The Neighbours son

As I reach the age where everything gravitates south and it is a daily battle to remind myself that the vigour and vitality I had as a young man is starting to wane, it gives me cause to remember and replay in my mind the joys of my earliest sexual experiences.

I have been bisexual for as long as I can remember and as much as i love the softness and uniqueness of the female form, the images of hard cocks has always brought on fantasies of being surrounded by a bunch of horny guys while I lick and suck them until they spew their loads of tantalising, tangy sweet cum all over me. Alas, that fantasy has never been realised but I still dream of it.

Having three brothers, one of whom was gay, I was always facinated by the size of their cocks and whenever possible, I would look at them and wonder what it would be like to touch them and taste them. I must admit that we were all blessed with formidable sized cocks and like most young boys there were those moments of exploration with my brother and friends when we would have a circle wank. There was never any mutual touching or wanking but merely watching each other was enough to make us cum.

Then when I was eighteen it all happened.

Brent was a blonde, tanned, well built and well endowed 22 year old adopted son of our neighbour. As he was studying at a farming college in another state we didnt see each other too often but I was visiting him one Saturday morning, as I often did when he came home for a weekend visit. Until this day I had often wondered what it would be like to have him do the things I had often dreamed about. I found out later that he, like myself, was bisexual but what he showed me that day is forever imprinted in my mind.

I was helping him to wash his car. The talk was just general as we soaped and rinsed the vehicle, pausing occassionally to take a drink of juice which his foster mother had provided. It was while we were busy that she left to do the weekly shopping. Having finished cleaning the car he got into it and drove it into the garage which was well hidden from the road. He climbed out and called me into the garage. As i walked toward him I could see that he had pulled up the one leg of his short pants and there in all its glory was his eight inch semi-hard cock. I just stood and stared. As my brothers and I, like my dad, were all circumsized I had never seen a mans uncut cock before. The tip of his bulbuous head partially covered by a layer of tight skin was the first thing i noticed and I immediately felt a stirring in my eighteen year old groin. It looked so beautiful as it hung above a pair of fat hairy balls I couldnt help but want to hold it and feel it.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked me.

My mouth just hung open and I stammered to reply. I wasnt sure what to say.

"Uhhm ... uh .. yes!" I answered quickly before he had a chance to speak again.

"Would you like to touch it?"

" I dont know " I replied haltingly although every thought in my head was telling me Yes.

"Dont be scared" he reassured me . "I know about your brother and we have also had fun together. He told me that he had often caught you looking at him and seen you playing with yourself."

I tried to look away, embarrassed that I had been the topic of my brothers observations. I knew only too well that I had this constant urge to masturbate and took every opportunity I could to do it.

"There is nothing wrong with two guys playing together as long as they enjoy it and I am sure you would enjoy it once you have done it."

By this time just the thought of what he had suggested had given me a raging hard on which I was battling to hide in my shorts.

He looked me up and down and then his eyes settled on my crotch area.

"Mmmmm what do we have here?"

I tried to cover it up but he was already in front of me and had drawn my hands away and replaced them with one of his. He started rubbing me through the flimsy material and I could feel myself getting wonderfully aroused by the friction of it. He moved away briefly to drop his shorts and undies allowing his erect cock to spring free. I gasped at the absolute beauty of it. The skin had by now formed a ridge below his well shaped swollen purple head and a trickle of precum was slowly oozing from his slit.

Taking my hand he gently placed it on his cock and closing his hand around mine, starting moving it up and down along his veiny engorged shaft.

My mind was in turmoil as his cock bounced and thrust between us. I felt him removing his hand and soon both of his arms were around me rubbing my back and pulling me closer to him. I could now feel his entire length pressed against my stomach as he ground himself into me. Looking into my eyes his hands moved down over my back until they were cupping my butt cheeks which he began to squeeze and massage. By this time my cock was ready to burst and I let out a long sigh as he rubbed his cock against mine. I felt his hands in the waist band of my shorts and he slowly eased them off me until i too was naked from the waist down . He then lifted my t-shirt and gently teased and rubbed my virgin nipples. This was a totally new experience for me and I gasped as the waves of pleasure flowed through my body. Very soon my t-shirt lay on the ground alongside my shorts and i was stark naked as Brent started to remove his shirt.

Once naked, he stepped past me and opened the car door.He then asked me to sit in the car with my legs stretched out of the door. I hesitantly obliged and soon felt my legs being drawn apart and he settled himself between them. Cupping my tight balls in one hand he took my hard and throbbing erect cock in the other and slowly started stroking it. I looked down at him and I could see that he was totally engrossed in what he was doing. It didnt take him long to move his head over my crotch and soon i felt the softness of his tongue swirling around the tip of my cock. The sensations running through me were indescribable. Tingling shocks seemed to burst from every nerve of my body as he rubbed and licked and squeezed. I was lost in a world of erotic fantasies as i realised that this was what I had wanted for so long.

An even more electrifying feeling enveloped me as his lips settled on my cock and he slowly pulled me into his mouth. Soon he had my entire cock in his mouth and then he started sucking me. My hands impulsively moved to the back of his head urging him as he bobbed up and down on my cock. It was all getting too much and I started squirming in the seat as I felt the buildup of cum spreading from my groin and running the length of my cock, where with an explosive burst, shot time and time again to the back of his throat. Brent contiinued sucking until, totally drained, I slumped back against the seat. He took my deflating cock from his mouth and licked it until every trace of cum was gone.

By this time his cock was furiously leaking precum and he took my hand and wrapped it around him. As he had done with me I began pulling on it and I could hear his breath coming in short gasps. He stood up and fed his raging hardon into my mouth. I had only tasted my own precum before and wasnt sure what to expect but was nonetheless eager to taste Brents copious flow. My tongue immediately went to the source of it and was pleasantly suprised to find myself wanting every drop. Although I tried to take all of his cock in my mouth I felt myself gagging as his turgid rod pushed deeper and deeper into my widened mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth with everything he had and it was not too soon that he started bucking and shot load after load of his warm creamy cum into me. I tried to swallow it all but the amount and voracity of it became too much and it started dripping from the corners of my mouth onto my chest .

Eventually after what seemed ages I felt his cock begin to shrink as the last drops of cum layered my already coated tongue. He slowly pulled it out and I took it in my hand and eagerly licked and sucked the head removing any cum left behind. Brent took my face between his hands and drawing me to him he kissed me full on the lips and as his tongue pushed between them to meet mine I realised that this was a part of who I was and nothing would ever change that.

This together with my first anal fuck was the start of many experiences I had with Brent but that is another story.

Although names have been changed and I have made no mention of location, I assure the reader that all my experiences which I have related and will be relating in later stories, are taken from real life.

I truly trust that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed recalling and writing it.

As this is my first foray into erotic writing any comments or constructive critisism would be welcomed.

Please write to me at [email protected]

All mails will be replied to .


James Grey

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