You know that most guys would rather do anything than go to the doctor's office. It sucks waiting in that stupid lobby with the thirty year old furniture and magazines nobody reads. Unfortunately today I had no choice. There was something strange about one of my balls, and a man cannot be too careful when it comes to those boys. I know what to expect here, since I've seen the same family doctor since I was a kid. There's nothing special to tell you about him. To cut to the chase, he thinks I might have testicular cancer, and sends me to a specialist.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little about myself. I am 28 years old, six foot two and weight 265 pounds with 9% body fat. My weight comes from naturally broad shoulders and thick glutes and thighs, not excess body fat. In fact I work-out everyday, and stay in very good shape. As a result, needing to see the doctor is unusual for me. I had put it off for a week or two when my girlfriend asked me why I kept playing with my balls. When my bullshit answer didn't work, I had to tell her the truth. She insisted that I get it checked out, and now it looks like she was right. Anyway, I have always thought of myself as a man's man. I like sports, camping, fishing, beer and women. There have been a couple of times that I have messed around with a guy. Both times I was seriously intoxicated and horned up by someone or something other than the guy. Straight guys never want to admit that they would fuck a goat if the conditions were right, but you know it's pretty much true.

A week later I am on campus at the local University hospital for my visit with the Urologist, Dr. Long. After waiting in the best-decorated doctor's office lobby I'd ever seen, I am shown into the exam room by a muscular young man. He's the Nurse and he starts the basic exam that is typically given before the doctor comes in. His name is Mark. After weighing me, checking my blood pressure, pulse, etc, he comments on what good shape I'm in. I had held off talking about weight training even though he was obviously a 'musclehead' like me. We talked for a few minutes about where we worked out, and what program we were on, and the other muscle-head shit. I could tell he used some juice like me, but I didn't say anything about that. He told me to go ahead and remove my clothes and put on the paper gown, as the Doctor was on schedule today. Like all lifters I didn't mind giving him a look at some of my progress, because other lifters appreciate your hard work in the gym like no one else. So I went right ahead and began removing my shoes while we talked. He didn't try to get around me to leave, so I figured he was interested in seeing my upper body. I removed my shirt. Mark was obviously impressed. He complimented my thick shoulders and defined abs. I could tell Mark was actually a little above my size. It seemed really nice of him to take notice of my definition because most guys just like more and more size. I really wanted to ask him to show me some of his progress. He was wearing scrubs so I couldn't really tell much about his body other than his overall bulk. But I didn't think it was an acceptable to ask him to start taking his clothes off on the job.

My shirt is off, and we've talked about shoulders, traps, pecs, abs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, hell everything that I can think to say about upper body lifting. Now I should take off my pants and put on the gown, but Mark's still standing there talking about weight training. I know the doctor will be in any minute and I'm not ready. Unsure what to do I decide to take my jeans off and leave on my underwear? I figure that guys see me completely naked in the locker-room everyday, so why not let this guy see me in my underwear.

Once my pants are off, Mark starts talking about leg workouts. I can hardly believe that I'm stripping naked in a room that's barely big enough for the exam table with another guy only a few inches away. Is this normal for a doctor's visit? I really don't know because I've never seen a specialist before and as I've said I have avoided my one and only physician as much as possible. This scene is going beyond my comfort zone, so I decide to just wait. Only a minute or two passes before Dr. Long comes in the room.

He isn't anything like my regular doctor. Dr. Long looks to be a little older than me with more bulging muscles than either Mark or me. Clearly he takes care of his body. His pale blue eyes seem to look right through me. In fact, they look almost unnatural against his dark complexion and long dark black hair. He is about 6'2' and I would guess his weight at around 290 pounds of solid muscle. He sure as hell isn't the Marcus Wellby look-alike of my regular doctor visits. I find it odd but I am more comfortable being nearly naked with these younger guys than an older doctor.

Dr. Long seems completely comfortable with me being almost completely undressed like that's what he expected. I apologize for not putting on the gown before he got to the room, and he says not to worry it was only there for my personal modesty. He says that if I am comfortable then that is all that matters. He smiles at me and I am momentarily mesmerized by his chiseled jaw line that seems out of place compared to his thick sensual lips. This dude looks like a freakin' model and instead of being a dumb ass he's a medical specialist.

Back to getting naked in a small room full of men; I am not a modest guy at all. I regularly walk around the locker-room completely naked with my towel thrown over my shoulder. Hell, I've worked hard to have this rock solid body, why not show it off a little? And my eight inch dick hangs about five inches and thick when it's soft, so why not? I enjoy the respect the other guys have for both my genetic advantages and the results of the work that I have done.

However there's a difference between the locker-room and here, everybody is getting undressed in a locker-room, I was the only one standing around in 2xist briefs in this small exam room. Dr. Long makes it sound kinda chicken shit to put on the gown, so I climbed up on the exam table in just the briefs. Mark, Dr. Long, and I just keep talking about weight training. Dr. Long begins examining me, and Mark makes no move to leave.

As he does the general exam with that little light that doctors use to look in your ears and mouth he asks me about my problem. The problem is fuckin' simple. There's a lump on one of my balls. At first I don't want to talk about it with Mark there, but he seems to be taking notes for Dr. Long which as I think about it, only makes sense. I begin to realize that Mark is supposed to be there. Now I start thinking about how embarrassing it is going to be to remove my underwear right in front of these two other men and exposing myself. As I said before it feels like I am on display for these two other men with the two of them waiting for the removal of my last piece of dignity. Dr. Long is bending my ankles, then my toes, and my legs at the hip. Casually he says that 'we' need to remove my underwear now, but he is actually looking at one of my knees. I say okay, expecting that he will step back for me to take them off. Instead he turns and without ever loosing eye contact, in a surprisingly quick and deft move, he takes them off for me.

It all happens so quickly that I don't have time to get really worked up over it. And right away, Dr. Long is examining my testicles. He is rolling them between his thumb and forefinger while making comments to Mark about the extra lump in there. He asks me again my age, which is 28. Then he begins to closely examine my cock. He holds it gently in one hand while pulling back the folds of skin with the other. I can tell he is impressed with my size. While I'm not typically into being played with by guys, I still liked the idea that a doctor that looks at dicks all day is admiring mine. The exam went on for some time. After looking my cock over in great detail, Dr. Long examines my scrotum with just as much care.

After at least fifteen minutes of staring at my cock and balls, the doctor tells me that he needs to do a prostate exam. I have no idea what that means. He explains where the prostate is and how he will have to go about examining it. He tells me that he wants to get a semen sample and that Mark will collect it during the prostate exam. It sounds unbelievable. I wasn't sure if he might even be playing a joke on me. He looks serious, and I decide to just follow his instructions.

While I am laid back on the table, Dr. Long asks me to left my legs as high in the air as possible. I am not very flexible so the best I could do is to lift them a little more than straight up. I am trying at this point not the think how stupid I look. I put my hands on the back of my thighs to help pull them closer to my chest. Dr. Long puts on a latex glove and Mark is holding a microscope slide. They are now standing on each side of me. Dr. Long asks me to pull my legs down more. I was getting uncomfortable and the position was about as embarrassing as any I could imagine. I guess the doctor could tell that I was having difficulty. He suggests that he and Mark hold my legs at the ankle for me. They are both completely casual as they look down at me with my cock and balls directly in front of them and my ass cheeks spread wide for them to more easily assault my hole.

Dr. Long applies a warm liquid to my asshole and tells me I will feel some pressure. I cannot really see what he's doing and decide to just close my eyes and get it over with. Then I am surprised by an intense burning sensation in my asshole. I try to look down at what he's doing to me. Dr. Long tells me to just relax. He says that the first prostate exam is always difficult for men. I can feel his finger inside me and as he begins to move it around the burning sensation begins to abate and it is replaced with a more pleasant feeling. Dr. Long continues moving his finger around inside my asshole. I relax a bit, and then I become aware that the feeling he was giving me is like the sensation I get in the base of my cock when I am fucking. In fact, it is getting better and better. Without realizing it I closed my eyes. I open them back to see these two muscle-bound guys holding my feet up while one is playing with my ass and the other is looking intently at my hard cock. Damn, my cock is hard! The feeling in my ass is still somewhat painful but also every pleasurable. Dr. Long asks me if I am okay. I tell him that yes, it even feels good now. He asks Mark if he's got a good sample and he say yes. Dr. Long removes his finger and Mark walks away with his slide.

I am now lying on the exam table with a raging boner, and this other guy is talking to me. Yes he's a doctor, but I am not used to another man looking at my hard dick. Dr. Long doesn't even seem to notice my erection. He tells me that he doesn't think that I have cancer. Instead the lump feels like a cist to him, he will need for me to go for an ultrasound to confirm it. The cist is rather large and he would recommend removing it. He tells me that my prostate exam is normal. Rather casually he adds that it would be okay for me to take the time to masturbate before leaving if I want. He will be checking my sperm count for a while anyway and then come back. I tell him thanks, but no thanks. Of course, I know I'd be beating my meat as soon as he and Mark leave the room, but I don't want to admit that to him.

This visit has been too wild to explain. Before today, I would have told you that I have no modesty at all. Especially around men, I have always been comfortable in my own skin. What's the big deal? No pun intended. 'Guys all look the same.' And that's cool when you're in the locker room and everyone is getting naked to shower or change clothes. You keep your eyes elevated so as not to be staring at a guy's ass. But today, it was just me naked and the two other guys are both looking me up and down the whole time. Funny but I could tell that they liked what they saw, especially Nurse Mark. It did feel good for them to appreciate my body even if it was a little weird. They were even cool, and I believe impressed, with my big cock. I guess I liked the experience or at least my dick sure did.

Dr. Long tells me that he wants to check my sperm count because he can tell by looking at me that I have used juice to get big. He's concerned about the possibility of it reducing my count and wants me to know if there are any problems. He leaves the room, and I begin jacking off right away. I have trouble getting off because all I can think about is being flat on my back with two muscle-heads holding my feet over my head. Finally, I begin rubbing my asshole with my free hand. It feels great so I stick my thumb in my still-lubed hole; I cum immediately in huge white globs. I've got cum all over me and I do my best to clean up and put my clothes on. I can't wait to get outside this clinic.

I have the ultra sound at another clinic. Then the surgery is scheduled. Preparing for the surgery brought another new experience. Dr. Long had told me that the removal is a very safe out-patient surgery that would be done there at the clinic. I went in after lunch and Mark greets me in the waiting room.

We head back to the surgery room and Mark explains that he will shave me in preparation for the surgery. I have never shaved my pubic hair, but I have thought about it. I undress and this time there's no need for Mark to leave as he will be up close and personal with me and my pubic hair in no time. While I am getting naked Mark prepares his supplies to shave me. Once again I must lift my feet as high the air as possible. But Mark is quickly finished shaving the lower part of my ass, and so he begins lathering my cock and balls. At first the knife makes me very nervous, but Mark keeps me talking and it takes my mind off it.

Mark describes my body like he has even striation memorized. He comments on how thick my triceps are, and the resulting length of the horse-shoe shaped muscle on my arm. He compliments the heft of my pecs and even stops briefly to cup one. From there he traces the outline of my abdominals praising the definition I have achieved. His voice is deep but comfortable. I begin to become almost embarrassed at the number of times I have said thank you. Since his work has him leaning over my bulky frame I can feel the heat of his body close to mine. Even his words blow warmly over my skin. I try to reply to his many favorable comments with similar statements about how I imagine his body is superior to mine, even where I haven't yet seen. A couple of times Mark stops his work briefly to pull up his shirt and display some part of his muscle-bound body.

As he talks away, he is rubbing the shaving gel gently into my skin and its feels warm and soothing. So good in fact that my cock begins to grow. I am trying to make it stop but I can't stop thinking about how much I am enjoying Mark's hands on me. Before long, my eight inches of steel are sticking straight up at Mark's face. I explain that it's been awhile for me, and that I am sorry to be getting an erection. He says not to worry about it, it happens to most men when he shaves them.

Dr. Long and a surgery assistant enter the room shortly after Mark finishes and dries me off. The assistant is another younger man, but he's not a muscle-head like the three of us. My erection has subsided. My balls know a knife is coming their way. The doctor begins by giving me an injection to alleviate any pain. I am fully awake and mostly able to observe him make a very small incision and remove the cist. Surprisingly there is little pain. Dr. Long stitches me up.

After surgery the doctor tells me to go home and rest. He tells me not to have sex until my next appointment. At home there is some discomfort but the pain pills more than take care of it. After a few days I restart my workout routine. Not having sex for two weeks was actually easy to accomplish. I had split with my girlfriend following my first appointment and hadn't met anybody new. It was difficult not to relieve myself for such a long period of time, but I did avoid watching porn or reading dirty magazines. I got hard several times in the shower, but I couldn't do anything there because I was always at the gym and the showers are open. The one thing that bothered me was that I would get hard when I recalled the prostate exam in Dr. Long's office. By the end of the two weeks just thinking about Dr. Long would give me an erection. I realized that going without sex for a long time can make you so horny that anything can get you up, but I have never been aroused thinking about a dude before. I couldn't understand why I was so attracted to him. It doesn't matter. The man was just doing his job, so I know that he isn't interested in me, and therefore it would all be over after my next appointment.

I go in to the office and get checked in by Mark. We head back to a room and he again checks my blood pressure, temperature, and the like. When he tells me to go ahead and get ready for the doctor, I just strip right down to my underwear. The room is rather warm so I am comfortable in only my shorts. Apparently, Mark wasn't finished with his test because once I am out of my clothes he is checking my pulse. I remain standing. Mark is now talking to me while looking at his watch and holding my hand. His touch feels electric. It's like a pulse of mild current is running from him through my body. Inside my briefs my cock begins to stir. Luckily Mark stops before I get an unexplainable raging hard-on right there in front of him.

Mark tells me that we're going to have to wait a little while because Dr. Long is running behind. I am the last appointment for the day. I ask him if he heard anything from the doctor about me. He says that there's nothing bad to know that he's aware of. The surgery was minor and successful as far as he knows. The doctor just wants to check the incision making sure there's no infection. I tell Mark that the incision is all healed. The doctor had told me that the stitches would just dissolve as it healed. Mark is doubtful that my incision could have healed so quickly. Thinking it over I can't come up with any reason not to just show it to him. So I offer, and he says that yeah he'd like to look it over.

I slide down my underwear and lay down on the exam table. Mark begins to check me out. He moves my cock aside and examines the former incision location. My public hair has hardly even started growing back so there's no obstruction. As Mark is looking me over, Dr. Long knocks on the door and enters the room. Coming over to the table he joins Mark in examining my scrotum. He begins to move his hands around my cock and balls. He's feeling and pressing and asking me if it hurts when presses here or there. It doesn't hurt at all, and in fact I pop an extremely hard boner right then. As hard as I try not to be responding to the exam, I am excited by these two muscle bound men handling my most private areas. Still, I can't help but be embarrassed. I can only imagine what Dr. Long and Mark must be thinking about me. So I apologize, and assure them that I have not ejaculated in two weeks per Dr. Long's orders. Dr. Long tells me not to worry about it. He says that it is normal for me to get an erection after going so long without sex. He smiles at me is such a caring way. His face is simply beautiful, and I cannot help but stare back into his enchanting eyes.

Dr. Long tells me that he is going to do another prostate exam, and have Mark to collect another sperm sample like before the surgery. I ask him if anything is wrong, and he says no. He tells me that my sperm count was a little low last time he just wants another one to compare it to. Also he wasn't totally sure that he didn't feel something during the prostate exam and wants to double check. He asks my permission to check me again even though it's just for precaution. I say okay. And I lift my legs in the air for him. Mark gets a slide and stands on my left side with his left hand resting on my abs holding the slide and waiting while holding my leg with his other hand. If it was only a sperm sample they needed we could get that quickly since I am nearly leaking pre-cum from being so hard. Dr. Long puts on a glove and pours some lube on my asshole. Holding my right leg with his left hand he begins by massaging my brown-eye with his index finger to help me relax. I am very turned on by this sensation and yet very embarrassed to feel this way. I know these guys think I am queer, but I can't stop my cock from being excited.

Dr. Long inserts his finger in my chute and it feels good. He's moving that finger around and sending waves of pleasure through me. I am beginning to move on the table as the sensations are just too good. I want to cum so bad but it's just not happening. My hands are gripping the sides of the table as I thrash slowly from side to side. Looking down between my legs, I can see is my rock hard cock pointing at the microscope slide. Looking up I see Mark staring intently at the bulbous engorged head of my cock. He's ready and waiting for a few drops of semen to leak out. I can see the extension of Dr. Long's arms coming up between my legs. I see his face is strangely intent and not really looking at what he's doing or at me. He seems to be looking away with an almost pained look on his face.

His finger continues to massage my prostate, and I am losing control. I have continued to rock my body and grip the bed while checking on the doctor and nurse's work. I know I need to lie still and let the doctor finish the exam, but I cannot. Dr. Long is really rubbing me, but he continues to seem completely distracted by something on the wall. I look in that direction but nothing is there. I can't help wanting this to end, and to go on forever both at the same time. Turning away I look down my right side and see what is causing the unusual expression on Doctor Long's face. His scrub pants are tented out all the way across his thigh with what is easily eight inches of hard cock. In my thrashing, I have been rubbing the back of my hand up and down his swollen member throughout the exam. I quickly realize how turned on he must be.

Without thinking I open my hand up and take a hold of his hard cock. He turns to look at me and starts to pull away, but I won't let him go. Instead I run my hand up and down his rigid pole. Wanting more I begin trying to slide his scrubs down so that I can see his massive tool. He resists, but then suddenly Mark is there behind Dr. Long helping me. Soon his scrubs are being pushed to his ankles and a cock bigger and thicker than my own is being caressed by both of my hands. I can feel Dr. Long inserting a second finger in my asshole and my cock now begins to steadily leak pre-cum. Mark is pulling up Dr. Long's shirt fully exposing his hot body. I can tell that he is fully turned on as he allows me to jerk his big cock in my hands. While keeping his fingers in my ass, Dr. Long moves away from my side and between my legs. I rest my calves on his shoulders and begin to feel the head of his cock pressing against my manhole. I am getting scared at the thought of his massive log of veiny love muscle splitting my ass in two. I can see that he is adding more lube to my asshole and his cock. Mark has moved around beside my face and his man meat is hanging in front of my face. I know he wants a blowjob, but I have never had a dick in my mouth. I am not sure that I even know how to give one.

Dr. Long has finished preparing me. He is lining up his rod to plow into me any minute. And then it happens. Fire explodes around my groin so intensely that I try to eject Dr. Long's invading cock. He is prepared for this and has a firm grip on my thighs. In fact my efforts only further the travel of his cock into me. He is going slowly and after a brief time I begin to relax, and the pain again turns pleasurable as it had during his exam. He begins to move slowly back and forth and while the sensation alternates between pain and pleasure. I am loving every second of it. I cannot believe that I have been going through my whole life never having enjoyed this pleasure.

I turn to admire Mark's seven inch poker that he is jerking slowly while he watches the good doctor fuck my ass. I know that I have always wanted to see another man's cock up close like this. Hard with veins running everywhere. It is the same as mine and yet very different. Mark's balls hang very heavy in a smoothly shaved sack. In fact Mark has left little of his pubic hair. I suppose he is an expert at shaving it off. I can see where his muscular quads connect to his lower torso.

I began sucking his cock, relishing the taste of his arousal. The scent of the musk of him fills my nostrils. It is a complex appreciation that is driving me to want to feel the cocks of two men inside me at one time. In part it is the thrill of experimenting in ways that I have never experimented before in my life; but it also animal lust. Dr. Long is so very handsome as he now pounds my ass like a bull. He is leaned in closer to me, such that my mouth sucking on Mark's cock is only a foot or so from his face.

Mark is slowly humping my face. I suck him luxuriously, tickling the head of his drooling cock with my tongue, fondling his balls while pressing my knuckles into the space below them; massaging the cords there, feeling them swell and tighten in appreciation. I may not have ever sucked a dick in my life, but I am a guy, and I know what feels good. Mark abandons himself to my attentions, groaning quietly as I worked his nipples and squeezed his pecs, running my hands delicately, then firmly, along his flexing torso. I watch his face, his eyelids half-shut, and his mouth agape in an effort to breathe without gasping.

Then the groundswell of his cumming is becoming evident. My cock is now casting strands of precum across my abs as it swings back and forth to the coordinated rhythm of Dr. Long's thrust deep inside me with my swallowing every inch of Mark's dick I can. I have to clutch Mark's hips for fear of being hurled from the exam table by the doctor's long hard gyrations. Dr. Long is sweaty and his eyes are focused on my mouth and Mark's cock. An exquisite snarl reforms his lips as his thighs stiffened to hardwood, their muscles standing out impressively as the sweat beads upon them. His whole body draws taut and seemed to expand as if pumped by unseen bellows. Then, rigid as hewn marble, a protracted interval of complete stillness comes over him.

Mark is also nearing the point of no return as I can taste the cum welling up from the pressure like steam from a teakettle. They are like two runners closing in on the finish line--except neither wants to be first. Surprisingly it is Dr. Long that loses control and just a second before the spasm of ejaculation seize him with a restrained violence he regains control of his orgasm, but in truth he is out of control now. No longer seeming to know where he is or who he's with. He is pounding is so hard and forceful that even with my considerable strength I can barely hold onto Mark. As I move further up the table, Dr. Long pulls my legs tightly to his chest to restrict my movement. Now he can really give my ass the fucking that I have fantasized about since the first day I met him. Still he stares directly at my mouth sucking the last protestations from Mark's cock.

His abdomen is heaving to provide the oxygen needed to fuel his pounding heart. And I know that he is so close that he cannot stop fucking me. Release is just a few strokes away.

Unexpectedly, Mark lightly grabs hold of my hair and then shoves his cock deeply into my throat. Just when I think that I am going to suffocate, he pulls out and cums glob after glob of thick white cum. He holds his dick above my mouth so that his man-milk is shooting all over my face and into my mouth. He finishes and I quickly I run my tongue along his sperm-slathered shaft, milking up the last pearly droplets with my mouth, as I consume him like a melting ice cream cone in a hot car.

Seeing Mark blow his load is more than the doctor can take. He suddenly splits my legs, leans down on top me, and begins shooting his hot load into my ass as his body shudders. He is slick with sweat and quickly glides up my body. He is kissing my cum filled mouth and licking the cum from face. He continues to give me his dick, but I can tell that he is spent.

After a few minutes he is laying on top of me in complete repose, his musculature loose as unraveled yarn. Mark is massaging the doctor's back.

I could not just let him go. I pulled him in tight against me and then moved around so that he was lying on his side on the table. I begin licking his sweat covered body; moving southward from his thick meaty chest to the moguls of his abdomen. Then for maybe five minutes I lapped at his slackening dick, licking it clean like a cat grooming a kitten, as his respiration returned to normal.

'Thanks,' he said, as always.

'Thank you,' I responded sincerely.

The doctor stirs back to reality. Mark has diligently cleaned his body and stepped out to grab a fresh set of scrubs for his boss. In short order, Dr. Long looks just like the medical professional that entered the room to inspect my sutures. His kisses me lovingly and tells me that I will have to come back for the sperm sample. I am willing to see him and Mark again any time any place.

The doctor leaves but Mark is there. He tells me that he has fantasized for years about being with Dr. Long. I tell him that this is only the first of many times the three of us will be together. I loved to hear those words.



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