It was a Friday night, and all I could think about was how my boss made me work overtime. I was so frustrated working this late while I could be out having fun with my friends. The bad thing about working overtime was that I didn't even get paid for it. It was more of a duty than a privilege. At least I wasn't alone; it was me and my co-worker Marvin. Marvin was an okay guy. We didn't really talk most of the time, just the usual hi and bye. However, every time I would talk to him, I would get the little sexual tingle inside of me, which I obviously shrug away, because I was 100% straight. As much as I wanted to talk to him, today was different. I was determined to focus on my work so I can leave and hit the pub with my friends.

Time passed by slow as I concentrated hard on the work assigned to me. Half way through I heard Marvin calling my name;

'Hey, Andres...'

I didn't reply because I was too focused on my work to look back.

I heard him a second time

'Hey!' as he through a crushed up paper at me

'Stop ignoring me.' he said while chuckling

I still didn't reply and continued ignoring him

'You don't get paid overtime you know' he said again while throwing another paper at me

I raised my head, but still didn't look back.

'Hey! C'mon, everyone's gone.'

I finally responded,

'But I can't, I have to finish this, I can't go out.'

I heard him take out a magazine and put his legs on the desk.

'I can't leave, sorry' I said

Finally he gave in, 'okay fine, just finish it, ill wait'

'Its Friday, everyone's gone out. Were doing overtime and we don't even get paid for it' He also said.

He began whining to me again, 'C'mon lets leave, let's go'

Something about him whining and begging made me feel attracted to him and made my cock move a little in my suit pants.

'Stop it!' I yelled.

That didn't stop him, he continued 'Let's go have a drink, or watch football, anything!'

I just ignored him.

'C'mon I'm bored' he said again.

'Leave then' I told him

'No, we need to go together' he said in a sexual, quiet voice.

'Then wait, you'll just have to wait' I said turning around a little.

I heard him flipping through his magazine and continuing to whine

'C'mon, it's Friday'

I looked all the way back and said 'I already told you I can't leave. Now leave me alone and let me work.' But at the same time I didn't want him to leave me alone.

'Leave that lets go do something, please' he cried.

'No, no, no' I said while feeling his paper being thrown on me.

'I'm not gonna stop, you know'.

'Don't be such a child' I said as I turned around and threw my pencil at him.

He continued begging and throwing stuff at me 'Lets go!'

'Marvin, I cant, I'm not leaving now'

He rolled up his magazine and also threw it at me. 'Please, Come on'.

'Are you gonna throw your laptop too?' I said while turning around and laughing

'Very funny, you're such a geek, whatever....' he finally gave up.

Time passed and passed without Marvin crying, whining or begging me to go. I sort of missed it, but at the same time I was focused on getting all this work done. When all of a sudden I heard him say;

'I've had enough' he was also getting out of his seat.

He pushed in his chair and put on his suit jacket. I also heard him pouring a cup of water for himself.

He leaned over me and began watching me work. I could smell his strong cologne and his manly smell, it made my cock grow and tingle.

'You'll be done in two minutes?' he said while watching me

'Yes 2 minutes.'

'Well, in fact you only have 5 seconds to finish.. 5...4...3...2...'

Before he even said 1 I could feel the cold water running down my head and all over my hair.

I put my pencil down and asked him 'What is your problem?!'

'Don't worry, Come on' he said while grabbing me.

'No, look at me, why would you do that? Everything is soaking wet!' I pushed him away from me. 'Let me work!'

I got up out of my seat and pushed him away from me 'Stop it!'

I started splashing the water onto him, while he was shoving me.

'What, you wanna fight, huh?' he said as we began pushing and grabbing each others wet suits.

'Okay, let's see who's stronger'

We started fighting, moving back and forth and taking turns of putting each other in headlocks.

As I was pushing him and grabbing him, I could feel his large muscles, they were so big and his arms were so tight. I finally dropped him to the ground.

I sat on top of him and held his arms down. And there was that moment, we just stopped what we were doing and looked into each others eyes. Our faces got closer as I was on top of him and we just knew what was going to happen. Our lips got closer, and finally we shared the most passionate kiss ever. We both knew it was right. I could feel his hot tongue moving around and it felt so good. It was like we were meant to do this. We separated and our tongues reached out and touched each other.

No, no, no' Marvin said under his breath

'You want me to stop?'

There was a long silent pause when finally Marvin said while looking into my eye,


We continued kissing with out tongues swirling inside our mouths. It was the wettest, roughest kiss I've ever experienced. Before, I knew it my cock was hard and throbbing, I wanted Marvin so bad. We continued kissing when finally Marvin flipped me over and laid on top of me. He stopped kissing me, sat up and took off his suit jacket, tossed it aside and went back to lustfully making out with me. He began to lick my check, and went down to my neck. As he sucks on my neck and licked my face it felt as if time was going by so slowly, like slow-motion. We went back to our rough make out for another 5 minutes. When finally he sat up and started to unbutton his dress shirt. I reached into his unbuttoned shirt, and felt his hard chest. It was the best feeling ever, I felt his rough muscles and his slightly hairy chest. I then pinched and caressed his nipple, which made Marvin moan, he loved this. He continued to fully unbutton his dress shirt and finally I could see his chest, his sexy 6-pack made my cock throb harder. I moved my hand up down and around his chest and abs. He then, went and started to unbuckle his belt, I could see his bump in his pants and this made me want him even more. I unzipped his pants, without unbuttoning it, and started to stroke his big hard cock. It felt so good and hot in my hand; even though I couldn't see it I knew it was very large, at least 10 inches. I couldn't wait to have this inside my ass. I knew he also liked this because he bagman to touch his body and massage his nipples and chest. He finally took fully took off his dress shirt and also threw it aside. He had the sexiest body I've ever seen.

He got off me and pulled me up. We were now making out and touching each other while we were both on our knees. I then went down and kissed his neck, his tingled and he moaned when I did this. I kept going down and I finally reached his hard nipple. I began sucking on his left nipple, then I switched over to his right, then I went back to kissing him. I couldn't get enough of this. But, I knew we were going to go farther.

I got off my knees and stood up, but he was still on his knees, waiting for my throbbing cock to go into his wet hot mouth. He unbuttoned and unzipped my suit pants and took out my hard cock. Marvin immediately went to work; he put my full 8 inch cock inside his mouth and started to suck on it. This felt to could, I couldn't resist moaning and shouting out loud

'You like this?' Marvin said in a quiet voice

'Yes baby, deep-throat that shit, suck my hard throbbing cock!'

He took my command, and began deep-throating my cock, this felt so good. I took his head and began pushing him farther and farther onto my cock, until he took all of it down his mouth. I screamed as loud as I could and continued to force my dick down his throat. I finally took my cock out of his mouth, 'I want to suck your cock baby'

Without saying anything he stood up, pushed my onto the floor and took out his huge dick. It was the biggest nicest uncut cock I've ever seen. I couldn't wait to have it inside me.

I knelt down and my lips got closer and closer to his big cock. I finally put his cock into my wet mouth. His dick felt and tasted so good. It was hot and throbbing. I began sucking and licking his hard cock, and making him moan louder and louder. I licked it up and down, and deep-throated it. He grabbed my head, moved it and forced his dick in and out of my hot wet mouth.

As soon as I started getting horny and turned on, I heard the doorknob move. In walked my boss. Boy was he mad.

This was just Part 1. Let me know if I should continue on to Part 1. Thanks guys.



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