On friday evening, Larry drove us down to Coeur d' Alene in his pickup. Richie and I were jammed in the cab with him, our feet sharing the floorboards with assorted tools and empty coffee cups. Our gear was rattling around back in the bed of the truck. On the way there the boss kept up a steady stream of jokes, gripes, practical advice and inside information about Jasper Duggins, his brother in law and our new employer. The meat of the info was that Jasper was a 'Cheap sum'bitch but not a bad guy for a brother in law.' Larry told us to not let Jasper cheat us and if he tried to give him a call and he would 'Straighten that sum'bitch right out. I'm not going to let him take advantage of any of my boys.'

We had spent the whole day prior to the trip packing up our gear and signing papers to be released from the conservation camp where we had lived for over a year. Richie had gotten his GED the previous month (thanks to my tutoring and pushing him to pass) and his instructor had given him his certificate early to make him an apprentice painter. I felt a little sad leaving the camp and all the memories that we had there but we were seeming to be heading towards something even better than what we had in our leaky cold little cabin out in the woods.

Larry pulled into the parking lot of a block of apartments and shut off the engine. He reached into his shirt pocket and handed me an envelope. 'Rex' he said 'You been good help for me and you were an excellent crew boss. I'm going to miss you around the place. Duke has been itching to have your job and I'm going to give him a shot. But I don't think he's going to be as good at it as he thinks he is.' He grinned and shook my hand and Richies. 'Just stick that in your pocket for now. It aint much, but I'm glad you help you boys get a good start when I can.' He opened the door, got out and Richie and I followed. We unloaded our gear out of the back of the boss's pickup and piled it on the sidewalk. Two backpacks, one duffel bag, one battered suitcase and two wooden footlockers full of odds and ends. Richies footlocker held his painting and drywall tools and mine had a small collection of wrenches, some big screwdrivers and prybars but was mostly full of paperback books. My guitar was laid on top of the pile. It seemed like a pitiful collection of belongings to try and start a new life with. But Richie and I were game to try.

Jasper Duggins married Larrys little sister Arlene right out of high school. A year later he was manager of the only rent-to-own furniture store in town. Ten years later he owned five new and used furniture stores and was opening new ones in the surrounding areas. When he began building apartments he started furnishing some of them with the used stuff that he couldn't sell in his stores. The extra rent he charged for the furnished apartments, Larry told us, was much more than the old furniture was worth. We were going to be occupying the first unit in his recently completed building. We could see another building in progress right behind that one and a cleared field beyond that for the next building in line.

The door to apartment 'A' flung open and Jasper came bustling out. He was tall, slim and wiry with a shock of snow white hair and an equally white mustache that made him look a bit like Mark Twain. Larry introduces us as 'Two of my best' which made me a little proud. We loaded up our gear and carried it into the apartment. We dumped the stuff in the living room and looked around. There was a threadbare couch and coffee table and a teevee set. Off to the side was a rickety dining table with burn marks all around the edges and a couple of mismatched chairs. Richie wandered down the hall to the bedrooms and when he returned he gave me a quick smile and a thumbs up.

Jasper waved his arms like he was welcoming us into the Taj Mahal. 'Well? What do you think, boys? I know it's not much, but it's better than where you been living, I'm sure!' Larry had told us that Jasper was under the impression that we all lived in tents out on the camp and no amount of explaining seemed to shift that impression. We both made complimentary noises and thanked him for giving us jobs and a place to live. It seemed to mollify him some. Apparently Larry had told him we were arriving with practically nothing and so he set us up with some bedding and towels, a few used pots and pans and had actually just finished putting a few groceries in the fridge. I figured Jasper might not be such a bad sort, after all.

Larry seemed satisfied that we were going to be treated right and after another round of handshakes, he was off. He was going to see his kid sister and sleep in their guest room before heading back up north in the morning. Jasper handed me a set of keys for the place and said 'Now you boys get moved in and take it easy for a couple of days. Come monday morning, however, bright and early I'll be rousting you out and we'll see if you're as good as that old blowhard says you are!' He jerked a thumb over his shoulder at the unfinished buildings behind us and added 'At least you don't have to drive far to work!' And he laughed uproariously at his own joke. He wrote his home phone number down on a slip of paper and gave it to me and said to call him if we needed anything over the weekend. We thanked him again profusely as he left.

I turned away from the front door to our apartment after locking it and Richie was there. He threw his arms around me and buried his head in my chest. I kissed the top of his head and he turned his face up to me and I kissed him long and hard. It had been two weeks since we had been able to be together and it was very hard on the both of us. Most nights it was sheer torture knowing he was in the bunk right above me and wanting me as bad as I wanted him and we didn't dare do anything about it for fear of getting caught.

Now we had our own place and we could sleep together every night and not worry about nightly bed checks or somebody walking in on us. We could fuck on the couch or the dining room table and nobody would be the wiser. Paradise!

Richie took me by the hand and pulled me down the hall and started opening doors. The first room was a small bedroom with a twin bed and a dresser and nightstand and nothing else. 'I guess this is supposed to be my room.' he said wryly. The second door led to a smallish bathroom with a tub and built in shower. Nice, but it just looked like a bathroom to me. The third door opened into a large bedroom with a king sized bed and a large dresser and two nightstands that almost matched each other. I eyed the big bed hungrily and grinned. But Richie kept pulling my hand and walked into the 'master' bathroom. He looked at me and smiled. It had a large 'garden' type bathtub big enough for both of us to get into comfortably! I laughed and said 'I'll bet we are going to be two of the cleanest people in this town. Gonna spend alot of time soaking in there!'

We spent the next hour or so unpacking our gear (such as it was) and moving things around to our taste. We hefted up the dresser from the little bedroom and put it next to the other one. I looked in the closet and was glad of all the space. Of course, neither one of us owned a hanger between us but that would change eventually. And there wasn't bookshelf one in the place, either. That was going to be dealt with soon. I needed my books out where I could see them!

The fridge held a carton of milk, a six pack of soda, some bread, cheese and lunchmeat. There were a couple of teevee dinners in the freezer, some canned soups, a couple bags of chips and two boxes of cereal in the cabinet. A couple of old pots and a skillet were underneath the stove. But there was no silverware, cups or plates! I laughed and shook my head. It was a good thing I still had my camping gear handy. It would have to do until we could get to the store for supplies. Remembering the envelope Larry had given me, I slipped it out of my pocket and looked inside. A thick wad of twenty dollar bills. Wow! Two hundred dollars! I had to remember to call Larry and thank him again. Probably just what we needed to get the rest of the stuff we were missing. I went and rummaged around in my pack and dug out my old army surplus mess kit and the extra cooking gear and utensils and brought them into the kitchen. Just looking at that stuff and remembering back to our cabin in the woods made me smile and made my dick twitch in my pants.

It was late in the evening. Nine o'clock by my watch. It had been a long day and we were both a little tired from the busy day and the long drive. I sat down on the couch, kicked off my boots and stretched my feet out on the coffee table. It felt good to sit down and relax in our own place. Richie came and lay down on the couch and put his head in my lap. I stroked his arm and shoulder with one hand and ran my other through his hair. He smiled and almost purred and snuggled a little closer.

'Our very own place.'

'Mmmm hmmm....' Richie sighed happily as he laid in my lap. I remembered the first time he made noises like that with his head in my lap and I could feel my cock starting to get hard beneath his cheek. His left hand came up and rested on the inside of my thigh, right below the bulge of my prick.

'We can do whatever we want and not worry about getting caught.' He nodded against my crotch, which wasn't helping my situation any at all.

I stroked his cheek and said 'As a matter of fact, I could pull your pants down and fuck you right here on the couch if I wanted to and get away with it.' Richie groaned and squirmed a bit and I saw his ass clench up as his hand squeezed my inner thigh.

'Oh my god' he said 'How do you do that? One sentence and I'm all ready to cream my jeans! Holy crap!' I laughed and reached down to pinch his butt. I said 'Come on, beautiful boy. Let's go take a bath.'

It was a big deep bathtub and we found that we could both get into it more than comfortably. One end was reclined and I leaned back against it. Richie sat between my legs with his hands on my upraised knees and his head back against my chest. The water was steamy hot and full of bubbles. Luckily for us, shampoo works just as good as bubble bath in a pinch. My right hand was rubbing his shoulder and neck and I smoked a cigarette with the other as I enjoyed the luxurious combination of a hot bath and a hot body at the same time.

There were mirrors on the walls around the tub and I enjoyed the sight of my lover leaning against my chest with his eyes closed and a little smile on his face. I stubbed out the cigarette and set the ashtray on the floor. Leaning down to Richies ear I whispered 'I can see you, beautiful boy.' His eyes flew open and looked at our reflection in the mirror. Even though his cheeks were already flushed from the hot water, he grew even redder and turned his face away. As he turned, I leaned down to him and our lips met in a long kiss. My hand slid around his shoulders and down his chest as my other arm turned him towards me and my tongue went into his mouth. Richie moaned against my mouth as my hand slid lower through his curly patch of pubic hair and my fingers wrapped around his beautiful cock. I loved feeling him getting hard and he didn't disappoint me this time either. I was always amazed at how much it seemed to grow when he got hard. And he got hard so quickly when I touched him it made me feel like the most experienced lover in the world.

My hand alternately stroked and squeezed his hard cock and he turned more towards me and wrapped his arms around my neck. He pulled his lips away from mine and buried his face in my shoulder as his breathing got harder and a little ragged.

'Do you like that?' I whispered.

'Oh my god, Rex!' he panted 'I just love it when you touch me. It feels so good you make me feel like my whole body is on fire!' I kept squeezing and stroking him, increasing the pace as I felt his hips start to jerk. He panted and moaned into my ear and I stroked him faster and harder. Finally his whole body stiffened and his arms clutched tightly at my neck as he gave a long shuddering sigh and came. I could feel his sperm shooting out across my hand and arm and it was even hotter than the hot water of our bath. I held him tight as he shivered and moaned and spurted his come out into the tub.

I kissed Richie above his eyebrow as he lay panting against me. His cock was softening in my hand and I gave it one last squeeze which made him hiccup a little and twitch. I asked our usual question 'Was that okay?' He smiled and hugged me tight and said 'Oh my god, Rex! That was awesome! You know just how to touch me to make me come. Are you sure you never did this with anyone else before me?' I shook my head and kissed his brow again. 'You were my first, my beautiful boy. My first man, anyway. And my only man. The rest of the world is going to have to take care of it's own needs. I've got you now and I'm not letting you go. You are all I want in this world, my beautiful boy.'

We showered off and had fun getting each other soapy and clean. It was slippery and fun and I had a feeling we would be spending alot of time in the shower and tub together. In the four months Richie and I had known each other, this was the first time we were both comfortable and carefree and I think we both went a little nuts with the freedom. I had to keep reminding myself we were still in Idaho and this was still the 80's and I'm pretty sure if Jasper found out about us we would be both jobless and homeless pretty quickly. But for the time being, we enjoyed what we had. It was enough.

After making double sure all the drapes were closed, we padded into the kitchen naked and made sandwiches on the metal dishes from my messkit and piled them with chips. We sat nude on the couch while we ate and flipped through the teevee channels. We watched the news and ate sandwiches and chips and drank sodas and were perfectly relaxed. Richie got up and took his dish to the kitchen and disappeared down the hall. I heard water running and assumed he had gone to the bathroom. When he returned he stood right in front of the teevee and looked at me with a smile on his face. I could see he had an erection and it stood out in front of him like a flagpole. It never took him long to recover! He smiled at me impishly and said 'I think it's time, old man. Don't you?' He took my dish and my hand and pulled me up from the couch. In passing he set the metal plate down on the kitchen table and pulled me down the hall. I just smiled and followed.

The bedroom was dimly lit from the bathroom light. Just enough light to see by and be considered 'romantic'. I was going to have to add some candles to my shopping list! Richie gently pushed me back onto the bed. I crawled in and slid towards the middle and lay on my side watching him. My cock was already starting to get hard in anticipation. I saw him fiddle with something on the nightstand and I saw my old metal coffee cup with steam rising out of it and one of the tubes of lubricant sticking out of the top. I smiled and wondered who it was going to be for. Richie seemed to be in a sort of 'take charge' mood so I figured I would just wait and see.

He crawled into bed with me and pushed me over on my back and brought his lips down to mine. As we kissed he climbed on top of me and straddled my hips and his hard prick pressed into my belly. I ran my fingers up and down his spine and reached down to cup his asscheeks in my hands. He ground his hips and his cock into my belly as he kissed me hungrily. I could feel the precome leaking out of his hard prick and rubbing all over my belly. Hey, we had hot water. I didn't mind.

After a few minutes Richie raised up on his arms and looked down at me. He was sweating slightly and his cheeks were flushed with desire. He said 'I think it's time you fucked me, old man. But this time I want to watch your face as it goes in!' He crawled off of me over to the side of the bed and grabbed the warm lube out of the water and handed it to me. He also grabbed a hand towel off the nightstand and laid it beside me. He said 'You get me ready and I'll get you ready.' With that he turned around and crawled on top of me again facing the other way with his knees straddling my chest and his ass just below my chin. I could feel him take my cock in his hand and stroke me lightly as he began rubbing his lips up and down my shaft.

I squeezed a portion of the lube on two fingers and parted Richies asscheeks and started smearing the lube all around the entrance to his tight little asshole. I went around and around until I felt his butt start to relax just a little. Then I got a little more lube and pressed one finger right into his entrance and put pressure on it. Richie sighed and pressed backwards just a little and my finger slowly worked its way inside his ass. He sighed again and said 'Oh my god' softly as I worked slowly in and out of his butt. I could feel his lips right on the tip of my cock and he parted them and took me inside his warm mouth. It was my turn to say 'Oh my god' and I had to hold still for just a moment. The sight of my fingers working in and out of his ass and his warm soft mouth sucking me was almost too much. I diverted myself by getting a little more lubricant and sliding a second finger inside with the first one. My cock popped out of his mouth and he took a deep breath and said 'Oooooh...' and then 'Yessssss......' as the two fingers went in to the hilt and began working around inside him. As soon as he caught his breath, he continued sucking my cock with abandon.

I was about to slide a third finger inside when Richie suddenly pulled his mouth away from my cock and leaned forward. My fingers slowly slid out of his ass and his rectal ring squeezed my fingers like it was reluctant to let me go. He climbed off of me and grabbed the lubricant and put a generous dollop of it on the head of my cock and smeared it around. We both wiped our hands on the towel and I tossed it aside.

Richie turned around and climbed back on top of me, my hard cock pressing between his hot asscheeks. He raised up on his knees, reached behind him and guided the head of my prick to his asshole and slowly began to press backwards. His eyes stared straight into my face as I entered him. I could feel the soft skin of his asscheeks against the sensitive head of my cock and then the firm rubbery ring as it spasmed and then slowly opened and let me inside of him. As the head of my cock slipped past the tight ring, we both gasped. Richie froze for a second, swallowed hard, and then continued pressing back, taking more and more of me inside his tight little ass until he sat straight up on my crotch, completely impaled on my cock. My hands were resting on the tops of his thighs, stroking his smooth skin. His hardon had gone down just a little but as I watched it grew hard and stood straight out again. I started to reach for him and he grabbed my hands.

'No' he said 'If you do that I'll come too soon. I want this to last awhile. That is...' he added 'If you don't mind.' I chuckled and stroked his cheek. 'Make it last as long as you want, beautiful boy. I don't mind at all.' Richie leaned forward and put his hands against my chest and began to rock slowly up and down on my cock, sliding just a little up and down at first then moving just a little more each time. My hands slid up and down his arms and over his shoulders, down his back and clutched his hard warm asscheeks as he fucked himself on top of me.

I was entranced watching his cock bob up and down as he moved on me and I reached around and felt my cock sliding in and out of his asshole with every movement. It felt so good I thought I could pop off any second. Richies tight hot ass was the greatest thing I had ever sunk my dick into in my entire life. Looking up into his face I could see his eyes were tightly closed, his cheeks flushed and his mouth hung slightly open as he panted. I started moving my hips with his, making each stroke just a little bit longer and driving my hard cock up into his body as he came down. My hands closed on his waist and I started fucking him as hard as I could. Richie would grunt softly with every stroke and as we moved faster and harder he began panting like a long distance runner. I could feel the come boiling around in my balls and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.

'I'm going to come inside you, Richie.'

'Yesss' he hissed.

'I'm going to fill your hot tight little ass with my come.'

'Oh god' His hips started to jerk uncontrollably on top of me.

'Are you going to come for me?'

'Oh god yes, Rex!'

'Then come for me, beautiful boy. Come for me now!'

Little lights started popping in my eyes and I could feel my come rushing upward shooting past the tight ring of his ass squeezing me so tightly. I grabbed his hips hard and pressed him down to my crotch and drove up into him as far as I could and began spraying his bowels with my come. Richie sat straight up on me and cried out and his cock started spewing ribbons of sperm all over my chest and belly, a few droplets hitting me in the chin. I grabbed his cock in my hand to keep him from spattering the bed and he jerked like he'd been hit with electricity and I could feel more of his hot come shooting into my hand. And when he jerked his ass clamped down around my cock like a hot velvet fist and I came a second time deep inside him.

Richie was leaning back slightly and his face was bright red and he was holding his breath. I slapped him lightly on the chest and said 'Breathe, boy!' I gave his still hard cock another squeeze and he gasped and cried out and came into my hand a third time, shuddering hard and gasping for breath. His hand pushed mine away from his prick and he said 'Oh my god, you're trying to kill me!' We both sat very still for a few moments, afraid that if either one of us moved it would set us off again. As much as I loved coming in Richies ass, twice in one minute was enough and I was afraid if I did it again I might suffer some permanent damage.

Eventually my cock softened and I could feel it slipping backwards out of his tight ass. Richie raised his hips a little and as the head of my cock popped out he twitched and squeaked and shuddered just a little. He climbed shakily off of me and started to lay face down on the bed. I stopped him and pointed to the bathroom. 'Shower, young man. Right now!' He moaned and complained but climbed off the bed with trembling knees and went. I got up right after him and surveyed the bed. There was a big sweat stain in the middle where I had laid and a few spatterings of our mixed jism here and there. I turned the bedspread back and tossed it into the corner. I mentally added a few real big towels to our shopping list.

Richie had the shower going and was inside leaning weakly against the wall under the spray. I stepped into the shower and gathered him into my arms under the hot water. He turned his face up to me and I kissed him long and hard, then broke away and gathered up soap and a washcloth and shampoo. Starting with his sweat matted hair I washed him thoroughly all the way down until he was squeaky clean again. Then I slapped him on the butt and told him to get dried off and go to bed. After he climbed out I set to scrubbing myself down as thoroughly as I had him.

When I was clean and dry again I wrapped the towel around my waist (an old habit hard to break) and stepped out into the bedroom. Richie was in the middle of the bed under the covers, seemingly asleep. I went down the hall to the living room and started tidying up and turning off the lights. When everything was tidy and secure, I returned to our bedroom, tossed the towel into the corner and climbed under the covers next to Richie and lay on my back. He turned over and snuggled his shoulder into my armpit and laid his head on my chest, his arm going across my waist.

'I love you Rex' he said sleepily.

I kissed his damp hair and hugged him. 'Love you too, beautiful boy.'

The next morning I awoke early and Richie was still snoring into his pillow. I slipped out of bed and got dressed quietly and shut the bedroom door. There were things we needed and I intended to venture out and obtain a few of them early enough that we could spend the rest of our day just relaxing. Actually, I wanted to spend the day in bed with my indefatigable little lover and intended to get an early start. I wrote a quick note saying I was out getting supplies and left it where he would find it. It took me several minutes to completely empty out my pack and I slung it over my shoulder and left. On the way in the night before I had noticed a fairly large grocery store a couple of blocks away and intended to make that my first stop.

That early on a saturday morning there weren't that many people out shopping yet. One of the clerks let me leave my pack at the front counter and I grabbed a basket and set out gathering supplies. So many things we needed and so many we wanted! I had to resist some of the 'wants' and stuck mainly to the 'needs'. I stocked us up on toilet paper and soap and shampoo and laundry soap. I grabbed some more bread and cheese and lunchmeat and eggs and coffee and a few more canned goods, enough that I thought would last us for a while. And a box of candles. We needed a few of those around the place. I grinned to myself.

After I checked out I tried to fit all of my purchases into my pack, but no matter how I tried it wouldn't all fit. I settled for the heaviest stuff in the pack and the light stuff in plastic bags. Then I set out for home.

Home. What a nice word. And the thought of my hot little beautiful boy waiting for me when I got there made me walk even faster.

On the way back I noticed a Salvation Army thrift store about a half a block off one of the side streets. I detoured down there and went inside. Luckily they were used to seeing road people come in with their packs and let me stow my pile in the corner. I nabbed a stack of plates and some silverware and cooking utensils that they only wanted a nickel apiece for. I scored a set of sheets and some big bath towels and some kitchen towels. And an old fashioned percolator coffee pot. Yay!

As I was checking out the lady behind the counter eyed my pile of stuff and the load I had brought in and asked 'Young man, do you have far to go?'

I shook my head. 'No Ma'am. Just a couple of blocks, thank goodness. We just moved into an apartment and we don't have anything. I'm sure I'll be back here for more stuff as soon as I get paid again.'

She pointed over to a rack and said 'There's a folding grocery cart over there you might be interested in. It will hold alot of stuff and we are only asking five dollars for it. If you want it, I will give it to you for three.'

I grinned and said 'Deal!'

The cart was perfect and it held everything I had bought that I couldn't fit into my pack. It made the rest of the walk home alot easier.

Richie was awake and dressed when I came in. He kissed me good morning as soon as the door was shut and we set to unpacking our new found treasures. He cheered when he saw the coffee pot and washed it out and set us up some coffee immediately. We were both tired of drinking instant. And I had scored us a couple of ceramic coffee cups at the thrift store so we wouldn't have to use my old metal ones. Yay!

We spent the morning being 'domestic'... doing laundry and washing up our new dishes and rearranging things the way we wanted them. We could have run around the place naked again if we had wanted to, but when we started getting other people in the building I didn't want us to be in that habit. Now if we had us a farmhouse way out in the country, maybe........

After lunch I broke out the cribbage board and we played a few games and I found myself getting horny. Not an unusual thing for me with Richie in the same room. I wanted him so badly all the time it was hard to find time to do other things besides fucking and sucking. But here we were in our own private place with nothing better to do, so why not? I grinned to myself and formulated a plan.

Richie had gone down to the bedroom for something and I went and hid myself in the hall bathroom. As he walked by I jumped out and pinned him against the wall and kissed him hard and deep. After his initial surprise he moaned against my mouth as I kissed him. Dropping a hand to the waistline of his sweats, my fingers dove inside and grabbed his cock and was rewarded getting to feel him getting hard in my hand. I pulled my lips away from his and dropped to my knees in front of him and jerked his sweat pants down to his ankles. Richies hard cock sprang up in front of my face and I immediately sucked it into my mouth, my hands gripping his asscheeks. He gasped and moaned and his hands clutched at my hair as I sucked on his cock. I kept one hand firmly on his ass and I brought the other one around and between his legs to cup his balls in my hand as I sucked him deep into my mouth and back out, my tongue swirling around the purple head of his cock before taking him deep again.

Richies knees were trembling and I leaned my body against his legs and sucked him faster and harder until he bucked his hips against my mouth, cried out and came, his hot come shooting into the back of my throat. I swallowed his come, eagerly and greedily as he pulled at my hair and bucked and shivered through his orgasm. Other than coming myself, there was little I enjoyed more than making my beautiful boy come hard and fast. My own cock was hard and leaking little drops of precome on my leg, but I figured that could wait until part two of my plan later.

I held him in my mouth until he had stopped trembling and with one last kiss on the tip, released him and stood up to take him in my arms. On the way up I pulled his sweats back up around his waist and wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. I held him until he quit shaking and led him back to the table and sat him down in his chair. I sat down opposite him, picked up the deck of cards and said 'OK, whose crib is it now?' Richie laughed weakly and laid his head down on the table.

About an hour later I told Richie to go down to the hall bathroom and take a hot bath and relax. He could tell I had something planned but he didn't ask any questions and went. After I heard the water stop running I went down to our bedroom and prepared a few things.

After he had been in there soaking for a half an hour or so I knocked on the door and told him to come out. A moment or two later he stepped out the door with a towel wrapped around his hips. I kissed him and asked 'Do you love me?' He nodded and said 'Of course I do, Rex. You know I love you.' I then asked 'Do you trust me?' He nodded again. So I said 'Turn around and close your eyes.' When he did so I took a six inch wide strip I had cut from the bottom of an old black t-shirt, folded it in half and tied it over his eyes as a blindfold. I turned him back around and asked 'Do you still trust me?' He nodded again and I crossed his wrists in front of him and tied them together with a length of rope, leaving a piece about two feet long hanging down in front. I pulled the towel from around his waist and tossed it on the bathroom floor, grabbed the rope leading to his wrists and led him down the hall to the bedroom.

In the bottom compartment of my backpack I had a coil of quarter inch rope nearly fifty feet long that I had carried for over a year and never used once. I figured if I hadn't used it for anything useful by now I might as well use it for something fun. Aside from the piece I had tied around Richies wrists, I had cut four other chunks and tied them to the corners of the bedframe. Of course, he couldn't see that through the blindfold. I was hoping it was going to be a pleasant surprise. The bedspread from the little bed was in the middle of our mattress with a beachtowel over that to contain any mess we might make. We both disliked sleeping in the sticky spots. I slapped him playfully on the ass and had him crawl up onto the bed. I maneuvered him around and rolled him over on his stomach in the middle with his arms up over his head. Slipping down to the foot of the bed, I grabbed Richies ankles and spread his legs wide apart and tied each of them to a corner of the bed. Richie lifted his head and asked 'What are you doing?' I crawled up until I straddled his hips, leaned down to his ear and said 'I'm going to tie you down and fuck your brains out. You have any objections?' He just shook his head and laid it back down.

Untying his wrists momentarily, I grabbed the top ropes and quickly tied him to the top of the bed so he was spread eagle face down on the mattress. Then I climbed off the bed to strip off my clothes and admire my handiwork. My cock was rock hard and all I really wanted to do was slip a pillow under his slim hips and fuck him hard in the ass right them and there. But that would have been over too quickly and I wanted this to last awhile.

One of the items I had restocked at the grocery store was our supply of baby oil. I poured some of it into my smaller squeeze bottle and set it and a tube of lubricant in a cup of hot water by the bed. I climbed back on the bed and straddled Richies hips and began rubbing warm oil into his back, kneading the muscles in his shoulders and feeling him loosen up and relax under my fingers. I moved back just a little until the shaft of my cock was resting between his ass cheeks. I asked quietly 'Do you remember our very first fuck?' Richies cheeks tightened up and then loosened just a little underneath me. 'In that cold leaky little cabin in the woods' I continued 'and I rubbed warm oil on your back just like this...And then I parted your asscheeks like this and pour a little warm oil and watched it run down your ass' And I dumped a little oil down between his cheeks and kneaded his muscles some more. 'And then I turned you over on your back... ' I whispered... 'And put your ankles up on my shoulders...' I could see his hands clenching and unclenching on the ropes that held him still and his hips moved under me. 'And I stuck my hard cock right up inside your virgin ass and fucked you hard.' Richie moaned and pulled at the ropes and squirmed. I asked 'Do you remember that?' Richie moaned again and said 'I remember, Rex! Please fuck me. I want you inside me.' I laughed and slapped his ass and said 'Oh no. Not yet, junior. I have other things in mind.'

Like the very first time, I worked all of the muscles I could reach, rubbing in warm oil and forcing him to relax. Once I had finished with his back I untied him and turned him over and retied him back to the bed. And I started again with the oil and my hands, rubbing and massaging his whole body. Richies prick had gone soft as he relaxed but as I began working my way up his legs and thighs, I saw it began to stir and slowly get hard. I worked my way all around his cock and balls, getting close but never quite touching them. I would work one hand up and down his belly from his ribs down to his pubic hair and the other on the inside of his thigh right up to almost touching him, but not quite. Richie was pulling against the ropes and panting just a little. By now his cock was hard and standing straight up. I leaned forward and sucked one of his nipples in my mouth and nibbled it with my teeth. Richie gasped and writhed on the bed. I leaned down the other way and took his hard cock deep in my mouth and slowly, slowly sucked my way up to the tip and released it. He groaned aloud and wiggled his hips, trying to find my mouth again. I moved up his body until I straddled his arm, placed a hand on his forehead and laid the head of my cock against his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked greedily on my cock, his tongue swirling around the head. My hand on his forehead controlling his movement and making him move slowly. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

When my cock was nice and hard in his mouth (which didn't take too long) I pulled away from his lips, moved down and sucked him back into my mouth again. Richie bucked his hips upward, trying to thrust into my mouth, but I laid my forearm across his lower belly and held him still. I only stayed there for a few seconds, as I didn't want him to come just yet, and again pulled away from him. He moaned and said 'Oh my god! You're killing me!' I just laughed. I leaned forward and sucked one of his nipples, biting him softly. Richie jerked and moaned and pulled at the ropes.

Climbing down from the bed, I walked around to the other side of the bed and pulled the tube of lubricant from the cup of hot water. I popped the top and squeezed some onto my fingers and quickly lubed up my own ass, pressing some inside me and then climbed back up on the bed. Coming at him from the other side, I once again straddled his arm and stuck my cock in his hot mouth and let him suck on me for a moment while I got another dollop of lube on my fingers. Richies cock was still hard and standing straight up. I pulled out of his mouth, wiped the warm lube down the length of his cock and in one quick motion straddled his hips, placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass and pressed downward. Richie gasped and bucked his hips upward, spearing my ass on his cock.

It wasn't the first time I had felt his cock inside my ass. We had tried it a few times before. As I had suspected, I didn't enjoy him fucking me anywhere near as much as I liked fucking him, but I did so love giving him pleasure and I enjoyed the sensation of him shooting his come inside me. I leaned back and let his cock sink all the way into my ass and held him still with my weight. Even if he was going to fuck me, I was going to control the pace.

I sat still until I got used to the feeling of him being inside and just squeezed him with my ass muscles. I reached forward and pinched both of his nipples, which made him gasp and moan and I felt his prick twitch inside me. Then I placed both hands flat on his chest and rocked forward and let him slide almost all the way out before I slowly slid back down. Richie was pulling on the ropes with his wrists and his ankles so hard I was afraid he was going to end up with marks. I thought next time I might invest in some soft scarves or something. I rocked back and forth slowly and moved up and down just a little, trying to make him last as long as I could, prolonging his orgasm until he couldn't stand it anymore.

I fucked myself atop his hard cock slowly and expertly, drawing it out. When I sensed he was getting close to coming, I would stop and clench him tight with my rectal ring until he had subsided a little bit before continuing. It went on until the flush from his cheeks spread all the way down his chest nearly to his pubes. Richies teeth were clenched tight together and his hands were white from clenching on the ropes. I decided it was time and began moving up and down on him faster and faster, his hard cock sliding in and out of my ass. Richie bucked his hips upwards and as I leaned forwards and pinched his nipples hard with my fingers, he shuddered, cried out and came in long spurts into my ass. I loved feeling him come inside of me. It was almost enough to make me come right then and there but I wanted something more. I rode him and squeezed him inside me until he stopped spurting.

Leaning forward, I let his still hard cock slip out of my ass. I climbed off of the top of my lovers body and quickly untied the ropes binding his legs. Grabbing an ankle in each hand, I spread him out wide and pushed his knees up to his chest. I flipped the top off the tube of lubricant and shot a glob of it right onto his anus. Still tied down and blindfolded, Richie could do little more than say 'Wha... uh....' as I leaned forward and put the head of my cock at the opening of his ass and pushed forward. Richie said 'Oh!' and then 'Owooooo' as my cock entered him rather roughly. He curled his toes hard and cried 'Oh my god!' as I sank into his ass to the hilt.

I looked down and watched the entire scene as my hard cock slid all the way into his ass. That was still one of the hottest things I had ever seen in my life. I didn't believe I would ever get tired of seeing that. I gave him just a second to get used to the feeling then withdrew all the way to the tip and slid it home again. Richie was turning his face side to side and saying 'Oh my god... oh my god..' over and over again. His hands were clenched tight on the ropes holding his wrists and his cock, which had softened a little after coming inside me, was once again hard and standing straight up. He had wonderful powers of recuperation, my lover.

I grabbed the tops of his thighs and used them for leverage as I began to fuck him hard. As excited as I was, I knew I wasn't going to last too long. Sometimes just thinking about fucking him made me want to come and the sight of him tied down, blindfolded and helpless beneath me while I ravaged him with my prick was too much. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I wondered if I could make him come again so soon. It was worth a try. I reached around and wrapped my hand around his hard bobbing prick and started stroking him in time to my hard thrusts into his ass. Richie began bucking his hips up into me and his breath came shorter and faster as me moved together. He began wiggling and writhing underneath me and I saw his toes curl up hard again and I knew he was going to come. I increased me tempo, fucking him harder and harder and stroking his rock hard cock in my fist.

Finally I could take no more and I drove my way all the way inside of him and started to come, shooting thick ribbons of come deep inside of his ass. Feeling me come inside of him, Richie howled and his legs clamped tight around me and he came again too. Although he had just come not five minutes before, he shot come all over his own chest and belly as I was still filling his insides up with my own. My arms were shaking and I thought I might fall over. I released his legs and moved so I could rest on my elbows. Richie wrapped his legs around my back and pulled me tight to him, keeping my cock firmly embedded in his asshole. Shakily, one hand at a time, I reached up and undid the ropes on his wrists and freed his hands. Richie clutched at my back with his arms and legs and he clung to me as he gasped and shuddered through his ebbing orgasm. We lay together and panted, sweat dripping off of my forehead onto the towel beneath us.

Richie held me until my cock softened enough to slip out of him. He shivered a little and sighed and his grip on me relaxed. I raised myself up on my elbows, planted a kiss on his nose and rolled off to the side to lay briefly on my back. Instanty the sweat on me started to dry and I got goose bumps and I could feel the residue of his come all over my belly. I rolled off the bed and headed for the shower. I started the water running and went back to the bed, grabbed one corner of the towel and drug it and Richie to the side of the mattress. 'Come on, sport.' I said. 'Time to get hosed off!' As usual, he whined about just letting him sleep, but there was no way I was letting him doze off with all that mess all over him. Not while we had an ample supply of hot water, anyway. We showered off and dried each other and Richie climbed into bed and was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. I went down and made sure the doors were locked, turned out the lights and crawled in bed beside him. It had been a long day. A good one, but long.

On Sunday morning I arose early and started a pot of coffee going and went out to the corner and grabbed a sunday paper. I undressed and crawled back into bed and sat there and smoked and drank coffee and read the funnies. Not long after that Richie climbed sleepily out of bed and went into the bathroom. He came back and squirmed himself up under my arm and laid his head on my chest as I read. I touseled his hair and he murmered sleepily. 'How long have you been up?' he asked. 'Just long enough to get the paper and some coffee.' I said. 'It's too cold outside and I figured back in our warm bed was the best place to spend the day.' He squirmed lazily next to me. Richies sleep-warm body felt good next to mine. I thought about doing the crossword puzzle, but that would have entailed getting out of bed for a pencil. The puzzle would have to wait. Instead I decided to try and solve the jumble in my head.

I was trying to unscramble the word 'ylepes' in my head when I felt a warm hand softly stroking my inner thigh from my knee almost up to my crotch, getting closer a fraction of an inch at a time. Just the notion of his warm little hand that close to my cock made it twitch and start filling with blood in anticipation. Even though we had fucked our brains out for the last two days solid, obviously the excitement hadn't worn off. Richie sighed softly against my chest as his hand wrapped around my semi-hard prick and began stroking me gently. I tried hard to pretend not to notice, rattling the paper a little and taking another hit off of my cigarette. I heard him say 'Hmmm....' and his head disappeared under the covers and I felt him pull my foreskin back all the way and suck me into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the head of my cock. The feel of his warm lips and tongue almost made my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure. Richie slid his body sideways on the bed to get more comfortable and moved his mouth up and down my hard prick.

I tossed the paper to the floor and stubbed out my cigarette in the ashtray. I slid the covers off of Richies head and wrapped my fingers in his hair gently as he sucked me. Looking down at him I said 'Richard Drummond.'

He rolled over slightly so he could look at me and my cock popped out of his mouth.


'Do you want me to fuck you?'

He frowned a little, as in thought, then shook his head.

'Not right now.' He said. 'I'm busy.'

'All right, then.'

He rolled back over and took my cock back in his mouth, his head bobbing up and down in my lap. I slipped my other hand under the covers and slid it down his warm back to cup his soft buttocks in my palm. Richie slowly rotated his hips under my touch. I kneaded the soft yet firm flesh of his ass while his hot mouth worked it's magic on my prick. I marveled at my good fortune at that moment. A nice place to live, a warm bed to sleep in and my beautiful boy sucking my cock with nothing on his mind more than my pleasure. Paradise.

It was with that thought in my mind and his warm bottom in my hand a few minutes later that I lifted my hips with a groan and shot my load of come into his mouth. I could feel the extra suction on my cock as he swallowed my come and it sent electric shocks all the way up my spine to my hair. I thought idly that if I could find a way to package and sell that feeling, I would be a rich man. Then I looked down at the back of my lovers head as he busily sucked away on my prick and realized that I was a rich man indeed. What else could a man want?

Richie finally released my cock fom his mouth with a last kiss. He turned over and looked up into my face as he licked his lips and said 'What's for breakfast?'

He did have a way of making me face the day with a laugh.

We did manage to spend most of the day in bed. We didn't spend the whole time having sex, but it did take up a good part of the day, including one long slow '69' that lasted for almost an hour. That was nice. We did the crossword puzzle together and played cribbage, ate lunch and dinner there. We did crawl out of bed long enough to take a long hot soak in the tub together and I ended up fucking him in the shower. It seemed like a good way to spend the last day of our weekend.

On Monday morning we both went to work for Jasper Duggins. As I thought, he wasn't a bad sort to work for. We ended up staying with him for five years before we moved on.

Like I said, that was almost thirty years ago. Richie and I now live in a large farmhouse in Oregon. And we are still very happy together.



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