"So, I guess things sort of got out of hand last night."

"You think?....just because I got my ass fucked?" Bryce said.

"Well, it did sound like you were enjoying it," said Jordan.

"This is not something I'm ready to laugh about just yet," Bryce declared sternly.

"Others are probably facing their own demons this morning. We're all in the same boat," Jordan said.

"Oh, did you get fucked?" Bryce asked sarcastically.

"No, but I sucked three cocks."

"Did they cum in your mouth?"

"One of them did."

"Did you swallow?"

"One, I did."

"And what about now, in the light of day? Are you okay with all of it?" Bryce asked.

"I'm trying to be," Jordan said. "I tell myself it wasn't so bad when everybody else was doing it."

"Question is, would you do it again?"

"Would you?"

"I wouldn't have done it at all except for the beer."

"Booze doesn't put thoughts like that in your head, it only brings them out," Jordan said.

"What're you trying to say to me?"

"Nothing. Sorry, that wasn't fair," Jordan said.

"No sorries... you're saying I wanted it?" Bryce asked.

"I'm saying we were celebrating graduation and things got out of hand."

"I could buy out of hand if it was just once, but I got fucked by three different guys."

"And I sucked off three different guys, it doesn't make either of us gay."

"What does it make us? Somehow I don't feel quite as straight as before," Bryce said.

"It makes us a bunch of guys who got caught up in the moment. You're as straight as you were yesterday."

"Well, right now I feel a little bent," Bryce said. "Geezuss, how did it all get started, anyway? We started out having a few beers in a hotel room, celebrating getting out of school and it ends up in an orgy. What the fuck happened? Who made the first move?"

"I remember guys started taking off their clothes because it was getting hot in the room--it was crowded-but there wasn't anything sexual in that," Jordan said. "Hell, we've been naked around each other hundreds of time. Maybe it was when Brian Couder made some remark about Kyle Anderson's ass. He does have an awesome butt, next to yours."

"There's always butt talk in the locker room and showers. I remember somebody dared Brian and Kyle to kiss each other. I couldn't believe they did it open mouth, even lashing tongues so everybody could see, but that was just goofing off; everybody took it that way."

"Yeah, but then Ryan started humping Billie's ass."

"But he wasn't hard or anything so it didn't mean anything. He was just horsing around," Bryce said."

"Fuck, man, I don't know when it started turning weird and getting serious. All I know, all of a sudden I looked around and shit was happening, like on cue. Brian and Kyle were kissing again and feeling each other up and they were hard. Two guys--Brodie and James--stepped up and pushed Jason down to his knees and forced him to take Brodie's cock in his mouth. Only it didn't look forced. I think he did it on his own. But he was drunk."

"I didn't see any of that," Bryce said. "I saw Ryan starting to hump Billie's butt again but it looked serious 'cause Billie was humping his butt back at him and next thing, Ryan's shoving his cock in his ass.

"Yeah, and then Justin started humping your butt, but you were both laughing. Fuck I never thought it'd go all the way, any of it, but then he was shoving his cock in your ass and I was thinking, "Holy shit, what's going on!"

"There were sure as hell an awful lot of hidden thoughts that came to the surface because of the booze," Bryce said.

"It was a party," Jordan said. "Weird shit happens at parties when there's booze flowing like it was last night. Thing is, it won't ever happen again. And that's how we come out of it unscathed."

"Do we?"

There was a short pause then Jordan asked, "Hey, do you want come over?"

"No, I'm going to pack up and go up to my uncle's lake house for a couple of days, do some fishing and hiking and swimming, try to sort all this out."

"Oh, alright. Well I'll let you go."

"Have you talked to any of the other guys?" Bryce asked.

"No. Not yet."

"That's curious, why you called me first."

"You're the one I thought of first, I think because you're the one that surprised me the most." Nothing for a short moment. "You're the one I laid awake most of the night thinking about," he added.

Still nothing.

"Well, I'll see you when I get back," Bryce said.

"Bryce... don't do anything stupid," Jordan told him.

"I won't."

"'Cause I love you, man."

Bryce started up from the lake with his catch and saw somebody sitting on the steps. He knew instinctively that it was Jordan. He didn't get up when Bryce approached and put the fish in a bucket of water.

"I'll leave if you want," Jordan said, his eyes raking over his teammate's bare upper body and his muscular thighs sticking out of his cargo shorts.

"No, it's okay."

"You're sure."

"You can help me clean the fish, then stay for supper."

"I don't know how to clean fish."

"Then you can watch and learn how," Bryce said as he went up on the porch and sat down. He leaned back against the wall with one leg cocked up, the other extended out behind Bryce.

"Are you getting things worked out?" Jordan asked.

"Somewhat. Being up here always helps. But it's going to have to work out over time by itself. Like losing the championship; it never goes away but it gets farther and farther behind you."

"I've been thinking a lot, too, about what I did," Jordan said. "I say it wasn't so bad, but I don't know if I believe it. I don't know if I say that because I want it to be not so bad or if it really wasn't so bad and maybe I even liked it a little."

"I've been wondering about that, too," Bryce said. "You said I sounded like I liked it a little. Well, there was part of it that wasn't just 'not so bad." Part of it did feel good. Really good. Hell, I shot off a huge load when one of those guys was fucking me. I don't know if you knew that."

"No, I didn't. I just remember you sounded like you were enjoying it."

"I wasn't, not in my head, but my body was. They kept hitting a certain spot up inside me and it drove me fuckin' crazy and all of a sudden I was cumming. It scared me. It still does, that another guy could feel like that. I mean, a guy isn't supposed to like getting his ass fucked, is he? Guys aren't built for that."

"I don't know, Bryce; I don't know," Jordan said. He twisted around on the step and leaned back with his hand around Bryce's calf. When Bryce didn't recoil he ran his hand farther up his leg, above his knee.

"I think I know," Bryce said. "You're afraid you might want to try it again to see if it really was as good as you remember. I know, because I've had the same feelings."

"Really. So you won't punch me out if I run my hand further up your leg," Jordan said.

"No, I won't punch you out."

He ran his hand up inside his pants leg till he felt the pouch of his shorts, or a jockstrap, he couldn't tell which. He cupped his hand over it and watched the front of his pants bulge as he massaged it.

"Is this foreplay?" Bryce asked. "Are you going to do it again?"

"I kinda want to," Jordan replied.

"But part of you doesn't want it to happen," Bryce said.

"Yes. But I think more of me does."

"We can take it inside."

"No, here, out in the open, in front of God and everybody."

"God's the only one here except us."

Jordan had pulled his hand out of Bryce's pants leg and was undoing his cargo shorts. When he had the fly opened Bryce lifted his butt to let him pull them off. Jordan tossed the shorts aside, leaving Bryce in his jockstrap. He leaned down and buried his face in the jock. He could feel Bryce's cock coming alive.

"I did like this part of it," he murmured. "I didn't like it when a guy just came up and shoved his cock in my mouth like I was expected to suck him."

If someone had driven up they would have found Jordan half on the porch, knelt on the step with Bryce's legs draped over his shoulders, thrusting his cock up into Bryce's mouth. Jordan sucked him earnestly, trying repeatedly to take him all the way in his throat.

"You don't have to do that," Bryce told him.

Jordan rose up, stroking the thick cock. "I want to," he said. "Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and this is definitely worth doing." With that he went back down on the quivering cock.

For a long time Bryce's moans mixed with Jordan's little whimpers of contentment and the soft, wet slurping sounds of mouth on meat while the sounds of nature played out all around them.

At one point Bryce laughed and Jordan looked up. "There's a robin and a squirrel watching us."

"Good thing the Robin can fly and get away from the horny squirrel," Jordan joked.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Bryce asked.

"Aww, more'n anything, if you'll let me. But only if you want to."

"I think I do."


"Yeah, we'd better take it inside," Bryce said.

They got up and Jordan followed Bryce inside. "Godd, I'm practically drooling," he said, of Bryce's butt that was framed in the jockstrap.

Bryce took him into the bedroom in the back of the cabin and crawled on the bed on his stomach.

"I love seeing you in that position, like you're offering up your ass for me."

"That's what I'm doing, isn't it?"

"Did any of those guys take the time to get you ready before they fucked you?"

"Not really, except for using lube."

"I've never done this but I've seen how they do it in some fuck videos," Jordan said as he got on the bed between Bryce's spread legs. He took hold of his hips bones and pulled up on his knees and Bryce assumed the position he wanted. "Fuck, that's a beautiful sight," Jordan groaned as he stretched out to bury his face in Bryce's butt.

"Aww, fuck! Aww, Jordan, that feels great!"

"I'm gonna have you begging for my cock," Jordan said. He fairly tongue raped his ass, taking short detours to pull his fuck-meat back between his legs and suck it. Finally he introduced his fingers, rubbing the clenching hole first, then probing and pushing through. He took his time preparing Bryce for the main event, gently fucking his ass with his fingers. He noticed that a certain way he moved his fingers brought out desperate groans and he realized he'd discovered Bryce's love nut that he'd read about.

"That feel good?" he murmured around Bryce's balls that he was sucking at the same time he was finger fucking him.

"Aww, fuck, Jordan, it's driving me nuts."

"You want me to fuck you?"


"You ready to beg for it?"

"Yesss, fuck me, Bryce."

"That wasn't begging, that was a request," Jordan said as he probed and massaged the quivering prostate with three fingers.

"Awwwhhh! Fuck! Okay, fuck me, please! I'm begging you, Jordan, give me your cock. Ohh, Geezuss, I'm seeing stars. You gotta give me your cock Jordan. Now!"

Jordan loved the feeling of power he had over his teammate. Smiling, he rose up to his knees and spat on his cock, then again in Bryce's ass.

"Your ass is winking at me," he said.

"MY ass is begging you," Bryce retorted.

Jordan set the head of his cock against the clenching asshole and pushed. He felt the give but didn't go in. He took hold of Bryce's hip bones and pulled him back as he clenched his butt muscles to drive his cock forward. The tiny hole spread apart and his cock pushed through.

"OOOoohhhhhh!" Bryce moaned softly.

"Going in okay?"

"Oh, yeah. Better than any of those other guys."

"I don't wanta be like those other guys." He buried his cock slowly and gently all the way in his teammate's tight ass till his loins pressed hard against his spread butt muscles. He twisted his hips around, gouging Bryce's insides with his lobbing cock.

"Ohhhh!...Awww, fuck!....Yesss, Jordan, like that....do that!....Godd, you're touching that spot again!" he cried, his head tossed back and he clawed at the sheets.

With that discovery, Jordan began fucking him, aiming his cock to slide over his prostate with each stroke, his eyes glued to the circle of his tight asshole gripping his cock At one point when Bryce groaned that he was about to cum, Jordan eased out on the back stroke, leaving his teammate's ass gaping and clenching at the air.

"Why'd you stop?" Bryce cried out in a whimper.

"I don't want you to cum yet. Not that way. Turn over on your back."

Bryce scrambled to turn over on his back and lifted his legs up and Jordan brought them onto his shoulders.

"Yeah, like this," he said as he aimed his cock at the still gaping hole. He shoved in all the way.

"Ohh, Godd, thank you," Bryce murmured as he was once again filled with the big, hard fuckpole. "OOhhh!" he gasped. "You go in deeper this way! Godd, yess, fuck me!"

Jordan hunkered over him and began pistoning his cock in and out of the welcoming hole. Bryce reached up to wrap his arms around his broad shoulders.

"It's so good, Jordan! I can't tell you how good it is."

"I'm gonna try to make it even better. I wanta try this," he said. He started to raise up but Bryce held him close and even wrapped his legs around his butt to hold him in tight.

"No, man, you're not pulling out again," he moaned as he pushed his butt up against Jordan's body. "You're not taking that big cock away from me again."

"I'm not going to, I just want to try something." Bryce loosened his hold on him and he reared back. "I wanta see if I can do this....." With that he bent over and took Bryce's cock in his mouth, about half way down.

"Ohhhh, Jordan!"

Jordan smiled around the thick meat and slavered it with his tongue as he resumed fucking him.

"Awwwh, fuck, Jordan!....Godd, that's incredible!....this is gonna do it, Jordan....you're gonna make me cum!"

"Yeah, I know, me too," Jordan said, lifting his head just enough to speak, then he went back down on the quivering cock.

They were both ready. They couldn't have held off if they wanted to. Jordan went first; Bryce followed by three or four seconds, and both of their cocks began exploding. Jordan happily accepted Bryce's warm, spurting cum, swirling it all around the swollen head, while his own boy-juice shot deep in his teammate's ass. At one point their cocks jolted in unison and it was as if they were cycling their cum in a circle.

Bryce was holding him so tight that he couldn't breathe and he broke the hold so he could rise and take in air. But Bryce wouldn't let go completely; he kept hold of Jordan's neck.

"I've never felt anything like this in my life," Bryce whinnied as Jordan's continued to unload deep in his ass.

In the turmoil, with his mouth full of Bryce's cum, Jordan let him pull his face down and he kissed him. Or they kissed each other; it was hard to tell. It was a hard, passionate kiss, like none they had ever experienced with a girl, made more so because one had his mouth full of the other's cum.

Jordan was about to swallow but then he felt Bryce's tongue forcing its way into his mouth and when he let his lips go slack and gushed into Bryce's mouth, lubricating their lashing tongues.

They kissed and exchanged warm, thick semen, drawing the acrid-sweet flavor, diluting it with their spit, till they had swallowed every last drop. They parted, sucking in precious air."

"Mann!" Jordan exclaimed.

"That whole thing was incredible," Bryce agreed.

"I think we just reinvented sex," Jordan said, laughing.

"Yeah, we should patent it," Bryce said.

"I don't know if I could remember the process. Godd, it was mind boggling." He began to slowly pull his cock out of Bryce's clenching ass. He laughed. "I think your ass has fallen in love with my cock, it won't let go."

They lay side by side for a long moment, silent except for their breathing.

"That kiss was awesome," Bryce said.

"It all was," Jordan agreed. Then, laughing, "Are we gay yet?"

"Does it matter?" Bryce said. "Seriously, Jordan, does it matter? A label, I mean. Why does sex--especially sex like that-need a label?"

"You're getting philosophical on me," Jordan said.

"What I'm saying is, why can't two guys have sex with each other and still have sex with girls?"

"Why not all at the same time?" Jordan joked. Then more seriously, he said, "You know, this all started by a bunch of guys going over the line. Now it seems not such a bad thing we all did."

"Question is, are we going to do it again," Bryce said.

"Do you want to?"


"So do I," Jordan said. "What about with any of the other guys?"

"I don't know. Honestly, I wouldn't know how to approach any of them. This all came about because you called."

"I was worried," Jordan said.

"I'm glad you came, Jordan."

"I didn't know if you would be. You wanted to get off by yourself."

Bryce laughed. "I'm glad you came and helped me get off. It's not as much fun by myself."

Laughing, Jordan rose up and leaned over him, his hand spread across his tight stomach. "We're gonna do it again, fucker," he said, moving is hand down over Bryce's cock.

"After we clean the fish," Bryce said.

The End


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