Dinner was seamless, the food, the music, the wine, the company. Tony's out of town business meetings were usually painful, in that he hated living out of a suitcase and eating alone in overpriced restaurants. This trip, he was enjoying every second of it. He'd met up with Chantal, a woman he'd met online a few months back. They'd hit it off and started talking on the phone. It was a casual thing; neither of them stopped seeing the people in their lives and neither of them had a desire to take the relationship to a different level. They both enjoyed the same kinks, they had some late night conversations that ended up in some hot phone sex occasionally, and had a lot of things in common. When Tony got news that he was going to have to go to sales conference in Dallas, he sent Chantal an IM letting her know to make reservations at the best restaurant in town and prepare to paint the town red. When he walked into the restaurant, he was blown away; she was even more beautiful in person than in her pictures. Her cinnamon colored skin was flawless; she was wearing a sexy black business suit that fit her like a glove. The fact that she wasn't wearing a blouse underneath her jacket, and the hint of her cleavage drew men's attention there like a beacon in the night, made her that much more alluring. She kissed him on the cheek and the smell of her perfume and the feel of her soft warm hand against his cheek made his dick stir. Even the maitre'd had to take a second look at Chantal's sexy brown calves and full backside; he winked at Tony as if to say, 'You are a lucky son of a bitch.' The couple laughed and flirted with one another throughout the meal. As they became more comfortable with one another, Chantal got more adventurous. She moved closer and slid her pump off and began rubbing her foot along Tony's leg. The more they laughed and got along fantastically, the more Chantal would find an occasion to rest her hand on Tony's thigh, inching closer and closer to his crotch with each witty anecdote. Tony ordered a cigar and a brandy and leaned back into the plush leather banquette and played the playboy role to the hilt. Chantal giggled and played along. Tony belonged to the new wave of Black businessmen who made their fortune in one generation and were not shy in letting people see their success. Feeling bold, he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out; the white linen table cloth obscured it from view from the other diners. Chantal took advantage of situation and moved closer still. She grabbed the shaft of his penis and stroked it softly. Tony thought he could sit there and enjoy the hand job without letting on what was happening but within a few seconds, he was squirming around and fidgeting, afraid that he was going to shoot his load right then and there. Chantal was expertly stroking him, squeezing the head, sliding the skin up and down, trying to coax out a load. 'Damn baby, slow down or I won't have any steam for the after party,'he said, reluctantly pushing her hand away and putting everything back where it belonged. During dessert, it was his turn to return the favor. Chantal was snuggled close, and they were like a couple who had been together for a very long time. Feeling brazen, the lovely lady opened her legs and allowed her new friend to explore. Tony's strong hands traveled up her legs, caressing the smooth silk of her stockings, and encountering the even smoother skin of her flesh above her thigh high stockings. He caressed her flesh and his hands roamed higher until his fingertips brushed the expensive lace of her panties. Chantal spread her legs more and allowed him full access. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, 'You know I'm going to fuck that hot pussy of yours tonight until you can't walk straight tomorrow, right?' Chantal laughed, 'Yeah, right big boy, promises, promises. Other men have tried and failed.' But the evidence of her arousal was to be felt in her panties. Tony fondled her and slid her panties to the side in order to get better access to her package. It was quite an impressive package at that. At least seven inches with a full set of balls, and the fact that it was getting harder with every passing second confirmed that Chantal was indeed the sexiest, fully functioning shemale he'd ever met. 'Check please,'as Tony signaled for the waiter to bring the bill as quickly as possible. In the elevator to his hotel room, Chantal was transformed from a sexy and sophisticated woman to a ravenous, insatiable vixen. Undoing the three strategically placed buttons on her suit jacket, she exposed her full tits encased in a sexy black lace bra. She pulled down the tops of the overflowing cups and let her nipples be exposed to the security cameras. She flashed a sexy wink at the security guards who were probably sitting in the basement with a half eaten turkey sandwich and playing a game of Spades. She offered up her tits to Tony and he caressed the full mounds and pinched the swollen nipples. Chantal let out a sexy little purr and Tony pinched harder. That was their kink. Tony liked to give pain, and Chantal liked to get it. They were both into rough play, spanking, pain, the whole nine. As much as Tony needed to release his frustrations being the powerful business mogul, Chantal liked to be the girly submissive to powerful men. She got off on pain and he had a lust for women who could take a little punishment and ask for more. The elevator neared the 18th floor and Chantal made efforts to button up her jacket. 'Leave it open,'was all Tony said as he leaned down to bite one of those sexy chocolate nipples. The doors opened and they were met, face to face, with one of the maids. Poor little thing, her mouth flew open and she averted her eyes to the floor. Chantal was warm with arousal and the couple walked past her without a care in the world. The maid was so flustered, so shocked, that she let the elevator doors close without getting on. Tony fumbled for his key, pretending he couldn't find it, and pushed Chantal against the door and shoved his tongue down her throat. The maid couldn't help but stare at the obscene play right in front of her and Tony played it up. He turned towards the maid and looked her right in the eye as he put his hand up Chantal's skirt and groped her. What the maid couldn't see was that Chantal had a boner under that skirt that was leaking precum. The elevator doors opened again and the maid rushed in but not before Chantal winked at her, her tits still obscenely exposed for public view. Tony fished in his pocket and found the key, slid it in and opened the door. The door was barely closed behind them before they were all over each other. This time Chantal was reaching for Tony's pants, unzipping them and sliding her hand in to find his stiffened prick. He pushed her to her knees and grabbed the back of her head and started unceremoniously fucking her mouth. Her lip gloss smeared his shaft and she took it deeper and deeper with every thrust. Tony's dick grew longer, stiffer with each stroke and he gave her more encouragement. 'Yeah, choke on it. Suck that big dick; take every inch.' Chantal grabbed his ass and started pulling him deeper and deeper into her throat, urging him to fuck her face harder, faster. Tony wasn't a little boy either, he had at least 8 inches of stiff meat in her throat and it was getting bigger the more he banged her face. There was no foreplay, there was no romance, just nasty, hardcore sex the way they both liked it. The pace was frantic; Tony was grunting and slamming his hips faster and faster, pistoning the head of his dick deeper and deeper in Chantal's throat. She was gagging and choking, gasping for air, spit dripping from the corners of her mouth. Placing his hand around her delicate, elegant neck, he started choking her, erotically of course. Chantal looked up and never took her eyes off of him. The lack of oxygen was dizzying and she pinched and pulled her own nipples for stimulation. She was gasping for air as Tony released the pressure and she dove for his dick again, not waiting more than a split second to feel him ramming her mouth again. He grabbed her by her throat again, this time he slapped her face with his dick. 'Look at you,'he taunted, 'getting my pants wet. You are a bad girl. I need to teach you a lesson.' Chantal looked up, licked her lips, and said, 'Oh Daddy, I've been such a bad girl, you should punish me.' Tony pushed her away, still on her knees, and undid the belt on his pants. He let them slide to the floor and he turned around. He thrust his ass backwards, the full chocolate mounds filling out his tightie whities. He wiggled his ass in her face and she pulled the waistband down to expose his ass. 'Are you going to show me what a naughty girl you are? Show Daddy how nasty you really are. Spread those cheeks and get in there, sniff it, smell my ass. Then kiss it. Kiss my ass and tell me how much you adore it.' He was really just talking to hear himself talk because Chantal was way past the sniffing and kissing stage; she was in the full out licking and sucking stage. She couldn't wait and was driving her tongue deep in his ass, getting it wet and blowing air in it. Tony had his hands on his knees, bent over, enjoying the best rim job he'd ever gotten. 'Oh shit, that feels so fucking good. Eat my ass; tell me how good it tastes. You like the way a real man tastes?' She mumbled something that sounded like it could have been, 'It's the best ass I've ever eaten,'but it just as easily could have been, 'I use Equal for my tea to sweeten,'because she never took her tongue from deep in his hole, sucking, rimming, licking, tongue fucking. 'Hot damn, you are one hot, nasty, little mama.' He stepped out of his pants, threw his jacket on a chair and sat on the bed. Chantal was still at the door, on her knees, looking like she was hungry for more. 'Crawl to me.' She pulled of her jacket and tossed it in the same direction as his and crawled on her hands and knees towards him. He pulled off his tie and took off his shirt, throwing it on the floor. With his legs spread and his dick bobbing just inches from her face, Chantal was trying to lick it again, get it in her mouth. 'Take off the rest of your clothes; let me see that sexy body.' Doing anything she was told, Chantal stood up and undid the button and zipper on her conservative skirt to completely reveal her silk, black thigh high stockings, her garter belt and straps holding them up and her French cut black lace panties. The head of her dick was peeking out for the sides, unable to be hidden with such a delicate piece of material. Leaving her bra on, with her tits still hanging out, she slid her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side with her high heeled foot. She stroked her shaft just inches from Tony's face. She knew what he wanted and she coaxed out a drip of precum, ran her finger over the tip, and brought it to her lips. She sucked that finger like a mini dick, making Tony moan. She wiggled it in his face and he took the bait like a fish takes a worm. This was a helluva worm, full and thick and filling his mouth as he sucked it. Chantal was a helluva fisherman as well, wielding that rod with skill. In fact, she fucked his face with an equal level of skill as he had done to her. 'Look at you, big strong man fagging out on my T-girl dick. Who would have guessed? I bet before the night is over you'll be bending over and begging me to fuck you too.' Her words were meant to incite him, to push his buttons and they did. 'You little . . . I'm no fag. I'll show you.' He grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap. His dick and her dick were sensually rubbing against one another. He ran his hands gently over her ass cheeks. She squirmed and wiggled, waiting for the inevitable. The first blow came down without warning, warming her ass but she didn't make a sound. Intent on making her beg for mercy for her insolent comments, he wanted her to cry, wanted to hear her beg for forgiveness. With a steady slow pace, he reigned down on her ass with blow after blow of hard spanking. But rather than eliciting the response he expected, Chantal was moaning and groaning, begging for more, begging for it harder. She truly experienced pain as pleasure. Perhaps her neurons were misfiring or her brain wasn't wired correctly but she craved sensation and the more intense the better. Her body was alive with arousal and she felt safe and secure in the arms of this big strong man. His hand was becoming sore and his dick was ready to explode. He grabbed her by the back of the hair and threw her on the bed. He stood over her, just staring at her. She was breathtaking. Her face was flawless and even through her haze of lust; she still had a look of sophistication. Her body had been sculpted to brown perfection and her dick was one any man would be proud to own. 'Turn over.' That was all he said and she complied. She got up on her knees and looked back over her shoulder. She reached back with her manicured fingers and spread her cheeks. She made her hole wink at him and pleaded one more time. 'Make it hurt Daddy. Shove that big dick in me and show me how a real man fucks. Ram my pussy until I can't take it anymore. Use it, use me. Fuck me.' He words became an erotic chant, a mantra of sorts, urging him to go balls deep. He pulled her ass open and spit on it. She moaned out and waited but she didn't have to wait for long. He lined up the head of his dick with her hole and started pushing in. It was a lot tighter than he had expected. He thought he was going to be able to shove the entire length in in one stroke. In reality, her hole gripped him tighter than any ass he'd been in before, female or shemale. Chantal braced her arms on the headboard and looked back. 'What's that matter, this pussy too much for you?' That was all he needed. He pulled back, pulling out until just the head was still inside her, and rammed himself deep in her. Chantal let out a sexy moan and said, 'YESSSS, more.' He built up a steady pace, pounding her, working it from side to side, deeper with each stroke. He was spanking her bubble butt hard and gripped her hips so tightly he left imprints in her skin from his nails digging into her flesh. Harder . . . he fucked. Harder still . . . she fucked back, grinding on his dick and doing magic with her pussy. He was sweating, his manly smell covering her perfume. 'Oh shit, I'm going to cum.' Chantal took that as her clue and turned around and dove for his dick with her mouth. 'Damn girl, look at you, you are so fucking nasty. Suck it, suck my . . . oh shit . . . fuck . . . damn, I'm going to bust my creamy nut all in your mouth. Here it . . . agrhhhh.' Chantal moved back enough to get every blast on her tongue. She showed it to him just before she swallowed it. Tony collapsed on the bed and was asleep within a minute. He awoke under the covers in the morning with Chantal fully dressed and looking magnificent again. She kissed him on the forehead. 'Hey, I've got to get going, I have a lot to do this weekend and I need to get a head start on my errands.' He reached up and held her hand. 'Don't go,'he said in his sleepy voice, 'I want you to stay so we can do it again. This time I don't want it to be nasty. Let me make love to you.' He pulled back the covers and showed her his morning wood. She tried to pull away but she was mesmerized by the beauty of his body and his throbbing erection that called out to be licked and sucked some more. 'I had a wonderful time last night but let me show you the other side of me. I'm only here for a couple more days. It's be a shame to waste any of that time. Let me satisfy you.' Her protests were quickly quieted as she climbed in bed with him and snuggled her naked body next to his. Copyright 2007 AfroerotiK



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