I guess that since Richie was a virgin when I met him, that it was only a matter of time before he had an encounter with a woman. For over a year now I had been his first and only sexual partner.

We had met in the conservation camp and fell in love with each other in a small ramshackle cabin deep in the woods. For me, it had been my first sexual experience with a man and quite an eye-opening event. For Richie, it had been his first experience period. I had been with a few women before him, but his world view had been somewhat limited, having led somewhat of a sheltered life before being sent to the camp.

I had no complaints. I was in love with him and he with me. And his hot little body kept me sexually satisfied all of the time. We had had sex in every room of our little apartment from the kitchen to both bathrooms, even in the hallway when we couldn't wait to walk to the bedroom.

To put it simply: Richard Drummond was the hottest fuck I had ever met in my life. It was all I could do to keep my mind on my work while I burned to get home and climb into bed with him again.

We had been living in our apartment for about four months, working for Jasper Duggins Construction. I was running the heavy equipment for the new buildings Jasper was starting and Richie was doing the drywall and paint for the ones being finished. I had been working on the other side of town on a new department store site while my partner was only two blocks away from the house working on another apartment building soon to be opened. We didn't get to see each other during the day, but it made coming home so much sweeter. Richie always greeted me as I came in with a hug and a long deep kiss.

On this Friday in March however, it was just a little different. I walked into the apartment and shut the door. Richie came from around the corner stark naked, sporting a huge erection and threw himself into my arms. I was a little startled (even though it had happened before) but I had learned to live with my little lovers capricious moods. I tilted his chin up and kissed him deeply as his arms wrapped tight around my chest. He moaned into my mouth and I could feel his hips bucking up against me as his hard prick rubbed against the crotch of my jeans. Just as suddenly he pulled away and looked up at me.

'Hurry and get in the shower.' He said, 'I need you to fuck me.'

With that he took my hand and pulled me down the hall towards our bedroom. I just smiled and shook my head. I knew what kind of mood he was in and just went with the flow. Whenever Richie had something deep on his mind, he always wanted a good hard fucking to blow out the cobwebs. I didn't mind that one bit. If there was one thing in this world I loved more than fucking his tight little ass, I couldn't think of it.

In the bedroom I stripped off my clothes and headed to the shower. Richie, as he always did, emptied my pockets for me and tossed my dirty clothes in the hamper. Early in our relationship, Richie had developed domestic tendencies and I had encouraged them. Even though we were no longer living in that little tiny closet of a room at the camp, we both had gotten into the habit of keeping our living area tidy.

When I stepped into the shower and got the water running, I half expected Richie to join me under the spray. The shower and the large garden tub that came with it was one of our favorite places to play. We had spent many a chilly winter night immersed in steamy water and fucking our brains out. If those shower walls could talk, they would moan in ecstasy. My cock started stiffening as I remembered the good times we had in there. When it seemed I was to shower alone, I washed up quickly and got out, drying off with a large fluffy towel.

Stepping into the bedroom, I saw that Richie had laid one of our big beach towels (the ones we dubbed 'fuck towels') on the bed and was lying on top of it, slowly stroking his hard prick with his eyes half closed. His other hand was behind him and I could barely see, between his spread thighs, two well-lubed fingers busily moving in and out of his tight asshole. My! He was in a mood! I stood for a moment and just watched. I loved seeing my beautiful boy naked. And seeing him like that, getting his ass ready for my hard cock was almost enough to make me shoot off right then and there.

Richie opened his eyes and spun around so he was on his stomach on the edge of the bed and reached for my already stiff cock. I stepped forward and he wrapped his hand around my shaft and pulled me close enough that he could take me into his warm sucking mouth. Not even taking time out for any preliminaries, he just tugged my foreskin back and took the head of my cock into his mouth, sucking on me hard and fast.

One of my hands rested on his shoulder while the other twined in his thick black hair as his head bobbed back and forth on my prick. I looked down the smooth lines of his slim back and I could see his hips slowly grinding against the bed and the gleam of the lubricant that he had already smeared between his hard clenched ass cheeks.

'You sure know' I said, a little huskily 'how to make me want to fuck you. Not... ' I added 'that you really have to try all that hard.'

I leaned back a little to look down at his face, tugging him by the hair just a little to tip his head back and see his mouth filled with my hard cock.

'Richard Drummond'

He rolled his eyes up to look at me, his mouth never leaving my prick.

'Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?'

He nodded and moaned a little. 'Mmmmmmm-hmmmmm!'

With that he pulled his mouth off of my cock and took my hand to pull me up onto the bed with him. He maneuvered us around so that he was on his back and I was on top of him, between his spread thighs. When I was in place he lifted his legs and put his feet up on my shoulders, then reached down between our bodies to grasp my cock and pull it towards his waiting ass.

'I've been waiting for this all day.' he moaned. 'Please fuck my ass, Rex! I need you inside me!'

Wondering about his insistence but not wanting to take the time to analyze it, I pressed forward as his small warm hand guided my prick to the opening of his ass and in. Richie gasped and whined a little as the head of my cock split the ring of muscle guarding his anus, but kept pulling me forward until I was buried in his ass all the way.

I held still for a moment until the shock of my initial entry subsided a little. Richies toes were curled up tight and his hands and ass clutched at me and he moaned 'Ohhhhh........ oh my god.... oh my god... ohhhh.... oh my god..' over and over. His sphincter was squeezing me so tight it felt like my prick would pop like a water balloon. It always felt like heaven having my prick buried in his ass.

After the spasms in his ass had slowed a little and he relaxed, I pulled out slightly and slid back into him. Richie bucked his hips up into me to meet my thrust. I took this as a good sign that he was ready and began slowly fucking in and out of his tight clenching hole, just taking my time fucking him, not in a great hurry to be done. Sometimes we liked to fuck hard and fast and some days we took our time, depending on the mood. I was waiting to be sure what mood my love was in.

Sure enough, I saw his hand fluttering around his hard prick bobbing up and down between us. He would touch it, then let go like he was afraid of what might happen. I could see that he was desperate to come but didn't want it to happen too fast. At least, not without my encouragement.

'Richie' His eyes flew open and he looked up at me as I fucked him.

'You were stroking your cock while I was in the shower.'

He nodded. 'Wanted to be ready for you, Rex. Wanted you so bad I almost couldn't wait.'

'Is your cock still hard?' I asked, already knowing the answer.

He nodded. 'Just thinking about you fucking me gets me hard.'

'Take it in your hand.'

His hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock. I could see the precum dribbling from the tip and knew he was real close to shooting off.

I began thrusting into him harder and faster, the force of my thrusts making his hand slip up and down on his prick of it's own accord. Richie began panting and I could feel his legs tighten against my shoulders.

'Do you want to come for me?'

'Oh yes.' He panted, 'I want to come so bad. Fuck me and make me come, Rex.' He looked up at me again, desperation in his tone. 'Fill me with your cock and your come! Come inside me, Rex! Come inside me!'

I started slamming my cock into his ass hard and fast, the impact from my thrusts rocking his body and making his fist slide up and down on his prick. His thighs tightened, almost pushing me up out of him and I had to lean on them hard to keep my prick buried in his asshole. I grabbed hold of his upper arms for leverage as I fucked him. I could feel my own orgasm peaking and it became a race to the finish line. I could see Richies face was red from the exertion and desire and the only sounds were the slap slap slap of flesh against flesh and the inarticulate grunts and growls issuing from our throats.

Finally I could take it no longer. Richie began bucking his hips against me hard into my thrusts and his hand on his prick was almost a blur. I sank my cock into him all they way and began filling his ass with my cum just as he howled and began spraying his own juice all over his chest and belly. We were thrusting and writhing together so hard I was afraid we might tumble off the bed.

We stayed in that position for long minutes, the both of us sweating and gasping for breath. The spasms of his rectal ring squeezing my cock was sending little electric shocks up and down my spine. At long last we subsided and my softening prick slipped out of his butt, leaving a sticky puddle on the towel between his cheeks. I rolled to the side and Richie cuddled into me, spooning against my body, his sticky little ass pressing into my belly. My right arm went around his chest and I could feel his heart beating hard against his rib cage.

I kissed the back of his sweaty neck and whispered 'Whatever it is that's on your mind, it must be a doozy!'

He just nodded, without saying a word.

'You going to tell me or do I have to play Twenty Questions?'

'There's a girl on our paint crew...' he began, then stopped.

'There are several of them, if I recall. Any one in particular?'

He nodded again, his damp hair against my chin. 'You remember Jenny?'

I had to think, as it had been a few weeks since I had seen any of the inside crew, and they tended to come and go. Then I remembered. 'The little bitty redhead? She's the one got you all hot and bothered?' I thought again for a second and added 'I thought everyone decided she was a lesbian.'

'Apparently not. Or maybe she's changing sides. I don't know....' He sighed and paused for a second, then turned his head like he was going to look at me then turned his face back down into the pillow. He muttered something inaudible and when I asked him to repeat it he said 'She kissed me!'

'Did you like it?'

Richie shrugged. 'It was okay, I guess. A little weird.' He turned and faced me and laid his head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around his back and waited. I was sure there was something more.

After a few seconds Richie blurted out 'Jenny asked me to go out with her! She said she liked me and it would be fun. She said I was cute!'

Well....... this was interesting. It was the same situation I was in when Richie first told me that he loved me. Just reversed gender-wise. Could I end up losing my little hot bodied lover to a girl? I didn't really think that was going to happen, but I was a great believer in letting things occur just to see how they would play out. Besides, I figured it was going to happen sooner or later. Richie was awfully cute and I knew the girls were going to notice him at one point or another. And I was secure enough in our relationship to think it could pass this test.

'Well, at least she's got good taste.' I said. 'After all, you aren't too hard to look at. Generally, anyway...'

Richie looked up at me with a worried frown and I chuckled and kissed him hard and deep, pulling him up onto my chest as our lips met. He groaned into my lips in frustration. When I released his mouth from mine I put my forehead against his and said 'I take it back. You are the most beautiful man I have ever met in my life. I love you more and more every day and I will love you forever. Feel better?'

He nodded and laid his head back down on my chest. 'I love you too, Rex.' he said. 'But what am I going to do about Jenny?'

'Well.... ' I said 'I guess you have several options. You could just ignore her or tell her flat out that you aren't interested. But I don't think either one of those is a good idea. You would hurt her feelings and piss her off.'

Richie shook his head against my chest. 'I don't want to hurt her feelings. I like her too. Even if she is a girl.'

That made me smile and almost laugh. But I didn't laugh. He might think I was making fun of him. It was ironically funny watching him go through what he had put me through.

'You could go out with her and just not tell her about me.....' I ventured.

He shook his head vehemently. 'I don't like that idea. I love you and I don't want to sneak around and lie about it. It's bad enough we have to sneak around here. Most people here wouldn't accept us. I get that. But I don't want to lie to Jenny. She's a...... Well, she's a friend. And I do like her. Even if.... ' he added 'She's a girl.'

I did laugh that time. I couldn't help it.

After a moment I said quietly 'You could always be honest with her, I guess. After all, what's the worst thing that could happen?' I shrugged. 'She might freak out and tell everybody and we might end up getting fired and kicked out of our apartment. They will figure it out sooner or later, anyway. I'm getting tired of sneaking around. Maybe we should go somewhere a little more tolerant.'

'Or she might...' I stopped.

Richie looked up at me, a worried frown on his face. 'Might what?'

I smiled. 'She might decide to use all of her feminine wiles and turn you back from the dark side. Maybe once you get a taste of pussy you'll turn your back on dick forever!'

Richie looked horrified. 'No!' he exclaimed. 'I won't leave you, Rex! I love you!'

I pulled him into my arms and hugged him tight, my lips finding his for a long deep kiss. Afterwards he settled back down on my chest and said 'I'll have to think about this some, I guess.'

And that was the last I heard about the situation for about a week. I figured he would let me know if anything else happened.

The following Friday I came home after a long days work to find Richie and Jenny sitting together at the table. As they both looked at me I could see their faces were a little red. They both stood up and after a second I just looked at Richie and shrugged as if to say 'So?'

Richie hesitated for a moment, then came around the table to me and wrapped his arms around my chest in a hug and turned his face up for a kiss. I glanced at Jenny as she stood there with her mouth slightly open, waiting to see what would happen. Or maybe not believing it. Ah well. No time like the present... I brought my lips down and kissed my lover hard and deep, one hand going to the back of head, not holding back the passion I felt for him.

When I broke the kiss I observed that Jenny had moved a few steps closer, her eyes wide as she looked at us together.

'Wow' she said. 'I guess he wasn't kidding. That was the sexiest kiss I ever saw!' She smiled wryly in the corner of her mouth. 'Now I really wish it wasn't true! Most guys I've met don't know how to kiss that good!' I laughed. I was starting to like her too.

I left them together to talk and I went to shower and change. When I came back out clean and dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt, they were seated comfortably on the couch. They both looked up at me and smiled when I came out. Figuring this for a good sign, I went to the kitchen to pour me a cup of coffee.

I pulled a kitchen chair out and sat across the coffee table from them. Richie and Jenny were sitting almost hip to hip and she had her hand laid on his leg just above his knee.

'So' I said 'I guess you aren't going to turn us in?'

She looked at me quizzically. 'What..' she began but I cut her off. 'You know what would happen if the word got out around here that Richie and I are gay. Jasper would probably boot us out of here in a flat second.'

Jenny raised her hands and shook her head. 'Oh no. I'm not gonna do that! It's cool with me. Hell, everybody thought I was a lesbian! I'm not. I just didn't have any interest in most of the guys around here. They're so stupid!' She smiled then laid her hand back on Richies leg, higher up on his thigh. 'Not that I'm not just a little disappointed, though......' Richies cheeks colored a deep red.

I chuckled, then leered at my lovers discomfort. 'I can understand that fully.' I said. 'He's just hot as hell, isn't he? Every time I look at him I want to jump his cute little bones!' We all laughed and Richies face got even redder. He jumped up to run off to the bathroom and I leaned back in my chair to sip some coffee and lit up a cigarette. Jenny bummed a smoke from me and we just sat and looked at each other for a minute. She asked me how we had met and I sat and spun her the whole lurid tale about the camp and how Richie had seduced me into my first homosexual experience.

'So you have been with girls before? Sexually, I mean?'

I nodded. 'A few. I've got to tell you, though. And I mean no disrespect to women in general..... But no woman has ever been as good in bed as my little lover there.' I leaned forward and lowered my voice. 'You want to know a secret?' She nodded. I leaned closer and said 'Richie was a virgin when I met him.'

Her pretty little green eyes widened. 'You mean he has never?.... With a woman?' I shook my head. 'Never once. Just me.' Just then Richie came back into the room, walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my neck from behind and laying his cheek against my head. I could see her following him with her eyes and could almost see the thought forming in her mind. I smiled.

'I know what you're thinking....' I said. 'And it might not be as fun as you think.' Jenny looked at me quizzically. I just smiled. 'You know how gay men have sex, don't you?'

Her eyes went blank for a moment then widened. She at up a little straighter on the couch and I could almost see her ass cheeks clench together as she said 'Oh!...... Oh my...... I.... I never thought about that..... I..... I never.....' and her cheeks flushed a deep crimson.

Richie smacked me playfully upside the head and laughed. 'Rex! That was mean! Quit scaring her!'

I pulled Richie around and set him in my lap facing Jenny on the couch. She was still spluttering. 'How do you..... I mean... do you.... I ... uh.....' then she stopped and asked Richie 'Doesn't that hurt?'

Richie nodded. 'Yes. A first, anyway. Then it gets better.' He ground his butt back into my crotch as he sat on my lap and smiled. 'A lot better!' He turned around to look at me and swung an arm around my neck. 'And my Rex is the most patient and wonderful lover there ever was!'

I gave him a quick kiss and said 'Says the man who has never been with anybody else.' I patted him on the cheek. 'Stop. You'll make me blush.'

Jenny was still looking at us with a serious expression. I noticed something I hadn't before. Not only was she not wearing a bra under her fairly snug t-shirt (in my mind I assumed that she had come here prepared to jump Richies delicious little bones), but also that she was fairly turned on by the conversation. Her small but handful sized titties were sporting rock hard nipples that looked ready to rip through her shirt.

I hadn't looked at or thought about another woman for well over a year, since Richie and I had gotten together. Taking a good look at Jenny as she stood up made me appreciate the wait. A couple inches shorter than Richie, she was shaped pretty well for a girl. Her breasts, as I mentioned, were smallish, but I didn't mind that. She was wider in the hips than usual for someone her size, but it took nothing at all away from her looks. She had red hair cut pretty short in almost a boyish style, with startling green eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

In short, Jenny was a hottie. When she was in her baggy work clothes covered in paint and drywall mud, she looked like a small man. But in tight jeans and a snug shirt, she was quite a dish. I was fully prepared at that point to make another transition from 'gay' to 'happily bisexual' and my prick twitching around in my sweats agreed with me.

Jenny stood there looking between Richie and me, with her hands on her hips. Finally she nodded and said 'Okay. I'm game if you are.'

Richie gaped at her then turned and looked at me, shock on his face.

I said 'Don't look at me! She's your girlfriend!'

It was his turn to sputter as he looked from me to her. 'She's not my.... I mean.... I don't..... I never..... I mean.... Uh.......' Richie looked at me in desperation. I stood us up together, one hand around his chest and the other clamped over his mouth to stifle his babbling.

'Easy there, big fella' I said. 'Relax. I'm not gonna throw you under the bus and then leave you on your own. I'm right here.' Jenny looked a little concerned, a small frown wrinkle between her green eyes. I looked at Richie. 'Jenny's your friend, right?' He nodded against my palm. 'You've given her a hug before?' He nodded again. I smiled. 'Then why don't we start with something simple like that? There's no need to rush things.'

I took my hand off of his mouth and Jenny came around the coffee table and they put their arms hesitantly around each other. Thinking they needed a little help, I stepped up behind Richie and put my arms around the both of them, simultaneously pulling them tight together and pressing my semi-erect cock in the small of his back. Richie took a deep breath and I could feel him relax. I put my hands over his and we slowly massaged up and down the slim girls spine. She sighed and relaxed a little as well.

'That's better.' I said. 'See? Girls aren't so scary.' I heard Jenny giggle, her head laying on Richies shoulder. 'As a matter of fact,' I added, 'This one seems pretty nice. I think she's a keeper. She's damn hot and if you don't want her, maybe I'll keep her for myself!'

Jenny looked up, startled, and I winked at her. Richie protested 'Hey! I saw her first!' We all shared a laugh and everybody relaxed a little more.

I released them and stepped to the side so I could see them both, keeping a hand on their shoulders.

'You told me she kissed you. Was it nice?' Richie nodded.

'Did you kiss her back?'

He shook his head. 'I was too startled, I think. I wasn't expecting it.'

'Well, why don't we try it again when you know what's coming? I know what a good kisser you are. I'll bet none of the other guys around here can do it like you do. Show her how a real man kisses, Rich.'

They pulled back a little and Jenny turned her face up to his. Richie brought his lips to hers and gave her a hesitant peck, then another, then parted his lips against hers and they melted together in a long smoldering kiss. Jenny's arms came up and wrapped around his neck, pulling him in tight.

When I felt Richies hip bump into me I noticed that my cock was standing stiff. This was turning me on as much as it was them! I ran my palms up and down their spines, softly pressing their bodies together. When I felt them start moving against each other, I slowly slipped a hand down either side and cupped a soft warm ass cheek in either hand. One of the two, or possibly both of them, moaned in pleasure and I felt two pair of hips writhe under my touch.

When they finally broke the kiss, they laid their heads on each others shoulders, panting slightly. 'Was it nice?' I asked. They both nodded and said 'Mmmmmmm-hmmmm.....' Richie lifted his head and looked at me and I leaned down and met his lips with mine. He moaned into my lips and I could taste Jenny's scent on him. I'll have to admit, it took nothing away from the flavor.

I felt a tap on my back and Jenny said 'Hey! Me too!' I pulled away from Richies lips and hers came up to meet mine. I held nothing back and kissed her with the same passion as I kiss Richie every day. Her lips were warm and soft and sweet and I still held her pert little bottom in my palm and squeezed it as I kissed her. She made purring noises in the back of her throat and kissed me even harder. I gave Richies rump a playful squeeze as well and could feel him wiggle against my palm.

I pulled reluctantly away from her warm lips and smiled down at the both of them. I bowed my head to Jenny and stated 'Ma'am, where I come from, that is considered a formal introduction!' She slid an arm around my back and said 'I am very glad to meet you, sir!'

I slapped them both playfully on the ass and said 'Why don't you two adjourn down the hall and get comfy? I'll be down in a minute.' Richie looked at me with questions in his eyes and I said 'I'll be there! I promise! Now git!' Richie took Jenny by the hand and led her down the hall towards the bedroom. I stayed behind to make sure the door was locked, the shades drawn and to turn off the lights, then headed that way myself, shaking my head in wonder.

When I arrived in the bedroom, Richie was on his back on the bed and Jenny was sitting astride his hips. She had already taken his shirt off and was running her hands up and down his smooth muscled chest. I stripped my own shirt off and tossed it aside, then lit the candles we had set in saucers around the bed and turn out the lights. There was plenty of light to see by, but it was just dim enough to make it 'romantic'. I crawled up on the bed and slipped off Richies shoes and socks, then tackled hers. Looking up between them, I could see Richies cock tenting up his pants between her thighs. She was sitting high enough that her crotch was almost rubbing against his, but not quite.

I considered my approach. Jenny seemed like a pretty bold girl and I figured that she would appreciate boldness in a guy as well. Deciding to go for it, I slipped up behind her, straddling both of their legs and leaned myself against her back as she leaned over my lover. I whispered in her ear 'Isn't he beautiful?' She nodded, her fingers tracing up and down his chest. 'I call him my beautiful boy. Ever since they day we first got together out there in the woods. He's the most beautiful man I have ever seen.' She nodded again and said 'I've wanted him since I first laid eyes on that shy smile of his.' Richie just blushed and didn't say anything.

I reached my hands down to the hem of her t-shirt and started to pull it up. One of her hands grabbed it and held it in place. 'I hope you won't be disappointed.' she said. I planted a long slow kiss on the side of her neck and felt her shiver. Then I whispered 'Beautiful girl, there's no way that you could disappoint me. Not ever.' She sighed softly and let go of her shirt. I pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side.

Richies eyes were wide open, staring at her breasts. I guessed that they were the first pair he had ever seen that close. I reached down and took his hands in mine and brought them up to her warm mounds. Her hands covered mine and we all got to experience Richies first handful of tits as he slowly kneaded them in his palms. When he seemed to get the hang of it, I slipped my hands down to her slim waist and busied my lips and tongue on her back and shoulders, marveling in the spray of freckles and the smooth sweet skin. Jenny cooed and sighed as he played with her nipples and I nibbled on her shoulders.

Deciding it was time to take the next step, I reached my hands up underneath her butt, undid Richies pants and slid them down his legs and off. As I did, his hard cock sprang free and smacked her in the butt. She said 'Oh!' and reached behind her, grabbing his bobbing prick in her small hand. Richie groaned as he felt her touching him. She squeezed him and murmured 'So nice and so hard!' She looked back at me and the bulge pushing out the front of my sweats. 'And what about yours?' I just smiled. 'Show me yours and I'll show you mine!'

Jenny rolled off the bed and stood there looking at us. I briefly wondered if she had changed her mind about the whole deal. Then her hands went to her waist and she unzipped her jeans and slid them and her panties to the floor and stood before us naked. I whistled and Richie said 'Wow'. I had to admit, right then and there, that Jenny was the hottest woman I had ever seen. She blushed slightly, then turned in a slow circle, letting us see all of her charms. I whistled again and clapped for more.

Jenny crossed her arms under her breasts, making them jut out, the hard nipples two exclamation points on her chest. She looked at me and said 'You've seen mine, big boy......' and grinned. I grinned back and slid my sweats off and lay next to Richie. She lost a little of her confidence when she saw us both laying there with our dicks standing at attention. She muttered 'Oh...... my....'

I slid over a little and patted the space between us and said 'Come on in, girly girl. The water's fine!' She crawled up on the bed and lay down between us, looking a little uncertain. I slipped an arm under her neck and rolled to face her, my hard cock laying against her thigh. She looked down at my prick and said 'Oh my...' Richie rolled up on the other side and laid on the opposite thigh. 'Oh my...' she repeated. I took her chin in my hand and looked into her eyes.

'You okay with this?' I asked. She nodded a little shakily then I kissed her. As I raised my head back up Richie leaned over and kissed her again. When he raised his head, I leaned over and kissed him hard and deep, my hand on the back of his neck. Jenny's hands wrapped around our two hard cocks and squeezed them gently.

When I pulled away from my lovers soft lips, I looked down at Jenny and nodded toward him. 'Doesn't he have a beautiful cock?' She nodded and said 'It's very beautiful. All of him is beautiful.' She glanced up at me and said 'You have great taste in men.' I laughed.

Richies hand had slipped up to her breast, surrounding it and he bent his head and was sucking gently on her nipple. Jenny cooed and sighed at the feeling. I grasped the other one and pinched at her hard nipple gently and she gasped.

I looked her in the eyes again and said 'Do you want to make love to my beautiful boy?' She nodded. I said 'I couldn't think of anyone better to take his virginity. He chose you to be his very first woman.' I nodded and smiled. 'I think he's got pretty good taste in girls, myself!' She laughed and I kissed her again.

Taking charge of the situation again, I pulled her hand (somewhat reluctantly) off of my cock and put it on Richies hip and rolled her to her side facing him. She put her arm under his head and pulled his lips down to hers and kissed him greedily. I spooned myself up behind her, my cock pressing into her warm smooth ass and pulled her upper leg up onto mine, spreading her slim thighs.

I took Richies hand in mine and slid it from her breast down her belly and over her smooth thigh, just below her small patch of pubic hair. I heard her moan into his lips and could feel her hips writhe against mine. I slid my thumb up against her pussy lips and I could feel that she was already quite wet so I pulled Richies hand right up between her thighs and placed his hand on her pussy. Jenny moaned again and I could see her gripping his arm tightly as she ground her hips against his hand. Pressing on Richies fingers, I slipped his middle finger up inside her wet pussy.

Jenny moaned louder and pulled her lips away from his and panted. 'Oh god...' she said. 'that feels so good! You've got me so hot I might..... oh...... oh!' and with that she gave a little scream and clamped her thighs on our hands between her legs and came.

Richie looked up at me, startled. I winked at him and whispered 'You did great!' and smiled. He grinned and said 'That was really cool!'

Jenny pushed our hands from between her legs and panted 'Nobody has ever ever made me come that fast before! You guys' she turned and looked over her shoulder at me 'have got me so hot!' She turned back to look at Richie and grabbed him by the ear and gave him a fierce look. 'You got me into this!' He looked worried and she leaned in and kissed him hard and quick. 'And just for that I'm going to fuck your socks off!'

I leaned over Jenny's ear and said 'Since he made you come so hard and so fast, why don't you return the favor? Besides, if you make him come once, he'll last longer the next time.'

'But if he gets off, won't he....' she started.

'Five minutes later he'll be hard again. Trust me. My lover can always bounce back for a second round. He's never let me down yet!' I climbed over them to the other side and rolled Richie over on his back. His hardon had gone down a little bit but I knew it wouldn't take much to get him stiff and standing proud again. 'Besides, ' I added 'My beautiful boy has the best cock you have ever tasted. Its like heaven in your mouth.' I spun around and planted an elbow on the bed between his legs and looked up to see Richie blushing furiously. It always made him blush when I praised his body, that's why I did it so much. Other than the fact that he was just so damn gorgeous, of course.

Jenny laid her head on Richies chest and wrapped her hand around his cock. I could see him immediately start getting hard again. She stroked up and down his shaft a few times and murmured 'Such a pretty cock. Big and hard!' She moved her head down and planted a light kiss on the tip, then lightly licked the head of his prick.

'Are you going to suck his cock and make him come?'

She grinned at me. 'I don't think you could stop me.'

I looked up at Richie. 'Do you want Jenny to suck your cock?'

He groaned and laid a hand lightly on the back of her head. 'Oh god, yes! Please suck my cock Jenny! I want to feel it in your mouth.'

She planted her lips on the tip of his prick and slowly opened them and slid him into her mouth, sucking on him gently. Her hand wrapped around his shaft stroked him up and down in rhythm with her lips. I watched, fascinated. It was the first time I had ever watched someone give someone else a blowjob. And watching this hot little redhead sucking my lovers cock was really turning me on! I said 'That looks so sexy. Let's turn you around so Richie can see his prick in your mouth better.' I went around and rolled her on her side, stretching her out across the bed so she was facing him. Richie propped the pillow under his head for a better view and said 'Oh my god!' as she sucked him back into her hot little mouth.

I spooned myself up behind her again, my own semi-hard prick laying atop one of her thighs. I leaned in and nuzzled the back of her neck as she bobbed her head up and down on his prick and whispered into her ear. 'Are you going to let him come in your mouth?' She paused and shrugged.

'Ever done that before? Ever let a man come in your mouth?' She shook her head.

I kissed her gently again on the nape of her neck and made her shiver. 'It's a wonderful thing.' I ran my hand up and down her spine, massaging her muscles. 'It tastes salty and sweet at the same time. And it's one of the greatest gifts you can give. Besides, ' I added 'Lots of come in your belly keeps you looking young and beautiful. Richie is going to look beautiful forever!' She snorted a laugh through her nose and kept sucking him.

I slipped one hand up between his spread thighs and cupped his balls in my hand, rolling and squeezing them gently and I kept the other running up and down Jenny's back, alternating between squeezing her smooth ass cheeks and around front to softly play with her hard nipples.

It didn't take long, and I knew it wouldn't, before Richie started to moan and buck his hips up into her mouth. He loved getting his cock sucked almost as much as he enjoyed me fucking him, maybe even more, and Jenny obviously had some talent in that area. With me whispering encouragement to both of them, Richie bucked his hips up, groaned and came in her mouth. Jenny squeaked and sputtered but managed to swallow it all with no real problem.

As soon as her lips left his cock, I swooped in and kiss her hard and deep, tasting my beautiful boys come on her lips and tongue.

'Tastes good, doesn't it?' She smiled, licking her lips. She said 'I used to think only slutty girls and hookers did that. Now I know better.' I laughed and laid back on the bed.

What to do next? The main reason for this little get together, other than just fucking and sucking as much as possible, was getting Richies cherry taken by a girl. And obviously he was going to need a few minutes to recover before he was ready for that. But I knew he would be ready again pretty soon. I'd let him rest for a minute.

I excused my self and trotted to the kitchen and made three big glasses of ice water and grabbed my cigarettes and a lighter on the way back. In the bedroom, I handed out glasses and lit a cigarette for Jenny and myself. We lay there and smoked with her between us again and chatted for awhile. Jenny had a thousand questions about our sex life, especially about that first weekend in the cabin. Richie happily supplied her with all of the details, right down to all of the tastes and sensations.

From the red flush on her face spreading down her chest and the way her nipples rose up into hard little knots, I could tell that his story was getting her pretty aroused. I set aside my water and the ashtray, leaned over and gently tongued her closest nipple. Jenny gave a little sigh and her fingers curled into my hair as she listened to Richies tale of our first sexual encounter. I sucked the nipple hard and her fingers tightened in my hair. Slowly, I began kissing and licking my way down her body and across her flat taut stomach. I pulled her legs wide apart and began licking and nibbling her inner thigh and I could see her hips start to writhe against the sheets. When I had worked my way up to the top of her mound and was running my nose through her dense curly hair, she finally murmured 'Rex, what are you doing?'

I put a finger to my lips and said 'Sssh! Listen to the story!' and went back to what I was doing.

She was so engrossed and aroused by Richies tale that I don't think she actually realized that I had dipped my tongue into her pussy and was slowly and gently licking up and down her slit. She began slowly bucking her hips and down on my face, her fingers still tightly wound in my hair. When Richie got to the point in the story where I first slipped my prick into him for the first time, I slid a finger up into her pussy and began working it in and out, my tongue making little circles on her clit. Jenny moaned deep in her throat, her eyes tightly closed. And when he got to the point where we both came, I shoved my finger in as far as it would go and sucked hard on her clit. Jenny jumped like she'd been hit with electricity, grabbed the sheets with both hands and came hard against my mouth, her back arching off the bed.

All through her orgasm I kept moving my finger and my tongue slowly, watching wave after wave of pleasure wash over her body. Finally she managed to reach down and push me away saying 'Oh god, stop! You're killing me!' Richie laughed softly.

'Yeah, he has a way of doing that, Rex does.'

We all realized what a sweaty mess we were making of the bed. I blamed Richie for not putting down a towel or two first and he, of course, blamed me. He claimed that I was coordinating this whole thing and accused me of masterminding it in the first place! I denied any responsibility and claimed that he and his girlfriend had cooked the whole thing up themselves. We got a good laugh out of the argument, but it did nothing for the state of our sheets.

We decided that a shower was the first order of business and Jenny innocently asked 'Okay, who goes first?' Richie and I looked at each other, grinned, then picked her up and carried her into the shower and we all piled in together. It was just more fun than a basketful of kittens. We got all soapy and squirmed around each other then rinsed off and got soapy again. Lather, rinse, repeat. You get the idea.

At one point Jenny was scrubbing my back and Richie was busily soaping up my front. When he got down to my cock, it rose straight up to attention, as it always did when Richie had his hands on me. Once I was nice and hard, he turned me into the spray to rinse off, then sat down on the side of the tub and took me into his mouth. I just closed my eyes and relaxed into the wonderful feeling of my lover sucking my cock. After a moment or two I realized I couldn't feel Jenny's hands on my back anymore and looked down. She had come around and sat next to Richie on the side of the tub and was watching him go down on me. She exclaimed 'Oh my god that's sexy! I had no idea!' She looked at Richie and said 'Did I look anywhere near that hot when I was going down on you?' He nodded and took my prick out of his mouth and kissed her. 'You have prettier lips.' he said. Jenny nodded at my cock and said 'Can I try?' Richie looked up at me and I just shrugged. He pointed me in her direction and she leaned forward to take me between her lips. They were warm and nice and she had talent. After a few moments, they switched back. They continued to go back and forth until we began to run out of hot water. I made everybody rinse off and we got out of the shower.

Dried off and wrapped in towels, we all went down to the kitchen for sandwiches and chips and sat around the table chatting. At one point I went down to the bedroom and put on a clean sheet and got out a few more towels. So far I was the only one who hadn't come tonight and I was determined to do so!

When I got back they had moved to the couch. Jenny had her hand down in Richies lap and was stroking his cock softly. I looked at Jenny and said 'Little missy, my partner here is going to get laid tonight. Either by you or by me. Or possibly both of us together. What do you say we get that done?' Jenny jumped up and gave me a salute and said 'Sir, yes sir!' Then she grabbed Richie by the hand and pulled him towards the bedroom, saying 'Get a move on, soldier!' I just grinned and followed.

Jenny pulled Richie up onto the bed and straddled his hips, dangling her firm little titties in his face. Then she sat her crotch right down on his pubic bone, so that his cock was standing up between her firm little ass cheeks. She reached back behind her and trapped his prick between her cheeks and wiggled her hips back and forth. Hell, if it wasn't turning him on, it sure was me! Jenny looked down at him and asked 'Do you like my ass, Richie?' He nodded. She asked 'Do you like my pussy?' He said 'I don't know.' She replied 'Let's find out, shall we?' She raised herself up and positioned her pussy right over the head of his cock and slowly started to lower herself down on it.

It took a few seconds for her to get him all the way inside of her. When her ass finally settled down on his thighs I realize that they had both been holding their breath. Richie sighed 'Ooooooo.... that's... nice......' and Jenny 'Oh my god yes it is!' She looked down at him again and said 'I've been wanting this for weeks!' She moved her hips up and down a little and said 'It was worth the wait!'

I moved up to lay beside Richie, turned his face towards me and kissed him. 'Congratulations again, beautiful boy. For the second time since we met, you are officially no longer a virgin.' I reached up and laid a hand on Jenny's cheek as she moved on top of his cock. 'And thank you, love. You have made my boy very happy.' She smiled and flushed. 'So far,' she panted 'The pleasure has been all mine!'

For someone who had self professed to not having all that much sexual experience (she claimed to have only slept with two other men before Richie), Jenny brought alot of enthusiasm and quite a bit of artistry to bed with her. She rode Richies cock with skill. Sometimes bouncing directly on top of him and sometimes laying down with her titties rubbing his chest, bringing him close but always slowing down before he came, just letting the excitement build. At one point, I thought she had gone too far to fast. She was down on his chest, grinding her hips into his when her own orgasm caught her seemingly unawares. She gasped and cried out and bit her lip, her slim legs clamped down on Richies thighs. But then she sat straight up and stopped moving, just holding him still deep inside her while she caught her breath. Richie had been panting and groaning right along with her and when she stopped he moaned 'Oh god, I was so close!' But the girl had no mercy and she held perfectly still until they both calmed down again.

When their panting had subsided, Jenny leaned forward and let his cock slide out of her. Richie groaned in protest. She rolled to the side, pulling him along and said 'Now I want you on top of me.' As he slid in between her legs she looked up at him and said 'Fuck me, Richie. Fuck me hard!' He scooped his arms under her legs and pulled her legs wide and her knees up to her chest. I reached down behind him and grabbed his hard prick and guided it into her pussy as he lowered himself onto her. He slammed his prick into her in one long thrust and she cried out 'Oh!' then 'Oh my god! Fuck me!' as he thrust into her time and time again.

Watching his cute little ass clench as he fucked the little redhead hard and listening to their cries of pleasure made my prick stir to life and demand attention. I briefly toyed with the idea of making a little sandwich out of my beautiful boy, slipping my cock into his ass while he was deep in her pussy. But this was their moment and from the looks and sounds of things, they would be done before I could even slip up behind him.

I could see Jenny's short fingernails digging into Richies arms and her toes were curled up hard. She looked like she was in the throes of one long continuous orgasm. Richies face was bright red and he was alternately holding his breath and puffing hard while his hips drove his prick into her over and over. Finally he stopped and howled inarticulately with his prick buried deep inside her and his whole body shook as he filled her with his come. He released her legs, which she immediately wrapped around his back, holding him inside of her and she grabbed his face and peppered it with kisses moaning 'Oh my god... oh my god..... that was wonderful....'

I lit a cigarette while they lay there murmuring to each other. I looked down at my own cock and wondered if I was going to get any tonight at all, then chided myself for my greed. This was Richies night and he was well worth the sacrifice.

Groaning like an old man, Richie finally rolled off of Jenny's body as her legs slipped down and he lay on the bed, puffing and groaning. His eyes still closed, his hand reached out across the mattress. I caught his hand in mine and brought his fingers to my lips and kissed them. 'Are you dead?'

He laughed weakly. 'I died happy. Tell my folks.'

I squeezed his hand. 'So..... was that okay?'

He opened one eye and looked at me blearily. 'I can only think of one thing I like better.' He squeezed me back and closed his eye again.

Jenny climbed shakily off of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. When she returned she pulled the stained and sticky towel off of the bed and tossed it into the hamper. Then she crawled up next to Richie and cuddled into him, her head on his chest and fell into an exhausted slumber. I pulled the sheet and the blanket up over them, then cuddled my back up to his other side and fell asleep myself.

I awoke in the morning alone in the bed. That seemed to happen to me quite often. I stepped into the bathroom, then slipped on a pair of shorts and padded down the hall to the kitchen. Richie and Jenny were sitting at the table drinking coffee. He was wearing nothing but his sweats and she was dressed in her panties and what looked like one of my t-shirts. I didn't mind. She smiled and started to get up but Richie leaped to his feet and threw his arms around my neck, kissing me hard and deep.

When he pulled his lips away he gazed into my eyes and said 'I missed you.' and kissed me again. I smiled and licked the end of his nose. 'I was right down the hall, silly boy.' I said. Jenny came up and put her arms around us both and turned her face up for a kiss. I slipped an arm down her back to cup one ass cheek in my hand and kissed her soundly. She groaned against my lips and pushed my hand away, with a mock fierce look on her face. 'Are you two ever not horny?' I laughed and held Richies face between my palms and turned it towards her. 'With this sweet face around? And all the rest of him? I have to tear myself away to go to work every morning!'

Jenny poured me a cup of coffee and I lit my first cigarette of the day. As I sat she told me that they had been discussing what had happened last night. They had come to the conclusion that while the sex had been great, they didn't see any way that there could be any kind of long lasting relationship between them. 'Richie is deeply in love with you, Rex.' she explained. She smiled. 'And I can see why. You're a pretty fantastic guy. It just doesn't leave much room for anyone else...' She smiled again, a little sadly. I leaned over and took her small hand in my paw and squeezed it. 'You are pretty fantastic yourself, missy.' I said. 'You made my boy happy and I love you for it.' I thought for a minute, her little hand cool and soft in mine.

'I don't think..' I said after a moments reflection, 'that anything radical like moving you in with us would work anyway. For one thing, it would cause too much talk. This is kind of a small community, after all. Besides,' I chuckled 'I don't think I have the energy to keep up with the two of you together.' and they laughed. 'But... ' I continued 'I don't see any reason why we can't still be friends and occasional bed partners if everyone's agreeable. After all, ' I leered at her, 'you are awfully easy on the eyes.' She blushed and squeezed my fingers again.

I reached out and took Richies hand in mine. He came up off of his chair and straddled my hips, settling himself into my lap and laying his head on my shoulder. His strong arms went around my neck and he kissed my ear. He whispered to me 'I did come to one firm conclusion.'

'And what is that?' I asked.

He lifted his head and looked at me. 'I want Jenny to see us together.' he said.

Richies eyes looked deep into mine. 'I want you to fuck me and I want Jenny to watch.'

Still clad in her panties and my shirt, Jenny sat cross legged on one corner of the bed, her eyes wide. I was laying atop my lovers nude body, our hard cocks pressed together between our bellies. Richies arms were around my back and I was making love to his mouth with mine. I kissed my way down his throat to his chest, gently biting and sucking on his nipples, making him moan. I rolled to the side and slipped my hand down to his crotch and wrapped my fingers around his hard cock. I never tired of making him hard and aroused. He made me feel like Superman. I slipped further down and used the tip of my tongue on the head of his hard cock, swirling it around and covering it with my saliva.

I could feel the bed move and when I looked up, Jenny was laying on her belly, watching me. 'That is so fucking hot!' she whispered. I smiled and opened my lips, taking his hard cock deep into my mouth. Richie moaned and entwined his fingers in my hair, pushing me down on his cock. I sucked up and down two or three times then with a last kiss, took my mouth away. Richie moaned 'Oh god, Rex. Don't stop!' I slapped his hands playfully. 'No way, boy.' I growled. 'The only way you are going to come is with my cock in your ass! Now roll over!'

Jenny whispered again 'Oh my fucking god, that is hot!'

I sat astride Richies body as he lay face down, my hard cock laying between his ass cheeks as I massaged my way up and down his back, feeling the muscles loosen under my touch. I worked lower and lower, all the way down his legs and back up again, ending up on the insides of his strong thighs. I reached over to the night stand and got the tube of lubricant out of the cup of hot water and laid it on the small of my lovers back. He groaned, knowing what that meant and spread his legs apart, inviting me into his ass. I placed my palms on his taut ass cheeks and started massaging them with my fingers, loosening him up the rest of the way.

I glanced at Jenny and saw that she had stripped out of her clothes (and mine) and was laying half on her side, watching. Her eyes were rapt and she had one hand beneath her. I could tell by the way she was moving that she was stroking her pussy. That got me even more turned on.

Grabbing up the lubricant, I squeezed a dollop of it on two fingers and began rubbing them up and down Richies ass crack. He rolled his hips and sighed. I got a little more lube and pressed gently with one finger into the pucker of his anus. Richie sighed again and humped his ass up, opening himself to me and inviting me to go in deeper. I worked my finger in and out of his ass while he moaned and sighed.

Jenny scooted up by Richies head and asked him 'Doesn't that feel weird?' He shook his head, still rolling his hips as I moved my finger in his ass. He looked at her and said 'It feels wonderful. Especially since I know that when he's done Rex is going to fuck me. I really love having his hard cock inside of me.'

Getting even more lube, I slipped a second finger alongside the first and slid them slowly inside him. Richie let out a long breath and said 'Ooooohhh .... yes! Oh my god that feels so good!' He rose up on his knees in expectation.

Jenny sat up and laid a hand on my arm. 'Rex?' she said. I looked at her and she blushed deep down her chest. 'When you get done..... I mean afterwards...... Will you..... do the same thing for me? Just your fingers, I mean..... I .... uh.... I want to know what it feels like...... if you don't mind, that is.' I leaned over and kissed her nose quickly.

'I don't mind at all, love. I'd be happy to.' I thought a second and said 'Do you want to help me?'

She nodded, seeming delighted to do anything. I handed her the tube of lubricant and rose up on my knees behind Richies upturned ass, my hard cock standing straight out in from of me. 'Take that and get me nice and lubed up for his ass.' She just sat there for a minute, looking at my cock, the tube in her hand. I took the tube away and shot a good sized glob of it in her palm and said 'That should be enough. Start at the head and work your way back.' I pulled my foreskin back and she reached out and began smearing the warm lube on my meat.

Jenny tried to wrap her hand around my shaft, but since her hands were even smaller than Richies, they couldn't even go all the way around. Her little hand on me made me feel like I was hung like a horse. Which I'm not, of course. She gasped and said 'How can that fit in there? It's huge!' Richie, still gyrating on my fingers said 'It's a monster and he tears me in half every time and I love it!'

I slapped Richies upturned ass playfully. 'Don't exaggerate, boy.' I said. I looked at the girl still holding onto my cock and said 'Your ass is very stretchy. You have to work up to it slowly, but you can take it easy.' I scootched a little closer and said 'Now hang onto it and you can put me inside him.' I slipped my fingers from his tight ass and wiped my hand on the towel. My hands on his ass spread Richies cheeks open and Jenny pointed the head of my prick right into his gaping asshole. I gave a little push with my hips and slipped past his rectal ring. I felt him flinch and he gasped and cried out 'Oh! Oh my god! Oh! Oh!' as my cock slowly ran all the way inside his ass until the girls hand was trapped between the base of my shaft and his ass cheeks. Her eyes were wide and her nipples were rock hard again.

After holding still inside of him for just a moment, I slowly slid back out of his tight ass, leaving just the head inside. Jenny's fingers slid along my shaft, adding a new sensation which I didn't mind at all, as I slid inside him again all the way. Jenny said 'Holy shit!' I grinned, then reached down and pulled her hand away. 'Look out, girlie' I said 'I got work to do.'

I put my hands on Richies hips and pulled him tight into me. His tight ass channel was rippling up and down the length of my prick and he was moaning a litany of 'Oh my god..... oh fuck..... oh my god...' over and over again. He grabbed the pillow and bunched it up tight under his face. Our favorite position. It was just one of those things which could get either one of us rock hard in an instant. Ever since that first night in the cabin, all one of us would have to do is whisper 'Face down in a pillow' and we would be ready to fuck right then and there. Even though it wasn't really possible, it felt like my cock got even harder inside of him.

Jenny lay back on the bed watching us fuck, her legs spread wide apart and unabashedly rubbing her pussy. I could see from the way her fingers glistened that she was running with her own juices. I was so unbelievably turned on I thought I might pop right there. The thought ran through my head and I wondered what it would be like to fuck Jenny's hot little ass. I determined that when the time came I wouldn't turn it down.

From the way Richie was moaning and jerking back and forth as I fucked him, I knew he was just as hot as I was and it wouldn't be too long before we drove each other over the edge. I leaned over him and planted my fists on the bed and using more and more of my weight to drive down into his ass. Finally he was flat down on the bed, grinding his hips into the mattress . Between the overwhelming sensation of his tight ass tunnel gripping my prick and the feel of his soft ass cheeks as they slapped into my belly and the sound of flesh against flesh and the mere fact that I was fucking my beautiful boy hard in the ass, I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. Having sex with Richie involved all of my senses in a way that nobody had ever done before.

When I finally got to the point where I couldn't hold it off any longer and it felt like I needed to come or die, I slammed into him as hard as I could and began filling his ass with my come. Richie squealed like he'd been shot. His ass cheeks turned into solid muscle beneath me, trapping my cock inside him like a vise and his pelvis shook and vibrated like he was having a seizure. My vision almost grayed out and I spit ribbon after ribbon of come into his quivering body. From somewhere off to the side I heard Jenny give a little scream. I guessed she was enjoying it, too.

Dripping with sweat and shaking, I leaned down on my elbows and lay atop Richies body as he still shook and trembled beneath me. His ass was still clenching and unclenching around my hard cock buried in his backside, milking all of the come out of me and making my hair stand on end. We were both gasping and panting like sprinters at the finish line. I rubbed my nose in the damp sweaty hair on the back of his head and kissed the nape of his neck. He jumped and clenched up and shook all over and cried out 'Oh shit!' His delicious little bottom clamped down on me again and I thought I might pass out from the sensation.

I was undecided whether or not to do that ever again. It would require some thought.

After a few minutes, my cock softened and slipped from Richies asshole. He moaned and shook again and I laid still on top of him, my meat between his cheeks, feeling a puddle of sticky come forming. Finally I rolled to the side and laid my arm across his heaving back and patted him. I whispered 'Was that okay?' Richie laughed weakly, his face still buried in the pillow. He turned to look at me and said 'Oh..... my..... god...'

I took that as a yes.

After my breathing had returned a little more to normal, I slapped my little lover on the ass as he still lay face down and said 'Time to hit the shower, boy! You gonna end up glued to that towel!' He moaned in protest and stuck a hand out and pointed at Jenny. 'She has to go too!' The slim girl, her face still flushed from her own orgasm, just waved a hand. 'M'fine....' she muttered 'G'head... M'good...' I could see she was dripping with her own sweat. I was going to have to do laundry before we could get back into the bed again. The whole room reeked of sex.

I slipped off of the bed and walked around to the other side. I held out a hand to Jenny. She opened one eye and waved me away and muttered 'Nnnnn-nn. M'good. Jus' lay here a minute...' and closed here eye again. I grabbed her hand and started pulling her off the bed. She groaned in protest and when I got her to the edge, I leaned down, picked her up and slung her over my shoulder. She shrieked and pummeled my back with her fists. I carried her around to the other side and started dragging Richie off the bed as well. No way was I going to carry them both! He groaned and called me names as he rolled off the bed, tossing the sticky towel in the hamper. He proceeded me into the bathroom and got the water running.

We weren't as ambitious in the shower together as we were the night before, but it was still fun. I imagined that I could happily screw myself to death with those two around!

After we got out of the shower and dried off, I gave Jenny a pair of Richies boxers and another of my t-shirts to wear and started a load of laundry. After stripping the bed (again) and gathering up all of the towels, it looked like it was going to be an all morning long chore. Those two settled down at the kitchen table to drink coffee and Richie was teaching her how to play cribbage. I sat on the couch and smoked, watching them together and thought.

What might it be like having her in our life? Sure, the sex would be great. There was no doubt at all about that. And she sure seemed to be attached to Richie. Hell, he was so sexy I was surprised we didn't have a dozen women hanging around all the time. They looked good together. And she wasn't at all freaked out by our being together. I had figured once he told her the truth she would have been out of the place like a shot. But she was strong enough to take it in stride and even get turned on by it!

I believe 'Serendipity' was the word I was looking for. Finding something good when you weren't expecting it. It would make some serious changes in our lifestyle. We would definitely need more furniture. At least one more kitchen chair, for sure. And more towels. I grinned at myself.

'What are you smiling at?'

I looked up and saw they were both looking at me from the table. Richie frowned a little in mock seriousness and said 'I can tell you are thinking about something. What is it?'

I got up and went over and kissed them both, one after another, then went over to lean against the kitchen counter.

'I've changed my mind.' I said. They both just looked at me. I looked at Jenny and said 'You two are pretty hot together.'

Jenny said 'You two are pretty hot together, too!' She fanned the neck of her shirt and whistled 'Whooo!' I could but agree. Richie frowned a little deeper, wondering what I was getting at.

I continued. 'I know we have only had one night together, but it was pretty intense. I think we got a good feel for each other.' Jenny chuckled.

I came around the table and put a hand on each of their shoulders. Richie still looked a little concerned and I squeezed him and gave him a quick kiss and whispered 'Don't worry.'

I looked at Jenny and said 'I've seen the way you look at him. I've seen the way you touch him and they way you smile every time he looks at you.... ' I paused, then asked 'Do you love him?'

Jenny looked at Richies face and then at me and nodded. 'Yes, Rex. I think I do.' I nodded. I turned to look at Richie when I suddenly felt a hand on my chest. I turned back and Jenny had stood up on her chair and wrapped her arms around my neck. She brought her lips down to mine and kissed me hard and deep. The kind of kiss that conveyed many many promises for the immediate future. When she pulled back she gazed at me, her green eyes twinkling. She whispered 'I love you too, you big oaf!' She put a hand to my cheek and said 'How could I not? I could never come between you....' Then she ran her fingernails up through my hair, looked at us both and said 'But I sure would like to try it sometime....'

Richie jumped up and cried 'Hey! Me too!' , jumped up in his chair and wrapped his arms around us both. And we shared a kiss all the way around.

The conversation was getting away from me. I had to do something quick or we'd all end up in bed again and all of our sheets were in the wash. I grabbed them both up with an arm around their hips and lifted them off the chairs and back to the ground.

'Back to earth, you two.' I said. 'This is serious business!!' I sat in the chair and pulled Richie into my lap. He snuggled in and put an arm around my neck. I said 'Jenny.....' then stopped. 'Jenny what?'

She laughed and said 'Akers. Jenny Akers.' She reached out and shook my hand. 'It's nice to meet you, Rex.' I held onto her hand.

'Jenny Akers, since you claim to love us.... and we both seem to be pretty wild about you...' Richie nodded enthusiastically. 'Would you like to move in with us?'

I wouldn't have believed that rickety old used chair would have held all three of us. I was wrong about that, but right about everything else.



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