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The next morning I awoke with a smile on my face that lasted all day. I had spent all day reminiscing our date and the feelings I got when he kissed my cheek, my friends had realised something different in me. I was no longer dragging my ass when it came to doing work or going to classes, I just simply went with a smile on my face. But little did they know what had caused my joy. I debated whether or not to tell my best friend, Anna, in on the secret but decided against it since I didn't know where Rob and I would lead to.

During my last class I received a message from Rob asking if I wanted to grab a bite to eat after school. I replied that I had a lot of homework and studying to do, I felt as if twice in the first week of seeing each other was too much. I needed a few days to process everything before seeing him again.

I sat in bed that night questioning my decision to tell him no to another date. It just felt so soon and like everything was happening so quickly. I wasn't complaining that he was giving me attention. But I also was over thinking the entire thing. We had gone to dinner and a movie once, that's all that it was. I felt bad for ignoring him and didn't want him to feel as if I was pushing him away so I messaged him asking if he wanted to have dinner the next weekend at one of the restaurants downtown and he agreed.

Once again I had felt the nervous pre-date feelings that I had just a week ago, but I knew it would be a good night so I didn't worry.

Saturday night he came and picked me up and we were off to the restaurant. We got there and sat outside on the terrace overlooking the city. It was more of an "awe" moment than the French Café. After dinner I was tired so we decided to just call it a night and Rob took me home. We had held hands at the table and even kissed a few times during the meal, I felt comfortable with him so I wasn't worried about what may happen if we were seen kissing or whatever. He took me home and I showered and went off to bed with yet another smile on my face and a message from him saying he had a good time.

When I went to school Monday morning everything was normal until I reached 2nd period. I walked in and it felt like everybody was looking at me, but I just brushed it off. A few stared as I crossed the room to my seat on the far right but nobody had said anything yet. As I was walking to my 3rd period Anna grabbed me and asked who it was that I went to dinner with. At first I didn't think anything of it but then I realised that I hadn't told her about him and what all had happened with him. My heart dropped and my face went pale.

Anna said that there were some guys from my school that had seen me arrive and kiss Rob a few times. Now in school I hadn't been the straightest guy, but also I wasn't the most flaming guy either. I was there, but I didn't flaunt it.

I felt like I was going to be sick. I had heard of other stories of gay mates being harassed and teased for who they are and I was worried I would be the next. I started to worry about who knew and what the repercussions would be from them finding out.

I immediately called Rob to tell him that rumours of our date were circulating throughout the school campus and that I was worried so he told me to leave school and come over right away to devise a plan and how to handle it all.

When I got there Rob just walked up to my car and gave me a hug and we walked inside and sat on his couch. I had never been to his house let alone inside it. I was very impressed with it. He lived in a downtown apartment building that had great views of the city and was well decorated, hardwood floors and beige walls that weren't even typical beige, it all went together nicely.

Rob told me to sit down on the couch and he got me water and told me that everything would be okay and nothing bad would come out of it. I knew he was upset that I was so shaken up over nothing really. He hugged me and shushed me and ran his fingers through my hair and just kept repeating that everything would be fine. I got to the point of quietly sobbing out of fear of ridicule from my peers. It was hard to hide me sucking in air between sobs with my head burrowed into his neck.

He took his hand and ran it down the back of my head and down my back a few times then he pulled away and looked me in the eyes and put a finger on my lips and said "baby, stop, it'll all be okay". I wanted to continue with my fit but feeling his finger on my lips and looking into his eyes calmed me. The world seemed to stop as I just sat there and stared at him. A single tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb and looked at me once again in my eyes before kissing my on the forehead. With that one single kiss he had me both calm and relaxed. I leaned in and kissed him on his lips, they tasted like spearmint lip chap, very cooling and fresh.

We started to kiss each other, not quite a make out session... yet... but a few pecks on the lips until we hugged and slumped down on the couch. I rested my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head. All at once I was turned on. It was like somebody had flipped a switch, it just hit me and I questioned myself for a moment. I was sitting there in his apartment after finding out that we had been seen out at a restaurant kissing. If that didn't lead on that we were an item then I don't know what would have.

I felt an erection coming on so I curled my legs up on to the couch and made it not as obvious that there was a prevalent bulge in my jeans. Whether or not it was his plan to arouse me or just comfort me, I was aroused and he knew it. My head bounced a few times when he chuckled at the sight of the bulge in my pants. It was only a matter of seconds before he raised my head up and started to make out with me. His hand found its way down my head, down my back and resting on my ass while we were kissing. My hand made it from his cheek, across his chest and to his navel region. I waited for him to make the first move towards any sexual encounters.

Rob gently slid his hand down my ass and rested it right where he could feel the split of my ass cheeks through my tight jeans. So I decided it was my turn to slide my hand under his shirt and run the tips of my fingers across his nipples instantly hardening them and making him gasp. I soon realised that was his turn on, nipple play. After a few moments of him groping my ass and me twisting his nipples I decided it was time to start running my palm across the bulge in his pants. As soon as I got to the tip of his shaft through the pants he bucked his hips some and slid his hand down my jeans and briefs, directly to the underside of my ass where he could easily flick his finger and run it over my hole. I was in pure ecstasy when he ran his finger over my hole. I figured out that when I stroked him through his pants, he stroked me in return. I slid his hand out of my pants and sat up on the couch. The look of confusion on his face almost made me laugh. He was at a loss of words, like he thought I was going to get up and walk out on him and leave him hard and alone. I unbuckled my belt and then leaned down and unbuttoned his shorts and kissed him once again. He slid his shorts down revealing what I had thought to been one of the best looking cocks I had ever seen. I looked in amazement as he watched me gasp and the sight of it. Rob's cock was at least eight and a half inches and thick, very thick. I knew from the sight of the thickness that I may regret dating him; I knew it would hurt but yet feel so good.

He smiled and shook his dick at me and asked if I wanted some. What was I to say, no? I bent over and just held it in my hand. The sheer size of it turned me on even more. I held it straight up and held my tongue over the head of it and licked the precum off, it was a taste that was an instant turn on. I decided that his pleasure was now in my hands and it was up to me to make sure that it was delivered. I kept his shaft held straight up and started at the tip and licked my way all the way down to the base of it, making sure to outline the vein running through his rock solid cock. After thoroughly tasting his meat I started to gently tug on his balls, before taking them in my mouth one at a time, all while moaning and looking him in the eyes. I decided I'd stop teasing him and just give in and let him have it.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock again and wrapped my lips around his cock head and started sucking and slowly bobbing my head up and down, each time going deeper and deeper down his cock till I felt it hit my throat, that's when he groaned and I felt his hand on the back of my head. He wasn't having an orgasm, he was forcing his cock all the way down my throat, and I wasn't stopping him.

It felt so good to finally have his cock in my mouth, to suck on it and just pleasure him like I had dreamt of doing. At times I had to stop and suck up some of the saliva and precum mixture that had accumulated at the base of his cock and leaking down onto his balls, but he didn't mind me sucking his balls and licking around the whole girth of the base of his cock. I drew him closer and closer to cumming but I'd stop, teasing him every time. Closer and closer I'd take him to the point of him getting aggravated with me.

Rob then decided that since I wasn't going to give him an easy orgasm, that I was going to get teased as well. He pulled me up and tossed me down on the couch and kissed me passionately before leaning up and saying that he too could play the teasing game. He flipped me around and ripped my jeans off of me and slapped my ass. I jumped in pain but didn't protest out of pleasure. He squatted down and began fingering me as I moaned and praised him for making me feel so good so quickly. He moved his finger and replaced it with his tongue. I never knew something could feel so good. I had precum oozing by the time he was finished, he ran his dick over my own precum and lined his cock up with my hole. He reached around to my chest and pulled me tight while kissing my neck and said "Baby, this is going to hurt, just tell me if I need to stop" and kissed me again and began forcing his thick cock into my ass. I jumped out of pain but he held me close and kept kissing me from behind. I hurt so bad I had tears in my eyes and was breathing fast but I loved it. I loved the way he smelt, the way he kissed my lips and buried his head into my neck and the way he breathed while sliding into my tight ass. I loved it all. After about fifteen minutes of him slowly stroking in and out of me I felt an orgasm coming and I wasn't so quite about it either. I started moaning and stroking my cock using my own precum as lube and bucking my hips into his to speed him up. He knew I was getting close and so was he. Rob started to rapidly slam into me until I was moaning so loudly he covered my mouth and right as I was about to cum, he stopped. Both of us moaning and a bit annoyed that he stopped but he leaned up to my ear and said "See, I can play twice as hard as you can baby" and nibbled on my ear. I flinched my ass and he tightened up and I felt his cock flinch. He knew then I wasn't kidding when I was practically milking his cock so he pulled me tight again and started furiously pounding my ass until we were both moaning at the top of our lungs until we both had our orgasms. Both of us were spent then and there. He just laid his head on my back and kissed it saying how good it felt.

We fell asleep on his couch together, cuddling. All sweaty and sticky and spent, it felt good, and safe.

When I awoke a few hours later he was still inside me, limp and his arm wrapped around my stomach. It was the perfect feeling and almost a picture perfect moment. He felt me wiggle and woke up, but not only had he awaked but also his cock. This time I cringed and got up. I couldn't stand his cock getting erect in me after being fucked and stretched earlier like I was. He hugged and kissed me again and took me off to the shower where we both washed each other and stood there with my head on his chest while the warm water ran over us. We got out and dried each other off and got dressed and he made some soup before I left for home. When he walked me out I said that I had an amazing time and he said he loved how it felt and mumbled that he loved me too. He stood there in shock that he said it after such a short time so I just kissed him and said I'd see him later. I turned around to walk away to my car nervously thinking about what he had just said when he grabbed my arm, spun me around and kissed me once more and asked if I really had to leave. I said yes and he smacked my ass and groped it once more. I cringed out of soreness, I told him that next time he'd understand my pain and he did, we both love the pain and pleasure we can give each other but that's another story.

-AR xx




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