saw myself from every angle. I couldn't imagine how many cameras Harry had used, or where they were mounted, but I saw Harry and myself in every conceivable position.

They were laid out in order of the events of the preceding afternoon, and, sure enough, the first ones focused mainly on my genitals. Immediately, I recognized myself in the pictures. That was my cock, there was no doubt. And how wonderful it looked! Harry was really talented.

"Look at this print, Jack," Harry pointed out. It showed my erupting cockhead exploding a line of white semen directly towards the camera. "That's the last shot this camera took before your cum hit it." He chuckled. I was mesmerized.

I quickly glanced down the rows of photographs and spotted a shot of Harry, on his knees, sucking me off, as if I was looking down my body to look into his eyes. I did not recall seeing him in that position, from that angle, but then I realized that that was how the camera had caught the shot, and in reality I had not seen it directly. Next to it was a photograph of myself, on my knees, looking up, apparently into the eyes of the possessor of the huge cock stuffed into my mouth. I almost appeared to be smiling. It was the most unimaginably lewd shot of myself I will ever see. My first instinct was to reach out and tear it up, but then, as I looked at it, it didn't seem like I was smiling, it seemed like I was enjoying myself! Indeed, that was it! The photograph captured the fact that I liked what I was doing and it showed. Proof, once and for all, that I love sucking cock!

"Wow!" I sighed, softly.

"Yeah," Harry responded, standing close at my side, "didn't they turn out great?"

"Oh, yeah! Great!" I was stunned by all the angles. He'd had cameras clicking away from places I had never suspected. I saw myself jacking off from above, from overhead, from the side, from below, from every which way. And sucking, too, from every angle. But the sixty-nine shots were the most impressive. I got a terrific erection just looking at them. Again, every angle seemed to have been covered. There were close-ups of my head in Harry's crotch, long shots of the two of us sucking each other, shots from my feet upwards, shots from his feet upwards, overhead shots, side shots, everything.

"Jeez, look at these," I said as I shifted slowly down the long table looking at photo after photo of myself in all the stages of arousal and orgasm. There were even a few shots of Harry and me showering together. Harry was looking at each one as I looked at them, his arm draped affectionately over my shoulder, moving with me as I moved down the length of the table. "These are terrific!

"They really are my best work," Harry opined.

I couldn't doubt it.

"There's only one aspect missing..." he told me, pausing for my reaction.

"What's that?" I asked hesitantly, wondering what it could be.

"To be really complete, this series needs some serious shots of fucking. Think you're up to any fucking, today?"

"Damn, I'm up for something, I'll tell you that much," I admitted. "But, tell me, what kind of fucking did you have in mind?"

"Well," he replied, "you didn't seem to mind being on the top or the bottom when we sixty-nined yesterday. I was hopin' you'd feel the same way about butt-fuckin'. I like to do it, and I like to get my butt fucked. What about you?"

"I've fucked more often than I've been fucked, but I love both." I started removing my shirt. Harry grinned, stripping off his shirt.

"I've saved a special photo for you," he said, opening a draw and pulling out a large photo. He handed it to me just as my trousers slid down to my ankles. My firm erection was fully outlined in my jockeys, an inch or two poking out of the top, and I knew Harry was looking at it.

I looked at the photo and drew in my breath. It was a shot like I had described to Harry, from above and behind my head, looking down the length of my naked body. The shadows and focus made it easy to imagine it was a photograph taken in a movie theater balcony. I looked muscular and terrific, with a giant erection in my fist caught at just the right angles in just the right lighting to make it look awesome.

"Harry, this is a perfect photo!" I told him with great feeling.

"I thought you'd like it," he whispered into my ear, his naked body pressing against mine, his stiff cock poking into my side, "it's already one of my favorites. Now, let's go make some more 'perfect photos,'" he suggested in tones too romantic and too sexual to ignore.

"Yes, I want to see my cock fucking you. I want to see your cock poking into me. Oooh, this should be great!"

It was. And I've got the prints to prove it.

* * * * *

After that, we met every few months for the next few years. I ended up with six large binders filled with photos of myself. Many photos include Harry. Some even include Tony who came with me to a few sessions. Harry was right. As I get older, I am really glad I've got these photos to look at. And I can't tell you how often casually mentioning them to a guest and then almost reluctantly giving in and showing a few photos breaks down inhibition and leads to new adventure. And whenever I come across a guy with a truly terrific body, I always see to it that he makes an appointment for a session with Harry, who's still at it, busier than ever.


Jack Sofelot


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