After awhile of texting I had decided that I wanted to finally meet Rob. I suggested the idea that we meet and instead of him suggesting a hook up he offered to take me to the movies. We had of course had our fair share of sexual messages but for some reason when he asked me to the movies I didn't see it as a sexual thing. I saw it as a date, even if it was just to the movies. I'm sure if he was only wanting to have sex there would have been many other men that would have easily given it up to him. So I decided that I'd go on the date with him. I mean, why not? Even if the date went bad at least I would have been taken to a nice dinner and had seen a movie.

I had been anxious to go on the date considering it was my first in two years, I had done many things in my time but an actual date was rare to come by. The entire week I spent wondering where we would go, what I would wear, what I would say and most importantly, what would happen after. Since I actually liked him I wasn't sure how far I'd go with him. I had finally realized the difference between liking somebody and lusting them.

That morning I woke up with a smile on my face knowing that tonight was the date. I got ready and went to school. I could barely focus on the book I was reading in English because I was pondering the date and fantasizing about what could happen. Of course I had to over think it all and ended up getting upset at the thought of him backing out at the last minute or him being a complete asshole like men are known to be. With all of the thoughts racing through my head I didn't even hear my teacher calling my name for attendance. Now I was more worried than excited. After school I was driving home when I heard my phone ding. It was a text from him: "Can't wait for tonight! J". Hearing that had driven out all of the worrying thoughts and left me with excitement.

I finished my homework and took a shower knowing that I had to leave in an hour to meet him at the theater. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to make my hair look good and making sure I smelt good and that my face had a freshly shaved feel. I had already preplanned my outfit the night that he had asked me to the movies. I'd decided that it would be best to wear jeans since we'd be in a cold theater and out late since the movie didn't even start until 22:15. I wore dark washed out jeans that fit my butt nice and a white t shirt. I decided it'd be better to look like I didn't put too much thought in to my outfit but that I still looked good despite having spent 30 minutes picking my outfit out. I left around 21:30 knowing that I'd get there first and have time to make the drive and park before he arrived. He arrived just before 22:00. I was starting to worry that he'd be late. He met me at my car and we walked together up to the ticket counter without holding hands or anything. I tried my best to look normal and like I wasn't freaking out on the inside but I think he was suspicious of my carefully planned phrases and movements. We got into the theater and got our popcorn and drinks and got seated towards the back-center of the theater. I chose the seating due to the fact that we were watching the newest horror movie. We sat together and occasionally touch each others hand when reaching for popcorn accidentally, leaving us blushing and smiling.

At one point during the movie he even tried the yawn trick on me but it was timed just exact to there being a scary scene that made me jump and get frightened so I just went ahead and leaned my arm into his shoulder with his arm around mine. I thought it was a little cliché but I liked it, I liked the feel of it, the smell of his deodorant and cologne. Despite this being the first date I knew that I wouldn't mind feeling his presence and smelling his cologne for a few more dates or maybe more.

Towards the end of the movie I scurried away to the bathrooms to try and make myself look decent and not like I had just screamed a few times out of being scared. I managed to make myself look good and went back into the theater to wait for the movie to end so we could go to dinner. We left and wandered around the plaza and ended up eating at a little French café. Needless to say it was kind of romantic eating at the café with the lights dimmed and it being just us at the table. After we ate we continued to walk around until it was almost 01:30 so we decided to make our way back to the parking lot and call it a night. The walk was long considering we were on the other side of the plaza so as he noticed that I shivered slightly and that my arms were a bit cold he gave me his jacket and held my hand while walking back, I had wanted to hold his hand from the moment I saw him before the movie but it didn't quite seem to be the right time. We held hands and walked back to our cars under the street lights and the cool October night. It w as almost perfect, sometime you'd read in a book. At that moment I felt lucky to experience something like this, even if we never spoke again I'd be content with the night that we had together.

As we walked towards my car he slowed down and we stood under the street lamp and he told me good night and gave me a hug and right as I said good night I started to turn and pull away but he pulled on my arm and pulled me into another hug. This time giving me a kiss on the cheek and whispering that he had a good night with me and hoped that it would happen again. After that we looked at each other and just smiled. I no longer was doubting him because at that moment I knew that he liked me and he knew that I liked him. He walked me to my car and opened the door for me and told me to text him when I got home so he knew that I was home safely since it was almost two in the morning. I went home with a smile on my face and got ready for bed when I realized that I was still wearing his jacket, it smelt just like him. Right as I put my phone on the charger it was a text from Rob, it read: "Did you make it home safe? I had a really nice night and it was good to spend time with you. I hope we get together again soon.... - Rob x" Reading that left me with a big smile on my face and a good feeling about not only myself, but also about him. I slept with his jacket on that night, the smell of his cologne felt comforting, like he was almost there.




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