I'm Garry, skinny 18 year old, and gay, white guy. For 5yrs of my life I lived on a USA army base in Germany with my parents, for some time I have wanted to re-visit Germany and see some of the places where I lived at the time. I decided I would go hitchhiking around Germany and stay in youth hostels.

I was in Mannheim and stranded. I had been careless with my backpack, my wallet and passport had been stolen. I was hoping to get a lift to Frankfurt so I could call in the U.S. consulate and get help with a new passport, then call at a bank and sort out my finances. I failed to get a lift and now it was getting dark, no one gives you a lift when it's dark. I had too little money to pay for accommodation in a youth hostel and eat.

I was thinking if I could find somewhere fairly public where there was a bench I could sleep there the night and be safe. I just hoped that if I did find a place, I would not be moved on.

I had some Euro currency, enough to buy something to eat and drink. I sat in a café eating an hamburger and drinking coffee, making it last as long as possible. A guy came and sat at my table and instantly started to chat to me. He was 30ish, 6' 2" (1.88cm) about 220lbs(100kg), dark skin. He told me he was a Turk working in Germany. He asked where I was from, and where I was going. I was at first a little apprehensive and wary of the guy. I told him I was from the USA and hitchhiking around Germany for a couple of months. I told him that I had been robbed of my passport, cash, cellphone and credit cards.

After chatting for awhile I began to relax and trust him. I thought the guy seemed ok. "You like to come for a drink in a bar with me," he asked. "I told you man I have no money to buy you a drink in return," I said. "No problem I pay, you be my guest, my name is Ahmet" he said. "I'm Garry," I said.

No one offers to buy a stranger drinks without getting something in return I was thinking. What did this guy want? Is he gay? I needed a bed for the night maybe he needed someone to fuck. He was a good-looking guy and in good shape. He had broad shoulders and looked as if he did weights.

I had nothing to do, no where to go and time to kill. I knew I was taking a bit of a risk. "Well are you going to take me up on my offer," he asked. "Sure," I said. I was still feeling a little apprehensive. "Come with me then," he said. He hailed a cab, we traveled for about 20 minutes until we pulled up at a bar. The bar was crowded and noisy with a good atmosphere. We had a couple of drinks and moved on to another bar, which was equally crowded and noisy. I soon noticed that the place was filled with guys, just a few girls that I soon realised were Cd's.

"Is this a gay bar," I asked as if I didn't know. "Yeah you have a problem with that," he asked. "No," I replied. We stood there drinking a beer when two guys that Ahmet knew joined us. "This is Zeki and Temel," he said. "I'm Garry," I said nervously. They were Turks. Both were in their 20's about 6' slim athletic build dark skin. Zeki stroked the side of my face and ran his hand down my arm. He said something to Ahmet in a language I could not understand. Temel grinned at me. "You want to go to a gay nightclub where we can all dance together," asked Zeki. "Yeah it would be great, I don't have any money though," I replied. "That's all right we pay," he said.

Again we went by cab to the nightclub. They must have known the guys on the door because we didn't need to queue; we went straight in, much to the annoyance of those queuing outside. Wow it was a great atmosphere loud throbbing music, guys' half-naked, dancing and groping one another. All my fears and apprehensions had melted away, I was relaxed and enjoying myself. Zeki got me a beer. We stood around talking and taking in the atmosphere.

Zeki took hold of my hand and led me onto the dance floor. Ahmet and Temel joined us. They danced around me. They unbuttoned my shirt and between them, pulled it off. Taking it in turns they would wrap their arms around me and pull me tight into them. Stroking my naked shoulders and back, down to my butt. The alcohol, heat and their bodies made my heart beat faster. The whole of my body was tingling with ecstasy. I felt that I was the center of their desires. We came off the dance floor. Ahmet pushed me up against the wall, he took my hand and stroked it over the bulge in his pants. "Now it is time for you to pay," he said. I knew what he meant I didn't need to ask. He threw me my shirt. "You don't need to put that back on," he said.

Ahmet hailed a cab. We all piled into the back. Ahmet licked some of the sweat off my shoulders and chest, "mmmmmm you taste good," he laughed. "Try him," he said to Zeki and Temel. They both licked sweat off me Zeki stared into my face and raised his eyebrows, "mmmm yeah you do taste delicious," I was enjoying the feel of their tongues licking my body. My legs and body were trembling uncontrollably as they licked me.

It was a rundown area where the cab pulled up. The building looked derelict, a place, where those on the fringes of society lived. The apartment was dark and dingy. Sparsely furnished, for a bed it had a mattress on the floor with dirty linen. Fear and ecstasy were flowing through my veins. The surge of adrenaline helped by the alcohol in my blood gave me courage to accept what ever it was that these guys were going to do to me.

Ahmet approached me as he did he slipped his left hand behind my head and ran his right hand down my back to my ass. "You're a pretty boy and very fuckable," he said. He snaked his tongue into my mouth. Zeki came and stood behind me. I felt his hands around my waist as he unbuckled my belt. He unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my zipper. He pulled my pants down to my ankles and made me stand out of them. Ahmet unzipped his zipper his hard cock sprung out. I could feel his cock rubbing between my legs. Zeki and Temel looked on; their cocks were tenting in their pants.

Ahmet laid me on my back on the mattress and stood over me while he stripped. His massive hard cock dripping precum onto me swung from side to side as he peeled off his clothes. He knelt down lifted my legs up and spread them apart. Zeki and Temel knelt down either side of us, each sticking their fingers into my man pussy and stretching it open. I watched as they both spat a mouthful of saliva into my hole to lubricate me, working it in with their fingers. Then they spat a mouthful each onto the shaft of Ahmet's cock. Temel pulled the foreskin of Ahmet's cock back exposing Ahmet's large mushroom head. He stroked the head over my man pussy. Ahmet leaned into me forcing the head of his cock into my ass, making me scream out and struggle, in an attempt to get him to pull it out. The pain was excruciating. I could tell, by the look on his face it was not coming out until he had fucked me.

Zeki and Temel stood up and started to peel their clothes off looking down at me as they did. Their hairy balls and hard cocks swung from side to side. Their cock slits glistened with precum.

Ahmet was still gently thrusting into me and holding me down trying to stop me struggling. It's been sometime since I was fucked and the muscles in my gut had tightened up, my sphincter would not relax and let Ahmet's cock slide in me. I was screaming and pleading for him to take it out. "Your too big man your hurting me," I pleaded. I had tears in my eyes. If anything my screaming and struggling made Ahmet more excited. They knew no one would take any notice of my screaming if they heard me. Ahmet thrust then would let me relax before thrusting some more. Even so it was painful. Then I felt his cock surge up my gut as my ass muscles relaxed and opened up letting his cock deep penetrate me. I inhaled deeply. When I felt his pubic hairs brush the cheeks of my ass I thought at fucking last. Immediately pain was giving way to a feeling of enormous pleasure.

He slowly slid his cock almost all the way out then deep into me keeping a slow rhythm. I was now enjoying the pleasures of his cock and enjoying stroking his manly body. He continued fucking me gently until the mood overtook him to fuck me more vigorously. I could see his ass cheeks tense and relax as he fucked me more roughly. His breathing got heavier and he was sweating. He gave out a loud moan as his body spasmodically shuddered and tensed. Pressing down hard into my man pussy. He thrust and holds, thrust and holds, on the third thrust, I felt the warm gush of his cum juices squirt into my gut. He produced so much cum juice that when he partly pulled out of me, then thrust deep back in. Cum juice squirted out my hole.

He pulled out of me leaving me lying there with my legs spread apart leaking his sperm laden juices. My hard cock sticking up with precum oozing out my slit hole. He looked at Zeki and Temel, "ok he is all yours, don't damage him he has a lot more to pay back yet," he said. I looked at Ahmet Quizzically, what did he mean. Zeki and Temel both handled me gently they told me to get on my hands and knees. Temel knelt in front of me and snaked his cock as far down my throat as I could take it without gagging. Zeki knelt behind me, he had his hands on my shoulder and leaned into me, I could feel his cock slowly slipping into my pussy. Both had big cocks. My inside was stretched and looser, after Ahmet had fucked me. Zeki pulled all the way out and thrust deep into my gut as it did it spilled more of Ahmet's cum juice out my pussy.

Temel worked my throat and gradually penetrated my throat deeper. I was so turned on that I wanted them to fuck me more roughly. I pushed my ass hard into Zeki's groin impaling myself onto his cock and taking more and more of Temel's cock down my throat. Zeki was the first to squirt his load into my gut. Temel squirted his load down my throat as Zeki pulled out of me. Ahmet stood watching I could tell he was excited by what he could see, his cock was hard again and kept springing up and down. I was fucked for a couple of hours more by them. I was tired and just wanted to sleep. I felt I had repaid all I owe them. They taped my wrist together and suspended me from a hook screwed into the ceiling. "Come on let me down I want to sleep, I don't owe you anymore surely," I pleaded. They ignored me. I hung there like a piece of meat. Cum juice was spilling out my ass and running down the inside of my legs.

"Why are you pointing your cellphone at me, what the fuck, is someone else seeing this?" I demanded. Ahmet was talking in his own language, I could not understand what he was saying. He kept looking at me, and then he grinned and looked as if he was pleased with himself. "They like what they see and they want you, so sleep now you hear," said Ahmet.

They switched the light off and closed the door leaving me suspended from a hook in the ceiling. My toes were about 2" above the ground. I was in total darkness. I struggled to try and get free, it was useless the tape was too strong.

I must have been deadbeat to have fallen off to sleep suspended from the ceiling. It was the noise coming from the adjoining room that eventually awoke me early in the morning. I was still in complete darkness, there were no windows in the room. Immediately on awakening my aching arms had made me conscious of my predicament. Now the effects of the alcohol had worn off, the memory of what had happened the previous day raced through my mind.

The door to the room opened the bright light hurt my eyes and made me blink. There were several guys standing in the doorway. Some of the voices I had not heard before. I couldn't see their faces clearly. Because I was blinking under a harsh light all the time. Their faces were in the shadows. One of them pointed a torch at me, they moved closer, hands were stroking my naked body and legs. They shone the torch up and down my body. They were speaking in German, some of which I could understand. A deal was being argued over. What the final deal was I did not know. Ahmet told them to take me down.

I was pleading with them to just let me go. Ahmet gave me something to eat and drink and told me no harm will come to me as long as I do as I'm told. The guys that had come to collect me were in a hurry to get going. They pulled my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together then they pulled a hood over my head.

I struggled with them and pleaded for them to let me go. They were too strong for me to fight off. They lifted me up and bundled me naked into the back of a van that was waiting outside. I continued to struggle, One of them said if you fucking struggle I'll whip your fucking ass, I felt his leather belt stroke my ass. They sat on me to restrain me as the van moved off.

When we arrived at the venue I was bundled out the van and taken into a building. The hood was pulled off. It took me a few seconds to adjust to the bright lights. The guys that brought me left, leaving me naked on the marble floor.
I had time to take in my surroundings. The room gave an impression of wealth. Marble floor, giant mirrors on the walls and ceiling, guilt décor. Shower jets set at all angles. Cameras positioned to catch every action, I was only there for a few minutes when two athletic black guys came into the room. I looked up and down their bodies, I was thinking, are they going to fuck me? Wishful thinking on my part. Then I realised they were wearing chastity belts.

They made me stand. They untied my wrist then told me to put my hands out in front of me. They placed leather cuffs around my wrist. One of the guys turned and pressed a button on the wall. I heard a slight whirling sound above my head. A chain was being lowered from the ceiling I was told to raise my arms they attached the cuffs to the chain I was raised up by an electrically operated hoist. For the second time in my life I was suspended from a ceiling.

They told me they were going to get me ready for the evening performance, (we conversed in German) "Performance," I asked nervously. "Yeah that's why you're here white boy, to put on a show and get fucked." He stroked my ass and grinned. Watching their large black hands stroking my chest and legs sent my cock out of control, I had a massive painful stiff. I was grabbed from the back, hands were stretching the skin around my genitals. FUCK! The other guy had a cutthroat razor in his hand. The rush of adrenaline made me struggle fear was making my heart beat faster. "Hold still or y'all get cut," he said. He held my hard cock and shaved my pubic hairs around my genitals.

Precum was dripping out my hole slit. He licked the precum out my slit, then he took the whole of my cock into his mouth. The guy behind me stretched my ass cheeks apart, he ran his finger around the rim of my pussy. I felt his black thick finger up my ass massaging my prostate. The stimulation was too much for me to hold back any longer, I gave out a loud moan and shot my load into his mouth. He spat it out over me.

Fine sprays of warm water cascaded from all areas of the room. They squirted shower gel into the palms of their black hands and ran their hands over my wet body, creating foam all over my torso legs and arms. They stuck a hosepipe up my ass and flushed my gut out with warm water, then they stuck their soapy fingers into my ass, they enjoyed doing that. I could see their cocks were straining to escape their confinement in their chastity belts. I was feeling pure ecstasy, I was enjoying every erotic moment. They massaged oils all over my body. They groomed my hair and lubricated my ass. When they were satisfied they had me ready they lowered me down.

I had a three ring slave collar placed around my neck and a chain around my waist, I was made to wear wrist and ankle shackles. I was taken into a room where I was made to kneel. 10 white guys walked in the room. "He's all yours," said one of the black guys. They were skinheads, thugs with tattoos and metal pierces, and shaved heads. Wearing leather boots, skinny fitting ripped jeans with cuffed bottoms, slit at the front with their hairy balls and semi hard cocks hanging out. Some wearing braces and some leather chest harnesses across their naked torsos, all slim athletic guys in their 20s.

One of the guys (Mike was the alpha male) He fastened chains to my slave collar. And pulled me to my feet. "Just what we like a smooth queer boy for the guys out there to watch us fuck," he said as he stroked my chest down to my groin, making my cock stiff and my body shudder. They pushed and pulled me onto the stage, I felt the sole of their boots on my butt, when they used their legs to force me forward. I was to be their victim in a rape scene, this wasn't just play they were all going to fuck me for real. When we got on the stage the crowd there to watch the live show started shouting and whistling. (The place was massive, the stage was in the center, I could just make out in the shadows that there were tables set out and then seating behind them, all around the stage. The stage rotated so the audience had a view of all that was going on, no matter where they sat.) Plasma screens were all over the walls, giving close ups of the live show.

Mike forced me down on my knees, "lick my boots you fucking queer," he said. (The audience could hear all that was said) I felt a boot on the back of my neck, forcing my head down as I licked Mikes boots.

Mike grabbed my hair and dragged me to a raised padded bench; I was forced down into a doggie position. My legs and arms were stretched apart. They secured my shackles to the ground. Mike stretched my hole, and spat into it. I could feel the head of his cock stroking over my hole. He leaned into me. I could sense by the noise the crowd was making, that they were getting excited. I gave out a loud yelp when Mikes mushroom cock head slipped into my gut. He grabbed the chains attached to my slave collar and pulled hard on them, forcing my head back as he slipped the whole length of his 8"+ cock into my gut. One of the other guys moved up and snaked his cock down my throat. I could tell by the roar of the crowd that this was what they had paid to see. Me being spit roasted. Being fed and bred. I was face fucked and ass fucked by all 10.

Just Mike and me were left on the stage I was shackled down on the bench; Mike sat on my back fingering cum juice out my ass as the stage rotated. Some guys from the audience paid some Euro to jack off over me. Mike pulled my head back so they could squirt into my mouth. Cum juice was dripping out my mouth and down my chin. I was covered in cum juice it was dripping off my naked body. About 50 or 60 guys jacked off over me.

It was a surreal moment fucking awesome to be the attraction of so many guys. I should lose my backpack more often.

I was left there on my own shackled down, covered and filled with cum juice. I sensed a presence behind me; it was the 2 black guys that had showered me. They released me from the shackles. They were naked and not wearing the chastity belts. Their big black cocks were rock hard. They fucked me in front of the crowd then they carried me off the stage. They bundled me into the back of a van and I was returned to Ahmet. Ahmet told me to go and lay on his bed and wait for him.

I lay there naked still with the slave collar on, recalling what had happened over the past 24 hours or so. I'd been fucked in the ass by 15 guys, and sucked 15 guys' cocks. The door opened Ahmet came in he closed and locked the door behind him. He gave me a satisfying look and grin. I watched him as he pulled his shirt off and pulled his pants down. His cock was hard and sticking up at an angle, his cock and hairy balls swung from side to side as he pulled his pants from around his ankles and kicked them to one side.

I lay there in submissive mode, lying on his bed with my legs spread apart. After all the fucking I'd taken, I still wanted more cock. He climbed on the bed and knelt between my legs with his big stiff cock pointing at me. He looked pleased with himself. He stroked the inside of my legs; it felt so fucking awesome. My legs were trembling uncontrollably. "You did well boy, you made me a lot of money," he said smiling at me. He moved his hands and started stroking my chest and pinching and stroking my nipples, they soon hardened and stood out. He started licking, sucking and biting my nipples. He continued to stroke my chest and inside my legs, brushing his hands over my stiff cock. I ran my hands over his arms and back and down his chest to his groin, feeling and playing with his big hard cock and hairy balls. It was an erotic moment. "Now you're my whore, my slut boy," he said laughing out loud. I knew I was his property to be traded with as he pleased.

He looked into my eyes as he ran his fingers through my hair. Our lips made contact, I could smell the alcohol and cigarette smoke on his breath. I felt his tongue pressing against my lips I opened my mouth. His tongue invaded my mouth and snaked down my throat. I licked and sucked his coarse tongue. He withdrew his tongue and sucked my tongue into his mouth, he slowly slid my tongue between his teeth, he repeated it several times. He was being nice and gentle with me. On our own he could be more passionate with me. He didn't have to prove to anyone that he was dominant over me. He knew he owned me and controlled me.

He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders raising my ass so my pussy was in line with his big cock. He leaned into me pushing his cock head up against my well-used man pussy. I gave out a yelp as I felt his cock slide easily into my loose wet man pussy. He slid the whole of his cock to the base into me. He was kissing and hugging me, as my muscles in my gut tightened around his cock. I squeezed his cock with the muscles of my gut as he slowly slid his cock up and down inside me. He was impregnating me with his sperm, asserting his control over me.

He was careful not to mark me or damage me. I was an important asset to him. I wanted to prove to him that I wanted to please him, he allowed me to be as passionate with him as he was with me. He fucked me more vigorously, he was moaning, I could see and feel the cheeks of his ass tense and relax with each thrust. We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly as he shuddered and contorted. His throbbing cock exploded and squirted its load into me. We lay there for awhile. His cock shrank inside me and slipped out.

He told me to get up. He took me to the bathroom to shower me. My cock was still stiff. He started to stroke and squeeze my cock "you like that? My hand on your cock," he asked. I struggled to say "yes." The effect he was having on me was overwhelming. It was not long before I shot my load, standing there trembling as white beads of cum squirted out my cock slit onto his legs. "How dirty can you be? I wonder," he said out loud as if he didn't expect me to answer.

He pressed me down with his hands onto my knees. "I need you to prove to me that you will obey me and do everything I ask. Will you? " He asked. I looked up at him and said, "I will." "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out," he commanded. He lifted his flaccid cock with his hand and rested it on my tongue. "I want you to swallow my piss," he said. The first jet of piss hit the back of my throat and made me pull back and gulp, I swallowed as quickly as I could. Once he got it under control he could switch it on and off. Filling my mouth with his piss and allowing me to swallow, before filling my mouth again. He stood over me with his legs apart and his hands on his hips. I held his cock over my mouth swallowing every golden drop that he pissed into my mouth. I had swallowed a hell of a lot when he suddenly grabbed his cock and pissed over my head, emptying the remains of his bladder over my chest.

He lifted me up and turned the shower on, reached for the gel, squirted shower gel into the palm of his hand and applied it to my wet body. He didn't just use his hands to soap me he used his body placing his arms around me. Kissing and hugging me as the warm water cascaded over our bodies. I could feel his hard cock between my legs. I knew I was going to get fucked again. Ahmet had an insatiable appetite for sex. He turned me around so my back was too him, he bent me slightly forward and penetrated me with his hard big cock. It wasn't long before he was squirting into me another load of his sperm laden juices.

After being fucked and washed in the shower he returned me to his bedroom and put ankle cuffs on me and attached them to a bolted chain on the floor. The chain was 5' long (1.52 cm) enabling me to lay on the bed and have limited freedom. He brought me some food and coffee. I was kept in the room for several days. Over those days only Ahmet fucked me.

I heard footsteps and talking on the other side of the door, when the door opened Ahmet Zeki and Temel came in. Ahmet threw some clothes on the bed (I had been kept naked all the time to be fucked) Zeki removed my shackles. I was told to shower and put the clothes on. When I had done that they tied my hands behind my back put a hood over my head and bundled me into the back of a van. I was taken out the van into a building. They pulled the hood off. It was immediately obvious to me that it was a bar or nightclub. And it was not open at the time.

I was standing there with my hands tied behind my back near the bar with Ahmet Zeki and Temel. When this giant of a guy walked in. They greeted him with the name Davud. He walked over and started to stroke my face. All the time he was talking to Ahmet he looked me up and down, and smiled at me. He ran his hands over my face shoulders and chest. They were talking in their own language so I could not understand what they were saying. Davud was a Turk too.

Davud had massive hands, shoulders, torso, arms and legs. He had a goatee and moustache and dark skin. He was an Afro Turk. This guy was a giant 6'6" tall, (1.98cm) he must be over 300lbs in weight. (136kg) He was more interested in me than having a conversation with Ahmet. His hands moved over my butt squeezing both of my ass cheeks.

My hands were untied I was stripped and a chain was attached to my slave collar. Davud led me away to get me ready for the live show. Davud had been performing live acts for sometime. He told me how he wanted it to go. I was to be dressed in a T-shirt and Jeans, which he would tear off me. I was to resist him as much as I could and scream as loud as I could. They pay good money to hear that.

If I hit you with the back of my hand it will be soft, you have to make it look real and feel painful, for the guys watching. That's all you need to know the rest I'll lead you. He stripped in front of me. He held his big black flaccid cock in his hand and looked at me, and said, "that's going all the way into you white boy." Even flaccid it was massive, like everything else about him.

Davud wore leather pants, exposing his ass cheeks and cock and balls, a body harness, studded armbands and wristbands. Four German guys dressed in leather torso harnesses and leather pants cut out at the front so their balls and cock hung out would assist in the show.

The show started with Davud tearing my clothes off and me trying and failing to fight him off. He hit me several times. I made it look very convincing. It looked so real that the crowd went wild. He forced me down on my hands and knees. I could feel his big black cock pressing into my man pussy. His cock slipped into my well-used pussy. I screamed out as loud as I could. It was a scream of ecstasy more than pain.

He stood up holding me under my neck with one hand and the other under my belly. Davud could pick me up with one hand as if I was a feather, and suspend me from the ground. I was impaled and suspended from the ground by his cock, my feet could not reach the ground. He walked me around the stage impaled on his cock and held me so guys could jack off into my face, mouth and on my back. He slid his cock partly out my pussy, guys were shooting their cum juices onto the shaft of his cock as he slowly pumped in and out of my pussy.

He pulled his cock out and had the German guys tie me standing to a post in the middle of the stage. Davud fucked me and shot his load into me while I was tied to the post. The other four German guys took it in turn to fuck me. I was untied and taken to a room where I was tied face down on a padded bench. Bowls of condoms were either side of me for guys who wanted to use them to fuck me. Some guys fucked me bareback. That cost them more. The club closed at 6am in the morning. I was taken and showered then allowed to sleep for a couple of hours before Ahmet collected me. He looked pleased with me again. I was made to wear the hood again. Back where I was being held I was shackled to Ahmet's bed.

Ahmet came into the room, he had a laptop he placed it on the table in front of the bed. He looked pleased as he stripped naked. I was made to get down on my hands and knees facing the laptop Ahmet sat on the bed raised his bare feet and rested them on my back, he was using me as a footstool.

When he switched the laptop on it was a porno film. I suddenly realised it was a porno film of me. Someone had edited the films and sold it on. "You like what you see, you are a porno star," he said laughingly. "I have not seen it yet," said Ahmet. He got down behind me I could feel his big hard cock slipping into my gut. He was going to fuck me, while we watched me being fucked in the porno film. It was erotic to be fucked and watch me being fucked on screen at the same time. I could tell by the amount of cum juice that Ahmet squirted into me that it excited him.

I had lost track of time. I had been held captive for a longtime and traded many times by Ahmet. As long as he could sell my body I was of importance to him. Ahmet only did deals with fellow Turks that limited his scope. They always wanted fresh meat. Ahmet paid me less attention, I was no longer his golden boy. He had been nasty and violent to me just lately. I soon got to know the reason why.

He had another guy he was about 19. He was kept in an adjacent room to me. I only saw him now and then when I was taken to the bathroom. First time I saw him he looked scared, I heard him pleading and screaming. He sounded as if he was English. Ahmet was fucking him shouting at him to be quiet. Ahmet was turning him into what he wanted him to be Ahmet's new boy to be traded. When I saw him a few days later he smiled, I knew by that look, that Ahmet had broken him in.

I was passed down to Temel; he was in his early 20s and wild. I wasn't traded as often. I was more for him to use and have fun with. He let me know he controlled me. He was rougher with me than Ahmet. Temel liked to show off in front of his peers. He liked them to know that he had control over me, I at to do what he told me. When I was not working, Temel sometimes let his two buddies fuck me. He would decide when and how they fucked me. It made him feel good to know he controlled them and me.

I was becoming like a novel that went on too long. I had reached the point of diminishing returns, they were getting bored with me. One day Temel threw me my backpack and said he was going to let me go I was of no further use to him. I hastily checked the stuff in my backpack. "Where's my passport and stuff," I asked. "We sold it," he said. "Where did you find it." "We had it all the time, Ahmet saw you in town and said he wanted you, so we stalked you and waited for our opportunity. You were careless you left your backpack unguarded so we stole it." So Ahmet had planned it all along.

I was transported and kept blindfolded right up to being set free. I was told to keep the blindfold on until they had gone. "You are in Frankfort," I heard one of them say. When I lifted the blindfold off I could see my backpack and a bundle of Euros. I counted them, Fuck 100 Euros. (I eventually worked out that I had been kept captive and traded for 8 weeks. To this day I don't know where I was kept or taken.)

It was late; the American consulate would be closed. I got something to eat and went in search of a youth hostel. I slept well that night even though the youth hostel was noisy.

The following day I went to the American consulate to get a new passport and some money until I could sort out my finances. I first met a girl there by the name of Anna, she reminded me of a cute girl I know in Canada. She transferred me to a guy sitting at a desk. He was a delicious looking guy. Dark hair, crew cut, by what I could see of him above his desk, he looked to be a fit athletic guy, about 40ish. When our eyes met for the first time I felt that he looked deep into me. It was a long day for me; it was taking a longtime to get everything sorted. I was called into his office and told to sit down. He went through all the final paper work and handed me a new passport. "Ok that's all the official work done. I'm going to get changed then go for a beer do you want to join me? He asked. "Sure" I said. He held out his hand and said, "I'm Tommyjoe." "I'm Garry."

It was not long before we were on our way to a bar. We sat talking, the conversation got to girls and sex. "You have a girlfriend," he asked. "I don't have one, I'm gay," I told him. There was no hesitation in his voice he just changed to talking about something else. "I need to go and sort out somewhere to stay the night," I said. "No need, if you want you can sleep at my place." I took him up on his offer.

When we got to his place, he said he had a sleeping bag I could use to sleep in or sleep in my bed there is room for two. I was not going to let an opportunity like that pass me by. I had stripped down to my boxers when I looked up he was standing on the other side of the bed naked. My eyes went straight to his large flaccid cock that swung between his hairy legs. He could see the surprise look on my face. "I always sleep naked," he said. "So do I," I said. Quickly slipping off my boxers. It was a hot night we didn't need a duvet or anything.

We lay there naked facing each other and chatting. I was looking at his well-toned torso, muscular shoulders and arms. Fuck this guy was a fittie. "I'm curious to know what it's like to have a guy suck my cock," he said suddenly. Hearing him say that made my already semi hard, harder. He looked down at his cock and said can you take care of that for me. I looked down to his cock; it was rock hard the veins on his cock were standing out. He had gorgeous hairy legs. I took his cock in my hand and pulled back the foreskin exposing the glans of his mushroom head.

Precum glistened in the slit hole of his cock. I licked the precum out of his slit making him shudder. I licked the glans of his cock with my coarse tongue knowing what effect it would have on him. I heard him moan as his whole body contorted. I was lying in a position where it was easy for him to stroke the whole of my body. I licked and sucked his big hard cock deep. I felt his hands stroking the cheeks of my butt. "Man if you don't want me to come in your mouth you better take my cock out I'm about to shoot," he shouted. I kept my mouth firmly around the shaft of his hard cock.

I felt the full force of his strong jet of cum juice hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could, what I could not swallow spilled down the shaft of his cock, another strong jet of cum shot in my mouth. I pulled away the next jet shot and splattered over my face. I stuck my tongue out to receive the last 3 shots of cum into my mouth. He was moaning and inhaling and exhaling rapidly

"Man that was awesome," he said. His cock was shrinking in my hand as I licked him clean. He was stroking my back and butt. His fingers were searching for my man pussy. His cock started to harden he was still horny. "You want me to fuck you," he asked. "Hell yeah," I said. "I've not fucked a guy before, you will have to help me." I lay on my back with my legs spread apart. I held his cock and told him to press into me like he did any woman he fucked. His mushroom head easily slipped in to my well-used pussy. I yelped as it slid in. "Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you," he said. "Man that's a cry of pleasure, shove it all the way in and fuck me like you would a woman," I said. His cock felt really good inside me. It wasn't long before he impregnated me with his sperm. I was now Tommyjoes boy. I lay there stroking his manly body. He fucked me one more time that night then we slept. (I told Tommyjoe about me being traded by the Turks. "Turks like you and I know why now. My great, great, granddad was a Turk," he said.)

I decided to stay a little longer in Europe. I stayed with Tommyjoe for 10 days then he suggested we call on a buddy he knew in Berlin. "I know he is curious to know what it's like to be with a guy, because we have talked about it," said Tommyjoe. That's another story.




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