My heart was beating fast as Peter leaned over and touched my hand. Other people around us in the coffee shop did not seem to notice that. The coffee shop was actually a part of the hotel area where Peter stayed. Several Caucasian guys, older and younger, walked passed our table. Some of them were eyeing on me. But my eyes were fixed to Peter. That brown-haired hunk threw me a naughty grin, rubbing my hand. I reciprocated it with a shy smile. Peter was the first gay white man I met face-to-face. It happened that he flew down to the city where I live, thus we decided to meet. As he spoke, he literally melted my heart away with his sexy British accent. Uncontrollably, my cock began to stir. Both of my eyes were fixed on Peter's upper shirt, as some of its buttons were undone. A broad firm chest was clearly outlined under that white shirt. My inquisitive eyes spotted his nipples vaguely as the shirt was somewhat thin.

In his early 30s, as a Caucasian man, he was quite attractive. The perfect outline of his body could not be concealed by the short he wore. His swimmer-like body looked so strong underneath that thin fabric. He must have worn it to tempt my lust. Adequate amount of arm hair grew all over his arms, emphasizing his masculinity. His square jaw was matted with stubble, letting me know that he had not shaved in days. The stubble created a vague shadow over his jaw, strengthening his aura of sexiness. The fact that he was still in his early 30s excited me since I liked older manly men like him.

'Wow, you're sexier than I thought. You're my Oriental delight,' he spoke, squeezing my hand. 'So, are you really 26? Coz you look much younger.' His blue eyes were gazing at me with a longing look. 'Your skin is so smooth. Man, you turn me on. My cock is hard for you,' he whispered, not wanting people to hear his dirty remark. Under the table, that white man took off one of his shoes. 'Yeah, are you horny, too? I bet you are, right?' He lifted his sock-sheathed foot and moved it to my crotch. To his expectation, he found my cock throb excitedly.

Upon my cock being touched, I flinched with surprise. My hard dick was milked up and down along its shaft. Peter's foot skillfully stimulated my manhood, knowing what spots to touch. My body shuddered passionately. 'Oh, Peter, you make me so horny,' I gasped, trying to act normal. Both of my legs stiffened, shivering with lust. People around us were not aware of what happened under our table. Throbbing, my cock gained full erection. A globule of precum oozed out and wetted my briefs. Heaving, my breath became uneven. 'Oh yeah.' Soft gasp escaped my quivering lips. Lust started to get a grip on my mind. I wanted so much to have sex with Peter. Sensually, I snaked out my tongue and licked my upper lip. It was a sexual declaration that I wanted him.

Peter grinned, obviously horny. His broad smile was a clear sign saying that he wanted me. At that point, he definitely felt that something lustful could happen between us. Peter then moved his foot down along my leg, sending delightful shiver down my spine. Pulling back his leg, he sat up straight and gave me a wink. 'I like you a lot. You're the hottest oriental guy I've ever seen. And I wanna have you in my bed. Come to my room.' He left me his room number, walking away. A Chinese man, who seemed to be gay, followed Peter's movement with his eyes until Peter disappeared into the elevator. But Peter did not give him any attention, for his mind had been focused on me.

'Damn! This hard-on!' I cursed silently, massaging my erection secretly. If I stood up at then, I would be embarrassed by the tent in my trousers. It took several more minutes until I could get up and left the table. The erection had subsided but it left a wet stain on the front of my light brown trousers. My face reddened when an older Javanese man passed by. He saw the visible stain of obscenity on my trousers but said nothing. I quickly walked to the elevator, heading for Peter's room.

Several minutes passed until I finally stood in front of Peter's room. Nervously, I tried to knock on the door. But before my hand touched the wooden door, it was swung open. There, stood Peter in his white light dressing gown. The upper part was hanging open, exposing the narrow valley between Peter's hard chest mounds. My eyes could not stop staring at his chest, hoping to see more of it. The precumming limp cock in my briefs began to stir and harden. I quickly stepped in and the door was shut behind me.

Aggressively, Peter took hold of my shoulder and turned my body around. Pushing me, he drove me up to the wall. I was pinned there. Our lustful eyes met, gazing at each other's face. Peter's athletic torso was slightly lifted as he inhaled deeply. Warm breath was blown against my face when he exhaled. Suddenly, he lunged forward and pressed his lips against mine. Both of his hands were roughly grappling with my clothes. The kiss broke off for a moment when he pulled my T-shirt over my head. My smooth oriental body came into the view, fuelling his desire. That horny white man resumed his passionate kiss. While locking his lips with mine, his strong hands reached down to unzip my trousers. Yanking hard, he shucked off my trousers, as well as my briefs. I was stark naked in front of him. Throbbing shamelessly, my uncut cock displayed its hardness.

Peter was excited to see my 5' cock, for it was his kind of cock. Although my cock had reached full erection, the head was still hooded by the thick foreskin. Wet stain of my earlier-discharged precum coated my dick head. Purplish veins bulged under the foreskin. Peter became more excited to see that my pecker was shaved. It certainly created the illusion that my cock was bigger. Under the base of my cock hung a heavy ball sack.

I did not give him much time to admire my cock for I could hardly restrain my own lewd passion. I wrapped my hands around his body. Roughly, I jerked at the fabric. Instantly, his dressing gown dropped to the floor, revealing his perfect naked body. I caught a glimpse of his thick 6' cut cock. The look of that thick meat gave me the sexual shivers. Being overwhelmed by desire, I jumped at Peter. 'I want you, Peter,' I groaned, running my lips on his broad shoulder. The faint fragrance of his cologne filled my nostrils, which was such a turn-on for me. Hungrily, I was licking his bare skin, savoring its taste.

'Oh baby, I want you, too,' Peter replied, heaving. Bending his neck, he also launched a tongue attack on my neck. We both swept our wet warm tongue across each other's body, admiring each other's physical gift. 'You're so damn hot, I wanna fuck your ass.' Lightly, he bit my neck. The teeth of his sank into my flesh but they did not tear it. Grunting, he blew his breath against my skin, warming it up. His tongue was snaking across my skin, slobbering with saliva. Wrapping his strong muscular arms around my naked waist, he held me possessively.

'Peter, ah, fuck me. Fuck my ass now. Please fuck me,' I begged, being held captive in his strong arms. I moaned as I was grinding my hard-on against his rippled abdomen. Peter's erection was throbbing under my ball sack, rubbing it. 'You make me so horny. Ah, I'm yours to fuck. Take me, Peter. Take my ass.' With my back against the wall, I slipped both of my hands under his armpits. From behind, I bent and locked my arms to his shoulders. Holding onto his broad shoulders, I kept him close to my body. 'Peter, oh, man. Fuck me now, please,' I begged.

'Not yet, baby,' he replied, nuzzling my neck. 'I wanna taste your cock. I bet that your cock tastes so good.' With that, he trailed his tongue down my body. Sniffing, he took in the scent of my body. 'You smell good, ah,' he breathed lustfully. Adeptly, his flexible tongue swept my skin up and down. The area touched by his tongue glistened with saliva. 'Oh, I love your smooth body. I can't wait to put my hardness in you.' Both of his strong hands were groping my back, feeling how smooth my skin was. As Peter bent his body, my grip on his shoulders were loosened. 'You're so damn sexy,' he whispered, still licking my body.

When he reached my fleshy torso, Peter flicked my left nipple with his tongue. First, he swabbed it thoroughly to coat it with saliva. As he was doing that, I moaned lustfully. The stimulation I had was too overwhelming. I could not help squirming. Yet, with his strong arms, Peter steadied my body and pinned it to the wall. Later, he utilized his tongue to press the head of my nipple several times. It sent electric-like jolt through my naked body. Peter then sucked my left nipple with loud slurping sound. Writhing, I groaned loudly. My chest was heaving up and down, yet my left nipple was still in his sucking mouth.

'Peter, ah,' I whimpered, running my hand in his cropped brown hair. My stomach contracted involuntarily as the nerves were stimulated by Peter's sucking. Cold sweat emerged out of the pores. As my heart beat faster, Peter exerted more strength to suck my nipple. I was literally pinned to the wall, unable to move. Yet, my whole muscles flexed as the result of Peter's suction. My cock did not lose its erection. On the contrary, it grew harder. Precum continued to ooze from the slit. The thick foreskin covering my cock head was pooled up with my precum juice. But the slippery liquid soon overflowed and ran down the shaft. My groan continued to echo when Peter targeted my right nipple. The same treatment was given to that sensitive part.

The tongue trailed down my contracting stomach. Some beads of sweat were lapped up by that hungry tongue. The writhing of my body did not obstruct Peter's relish in tasting my body. When he arrived at my shaved crotch, the front of my upper body had been coated with his saliva. Peter treated my cock like a precious jewel. Gingerly, he ran his tongue on my hardening shaft back and forth. Using one hand, he positioned my hard cock so that he could lick it better. While pulling my foreskin back, Peter tried to loosen my tight foreskin. But it still gripped the head of my cock. Flicking the tight foreskin ring around my dick head, Peter applied an adequate amount of saliva to lube it up.

'Your foreskin is so damn tight,' he complained, stroking my cock. But it did not stop him from eating my cock. Hungrily, the tongue scooped up any trails of precum left on my cock. As he flicked my dick head, he obtained a handsome amount of precum. Encasing my peter with his mouth, Peter sucked my cock as hard as he could. The remains of cum left my cock and entered his mouth. The horny white man started to suck my cock earnestly.

'Oh Peter, yeah,' I moaned, closing my eyes for a moment. Pleasure crawled up my naked body, radiating from my sucked dick. Even though the cock was still covered with foreskin, the suction still felt pretty good. Especially when Peter tongued my piss slit in penetrative movement. My body buck again as I could not bear the overwhelming ecstasy. 'Ah! Suck my cock, Peter. Oh yeah, suck me.' That was all that I could say. My entire body was radiating with pleasure. I put my other hand on his head, grabbing his short hair. But the hair slipped off my hand. I could feel his cheeks glide down the sides of my prick. With each stroke, he took my cock a bit deeper into his mouth.

The suction increased in rhythm. Standing against the wall, I took in deep breath as he was vacuuming my cock. Suddenly, my cock slid in all the way, passing his throat. The sensation my cock head received was incredible. Peter paused for a while and maintained my cock there for a moment. All I could do was trembling. My mouth groaned out my approval. That Caucasian man then continued to suck my mouth. But he did it more furiously, as if he had lost his patience. With his hand, he gripped the base of my hard dick. The target of his tongue was still my piss slit. More and more precum was produced. Peter licked it clean with relish.

In his kneeling position, Peter rigorously slid his mouth back and forth over my throbbing manhood. Looking down, I could see his cock was pulsating excitedly. Precum flowed out of the slit, dripping onto the carpeted floor. Reaching down with one hand, Peter gave his dick a hard squeeze. A big glob of pearly precum was stretched down to the carpet as soon as that liquid was discharged. Peter's athletic chest was heaving up and down. His brownish erect nipples moved along with it. Warm breath was blown against my crotch as Peter was struggled with his growing lust.

Our bodies were coated with thin film of sweat. The sound of our heavy breaths resounded around the room. Peter still loyally sucked my hardness. Saliva was dripping down my shaft as his lips parted slightly. His hands reached up to my nipples. As soon as they were found, their erect heads were pinched lightly. Familiar electrical jolt coursed down my body again as my nipples were very sensitive. Grunting, I abandoned myself to the pleasure I received. I let lust grow in me and turned into orgasm. My cock in Peter's mouth jerked as a glob of precum was exuded out. That man really knew how to make me horny. His tongue continuously serviced my hard dick.

Pulling away from my cock, Peter wrapped his strong hand around my throbbing cock. Looking up at me, he encouraged me to spill my loads. 'I want to see you cum, sexy stud. Come on. Shoot your warm loads. I wanna taste it. A hot oriental guy like you must have lots of juicy cum in your big fucking balls,' he said, groping my balls with his other hand. Roughly, his strong gripping arm was sliding back and forth. My cock head was being milked to frenzy. 'Yeah, I know you're close. Don't hold it. Just shoot it. Yeah, give me your loads. Cum for me, baby. Oh yeah, you wanna cum so bad, don't you? Cum now.'

My cock was throbbing harder. The precum stain had smeared the head. At then, precum had lubed underneath the foreskin very well. Somewhat the tight skin began to budge. All of a sudden, Peter brought his hand down. Its strong force had pushed the foreskin further down. But the hand did not stop there; it kept pushed my foreskin down. Slowly, my cock head came into the view, glistening with massive amount of precum. It was bulging in such a way that I thought it was going to burst. Peter's fingers took a firm hold on my pulsating cock. Frequently, they would press down to massage my meat. I was wincing in both pain and pleasure as the over-tight foreskin forced its way over the glans. The traces of white substance were found on the slimy dick head. They gave out acrid smell. Gripping Peter's broad shoulders, I groaned. The cock slit gaped open as the head was somewhat being pressed and pulled. Even though he did not stroke my cock in conventional jerking-off movement, I still obtained the same masturbatory pleasure.

'Come on, shoot your cum,' Peter demanded. 'I wanna see your cum shooting out of your dick. Yeah, spurt it high into the air. Oh, let me smell your cum. Let me taste it. Oh yeah,' he added, adding more pressure on my foreskin. Leaning forward, he brought his face close to my cock head. Flicking the piss slit, he scooped up precum with his tongue. 'Yeah, you're so wet. I know that you're close to cumming. Yeah, your cock drips lots of precum.' Caressing my thigh, Peter tried to amplify the stimulation. My dick head had been already half exposed. The other half was still hidden under the tight prepuce. Peter buried the cock into his warm mouth. Instantly, my body jerked with great excitement as the very sensitive cock surface scraped against the walls of his inner mouth. That horny man continued his suction.

I could no longer hold off my ejaculation. It was too overwhelming. 'Oh, I can't hold it. I'm cumming, Peter! I'm cumming, ah!' At then, my cock burst, spraying thick cum into Peter's mouth. The pressure from my foreskin had caused the first spurt of my cum to be so powerful. It jetted out and hit the back of Peter's throat. The slimy white cum crawled down the throat lazily. But more cum shots followed. 'Ah! Fuck! Oh! I'm cumming! Oh! Drink my cum, Peter! Take it! Oh!' The muscles in my body grew taut. I arched my pelvis and buried my cumming cock in his oral orifice. Orgasm swept my body, leaving me breathless. Panting, I jerked violently. My groans filled the room with passion. Peter was sucking my cock with great enjoyment, taking in every drop of my bitter juice. I felt my cock jet its loads eight times. Each shot grew weaker and carried lesser amount of cum. 'Oh!' I moaned out when finally no more cum was shot. As the climax subsided, I found myself extremely worn out.

Peter pulled my cock out. That meat had grown limp, losing its erection. The foreskin slid down to cover the whole cock head from the outside world. A drop of cum hung at the tip of my cock. Suddenly, Peter stood up. Like a hungry tiger, he pinned my tired sweaty body to the wall. His handsome face approached mine menacingly. And the next thing I knew, he forced a slobbering kiss to my lips. The tongue parted my lips, entering my mouth. As I opened my mouth, a flood of cum rushed into my mouth. It turned out that Peter did not drink my cum; he held it in his mouth. The gooey liquid was mixed with his saliva. I could taste how delicious my cum was. It tasted better because it came from his mouth. Like love-crazed lovers, we locked our lips together in passionate kiss, exchanging spit and cum. As we kissed, Peter ground his hard cock against my crotch. The kiss finally ended when both of us gulped down our share of the cum.

'Oh man, I want you so much, baby,' Peter hissed, looking me straight in the eyes. Placing one hand on my back, he made me lean over. Then his other hand quickly supported my legs. Exerting all his strength, Peter lifted my naked body up. 'Yeah, today you're my wife and I'm gonna fuck your man cunt.' He grinned when I wrapped my hands on his torso. Gingerly, he laid my body on the bed. Leaning forward, he kissed me again. At the same time, he jumped up to the bed and fell next to me. 'Yeah, you're mine, baby,' he resumed, satisfied to finally have me by his side. Rolling my body to face him, Peter embraced me. He made sure that he rubbed his hardness well against my limp cummy cock. 'Please me, before I fuck your ass,' he hissed, licking my face. 'Suck my cock. Make it ready for your hole.'

I did what he asked without any delay. Getting up, I crawled down his body. Kneeling next to his legs, I bent down to bring my face close to his giant manhood. Its length was moderate, but its girth was amazing; almost as thick as a can of beer. My own limp cummy dick was hidden between my thighs. His hard cock was sticking up, throbbing in full erection. The shaft was coated with a heavy layer of precum. A beautifully-shaped mushroom head stood before me. It was glistening with slimy precum. Its reddish purplish color was attracting my eyes. Using my tongue, I lapped up the head from bottom to top. As my tongue swept across the glistening head, it collected some precum. The salty tang hit my taste buds. The more I licked Peter's cock, the more precum I obtained.

Lying on the bed, that horny Caucasian man could only groan. His body shuddered slightly as pleasure washed over him. 'Oh yeah, lick my hard cock, baby. Yeah, it needs your tongue. Oh yeah, lick it,' he groaned, writhing his naked body. His eager cock pulsated as I ran my tongue around its helmet. But when I encased his cock in my mouth and began to suck, Peter exclaimed, 'Oh, baby! You do know how to suck! Yeah, do it. Ah yes!'

That cock stretched my mouth beyond its capacity. I had hard time to slide that monstrous tool into my hungry mouth. All I could move were my tongue and my cheek muscles. But Peter's cock was very juicy. Precum just kept oozing out. Sensually, I wrapped my tongue around the helmet. I rubbed the corona, arousing his sensitive nerves. Loud groans escaped his mouth whenever I touched the cock head with my tongue. The underside of that helmet was also lapped up. More precum was produced, to my pleasure. Like mine, Peter's cock was hairless. With one hand, I was stroking that manhood. Peter's broad chest was expanding as he pumped air into his lungs. His breathing rhythm became uneven. Knowing he was close to cumming, I increased the intensity of my licking. But suddenly, Peter pushed me away.

'Not now, baby,' he breathed, sitting up. Sweat beads glistened on his sexy pectorals. That broad menacing chest was heaving up and down. Those two erect nipples followed the movement. Leaning over, he landed another sloppy kiss on my lips. His thick hard cock rested against the stomach, still throbbing. A steady rivulet of precum flowed down his abdomen, leaking from the cock. 'My first load is for your bowels. I want to shoot it deep inside of you, to impregnate you with my seeds.' Peter ran his hand on my face, admiring my oriental feature. 'Lie down, and let me make love to you,' he added.

Crawling back, I lay down on my back. My head rested on the pillow as my heart was pounding with great excitement. I saw that handsome white man approach me. A pillow was in his hand, which was later shoved under my hips. Spreading my legs, I exposed my fuck canal. A number of guys had plunged their manhood into my ass, but they had not loosened it up. Peter ran his callused hands over my thighs, savoring its smoothness. His eyes showed so much lust. The monstrous cock could not wait to lodge itself into my fuck hole. Peter's strong arms lifted up my legs, his biceps bulging. My legs were then moved onto his broad shoulders. My ass hole was twitching as cold air caressed it. Peter's eyes widened as he witnessed how tight my ass seemed to be.

'Yeah, my baby has a tight fuck chute,' he said, spitting on his hand. That hand was brought to my ass hole. The spit was then rubbed over the hole. My ass chute reacted by increasing the intensity of its twitching. 'Oh, you're horned up, huh? Let's see how tight your ass really is,' he grunted, forcing his index finger to enter my clenched hole. 'Fuck! It's damn tight.' Peter made fucking movement with his hand, slowly opening up my hole. As the tip had gained better entry, he shoved the entire finger in. 'Oh fuck! Your ass is clamping my finger. You're one horny slut,' he commented, grinning lewdly. His other hand was stroking his own erection to keep his cock hard.

'Ah!' I groaned upon receiving that finger. The finger itself was rather thick, larger than Asian fingers. 'Fuck me, Peter! Oh, fuck!' That was just a finger but I had been made breathless. It reminded me of a local Chinese guy who fucked my ass; his cock was a big as Peter's finger. 'Peter, it feels so good, oh,' I groaned like a slut in heat. The penetration of that finger aroused my flaccid cock. Gradually, that meat grew harder and stood up. Grabbing my own tool, I was jerking it off. 'Peter, fuck! Oh, shove it deeper. Ah,' I moaned, writhing on the bed.

'Yeah, my baby is in heat,' Peter teased, preparing his middle finger. Carefully, he shoved it in to join the index finger. My ass lips were pushed in to provide space for that second finger. It caused some pain and I groaned out. 'Relax, hottie. Take my fingers first. Then you can take my big cock. Yeah, like that. Suck my fingers in. That's it, baby.' My ass hole was full with those two thick fingers. They started to fool my ass, creating the illusion that a real cock was stuffed into my ass. Lewdly, Peter was sliding those fingers in and out. 'Feel them, baby. Oh, your ass begins to loosen up a bit. Oh yeah, my cock will soon be in you.'

'Oh, Peter, your fingers are big,' I whimpered, trashing my head. 'But I like it. Keep fucking me, oh. Peter, yeah, fuck me with your fingers. Open up my fucking ass,' I groaned again. Sweat started to dampen my naked body again. Every pore on my body opened up and secreted sweat. A small rivulet of sweat was formed between the mounds of my chest. But as my body shuddered, the sweat overflowed to the side and flowed down to the bed. 'Fuck me, Peter. Ah,' I groaned again as I increased the stroking of my cock. Precum oozed out, smearing my hand. When Peter forced another finger in, I let out a louder groan. 'Oh fuck! Ah!'

'Take it like a man, baby. It's only fingers. My cock is much thicker. You know that, don't you,' he whispered, rubbing his cheek to my thigh. 'Oh man, your thigh is so smooth, unlike other guys'. I like sexy smooth oriental guys like you. Shit! You gave me hard-on,' he continued, maintaining the jerking motion on his cock. His three fingers were planted deeper into me, moving in and out. 'Yeah, I'm gonna make you horny before I shove my cock into you.' And with that, Peter plunged his fingers deep into my bowels. When he felt a small organ in me, he waved his fingers in circular motion. As they brushed against my prostate, an overwhelming ecstasy washed over my body. Instantly, my body stiffened and my heart beat faster.

'Oh, Peter! Fuck!' I groaned with pleasure. The orgasmic-like wave coursed down my body, jolting it. Precum was flowing down my cock in great amount. The harder I jerked my cock, the looser my foreskin became. It was retracted down but got stuck half-way. 'Peter, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck!' I cried, shuddering. My head was reeling with passion. Not wanting to cum, I let my cock go. That excited cock throbbed hard for several times before it began to get limp. But Peter seized it.

'Cum for me, again. I wanna see you cum. I'm gonna milk your cock until it's dry. Yeah, come on, baby. Shoot for me again,' he demanded, sliding his palm up and down my throbbing cock. The coarse palm was scraped against the sensitive surface of my cock head. It brought me both pain and pleasure. 'Your groan is music to my ears,' he commented, milking my cock with great determination. 'Yeah, I'm gonna make you cum until you have nothing to shoot. Baby, you're so damn hot.' As his hand was milking my manhood, his other hand was busy with my ass hole. 'Shoot your cum. Shoot it,' Peter demanded, watching me with much intent.

Again, Peter forcefully brought his hand down on my cock and forced my tight foreskin to slide downward. The prepuce which was stuck half-way down the dick head started to bulge. However, the foreskin ring was stretched almost beyond its capability, looking as if it was going to torn apart. I was wincing in pain as he forced my foreskin down. Yet, my cock was getting more excited. The same earlier technique was applied for the second time. Peter was massaging my dick with his fingers as he kept pulling down the skin. White substance hidden under the prepuce came into the view. Peter was a great fan of smegma. Bending down, he stuck out his tongue. My body was shaking excitedly as the cock head was being licked.

'Oh, I can't take it anymore. Peter, oh!' I whimpered when Peter brushed my prostate with his fingers for the umpteenth time. It soon set me off on orgasmic explosion. 'Ah! fuck! I'm cumming!' I yelled, thrusting my hips upward. A geyser of hot cum was sprayed upward, all of a sudden. It did not shoot up high. The strong force of the orgasm came mainly from the pressure applied on my dick head. 'Ah! Oh! Cumming! Ah, Peter! Oh!' Orgasmic groans filled the room, echoing. My sweaty body was jerking upward, fucking Peter's wrapped hand. Cum continued to shoot out. Yet, owing to the weaker ejaculation strength, that gooey liquid was dribbling down the shaft. My legs on Peter's shoulders were shaking violently. I could not control them. Pure ecstasy flowed through my body. The second orgasm was even much better compared to the first one. Sighing, I shuddered as orgasm left me. Peter's hand was covered in thick layer of cum.

'Good boy. You shot a lot,' he commented. Bringing the hand to his own lips, Peter slurped it all. Hungrily, he cleaned his hand from my cum. 'Your cum tastes so good. It's grade-A cum.' Carefully, he withdrew his fingers from my ass. Each finger left my ass hole with a faint popping sound. Emptiness filled my bowels, replacing those penetrating fingers. 'You're mine today. And I'm gonna use your body to satisfy my lust,' Peter said, grabbing his still-hard manhood. Glistening with precum, the cock throbbed eagerly. 'Your hole is quite loose now. You're ready for my cock,' he added, beaming at me.

Both of my legs were still on his shoulders. Normally, I needed time to rest after ejaculation. But Peter did not give me any chance for that. Displaying his rock-hard throbbing male member, that white man prepared himself to penetrate my fuck chute. I could only lay there, tired out. My cummy cock rested on my stomach, bathed with cum. Reaching forward, Peter wiped the sweat off my heaving torso. Aggressively, he was fingering both of my semi-erect nipples. His adept fingers had stirred both of them into full erection. My body was tired but it was forced to enjoy another sexual stimulation. Thrashing, I was helplessly under Peter's control.

'Get ready, slut. I'm gonna fucking fuck your ass,' Peter grunted, aligning his hard pecker with my loose ass hole. The fact that he called me a slut only added to my arousal. That man watched my cock slowly gained its erection. 'Shit! You're really like dirty words, huh? Well, you did tell me that rape fantasy makes you horny. Well, I'm gonna rape your ass.' Harshly, Peter twisted my nipple, sending me screaming. Yet, the pain made me hornier. And Peter knew that! 'Get ready, slut boy. Here I come.' As soon as he finished saying that, ruthlessly, Peter shoved his hips forward. His drooling circumcised cock stabbed into my loosened ass hole. Although Peter's fingers had trained my hole to receive that giant cock, the anal pain was still there.

'Ah! It hurts!' I yelled. The sudden thrust into my arse sent a stabbing pain through my spine. My body was jolted by the pain. 'It's so big, Peter! It's much bigger than any cock I encountered. Oh fuck!' Tears dampened my eyes. 'Peter, I can't take it! It's too big, ah!' A part of me regretted for letting him poke my ass with his monstrous dick. But I could go no where, for Peter had held me captive. His strong hands gripped hips securely as he shoved his cock deeper into me. 'Ah! You're tearing my ass!' I yelled, half-crying.

The helmet pushed the ass lips inwards, stretching them until they were almost torn apart. Like a giant snake, that cock slid in into the depth of my ass. When the head had passed the sphincter, the ass lips quickly closed in. Peter's cock was gripped tightly, stuck in my ass. 'Oh! It's in!' Peter exclaimed enthusiastically. That horny man could clearly feel his hard cock throb inside my warm ass. 'Shit! It's still tight.' His face showed great pleasure as my ass muscles milked his fuck tool.

Groaning, I was glad that the big cock finally fit in. I still winced painfully when Peter shoved the rest of the length in. 'Oh,' I whimpered, my body shuddering. Helplessly, I spread my legs wider to let that meat fucker in. Standing rigidly, my cock pulsed. Having cummed twice, the piss slit was somewhat sore. 'Fuck!' I groaned, thrashing my head. My bowels were full with that cock. I groaned again as Peter pushed his dick in. I could feel that ramrod scrape itself against the walls of my rectum. The head kept inching in until his big hanging balls hit mine. 'Ah, Peter,' I moaned lustfully. My eyes were fixed to his handsome face.

For some moment, Peter did not move at all. He stayed there to absorb the warmth of my bowels with his cock. Both of his eyes were closed. 'Man, your ass is remarkable. I'm gonna fuck you again and again until I cum in you. Yeah, you're gonna be my bitch.' Slowly, he withdrew his cock. Teasingly, he rubbed his manhood against my rectum. I was groaning aloud as he did that. Peter ran one of his hands on my throbbing cock, stroking it several times. The tight clenching ass lips of mine were pushed outward as Peter's cock backed away. It was obvious that my ass lips had started to swell considerably. But then, as the head almost slid out, Peter drove the whole length back into my battered ass. The cock was plunged in hard, and it hit my prostate.

'Ah! Yeah, Peter. Fuck me! Oh!' Lust again took over my mind and body. I was ready for another journey to orgasm. When Peter lunged forward, I quickly wrapped my sweaty hands around his waist. 'Peter, yeah, I love your cock. Oh fuck me! Fuck me hard!' I pulled him close to me. My action only made his cock sink deeper into me. That fat dick head went to the depth where no cock had gone before. 'Peter, I love your cock! Oh yes, fuck me deeper. Oh, split me open with your mighty cock. Peter!' His washboard abs was scraping against my flat stomach. 'Fuck me, yeah! Drive it deep and hard! Oh yes!' Holding onto his perspiring torso, I lifted my body. I was half sitting on the bed, hanging upon his body with my out-stretched hands.

'Yeah, my hot slut needs my cock. I'm gonna give it all to you. Yeah, take it all, bitch. Take my cock!' Peter groaned, burying his face in my shoulders. Both of his strong arms were supporting his body, placed on the bed on each side of my body. 'You're so horny, I like fucking your tight ass, ugh! Yes, fucking take my cock! Like a mad man, he drove his dick hard in and out. Sweat was dripping down his body profusely, as if he had just got out of a spa. His hair was wet thoroughly. When he slammed his manhood, the sweat drops were shaken off his head. Some splattered my body. I could only see pure lust on Peter's face.

The monstrous pecker had pried open my ass. Taking shape of the letter O, my swollen hole twitched. It milked Peter's manhood, coaxing it to release its precious juice. The burning pain still radiated from my ravaged ass. Yet, the ecstasy emanated from my prostate drowned the anal pain. My brain registered the pain as pleasure. My naked body was rocking back and forth. The brutal fucking rhythm entrapped my hard cock. That hard cummy meat was pressed between my stomach and Peter's. Still half-hooded by the foreskin, my cock was constantly rubbed by the movement of Peter's stomach. The oozing precum flowed down my cock, lubing up Peter's stomach. Tired, I let my hands go. My body fell back and hit the comfortable bed.

Peter seriously moved his hips, thrusting it forward in constant rhythm. Loyally, that Caucasian man pumped his dick into me. The big head was ravaging my insides, hitting anything standing in its way. That thick cock, too, produced a handsome amount of precum. That liquid flooded the fuck canal. Peter's cock practically surfed on it, easing the penetration. As the cock resounded in, sloppy wet sound resounded. Some precum was even spurted out from the slightly parted ass lips, owing to the pressure inside my ass.

Whimpering, I still cried out my passion. I urged him to drill my cock ruthlessly. 'Fuck my ass, Peter! Yeah, use my body for your pleasure. Oh, make me your slut! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Yes, give me your big cock! Ah, yes!' Reaching out, I was groping his pectorals. My body shuddered as my palms came in contact with his erect nipples. Rubbing them with my hands, I aroused him beyond his limit. That handsome horny man grunted, slamming deeper. My body was rocked backward. 'Ah! Yeah, cum in my ass! Give me your cum. Fuck me! Shoot your loads inside me. Oh! Cum in me, Peter!' I yelled, in heat. I knew that Peter would soon ejaculate because I could see the tell-tale signs of his impending climax.

'Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum! I'm spraying you with my hot man juice. You'll be pregnant with my manly seeds, slut. Fuck yeah!' he replied, breathing heavily. Placing one hand on my cummy cock, he was jerking my rock-hard dick again. Using his other hand, he tried to maintain his balance. 'Yeah, you're gonna shoot again. Come on, shoot it. A horny slut like you craves for sex. I'm fucking your ass deep and hard. Spurt your cum for me, bitch. Shoot it!' he demanded, sliding his hand fast. The movement of his hand was so fast that it turned into blurred motion. 'Oh, I'm almost there. Come on, cum with me. Let's shoot our loads together.'

I did not need his urging because my cock was soon erupting. Peter's violent thrust had subsequently hit my prostate. The accumulated pressure was too unbearable. My cock immediately exploded in much bigger shattering orgasm. Yelling out, I let him know that I had reached my orgasm, again. 'Fuck! I'm cumming, Peter! Oh yes! Ah! Milk my cock! Ah!' A large gob of gooey cum was shot out. It only flew up for about 2 or 3 inches high. That gob landed on my sweaty contracting stomach. My spread legs shuddered uncontrollably. Each spurt of my cum caused my ass hole to clench up. Thus, it was milking Peter's cock. 'Ah, Peter! Yes! I'm cumming, oh!' Stiffening muscles made my body look bigger than it was. Peter's stroking hand almost slipped off when cum splattered it. Syrupy man juice flowed down my cock and gathered on my crotch. Some was spilled down, onto the bed. I kept bucking, dazed with orgasmic explosion.

At then, Peter pushed in very hard. His mouth gaped open, howling. And suddenly, his sturdy body shook. He was cumming in my ass! 'Fuck, yes! I'm cumming! I'm filling your ass with my fucking cum. Yeah, slut! Oh yes! Cumming! Oh!' Leaning towards me, he buried his cock as deep as he could. His massive chest flexed, showing its manliness. The thick monstrous cock was jerking inside me, spewing spurts after spurts of gooey warm man seed. The liquid splattered my bowels, filing up the rectum. 'I'm impregnating you with my sperms. Yeah, you're mine, bitch! Ah fuck yeah! The violent trust hit my prostate again and again, prolonging the orgasm I felt.

Both of us were jerking, releasing our pent-up jizz. Our lewd groans could be heard outside Peter's hotel room. Peter continued to pump my ass until all of his cum was wrung out. His muscular hips thrusting in and out slowly came to a stop. Tired but satisfied, Peter threw his body on top of mine. His large cock still impaled my swollen ass. Some cum slowly seeped out of my fuck chute, flowing down my ass cheeks. Showering me with slobbering kisses, Peter expressed his gratitude for my service. As men, we tended to fall asleep right after sex. Embracing me possessively, Peter slumbered beside me. With my closed eyes, I whimpered as I dreamed about Peter's fucking my ass. My ass was sore, yet I was very satisfied.





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