I hope I can relay the utter pleasure of the day I am about to describe. This is a true story and I will try to be as accurate as possible. My first lover was my nephew. He was a couple of years younger than me, but the leader in our love affair. He was wise beyond his very young years about this type of relationship. I often suspected he was taught by someone else, but he never admitted to it. While we were going through puberty, he had started and maintained a physical relationship between us very skillfully bringing me to greater and greater pleasures. At first he tricked me and after my first orgasm, guided me through all the wonderful pleasures a gay relationship had to offer. He was very patient and planned the next encounter very carefully. Enough background. This day was to be the best ever. Our parents had planned a day out with the family. We, however, made excuses to stay behind and see a special show of TV. We acted disappointed and wished them a great day as they left. As always, we waited awhile to make sure of no return surprise. Eventually, my nephew started talking about and told me he had a surprise planned for today. I, of course, already had a raging hard on in anticipation of our day together. He had taught me all the skills of male on male sex. Oral, masturbation, anal, etc. But today was gonna be different! We went around the whole house making sure all the curtains were drawn and the doors were locked. He told me to go into the front room and wait. I was kinda puzzeled, but excited, so I agreed. After closing all the curtains, the house was semi dark, which I liked, it seemed sexy. After all, we were aware, the affair we were having was quite taboo. If the family found out, we feared we would be ridiculed and discraced. This actually made it ever more exciting. Back to the waiting. I had sat down on the couch. He yelled from the back bedrooms and told me it was okay to strip and that he would be out in a minute. I anxiously removed all my clothing and fondled myself in anticipation of what was to come. I had no idea what was going on, but my imagination was running wild. Pre-cum was flowing everywhere. It seemed like an eternity. Finally, a figure came down the hall. It was too dark to make anything out. I heard this clicking noise, I had heard it before but could not place it immediately. The figure emerged from the hallway, CRAP! It was a girl! I grabbed and tried to cover my privates as I jumped from the couch. He began laughing and said, 'it is me, it is me!' I realized it was him. He was wearing all female clothing. He told me he had been dressing up for quite awhile. He had stolen the clothing from his mom and sister over a period of time. On the outside he was wearing a blonde wig, a blouse, skirt, stocking, and high heels. He had very sexy, shapely legs. I had to admit he looked fantastic. He paraded aroung the room, striking sexy, feminine poses. Well, I had lost my erection temporarily when he entered the room. But as he paraded around, oh my, what an erection. I got up to go towards him, but he stopped me and told me to remain seated. He said the surprise was about to begin. He had a portable radio and turned it on. It was a jazz song that was playing. He began gyrating to the music and strutting around the room to the rythym of the music. He would occasionally stop and strike a sexy pose revealing some skin on his thighs, etc. Then, he started unbuttoning his blouse. It dawned on me, he was performing a striptease for me. I became so excited, I ejaculated straight into the air. I came in waves or pleasure. He notice this. But he did not stop. I was temporarily spent, but I could not stop watching. Next, he removed his blouse, and revealed that he was wearing a black bra. He tossed the blouse and kept strutting. Slowly, my thunder stick started rising again. Next he went to the skirt, seductively unzipping ans sliding it down to his feet kicking it to the side. My god, he was wearing a garter, no panties, and a magnificent eretion sticking out of the middle. He had a very beautiful dick, perfectly shaped and a magnificent set of balls. He continued to dance, strutting around, with his wand waving in the wind. How fantastic!!! Lastly, he removed his bra, just as the song ended. You could tell, he had rehearsed this striptease well. He then strode over to me. As he arrived, he leaned his head back and raired his hand to his head as if to straighted his hair. This placed his member near my face. I took the hint. I place his member in my mouth and started giving him head. He came almost immediately. As he taught me, I swallowed it all. He was moaning and hunching against my face with each surge of his juices. When he finished, he roled to the side and sat beside me. I guess seeing me cum with the excitement got him over excited too. We sat there in each others arms. After a few minutes, I slid my hands down over his garter until I felt the silky smooth skin between the gater and hose. I am a leg man, and I loved hose. But the exciting part for me was that area of sking abover the hose. I caressed his upper thighs, inside and out, enjoying the smoothness. He always kept himself completely shaved, absolutely no body or leg hair. As I did this, his member came back to life. I guess he liked this attention. We started kissing and fondling each others genitals. Suddenly he stopped. He said,' I want you to take me like I am a girl. I want to feel you between my legs like I am a real girl. Do you know what I mean?' We had had anal sex before, but we always did it doggy style. We had never done it face to face. I told him I would try. My god this was exciting. He layed back and spread his legs. I crawled between his legs and got on top of him. He reached up and started kissing me and at the same time grabbed thunder. He raised his legs up, presenting himself to me. He took my precum soaked dick and start rubbing it up and down his crack. It felt wonderful. I was flowing and in seconds he was thoroughly lubbed. He guided me to his love canal and I slid in. I raised his beautiful legs on top of my shoulders and started going in and out. He moaned at first and was moving around to accomidate my giganitic hard on. Whenn I was all the way in, he started fucking me, hunching in and out. He was literally squeeling like a little girl. We fucked harder and harder. I was stroking his member as I fucked him and he was getting close. I struggled hold myself from cumming. Then I felt him tense and he began cumming. I too let loose. We came together. How great that felt. What a wonderful world he had introduced me to!!!! I had to know how this felt. I took over. I had him remove everything. I took all the clothing back to the bedroom and I dressed as a girl. It took awhile. Again, as I dressed, I got rock hard. It felt really good to be dressed as a girl. I was very excited. I loved the feel of the hose and garter especially. God I felt almost powerful and very sexy. I looked pretty good! Well, I won't go through the whole thing again. I was learnig after all. I did not dance, I had not rehearsed. I let him strip my clothes off while we kissed and made out. I did just as he did, lubbing myself with his precum. It hurt a little at first, but it kinda felt good being a bitch, if you know what I mean. We did this many times before out seperation. He moved away later. Hope you enjoy this. I did and do. The memory is mine.



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